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NursingCAS News
February 2012

No Two-Week Closure This Summer

Nursing Course Prefixes
How Can Applicants Check Their Status?
Applicant Communication
Review your Program Listing on NursingCAS
Comparative Reports Available in WebAdMIT
Deadline Extensions
Participating School Conference Call Follow-up Information
New to NursingCAS?
Networking Lunch in DC
Attend an Open House & Facilities Tour in June
Nursing Course Prefixes
One of the proposed enhancements is to calculate a nursing GPA for schools. In order to provide this information, NursingCAS needs to collect data from you regarding which prefixes you use institutionally or which are used commonly for nursing courses; for example NSG, NRS, NUR, etc.
Please complete this online form to indicate which nursing course prefixes you use institutionally or ones that you know are commonly used. This data will be used in order for NursingCAS to calculate a nursing GPA for you.
Comparative Reports Available in WebAdMIT
WebAdMIT recently released an update on Comparative Reports, which provide summaries of applicant data for an individual program and the entire NursingCAS pool. Comparative Reports are now available under the Report Manager. These reports may be run at any time during the application cycle and may be run against any List of Applicants.
Learn more about Comparative Reports in this PDF guide.
Deadline Extensions
If you need to extend a deadline for a program designation then please e-mail the NursingCAS Manager. Include the name of the designation and the deadline extension date. Also, NursingCAS can send a blast e-mail out to the applicants in the system to notify them of the deadline extension.
If you would like to extend the deadline only for an individual applicant or a group of applicants then please include the name(s) and NursingCAS ID number(s), as well as the exact program designation(s) they are applying to and the deadline extension date.
Participating School Conference Call Follow-up Information

The NursingCAS Open Conference Call for Participating Schools was held on Tuesday, January 17, from 2:00 – 3:30 PM Eastern Time. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.
The PowerPoint from this event is available on-line for review. We encourage all schools to review the important information shared on this call.
Caroline Allen
NursingCAS Manager
202-463-6930 X258
Contact Caroline with any updates, questions or comments, especially in reference to any of the items addressed in this newsletter.

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No Two-Week Closure This Summer!
Thank you everyone who completed the mid-cycle survey. Based on your feedback and recommendations, NursingCAS has come up with an alternative option to better accommodate schools and applicants. Instead of the closure, there will be a 3-day maintenance period on August 7 - 9, that will allow for some of the proposed enhancements to be made and minimize service disruption.
This mean no deadlines or applicants will be impacted. Schools will not need to change any program deadlines and applicants will not need to go through the “re-applicant” process. During the 3-day maintenance period applicants will not be able to log into their application and new applicants will not be able to create an account. However, once the maintenance period ends, applicants can log back into their application without a problem and will not have to re-enter any information. Additionally, new applicants will be able to create an account once the maintenance period ends. The development team is working to determine which enhancements will be possible to safely implement during this maintenance period. 
P.S. – NursingCAS wants to hear from you – If you would like to share any ideas, issues, or feedback please email or call AACN's NursingCAS Manager Caroline Allen, and she will set up a call to discuss these items or respond to you in order to address them. You’re continued feedback is invaluable to helping us improve the application service for you and your applicants. We appreciate your participation in NursingCAS. Caroline can be reached at 202-463-6930 x258 or callen@aacn.nche.edu.
How Can Applicants Check Their Status?
When applicants are logged into their application, on the main page, “My Application” there is a menu item titled “Quick Status”. Underneath “Quick Status” applicants can click on:
  • Designations – In this area applicants can see which designations (or in other words programs) they have selected.
  • GPA Calculations – In this area applicants can view the GPAs NursingCAS has calculated based on their course work data. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once an applicant has their GPA Calculations complete they are VERIFIED. What is Verification? Read an explanation here, http://www.aacn.nche.edu/NursingCAS/What_is_Verification.pdf.
  • Transcripts – Applicants can track which transcript(s) from which school(s) have been received and the date.
  • References – Applicants can track which references were submitted on their behalf and what date they were submitted.
  • Payments – Applicants can check to see if their payment(s) have been processed.

It is important to note that applicants do not see any of the information that you see or put in your WebAdMIT portal, including application statuses and local statuses. If you want to communicate with applicants on where they are in your school’s application process, then you should contact them directly through WebAdMIT or your own personal email. WebAdMIT can help you set up email templates and show you how to send e-mails to applicants in order to inform them of where they are in your application process. Contact WebAdMIT support at 716-636-7777, option 7 or via email.
Applicant Communication
NursingCAS is now sending applicants a monthly newsletter, NursingCAS Connections. View the December and January issues. Follow NursingCAS on Facebook. NursingCAS uses this social media outlet to communicate with prospective students and applicants.
Share this short video with your prospective students and applicants on how to complete an application through NursingCAS.
Reminder: Please direct applicants to call the customer service line at 617-612-2880 with any questions. Many applicants have been calling the wrong number, 617-612-2881, the manager's number, which is reserved for schools.
Review your NursingCAS Listing
Attention: If you need to deactivate a listing, add a program, change a deadline, or make any changes, please notify NursingCAS immediately. 
To review your listing, you need to create a test application. To create a test account, visit https://portal.nursingcas.org, click on “Create Account”, in the “First Name” field put your name followed by the word test, for example “CarolineTEST”. This is important so we can separate out test applicants from actual applicants.

If your school has both undergraduate and graduate programs listed, please create two separate test accounts, one for undergraduate and one for graduate. To create an undergraduate test account, choose "Yes" to the question, "Are you currently a high school student". To create a graduate test account, choose "No" to the question, "Are you currently a high school student". In order to create both an undergraduate and graduate test account, you must use two different email addresses. 
Once you are logged into your test account you will be directed to your application homepage. Then click on the last option “Designations” and “Add” then scroll down or search for your program and check to ensure the program and/or track names and the deadline(s) listed are accurate. For instructions with screenshots on how to review your listing, review slides 6 – 10 on this PowerPoint presentation.
Please contact Caroline at callen@aacn.nche.edu or 202-463-6930 x258 to make any updates or changes.
New to NursingCAS?
Then now is the time to schedule training with WebAdMIT Support. Please contact the support team  to set up a training session for your institution or ask any questions regarding your WebAdMIT portal or how to use any of the features in the system at 716-636-7777, option 7 or webadmitsupport@academicsoftwareplus.com. You can also access the WebAdMIT Help Guide here. Or register  for the next NursingCAS & WebAdMIT Overview Webinar offered on Wednesday, March 14, 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET. Alternatively, you could register for a NursingCAS Open House session in Boston, MA in June or the NursingCAS Networking Lunch in Washington, DC in late March (see below). Contact Caroline with any general questions or if you need assistance with determining which help option is right for you.
Attend a NursingCAS Networking Lunch in Washington, DC on March 26
Do you want to connect with other NursingCAS users in person? Then RSVP for this upcoming event.
NursingCAS Networking Luncheon - RSVP
Monday, March 26, 1:00 - 2:00 PM (ET)
The Fairmont Hotel - Washington, D.C.
  • Timothy Gaspar, PhD, RN, Dean, University of Toledo College of Nursing
  • Laura McClung Adams, Assistant Director, Office of Admissions & Outreach, Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies
This free event coincides with AACN's Spring Annual Meeting and is open to participating and prospective NursingCAS schools. Lunch will be served, and attendees can connect with colleagues and learn more about how they are using or why they are considering using NursingCAS at their school. This is an RSVP only event, and space is limited so please complete the RSVP form by March 16. Contact Caroline with any questions.
Attend an Open House & Facilities Tour at NursingCAS Headquarters in Boston, MA in June
Would you like to take a tour of NursingCAS headquarters and see first-hand how documents are processed and transcripts are verified? Attendees will have an opportunity to meet and ask questions of the NursingCAS and WebAdMIT customer service and technical team, and meet other NursingCAS users.
Register now for a free Open House session which will be held in June at NursingCAS headquarters, located in Watertown, MA (outside of Boston) at Liaison International. Open House sessions will be offered on:
  • June 12, 2012, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • June 12, 2012, 1:30 - 4:30 pm
  • June 13, 2012, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Those interested in attending a session are encouraged to make reservations early by completing this online registration form. Only a limited number of spaces are available. Please contact Caroline with any questions.
202-463-6930 x258
Visit the NursingCAS Resource Center:  http://www.aacn.nche.edu/nursingcas/resources
Watch the NursingCAS Video Overview: http://tinyurl.com/nursingcasvideo
Visit NursingCAS: http://www.nursingcas.org
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