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The Truth Behind the Oklahoma Truth Council
Pseudoephedrine?   I don’t think you need that.
Nothing Better to do but License Plate Bills?
Gutting Representative Government in Oklahoma and the People’s Right to Know
A License Plate Got Me Off Drugs and Saved My Life…
HB 2525 Papiere, Bitte..
Holy Prison Escapes Batman, Someone Left the Gates Open
Scottish Law Infiltrates Oklahoma
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to Grove We Go
Thugs in Suits Threaten Tulsa Representative
CAIR and the Anti-Shariah Law Amendment 


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The Truth Behind the
Oklahoma Truth Council
The Oklahoma Truth Council has been a frequent player in Oklahoma politics but one that had everyone guessing as to who was actually behind the blog site.  Some clues arose from who they chose to attack, who they gently reproached, who they supported, and who they ignored.  It turns out that there are three principles behind the website, one who still remains in the shadows and two that have outed themselves through their actions.
The Oklahoma Truth Council had been a supporter of what the Sooner Tea Party was doing up until Mike McCarville started slipping into his dotage and started lashing out at the Sooner Tea Party.  Even then their rebukes were fairly gentle, advising the leader of the Sooner Tea Party to take a deep breath and a vacation on one occasion.  But the clues that exposed them were recent attacks on Mark Costello and Randy Terrell along with sideways slaps at a few candidates for state and local offices.
It turns out that both have or have had connections with the notorious Neva Hill.   Neva Hill is the former partner and current friend of Mike McCarville, and Hill is Speaker Kris Steele’s political consultant.
  When a Face book page popped up for Marion Cooksey the builder of the page inadvertently left his name on the page as the creator of the page and as Marion Cooksey is one of Neva Hill’s clients as well as one of the twisted Speaker Steele’s lieutenants, it wasn’t hard to put two and two together.
More evidence arose as to the connection between the McCarville Report and the Oklahoma Truth Council when McCarville increased his posting of OTC articles, something that few “journalists” are willing to do as an anonymous source isn’t a good source.  The OTC also reposted a few older attacks on Randy Terrill in response to a special circumstance that arose in Cleveland County, involving a Neva Hill client.  The OTC also defended Mike McCarville for shilling RINO Republican candidates and incumbents, all of which are known Neva Hill clients. After seeing Rep Paul Wesslehoft attacked last year and seeing the latest attacks on Labor Commissioner Mark Costello a common thread emerged.
And who are the dynamic duo hiding behind the Oklahoma Truth Council curtain?  None other than former State Senator Brogdon aides Cindy Sullivan and Seth Rott.
Sullivan once worked for Neva Hill and continues to do side jobs for her including filling out ethics commission reports for many of Neva Hill’s clients according to our sources.  Seth Rott presently does work for Neva Hill including the very recent Face book page for Marion Cooksey.  How do we know this?  Because it showed up on Seth Rott’s face book page under recent activity.  See the screen shot below of Seth’s facebook page.  Sloppy work there Seth, very sloppy….
Both Seth Rott and Cindy Sullivan are said to have worked for Labor Commissioner Mark Costello and both were allegedly fired or “let go” which allegedly  generated the motivation for the OTC attacks on Costello.   Seth Rott had a personal relationship with Lance Cargil some years back which explained why the attack on the OTC gently brushed on Cargil instead of taking him on head on, indeed the OTC article focused mainly on candidates not Cargil himself.
Looking deeper into the clues, the attacks on Wayne Pettigrew shined some light on the culprits.  Pettigrew was one of the few Republicans that voted for Governor Brad Henry’s lottery years ago when Forrest Claunch lead the fight against the lottery so the attack against Pettigrew, however much deserved, was simply some old payback coming around.
 Both Seth Rott and Cindy Sullivan also used to work with or for Tim Pope and former Senator Randy Brogdon so seeing them support State Chamber brown noses Mike McCarville and Neva Hill is spinning some heads.  Even more confusing is a report that Terrill and Sullivan are or were friends through their association with Tim Pope leaving one to wonder why she would help attack a former ally and allegedly a current friend. 
Another tantalizing trail coming out of this story is a company named Bcreative that showed up in a McCarville Report story and on multiple ethics commission report.  Stay tuned for a coming story on the Bcreative company.
 I don’t think you need that…
   By Ms. P.M.       
There are a plethora of proposed bills surrounding the sinus decongestant pseudoephedrine.  Yes, the druggies have invaded our nasal cavities scoring every bit of the lingering drug any way they can. This puts us regular folks in a snotty predicament.  The rascals in the big house have decided we need their protection because all of these bills relate to public health and safety.
HB 2205 authored by Representative Vaughn limits the amount to 9 grams within any 30 day period unless you have a prescription. Hang on, if you don't accurately provide the information required you will be prohibited from obtaining what you need for a period of not less than 72 hours following the "failed validation".
HB 2375 authored by Representative Tibbs   This bill goes into detail for the following information for each dispensation:
Recipient’s name, address, date of birth, ID number, National Drug Code of the substance dispensed, date of the dispensation, the doctors U.S. DEA registration number, pharmacist’s registration number, and other information as required by administrative rules.  Within 24 hours of dispensation this information must be transmitted to the state under threat of one year in the county jail and/or $1,000.00 fine.
Anyone want to bet that this information won’t go straight to the Fusion Center before it heads to a national database or Obama Care type Health Insurance Exchange program?
HB 2546 authored by Representative Nolan clarifies procedures when pseudoephedrine is used with other mixtures.  This bill is a basic housekeeping bill, removing existing language to clear the way for newer, more strict language to be inserted into the law.
HB 2551 is another housekeeping bill authored by Representative McCullough adds products containing pseudoephedrine to list and deletes pseudoephedrine products from Schedule. It also deletes procedures for the sale of products containing pseudoephedrine.
HB 2819 is a shell bill, an empty bill to be filled out later on in the session.  Authored by Representative Sean Roberts, it creates the Pseudoephedrine Act of 2012 which is likely to be a catch all bill to tie up the different bills on this issue, or it is a backup bill in case the drug Nazis loose a battle?
In Representative Tibbs bill- HB 2375, she threatens to put you in jail for one year and fine you $1,000.00 if you don’t report your purchase.   Am I confused or is Tibbs smokin' the little smokeys?   Aren't the powers that just tripping over themselves  to let non-violent offenders out of jail? If I have it right they'll lock em' up for cooking meth and then let em' out.   Well, that process should be worth a few taxpayer dollars. 
For most of us a trip to the doctor and a pharmacy stop for decongestant doesn't fit well into our work schedule.  If you are like a lot of small business people, you have a catastrophic policy so you pay your own doctor visits.  I want to thank Oklahoma legislators for making health care more costly and difficult.  
For all of those in high places insisting these bills are an effort to combat the "War on Drugs", I have an idea. We can stand in line during our lunch hour after you all have ingested all the pseudoephedrine in the state of Oklahoma.  You all can then take turns bending over and dispensing the meds to us as if you were Pez containers!  As always the law abiding citizens are in the majority but we are the ones that jump through your hoops.   Will these moronic legislators ever tackle the real problems and leave us alone to live our lives? 
Nothing Better to do but
License Plate Bills?
by Ms P.M. and Ms. D.B
HB 2672 and 2674 Authored by Representative Shumate, HB 2629 Authored by Representative McAffrey, House bill 2680  Rep. Banz
The Oklahoma Tax Commission already designs and issues special license plates to persons wishing to demonstrate support, interest or membership to or for an organization, occupation, cause or other subject. These three bills add new organizations.
HB 2672 adds the Historic Greenwood District to the list of special license plates which would become available:
"The southern edge of the Greenwood District was platted as part of Tulsa's original town site in 1900 and soon became known as "Little Africa." It appears Greenwood functioned as a self-contained community of Black Americans and was mostly destroyed in the 1921 race riot. The District was bulldozed and is now the campuses of Oklahoma State and Langston universities.”
Upon passage of the bill anyone wishing to demonstrate support for music festivals within the Historic Greenwood District would now have the option of doing so. As always there is money involved and fees collected and deposited in the Music Festival's Revolving Fund.
HB 2674 would create a special license plate along with a revolving fund, source of funds, allow expenditures for certain purposes; provide legislative intent; codification and an effective date for the Booker T. Washington High School license plate.
And where does the money go?   5% to Education Reform Revolving Fund, 5% to Higher Education Revolving Fund, 5% State Career Technology Fund, and 85% Teachers' Retirement Benefit Fund.
Upon passage of this bill anyone wishing.....blaa...blaa...blaa... you have the picture.
HB 2629 adds a license plate to the list: "Oklahomans for the Arts".    Any person wishing to demonstrate support for increasing public funding for the arts and art education across Oklahoma has hit the jackpot.
House bill 2680  Rep. Banz would offer individuals to offer support of the Fighting Addiction through Education Program by offering specialized license plates.  The price of the license would be 35.00. The amount going towards the cause would be 25.00. The remainder would be for fees.
For this to be considered a topic of such great importance right now the Governor sure isn’t putting much into it.  Does she really think selling a few car tags is going to fix this serious issue or even illuminate it?  Of course not, but it sounds real good.
If she intends to take on something as serious as the drug problem in Oklahoma then she needs to be serious. Associate it with something that holds a little more weight than a license plate. Show some action with a lot less talking out the side of the mouth.
Don't get me wrong, special license plates are the rage.  Look at all the hoopties sporting fancy rear end jewelry but in this twilight-zone era citizens are more concerned about the growth of government and the quantity of our money being spent maintaining these expanding and bloated departments.  It all makes me think they think we have a never ending supply of funds.
I have an idea, instead of license plate bills, how about a bill renaming these Representatives in chronological order of farm animals?   It could be an interesting and entertaining agenda item that all of Oklahoma would enjoy.  The bill number could be something like HB B.S.  Could it be so humorous with mass participation that we would wet ourselves from laughter? 
Gutting Representative Government in Oklahoma And the People’s
Right to Know
They held the third meeting of the House Ethics Committee last Thursday where they continued to hammer out the chains designed to prevent Representatives from speaking out against House leadership.    Disguised as an “ethics committee” that would provide punishment for felonious legislators the new committee is really designed to plug leaks of information that is embarrassing to House leadership.    One political blogger, Mike McCarville of the McCarville Report, went so far as to claim that the new ethics committee was aimed at one organization, the Sooner Tea Party, using their new right to subpoena records and witnesses to appear in their star chamber.  Is McCarville right or is this a product of approaching senility?  Time will tell.
Looking at the committee  members that were appointed by Speaker Kris Steele one finds that the committee is packed with Steele supporters along with a sprinkling of Democrats.  Who are the Speaker Steele toadies:
Gary Banz,  Ann Coody, Danny Morgan, Dennis Casey, Todd Russ
The Democrats are  Jabar Shumate, R.C. Pruett, Wade Rousselot
The alternates are Republican David Brumbaugh and Democrat Rebecca Hamilton
So we have five confirmed RINOs and four Democrats sitting in judgment of any conservative Republican that dares to speak up against Speaker Steele.  And if one of the nine regular committee members should have to recuse themselves, we have another Democrat and a wishy-washy Republican to take their place.  Of course should a RINO have to recuse himself, Brumbaugh steps up and if a Democrat has to recuse, Hamilton steps up.   The Democrats are likely to protect conservatives that find themselves being attacked by this star chamber but no matter what Speaker Steele has a five to four majority with the only possible risk to his agenda being if Brumbaugh decided to flip flopp again on supporting House leadership. 
 This is a committee designed for one purpose, to punish political enemies, set up by one of the worst tyrants the state of Oklahoma has ever seen.   A man with a mind even more twisted than his body, vindictive, amoral, sociopathic to such a degree that he will disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters so that he can receive a well paid position at the medical research foundation  upon his being term limited out in June of this year.
This immoral monstrosity still has to pass a House floor vote so if enough people contact their Representatives and demand that this committee be killed off then Speaker Steele will have to find other ways to punish independent minded legislators.  And Steele already has his ways and means of pressuring legislators.   Look for the last story In this newsletter for an appalling example of outright lawlessness and corruption perpetrated on a legislator for speaking his mind.
HB 2525 Papiere, Bitte..
Ah, the old movies that were shown on weekends back in the sixties and seventies… Many were war movies covering the fight against fascism during WWII.   Who hasn’t seen the classic scene where the Nazi officials wearing jackboots and swastika approach the hero or heroine and says in German:  “Papiere, Bitte..”     or in English,  “Papers, please”.
Even as a child you knew what followed the chilling words, the person was whisked off into captivity, imprisonment, torture, followed by execution.   Sometimes it was a hapless person caught up and the message was that anyone could be dragged off the train or street under arrest if their papers were not in order or thought to be suspicious.  But you got the idea that if your papers were in order you were fairly safe as long as the Nazis weren’t looking for you.
If Representative Steve Martin were as lenient as Nazi Germany or if Oklahoma had the efficient and accurate record keeping skills that the Nazi regime exhibited then there would be little concern over Martin’s HB 2525.     The bill narrowly passed out of committee last week:
YEAS:    8
    Cannaday          Hoskin            Ownbey            Roan             
    Cox               Martin, St.       Renegar           Tibbs       
    NAYS:    7
    Bennett           Hardin            Joyner            Vaughan          
    Cockroft          Jordan            Thomsen 
Cannaday, Hoskin, Roan, and Renegar are Democrats and we expected better from them on this issue.   Ownbey, Cox, Martin, and Tibbs are hard core RINOs that follow House leadership regardless of their constituent’s wishes so their votes are no surprise.   Hardin, Joyner, Vaughan, Jordan, and Thomsen should be congratulated for joining the conservative Republicans on the committee and voting to protect our constitutional rights.  We had emailed the entire committee the night before the vote stating our opposition against this draconian bill and are surprised that it passed out of committee.
And ask Pam Peterson and Al McCaffrey where in the hell they were for this vote.  Either one could have stopped this bill in its tracks so both are responsible for its passage as those that voted yes.  If they won’t show up, they shouldn’t be a representative.
This isn’t Representative Steve Martin’s first attempt at this addition to police state tactics.   Martin passed HB 2331 last year and when he was asked if a woman and her children should be just left on the side of the road at night because of lack of insurance and he said “Absolutely yes!”
Confiscating American citizens’ property is not something that the average American supports and most would be outraged by Rep. Martins answer in 2011 and no doubt he still believes that there should be no leeway for an officer during a traffic stop.  Indeed last year’s bill was amended to allow officers some leeway, stating that they may not stop a car for lack of insurance as the primary reason for the traffic stop so now Martin comes back with a bill that now requires that all cops stop cars lacking insurance and impound the vehicles.  But we all know that when police stop an illegal alien they still allow them to drive off even though they have no drivers license or insurance.  Try that in Mexico and you will be sitting in a dungeon waiting for your ransom to be paid.   
 Amend this bill so that it leaves American citizens alone and targets illegal aliens and no one will complain but of course the State Chamber wouldn’t allow their  cheap labor source to be inconvenienced by following our laws.
The law seeks to re-invent a system already in use in the state to verify insurance during traffic stops and accident investigations.  House leadership wants to gin up millions of dollars in ticket revenue by using automated license plate readers.   Talk about Unlawful Search and Seizure. Since when did Representative Martin join the Communist Party?
Apparently these idiots have never heard that computers are only as smart as the nut behind the keyboard. The system currently in place runs through the internet, yet it repeatedly makes mistakes.   People are constantly cited for no insurance because of a lagging or inaccurate insurance data base and the charges are dismissed because they can verify they have insurance. Why would we want to burden taxpayers with having to prove that the online insurance data base is wrong if they have a valid insurance verification card in their car?
House leadership’s reasons become clear once we learn that the state has started a license plate scanner program trial. Robocop light has arrived. You can read about it here:
State law is clear on the subject of what is the reason for, punishment for and cause for stopping a vehicle for failure to maintain insurance. It can be found here:
We don't need any little Stalin wanna be’s like Representative Martin trying to micro-manage things that are already well under control.     Representative Steve Martin needs to be removed from the House of Representatives, his beliefs are not those of Oklahomans and not those of his constituents. 
Now that this bill has passed through the House Public Safety Committee and will make it to the floor for a vote we all need to raise a fuss. This is a bill that will allow the use of Highway Spy Cameras and allow the information to be ran and stored in the Oklahoma Fusion Center so that citizens can be retroactively tracked. Talk about Big Brother is watching…  This is it.
Fix the states problem and I believe you’ll find that the percentage of uninsured motorist is far less than the alleged 25% claimed by Representative Martin. It’s actually around 12%. Harsher punishment is the corrective action needed, not an invasion of the rights of law abiding citizens.
At the bottom of this newsletter is a link to a list of all the Representatives and Senators.   Please send a mass email using Bcc along with a personalized email to your state senator and representative asking that this bill be stopped and never brought back.  
Here is an email list of the Public Safety Committee members that allowed this bill to survive.  Email them and tell them in no uncertain terms that they dare not support such laws again and had better vote against HR 2525 when it arrives on the House floor.
"Sue Tibbs" <>, "Steve Martin" <>,, "Doug Cox" <>, "Fred Jordan" <>, "Pat Ownbey" <>, "Paul Roan" <>, "Ed Cannaday" <>,, "Charlie Joyner" <>, "Pam Peterson" <>, "Todd Thomsen" <>,, "Chuck Hoskin" <>, "Al McAffrey" <>, "Brian Renegar" <>,
Holy Prison Escapes Batman, Someone Left the Gates Open
Speaker Steele’s Soft on Crime Agenda Moves Forward
Our soft on crime Speaker and his fellow RINO Republican co-hort Representative Sue Tibbs are at it again. Rep. Tibbs has introduced HB 2377, another soft on crime bill.  Now you may remember she co-authored, along with the Speaker, Kris Steele, the soft on crime bill that has brought you the release of inmates from prison starting November of 2011.  We don't have to say that this was a bad idea; a check of the Tulsa County District Attorney’s web site shows a recidivism rate of these released criminals that is appalling.
The bill covers repaying any pubic reward given for the capture and prosecution of the criminal, investigative cost borne by the OSBI, and alcohol/drug screening. These reimbursements can be waived if a criminal can prove that they will create a hardship.  How many criminals do you know that can’t prove that?
And putting everyone through an alcohol or drug assessment program?  Why?  Shouldn’t we reserve this for Drug and Alcohol related offenses?  It would also save the tax payer, the Department of Correction, and the State of Oklahoma some money. The bill also expands the use of house arrest and electronic monitoring as an alternative to hard prison time.
The bill contains a mandate to require one or more courses of treatment, education or rehabilitation for any conditions or behaviors or disorders which may contribute to criminal conduct. Isn’t this nice?  They want to coddle the criminal.   Statistics prove time and again that you can’t rehabilitate the sex offender or pedophile.  These statistics also prove that drug and alcohol abusers will sober up when they’re ready and not a second earlier.
Even more ridiculous is the idea of obtaining positive behavior modeling by a trained mentor. This is patently absurd.  Are we going to waste tax dollars on this?   If their parents couldn’t influence their behavior through their life, what makes these people think that a short course in positive behavior modeling is going to help?
For those convicted after November 1, 1989, they must comply with the Sex Offender Registration Act and participate in a treatment program.  Where’s the jail time?  Does Representative Tibbs believe that rape or pedophilia is a non violent act?    I suppose if you are than darned ugly you need not worry about rape and if she was that ugly as a child I suppose the pedophiles left her alone as well.  Perhaps that is the reason for her lack of empathy for crime victims.
Against all common sense, this bill recommends that nonviolent felony offenses be punished by community service sentencing program.  Why not sentence these people to jail?  Violent or not, they committed a crime.   Criminals deserve punishment, not just a slap on the wrist and placing them in a time out.
The bill wants to punish those convicted of a DUI or DWI by drug and alcohol assessment, by attending a victims impact program, attending drug/alcohol abuse programs, ignition interlock devices, and electronic monitored home detention. Drunken driving is a serious crime that deserves hard prison time after a couple of convictions and you really have to work hard to go to prison for drunk driving as it is.  I've known people that were killed by drunk drivers, treating drunks like a teenager is a slap in the face for their victims and those left behind.
For domestic abuse cases, they want to send the convicted to counseling services along with their prison time.  Here’s a novel idea, how about tougher sentences?
A habitual or aggravated sex offender shall be supervised by the D. O. C. and assigned to a global position monitoring device by the D. O. C. for the duration of the time he is registration period on the Sex Offenders List.  Why isn’t the legislature seeking a law that would lock up habitual offenders for life?  Not just sex offenders, but all repeat felony offenders?
Under this proposed law a convicted individual waiting to go to prison is placed on home monitoring and after 2 years can be let off if they can’t find a bed for him at a penitentiary. This is an excuse not to build more prisons.
In conclusion this bill is designed to turn criminals out on the streets of Oklahoma.  This bill will raise the crime rate in the state and lower the standard of living in the state. This bill will not protect Oklahomans from the criminal element of society and should be voted down.  It has been referred to the Public Safety Committee, the same bunch that allowed Representative Martin’s HB 2525 bill to pass.  Contact the entire committee and demand that this bill be killed.  Copy and paste this into your email browser using the Bcc field and contact all of them using one email.  While you are at it, tell them that if they voted for Martin’s HB 2525 that they should be worried about their election and if they dare to vote for HB 2525 on the House floor they will have a well funded opponent in the primary election.
"Sue Tibbs" <>, "Steve Martin" <>,, "Doug Cox" <>, "Fred Jordan" <>, "Pat Ownbey" <>, "Paul Roan" <>, "Ed Cannaday" <>,, "Charlie Joyner" <>, "Pam Peterson" <>, "Todd Thomsen" <>,, "Chuck Hoskin" <>, "Al McAffrey" <>, "Brian Renegar" <>,
Taking Care of the Poor or Milking Old People of Their Life’s Savings?
Ms. D.B.
    And so it came to be that in the story from ancient Greek mythology that Perseus set out with intentions of destroying the evil monster in disguise.  The monster's disguise and identity thus revealed to him with the help of the gods he set out equipped in armor and with the ability to see through all misrepresentations of meaningless nature or untruths.
Perseus succeeded in the mission and afterward he fled after declaring his victory but soon realized that he had been followed by two demons of the same design.  The two other monsters of the same makeup would require yet another battle, a victory battle that the gods would once again assist in the removal of obstacles and enable transparencies..
And so it is with HB 2844, HB 2270, and HB 2846, all three will have to be tracked down and killed one by one.  With 3 people working towards the same cause you would think they could have come up with a more appropriate title.  These three bills are all related in the fact that they involve the long term care facilities, nursing homes.
Three representatives have introduced these bills:  Cox , Ownbey,  and Jackson.  The titles are not only misleading but are designed except to extract money from nursing home residents.  These bills set up a state treasury fund, yet are actually a fee, AKA a state tax.  It appears to be a big melting pot of funds that isn’t focused on the area of law that the title refers to. 
It is just another state money pool and by all meaning of the word a tax.  A mandatory monthly fee based on a percentage = tax.  In the meat of the bills it lists all the many places that the fees could or could not end up.  It would have shown more integrity to simply call it what it is:  a state tax on long term care (nursing homes).  To try to weave this in by hiding behind the seniors is ugly.     
 Now public enemy number one for the elderly is Alzheimer’s.  This disease has brought an entirely new category to senior citizens in the U.S., another category with entirely different issues and needs.  They don't belong in nursing homes.  That's when the Assisted Living facilities popped up everywhere.  Medicare won't touch them, and not having them involved  means little regulations.  They have been taken advantage for years by outrageous cost, etc. all because the system is obsolete. 
It is a sad thing to see these precious people who worked hard, paid their taxes, raised their families, fought previous wars to protect the freedoms we have today and trusted and believed in a system that they were promised., only to be  used , abused, and ignored and let down.   They are viewed as a cash cow to be milked till their retirement funds are gone or their pension checks run out.
This may be the first of many worm/virus to be discovered within the Governor's much publicized budget plan. If this is all you can come up with trash it.
Scottish Law Infiltrates Oklahoma 
By R.H.
The social justice agenda has come up again in HB 2376. Representative Tibbs is doing her best to see to it that the prison population is given every break they can get.   Of course the House leadership supports these moves; they fit right in with Speaker Steele’s social justice agenda. Now I can understand the want and desire to save money, and they say that copper wiring was invented by two Scotsmen fighting over a found penny, but how is this going to save money? When criminals are let out and their needs are provided by public assistance, which is paid for with tax dollars, the only one that benefits are those that have broken the law.
Like what happened with the Pam Am flight 103/Lockerbie terror bombing terrorist,  this bill would give medical parole to inmates who are presumed to be dying, near death, or “No longer a threat to public safety.”  This is nuts.  Who makes the call on whether or not they are no longer a danger to the public.  Do we end up releasing someone like Abdel Basset Ali Megrahi,  the Lockerbie, Scotland case?
 Compassion is one thing, Idiocy is another.  Let these criminals rot in jail in discomfort like their victims have rotted in their graves.  
The law does states that this would not apply to person serving a sentence of life without parole, but that’s not good enough. This bill is an insult to the law abiding Oklahomans and should be killed in committee. Knowing that it is supported by the Speaker, it will sail through committee to the House floor.
Contact the committee that is to hear this bill, once again the Public Safety Committee (are you seeing a pattern here?) and tell them to vote no on this bill.  Don’t address all the bills in one email, send them three separate emails, bury them in emails so that they get the idea that Oklahomans don’t want soft on crime legislation.
"Sue Tibbs" <>, "Steve Martin" <>,, "Doug Cox" <>, "Fred Jordan" <>, "Pat Ownbey" <>, "Paul Roan" <>, "Ed Cannaday" <>,, "Charlie Joyner" <>, "Pam Peterson" <>, "Todd Thomsen" <>,, "Chuck Hoskin" <>, "Al McAffrey" <>, "Brian Renegar" <>,
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to Grove We Go
by Ms P.M.
HB 2470 authored by Representative Cox sure seems like a good ole' fashioned pork sandwich for Grove Oklahoma.
As the proposed bill reads the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority must do a feasibility study for both of these items; a four lane spur and upgrading the interchange on the Will Rogers Turnpike at Adair.  The scalawags' will waive these feasibility studies if the OTA will begin construction on or before October 1, 2012.  If this isn't pushing some weight around I don't know what is.
It's about 45 miles from Adair to Grove, but...that is going northeast up the turnpike and southeast to Grove.  Are we going "Over the River and Through the Woods" before we get to grandmas house?  If so, there is no mention of a very expensive bridge, which means we're in for more rate increases once this pork-a-sorus is built.
I asked myself, "self, who gets the money for these here turnpikes?" Well it ain't Oklahoma. Bondholders are the ones that collect the interest on the bonds loaned to build them... and the long term cost will be triple the actual cost to build the turnpike plus all the nice, fat bond sales fees that State Chamber members get to charge.   But there is a covenant and if the OTA ever were to default, the bondholders can take over.  A real dumb way to operate considering these bondholders come from all over the world.  Other states have it set up that bondholders can sue but not take over.  Could it be that bondholders and OTA have too much power over state transportation issues?  Why can't we get these bonds paid back and stop building turnpikes?  Why is it these roads will forever be toll roads?  
Did you know that our pork butt Governor is the only person with power to reform the OTA? Yup, she appoints the director and the board who make the decisions.
Rumor has it that Representative Cox was caught behind the smokehouse sharing "Little Smokies" recipes with Lee Denney.  Mmmm, bacon wrapped pork sausages and turnpike bonds as a side dish. 
 What started out as a one toll-road connecting OKC and Tulsa, has, after sixty three years turned into a cash cow Oklahoma drivers are still paying for.  Not bad for something that is now supposed to be free.  Oklahoma comes in second in the nation for miles of toll roads.
Here is the hysterical timeline to see where it all started and where we are today. Not a pretty picture so hop in that bathtub and repeat after me, "Calgon, take me away".
Representative Cox really is as dumb as a box of rocks, this bill states it is immediately necessary for the preservation of public peace, health and safety and is an emergency. I'd hate to know what would happen if he had to go to the bathroom.
Thugs in Suits Threaten
Tulsa Area Representative
Last month we saw the unprecedented letter sent out by Representative Gus Blackwell demanding an investigation into the Kris Steele/Comp Source scandal.  The letter was signed by around 16 Republican and Democrat House members.  Last week saw one of those legislators send out a quasi retraction and an apology to Speaker Kris Steele for signing the investigation demand letter.  Representative David Derby, Owasso, issued the quasi retraction on February 8th and it doesn’t read like a letter from a man able to speak his own mind:
From: David Derby
Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2012 8:43 PM
To: Representatives

Dear Members,

I would like to thank you for your time in reading this letter.  I know that we are extremely busy this time of the year and I value your time very much.  I am writing this letter to my fellow members with a burdened heart.
As you know earlier this year Rep. Blackwell published a letter calling into question Speaker Steele's alleged actions relating to Rep Christian's worker compensation claim. Although I do not agree with Rep Christian that this vehicle accident should be covered under workman's comp, I, nevertheless, signed Rep. Blackwell's letter because of my general concerns over releasing personal medical information under HIPPA. You all know that I am finishing   Pharmacy school, and it has been drilled into us that HIPAA information is very important to protect, and that colored my decision to sign the letter.  Upon reflecting on this decision, I realized that I acted impulsively. I have thought, prayed, sought wise counsel, and re-examined this entire situation.

I do not believe the Speaker has engaged in any impropriety relating to Mike's claim, nor do I think it warrants an investigation.   I certainly think Mike has every right to assert his claim, even if I don't agree with it. I wish him no ill whatsoever. I just don't see anything malignant here.
I think I was wrong in signing that letter. I have apologized to Speaker who gracefully accepted.  I would like to extend that apology to the rest of my colleagues.

Very Respectfully,

David Derby
Representative Derby would have us believe that a man smart enough to get elected and to complete pharmacy school would impulsively sign a letter attacking the integrity of one of the highest officials in the  state without having some evidence that it was the correct thing to do.   He then asks us to believe him when he retracts his support, claiming that “I do not believe that the Speaker has engaged in any impropriety…” without offering any explanation of what evidence he received that changed his mind on the need for an investigation into the Kris Steele/workers comp scandal.
What happened was that thugs in suits paid Representative David Derby a visit.  He was threatened by Committee Chairmen at the direction of the Speaker that if he didn’t retract his support for the Kris Steele/worker Comp scandal he would have all his bills killed in committee and would be declared persona non grata by House leadership.
Now we all know that Derby didn’t file a bill that Speaker Designate TW Shannon didn’t approve of, they were ran by Shannon before being filed, so there was nothing wrong with Derby’s bills.  Looks to me like some government modernization bills, a public safety bill, a workers comp bill, misdemeanor drug court bill, a minor property valuation notice bill, a pharmacy type bill, eliminating tax credits bill, nothing that is really controversial.
So the squeeze got put on Derby by Speaker Kris Steele’s henchmen who know that with the TW Shannon Speaker position hanging by two to three votes they can have another bite at the apple if they can peel off a few Shannon allies using threats or promises.  So Derby decides that he needs to throw a fellow legislator Mike Christian under the buss in order to save a few bills.
Derby knows better than to question Representative Christian’s right to collect on his car wreck injuries while on legislative duty.   Derby himself collects mileage and per diem because he is past the 50 mile limit and the House recognizes that his actual duty station for his job is in Owasso Oklahoma, not Oklahoma City or they wouldn’t pay him for his own travel.
  However, what about those employees that don’t actually drive to an office or plant to work?  People like salesmen, traveling craftsmen, or consultants?  Even the IRS allows car expenses once you reach your duty station if you are a construction worker, you drive on your own dime to the first job site or to the first location where you pick up tools or materials and then get mileage for travel the rest of the day.
Derby basically caved in on his fellow conservatives rather than have difficulties getting his bills heard.    He hasn’t been one to make a public stand and take heat for his values but he has been in the background quietly voting our way.  He is going to have to learn that if you are in the foxhole you have to fight or get shot, if not by the enemy then by your own officers.  You don’t think that officers in the military carry pistols for personal protection do you?  Nope, they carry them to shoot those that hide rather than doing their duty.
However in David Derby’s defense it must me mentioned that he was unaware of recent developments in the Kris Steele/workers comp scandal.  At least one legislator has reported that Ashely Kemp, the House General Counsel, has admitted to legislators that she was directed to attend a meeting with Bob Burk, a workers comp mediator involved in the Mike Christian workers comp case.   She allegedly admitted that there was a tentative offer on the table for Mike Christian but that she was ordered to request that Comp Source reject the offer. 
Another report fingers Speaker Kris Steele’s press secretary John Estus as the man that provided personal and private information on Mike Christian to Nolan Clay of the Oklahoman.   We have reported on the close association between Estus and Clay, and the fact that Estus  himself was recently an Oklahoman reporter.
Give Representative Derby a call or email and try to put some lead in his pencil.  If you are a constituent tell him that he should be more afraid of you and the Tea Party than of a twisted little man that just happens to have a bad temper.   Speaker Steele can certainly have bills killed but he can’t vote for you in the coming primary election.  Steele might have his Chamber of Commerce cronies throw money to Derby’s opponent but he won’t get out and walk the precincts exposing your voting record or you refusal to stand your ground.       (405) 557-7377     
CAIR and the Anti-Shariah Law Amendment 
Considering the surprising amount of uproar over CAIR and the recent “Understanding the Threat to America” seminar we recently wrote about, you will no doubt remember that CAIR was identified as an unindicted co-conspirator and Muslim Brotherhood front organization in the U.S. vs. The Holy Land Foundation trial in a Dallas federal court. In going through the voluminous amount of damning evidence provided to the attendees of the seminar, we ran across another shocking document that was particularly interesting in light of the recent 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling striking down the “Anti-Shariah” constitutional amendment passed by 70 % of Oklahoma voters.
In case you haven’t read the 10th Circuit’s opinion, the court identified the complainant, Muneer Awad, as a member of CAIR. Further, despite the fact that the constitutional amendment addressed the threat of SHARIAH LAW, the court went on to say that if the law was enacted, Awad would likely suffer condemnation by the government of his RELIGION in violation of his constitutional rights. Take a look at another document the FBI found when they the raided the Elbarasse home and seized the “Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America” hidden in a secret sub-basement, which we wrote about two weeks ago, and see what you think about the Muslim Brotherhood’s true opinion of the United States Constitution.
Another document seized by the FBI is entitled “Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan.” It specifies the five phases of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in North America. They are described, together with comments about the MB’s progress in realizing each goal as follows:
Phase One: Phase of discreet and secret establishment of leadership.
Phase Two: Phase of gradual appearance on the public scene and exercising and utilizing various
public activities (It greatly succeeded in implementing this stage). It also succeeded in achieving
a great deal of its important goals, such as infiltrating various sectors of the Government, gaining
religious institutions and embracing senior scholars. Gaining public support and sympathy.
Establishing a shadow government (secret) within the Government.
Phase Three: Escalation phase, prior to conflict and confrontation with the rulers, through utilizing
mass media. Currently in progress.
Phase Four: Open public confrontation with the Government through exercising the political
pressure approach. It is aggressively implementing the above-mentioned approach. Training on the use of weapons domestically and overseas in anticipation of zero-hour. It has noticeable activities in this regard.
Phase Five: Seizing power to establish their Islamic Nation under which all parties and Islamic
groups are united.
Remember, friends, CAIR has been identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front organization. Tell me, based upon the above document, does it sound to you that the Muslim Brotherhood gives a rip about our Constitutional rights? Why do we allow an organization that advocates “Seizing power to establish their Islamic Nation” by use of force to operate here in America?
We’ll take a closer look at this and other documents in the weeks to come but remember, CAIR has invited your state legislators to their Annual Conference on March 31st. If you don’t think your elected officials should be doing business with CAIR, why don’t you let them know how you feel? Stay tuned here to find out which legislators attend. Shariah Law, coming soon to a neighborhood near you, compliments of CAIR.
By the way, what Phase do you think we are in?
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