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January 2019
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  • Message from the Director
    by Frank O'Leary
  • 2018 NAKP
    by Janie Adkins
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Message from the Director
by Frank O’Leary  
Western Regional Members,
Happy New Year!!
The weather in Walla Walla the last two weeks has been all over the board.  We have had short shelve shirt golf weather on day and then 25 degrees the next.  There has been rain, fog, and bright sunshine.  Oh well could be worse we could have a foot of snow.     
The Western Region Board of Directors has been busy finalizing the dates and judging teams for the 2019 testing schedule.  The Judges for the spring and fall tests will be posted by mid-January.  You will be able to view it at that time on the Western Region web page at:
The Western Region will host one Derby/Zuchtschau and one fall test in 2019.  The Derby will be in High River, Alberta, on May 19th & 19th.  Randy Blanchard will be the Test Coordinator for this event.  Jeff Martin will be the Test Director.  Randy can be reached at 1-403-601-1709 or at  The fall test (Solms/AZP/VGP/Zuchtschau) will be held in Conrad, MT, on September 21st & 22nd.  Jerry Riewer will be the Test Coordinator for the fall test.  Jörg Kaltenegger will be the Test Director.  You can contact Jerry at 406-450-1214 or
The tests are filling up and we know there are still dogs to enter.  Please use the WORD.doc we developed for the Western Region as your entry form.  This fillable form will work in you Internet Explorer or Chrome browser, it will not work in Fire Fox.   Please click here for the Entry Form.
We are selecting the Judging teams for both tests to avoid conflicts with the dogs that we know plan to enter.  You are encouraged to check the Testing Schedule and Judging teams after the middle of January to ensure that you do not enter into a conflict.  Once the Judging teams are posted they will not be changed to avoid conflicts. 
We hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and enjoy a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Happy New Year,
Frank O’Leary
Western Regional Director
8th Semi-Annual
2018 North American Kurzhaar Prüfung
Pierre, South Dakota, USA
November 8-11, 2018
by Jaime Adkins
“Well… this was a real fine idea” I said to Dusty Galer, one of many friends with whom I was going to share the 2018 NAKP.  Dusty said “yeah, last year we were shooting roosters here in our shirt sleeves on this very day.”
It was November 8th, 2018 and we were standing on the west bank of the Missouri River in Fort Pierre, SD. The river had a good 3’ of whitecapped chop on it from the 20 mph wind coming out of the northwest. All standing water had been frozen solid by low temperatures the last few nights.  There was 3 inches of snow on the ground, an afternoon high of 27 oF and 80% humidity.   
Thus began the 2018 NAKP.
The Zuchtschau
In spite of the weather, the Zuchtschau went pretty well. The patio was sheltered from the wind and provided a good place to read micro-chips, look at teeth and measure height, etc.
The sliding glass door and big picture windows of the Conference Center provided the gallery unfettered access and a good view of the lawn between the patio and the river bank. Plenty of warm beverages kept everyone defrosted.
I have watched over thirty Zuchtschaus since 2001. Over the years the various DKV Formwert Richters have been surprisingly consistent and called it as they saw it. Our Senior Formwert Richter for this event was the highly respected Ferdinand Schlattman. He upheld the high standards expected of a DKV conformation judge. Most of the conformation ratings were confirmed. A couple dogs were down-graded and none were upgraded. Two male dogs had their V conformation confirmed.  All decisions were clearly explained and justified. It was a valuable education for everyone.
Field Work
It is truly sad that more dogs did not participate in this test. It ended up becoming the best test I have ever been to. It was a rare opportunity. Thirteen (13) dogs had originally registered for the test. Four withdrew shortly before the test and the one dog that received a conformation grade of G was disqualified. That left eight (8) dogs for the two judging groups.
One aspect critical to the success of a test is the selection of the testing grounds. The test should be held in a location where the habitat and game numbers are capable of challenging a dog to demonstrate it excels in the hunting categories we value the most. The skilled use of a fine nose, searching thoroughly, pointing staunchly, obedience and collaboration in the presence of game, and retrieving quickly and reliably.
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