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Executive Order or Usurpation of Power?

By Ms PM


The definition of an Executive Order is an order or directive issued by the head of the executive branch at some level of government. It is commonly applied to orders issued by the President. They may be issued by a state's governor or the city's mayor as well. The definition of usurpation is the wrongful or illegal encroachment, infringement or seizure. This article spells out the various informational data concerning executive orders.


Interesting information begins in 1907 when before that time these orders were mostly unannounced or documented. In 1907 the Department of State instituted a numbering system, which was retroactive and began on October 20th, 1862 when President Abraham Lincoln issued his Executive Order. Up until 1950 there were no real guidelines to follow on exactly what a President could or could not do. President Harry Truman with Executive Order 10340 wanted to place all steel mills under federal control. The Supreme Court ruled this was invalid because it was an attempt to make law, rather than clarify or act to further a law. It appears that Presidents, since this Supreme Court decision have been careful to cite which specific laws they are acting under when they decide to execute an Executive Order. This last statement facilitates a question. How many new laws have been executed under Executive Order and if this process is or has been used, should they not be struck down by the Supreme Court?


In the "Criticisms" part of this article it gets into others wondering about the overstepping of Presidential power and states that it is common for presidents to bypass the legislative process altogether. Not only does this violate the Constitution via the oath every president takes, it makes it very clear that Congress can stop a president from passing their legislation. The baffling part is our Founders had the keen incite to set up a Republic which, if followed, would protect the people from this type of  unconstitutionality. What shines through is that those in charge of protecting the Constitution are the very ones that do the most to destroy. Two perfect examples are where US Presidents have issued executive powers in concern with the EPA and DOE to amend administrative regulations.


The "Legal Conflicts" section of the article talks about the loss of the legislative veto. They look to alternative measures to override executive orders and a way to do this is by not approving the funding. The President can veto this action; but Congress can override a veto with a two-thirds majority to end an executive order. Rarely does this happen, those in power want to stay in power and they are too thin skinned to do the right thing because of the political criticism and as always, the American people suffer their lack of integrity.


In this next article it gives an incomplete list of Executive Orders but there are many you can research.   


Here are a few of the executive orders:


13112- by Bill Clinton, creates a plethora of bureaucratic waste by setting up a Council of Departments dealing with invasive species. It states that this creation is "subject to the availability of appropriations, and within Administration budgetary limits." Does it mean this Council can waste a limited amount of taxpayer money and a conclusion of findings may never surface?


13166-by Bill Clinton, establishes that taxpayers pick up the tab to teach those with limited English Proficiency, the English language. This Executive Order sets up the compliance standards for those receiving Federal financial assistance making sure it's a double dip into taxpayers pockets. What has happened to America and when did personal responsibility disappear?


13278-by George Bush, establishes a commission to examine the Post Office to ensure the viability of postal services. Another avenue, no commission, no wasted money, privatize and keep government out of it, maybe?


 The Chesapeake Bay executive order number 13508 from Barack Obama, has Agenda 21 written all over it. Cap and Trade will cover the air pollution problem. Plug in the EPA and we have quite the cocktail.


These Executive Orders are a way to bypass our process of law without little knowledge to the people. Not only is there much waste when these committees are staffed with an already overabundance of federal government employees, the expansion of government is like a can of spray foam. A little goes a long way and if you use too much it will pop more than the cork. We have a big mess to clean up. When I hear Republicans tout their mantra of having to take the Senate along with the Presidency in order to get the big house in order for this next election cycle, I cringe. Have they not played a huge part in the problems we face? Rarely do the ones we put in office do their job.


My faith still comes from the people. There is much discourse throughout this land accompanied by an ever powerful eerie silence hanging below all of the protest. As those left begin to awaken, and having a startled look about them, the fury will consume the heart of every patriot and continue to simmer until we have had enough. Is that time coming?



HD 53 Race

 By R. H.


House District 53 was vacated by Representative Randy Terrill in his run for the Cleveland County Commissioners race and the race has turned out to be an interesting one this year. Three candidates vied for the nomination in the primary, with none of them getting enough votes to claim victory. Newcomer to the political scene, Paula Sullivan, did manage to force a runoff.


The Oklahoma State ethics Commission web site shows that Paula Sullivan’s campaign donors are mostly small business owners but the majority of her campaign is self-financed.  Her expenditure reports are clean, not any evidence of charges that can even remotely be considered misuse of campaign funds.


Mrs. Sullivan’s web site  says she has a Master’s degree in English from the University of Oklahoma, wants to control and cut government spending, lower taxes, eliminate harmful regulations that will help spur economic growth, stop the government from picking winners and losers and protect the bill of rights.  She doesn’t believe that money alone will solve our education problem.  Her website states that “Criminals work hard to go to jail. They should stay there.” That is a stark contrast to Speaker Steele’s soft on crime approach.


She is also a supporter of secure borders and state enforcement of immigration laws. She does not support tax payer benefits for illegal aliens. This is another area that stands against the policies that the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce seeks to let stand in our state. We already have the cities of Oklahoma City and Tulsa, plus many smaller communities, considered sanctuary cities. That is why we experienced such a huge influx of Hispanics in Oklahoma over the last decade.


Ms. Sullivan refused to return our Political Courage Test.


Her opponent is Mark McBride and his donor list is packed with State Chamber members like

Chesapeake Oklahoma Pac, Devon Energy Corporation PAC and the Greater OKC Chamber PAC..


Mr. McBride’s website claims that he is against a lot of the trivial regulations that the government seems to hand down on a daily basis, pro 2nd Amendment, and pro school choice.  He believes that the immigration laws should be strictly enforced and says he will fight the implementation of Obama Care at every turn. He believes that we must limit the size of government, opposes hidden fees and any new taxes.


Mark McBride refused to return the Political Courage Test.


McBride had developed the reputation as a State Chamber candidate long before the last minute State Chamber member donations to his campaign based upon inside information, who he used to manage his campaign, and his donor list.  Mrs. Sullivan is by far the more conservative candidate for House District 53.






Interview with Representative

 Mike Ritze

By R. H.


By now everyone knows of the horrendous Obama Care decision of the Supreme Court. It’s a tax by some stretch of the imagination according to SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States).  All the conservative politicians are vowing to fight Obama Care but  few are  willing to lead the charge. The ones that did, and this was two years ago in 2011 in the form of HB 1276, were Representatives Dr. Mike Ritze, Mike Reynolds, and David Derby in the House and Senator Ralph Shortey in the Senate.


 This bill made its way through the Judiciary Committee where it received approval and was referred to the full floor. You can see the votes of the committee here. House Votes. From there the bill stalled thanks to Republican House leadership.


Representative Ritze will re file the HB 1276 Obama Care nullification bill this coming session.   While not supporters of the John Birch Society based upon the character of their leaders, they do have some good articles on issues from time to time including one of Ritze’s nullification bill.    For the record, the rank and file John Birch members are good solid men and women, it is their leadership that concerns us greatly as it is a top down organization, has a history of trying to destroy any other groups that become effective in the fight against tyranny, and has a very Machiavellian view of ethics.




We interviewed Dr. Mike Ritze this week for this article.


Q. It appears that from the moment Obama Care passed, you got to work trying to get it nullified here in Oklahoma. What drives your determination to see this not become the law of the land here in Oklahoma? A. Two things really.   My concern for our freedoms is  first.  Karl Marx said to control the people you must control their health care. That’s scary to me. The second is the concern for my patients. Under Obama Care I won’t be able to give my patients the individual care they deserve and are entitled to.


Q. In 2011 you presented HB 1276 to the House to nullify Obama Care. It received approval from the Judiciary Committee and was produced in a floor version yet did not receive a floor vote. Can you explain this? A. House leadership was unwilling to at that time. They felt it was inappropriate at this stage to try it.


Q. Why did this bill not receive a floor vote in 2012? At that time House leadership decided that since a legal remedy was in the works, that nullification could wait.


Q. If Obama Care is actually nullified by the state will the State Attorney General protect Oklahomans from Obama Care?    A. Yes. He has indicated that he is opposed to Obama Care and would take whatever actions he could to protect us.


Q. Counting Oklahoma, I am aware of two states that are pursuing nullification, Arizona and New Jersey, are you prepared for the struggle it will take to get the other states on board before nullification becomes a reality, and if so, what steps are you willing to take? A. I was unaware of the attempt in New Jersey, but I know of twelve other states that are currently in the process of nullification. I strongly believe that we can effectively nullify the act with twenty four or twenty five states nullifying the act. They have effectively nullified the federal marijuana laws with that number, and I hate to use marijuana as an example. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to nullify this abomination.


Q. Before opening day next year there will be bills submitted to implement Obama Care in Oklahoma, How do you intend to fight them? A. I first intend to remind them of their Oath of Office. After that I will work feverishly to defeat every bill that comes up for a vote.


Q. Have you given any thought to fighting Obama Care with something for the moment let’s call Insurance Care? This would be to do away with the need for a health insurance exchange by giving the State Insurance Commissioner the authority to regulate all insurance companies nationwide who desire to sell health insurance in Oklahoma. What Headaches might that bring?

A. I submitted such a bill in 2010, but it didn’t make it to the House floor. I may just submit it again this spring.


 What is nullification? What are the effects of nullification? A good explanation can be found here. State Nullification: What Is It? | Liberty Classroom and here Nullification (U.S. Constitution) | Encyclopedia.


There is a history of nullification in the United States dating back to 1832. South Carolina nullified the tariffs imposed by the federal government claiming they favored the Northern states. South Carolina stood alone in this argument. You can read the history of this attempt here. United States History - Nullification Crisis.


Although they lost the argument through force, a sympathetic President worked out a compromise that defused the tension and resulted in a more favorable and equitable tariff system.


Nullification next raised its head in Wisconsin in 1857. There the federal courts refused to issue a writ of habeas corpus for a runaway slave. Abolitionist stormed the jail, freed the slave and put him into the Underground Railroad system. This matter of the laws of return on runaway slaves made its way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court witch declared them to be unconstitutional. This was, in fact a successful use of nullification. You can read about it here. The misunderstood history of nullification | The Daily Caller. This action eventually led to the birth of the Republican Party.


More modern day forms of nullification have been lower keyed. As many as twenty two states have effectively nullified the federal laws on marijuana by passing their own laws that are in variance to the federal guidelines, and they are getting away with it. Many states have passed firearms laws that are restrictive to arms manufactured and used within their own states that prohibit the federal governments control over them and are getting away with it. This leaves room for hope with nullification of Obama Care. 


As a side note to nullification, it’s been three weeks since the Supreme Court handed down its ruling. Our RINO Governor has said little other than to say she was disappointed in the ruling. Other Republican Governors have already stated that they will not implement portions of Obama Care. Where is our Governor other than in Detroit trying to convince car manufacturers to make more CNG cars? Governor it’s time to get off the fence and make a decision. That’s why we are paying your salary.






Agenda 21 Dog and Pony Show

Slated for July 31st in OKC


 Oklahoma City is back at it again, promoting Agenda 21 as the fix for all that ails us.


They are pushing a new comprehensive plan (that means that none of your civil liberties will be left intact) called Plan OKC.    They have a meeting/Open House on the third floor of City Hall in the Council Chamber at 200 North Walker on Tuesday July 31st between 4 and 6 pm.


The first 30 minutes is a meet and greet then a presentation on how the plan was created and what their ultimate goals are, or at least the politically correct scrubbed portions of their goals.  According to their invitation, after the presentation there is a chance to meet with the city planners about each of the plan’s regulations on land use, transportation, environmental issues, community issues, parks and recreation, economic development, and public services.


They are calling their comprehensive plan the blueprint for decisions over the next 20 years and claim to have involved over 4,000 residents, business owners, and neighborhood associations since 2010.   More info about Plan okc can be found here  or contact  Kristy Yager at  297-2550 / 863-2831 or




Is This a Trade Up or Just Another RINO In the House?


House District 99 is currently held by Anastasia Pittman whose Oklahoma RINO Index score was 45 out of 100.  Pittman lost points  by voting for the HB 1397 transvestite birth certificate, walked the vote on HB 2130 Obama Care/Fallin Care, voted for HB 1953 Quick Closing Fund, HB 1593 collective bargaining, HB 1647 Open Carry,  and SB154 Quality Jobs bill.     She was one of the few Democrats that supported RINO House leadership’s corporate welfare schemes.


Her opponent in the November general election is one Willard Linzy, also of African-American descent but is running as a Republican.    The Oklahoma County GOP put out an email with Linzy’s positions stated and some parts are okay but other parts make us wonder if this would be a step sideways rather than forward”


I believe that our community must trust the effective strategy that served our needs prior

to November 2004, and therein elect a minority member of the legislative majority to represent us at the state capitol.   I however, need your trust and support today to advocate for better outcomes in YOUR behalf…and I ask you to at least give me the opportunity to try! 


WHAT WILL I DO IF ELECTED:    I will support legislative action that:  * Fosters Economic Development, and/or promotes Cultural Enrichment, and/or improves Community Empowerment.


WHY DO I ASK YOU TO ELECT ME:   Because I believe that voters in District 99 should equally enjoy the benefits of:  * Available, fully-funded quality education or career training,  affordable, quality public transportation, food, clothing and housing, acceptable, reasonably priced quality healthcare, accessible, safe recreational and amusement facilities, aggressive labor market growth that provides sustainable employee wage/benefits and reduces entitlement dependency.

 Contact Campaign Headquarters at  (405)751-6671


Once again the idiots running the Oklahoma County Republican Party have either found another RINO candidate or have found a candidate that will say anything to get elected.   In his statements on the GOP email he points out that Pittman wasn’t representing her district with the Obama Care vote, the Transvestite Birth Certificate vote, or all the corporate welfare votes but is he going to be any better if we take him at his word?   Linzy claims he will support the same “economic development” that his predecessor supported plus “Cultural Enrichment” and “Community Empowerment”.   What the hell is that?  


Even scarier is his promise to support “fully funded” education or career training, public transportation, food, clothing and housing along with “acceptable/reasonably priced” health care.     Not only that but he pledges to provide amusement facilities and “sustainable” wage/benefits.

Damn, should we call him “daddy”?


Mr. Linzy, anything that the government can give to your people must first be taken away from others.    The only valid governmental purpose is to protect you from me, me from you, and both of us from from non citizens, as in invaders.   With that in mind you could promise to make a level playing field where citizens could find a job by killing Obama Care and the thousands of other intrusive regulations that impact businesses and make it too risky to add jobs in this economy.   But there is no valid reason to take from me and my neighbors to enrich the culture and “empower” your community.


  Likewise you could promise to make colleges compete for students based on quality and price of their courses and prevent the same colleges from taking advantage of your people by admitting them before they have the prerequisite skills and experience instead of running them through the mill and piling thousands of dollars in Pell Grants and student loans on both them and the taxpayer.  You can’t promise public transportation because the demand isn’t there to make it profitable, we are too scattered out as a city for public transportation to be affordable and have it go everywhere.    And you are going to promise food, clothing, and housing?   Then talk out of the side of your mouth about ending “entitlements”?


And just how are you going to provide reasonably priced and “acceptable” health care?    Will you do it by slashing regulation and requiring the medical industries to compete on price and quality?  By forcing consumers to have more skin in the game by bigger co pays?  Or are you going to restrict the “profit” to insurance companies and reduce the wages of medical personnel?    And this promise to provide amusement facilities and “sustainable” wages and benefits, again are you going to foster freedom of businesses to compete as well as allow them to build capital by lower regulation and lower taxes or are you going to pick winners and losers with government subsidies, tax credits, or preferential treatment?   Or are you going to legislate a “sustainable” wage and benefit package for workers?


Is a sustainable wage for one of your inner city young men a wage that allows a business to be able to afford to train him and then compete with those companies that employ illegal aliens?   Or compete with Chinese labor rates?   Is a sustainable wage from the viewpoint of the worker or from the viewpoint of the employer?


I suspect that Mr. Linzy is just another wild promise hurling candidate with about as much depth and intellect as a season of American Idol but time will tell.   And the Oklahoma County GOP leadership is so stupid as to allow these wild promises to be made in violation of the State GOP Party Platform and actually enable political lying by way of its own email system.



Well Maybe John Roberts Was Right, Obama Care is a Tax…

The Obama Care law does contain 20 new or increased taxes that are phased in between 2010 and 2018.  They range from the 10% tanning salon tax to the taxes on comprehensive health insurance plans in 2018.

After the November election five major Obama Care taxes will kick in:

A 2.3% tax on medical device makers on products like pacemakers, prosthetic lims, stents, operating tables, and just about every other tool or equipment needed in the medical field.  It is a gross receipts tax like a sales tax so even if the company doesn’t make a profit it costs them money.  Most of these companies are small businesses of less than 20 people and exactly how will taxing something make it more affordable and more widespread?

The elimination of the deductable medical expenses on the 1040 tax form.   Currently if your medical costs exceed 7.5% of your income you can deduct the expeses before taxes, as in you don’t have to pay income tax on that 7.5% of your income.  Obama Care raises the level to 10% of your income, costing mostly pre retirement Americans over $15 billion per year in increased taxes.

A new $2,500 cap on Flexible Spending Accounts.  These are pre tax savings accounts that you can use for medical needs to cover costs not covered by insurance.   Special needs children’s tuition can be covered up to $14,000 per child, allowing the parents to cover their own child’s costs with pre tax dollars.   This new cap will cost American families over $13 billion dollars the next ten years.  How does stripping the right to cover these costs without paying income tax on the expenses help increase health or decrease costs?   Add to this the change in the Health Savings Accounts in 2011 that barred Americans from purchasing over the counter medicines with pre tax savings.

The Obama Care surtax on investment income will raise the capital gains tax rate from15 to 20 % to 23.8%.    Top dividend rates will rise from 15% to 39.6% to a new rate between 23.8% and 43.4%, costing American families $123 billion dollars over the next decade.

The Obama Care Medicare Payroll Tax will increase $86 billion over the next ten years.  Right now the Medicare portion is paid only by the employer and is capped at 2.9% of all wages up to $110,000 per year.  Obama Care increases the rate to 3.8% of all wages over $200,000 for a single person and $250,000 for a couple. 

The Democratic Party wants you to forget all about these new taxes and increased taxes, accept the SCOTUS decision, and back the State Chamber plan to get those medical insurance plan costs off the backs of the large corporations.  Everything was timed to not take effect till after Obama’s second election.   So come next legislative session when the State Chamber legislators push to enable Obama Care in Oklahoma with the creation of the Health Insurance Exchange remember that the individual mandate is just the tip of the iceberg that is Obama Care.



Southern Manners


Oklahoma is a Southern state but I always like to joke that everyone here either was running from the law or sent here as punishment.   We forget that the Trail of Tears were those tribes that sided against the U.S. in the War of 1812, they were sent here as punishment, and that Oklahoma was outlaw territory long before statehood with rough justice administered through Hanging Judge Parker’s courtroom.   I believe that we have outlaw hearts and outlaw blood, more libertarian than Republican, thus our having the distinction of being the reddest state in the Union where Obama didn’t win a single county in 2008.


We also were a civil war battle state, from Cabin Creek in the Northeast down to Middle Boggy Depot in the South-central part of the state and Oklahoma held a nonvoting seat in the Confederate Congress.  Indian tribes took a second shot at correcting the lapse of immigration policy in their earlier days but things didn’t turn out so well.


But one of the most endearing things about Oklahoma is that we have both southern twang and southern customs.   All Okies will remember the first time they met a New Yorker, you couldn’t understand him because he talked so fast and he got bored listening to you because you spoke so slowly.  But the southern customs are one of our birthrights and one of the most useful and endearing customs is the phrase “Bless his heart”.


We southerners came from English and Scots/Irish stock for the most part, later mixed in a little German and of course American Indian blood.  We are a polite people, renowned for our politeness actually because we have always been an armed society but we do have our limits and our safety valve in the use of the phrase “Bless his heart”.


Saying “Bless his heart” is our way of calling someone an idiot in polite conversation and we can get away with the vilest condemnations as long as it is preceded or followed by Bless his heart!


Here is a couple of examples for the Yankee transplants amongst us:


“Well bless his heart, he can’t help that he is ugly but he could have stayed home!”


“Poor Charlie is always saying the dumbest things, bless his heart.”


Now don’t take offense if someone says “Bless your heart”, that is a different animal entirely, it means that the speaker is empathizing with you.  Just remember that the phrase Bless his heart is the polite way to call someone an idiot and still preserve a modicum of manners.


And no, this wasn’t a completely random topic for this newsletter issue… good things come with those with patience.




Charlie Meadows’s Deliverance,

 Bless His Heart


Okay, this is a slow time between the primary and runoff races so how about a history lesson of the conservative movement in Oklahoma and have some fun with Charlie Meadows as we explain his attack on the Sooner Tea Party last week?  It will be a long article but there are lots of lessons learned contained within and it is an interesting story on its own.


Last week Charlie Meadows took a pretty thorough swipe at both the Sooner Tea Party and yours truly in his OCPAC weekly newsletter.   When you meet Charlie for the first time a demented Santa Clause comes to mind, perhaps the spawn of a demented Santa Clause that raped the Church Lady of Saturday Night Live fame, and she might have had a sour pickle in her mouth at the time she became “in a family way”.    First let’s look at why Charlie has his plus size panties in a wad and refute just two things of the many things lied about, the rest he does a pretty good job of on his own.


This isn’t the first time Charlie has come after the Sooner Tea Party.    Charlie has always looked upon us as a threat to his influence starting back at the first meeting of the OCA, the Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance, back in October of 2009.    I had called the meeting to join the Oklahoma conservative groups into an umbrella group and around thirty groups attended and joined the group including Charlie Meadows representing OCPAC.  His presence was memorable in that I asked everyone to take a minute to let the others know who they were and what group they represented and that worked fine till it came Charlie’s turn.   A minute turned into fifteen minutes as this pompous ass, bless his heart, pontificated until I finally interrupted and let the others have their say.  Then Charlie and another guy got into a loud pissing match argument till I shouted them both down and reminded them that we were there to work on the 80% that everyone agreed upon, not to fight and build walls between the groups.   It seemed that Charlie took his trip to the verbal woodshed in good graces for the good of the conservative movement but I should have known better.


I had foreseen that there would be a problem with the older groups sharing control with the newer Tea Party and 912 groups and my hope was that by paying homage to the legacy group’s efforts over the previous years we could avoid problems.   What I didn’t understand was that few of the legacy groups were interested in solving our problems unless their group took the credit for doing so.  Turns out that most of the legacy groups function as businesses with payrolls or expenses to meet, marketing to accomplish growing their own organization, or their own agenda that was heavily flavored with religion or anarchist tendencies.  Solve the problems?   And kill the golden goose?  Work with others?   And have to share the credit for fixing a problem?


Another thing that I didn’t understand was how the three legacy groups were really all controlled by the John Birch Society.  OKSAFE, OCPAC, and the John Birch Society all had deep ties and shared board members as well as rank and file members.   OKSAFE was set up as a JBS controlled group but the lady they picked realized right off the bat that along with JBS help came JBS taint so she constantly fought back to avoid being labeled as JBS or being controlled by JBS.  But the reality was that both OKSAFE and OCPAC were the political arms of the John Birch Society, a nonprofit organization that was prohibited from advocating for or against politicians.


But in my haste to ensure that the three legacy groups bought into the new umbrella group I gave them far too much power by giving them three of the six seats on the OCA board, again not realizing that they were one and the same in their leadership, again with the provision of the attempt to keep OKSAFE free from JBS taint.


And I wasn’t anti JBS at the time, I actually fought to include them in our first Tea Party rally on July 4th 2009 after looking into the allegations of racism and radicalism that the media had spread.   I found that they excelled at education, weren’t racist or radical, and that their members were hard working, constitutional minded citizens that were very dedicated.


In early January of 2010 JBS did their best to recruit me after a Saturday training event that they had opened to non JBS members for the first time in their history.    I met with four or five of their state leaders, including Charlie, at a hot dog place next door while they did their best to recruit me into their group.  I declined, mentioning the taint that the media had successfully painted their group with and my reluctance to bring that into the Tea Party movement but I also told them that I would fight by their side on issues where the two movements found common ground.


What I learned was that which JBS can’t control it will try to destroy.  They were subtle about it, very Machiavellian in their approach.   First was a demand that we limit our legislative agenda for 2010 to five issues, all religious type issues, with the explanation being that the pastors wouldn’t support the agenda if it was “watered down”.  I stuck up for the other 32 group’s right to have their favorite  issues included and we wound up with a list of 18 bills that we would champion, some of which were duplicate open carry or 10th Amendment type bills.


It was almost nonstop intrigue and backstabbing from the legacy groups from that point on with numerous coup attempts to run me out of the organization that I had formed.  Although I had given away half the board seats, I had also picked the other half wisely to include both Tea Party and 912 leaders to ensure there would always be a balance between legacy groups and new organizations.    The story has been told before of Richard Engle getting caught lying to one of the three board members, tipping the balance to their side and the ensuing failed coup attempt that was stopped after the board member found out that he had been lied to and ended with Richard Engle resigning from his board seat.  But what came later was even more despicable.


In the 2010 legislative session we had thirty five groups fighting for the common legislative agenda and got four bills passed:


Opt out of Obama Care by Mike Ritze

The Montana Firearms Freedom bill (10th Amendment) by Senator Brogdon

Anti RFID Chip in the Drivers License bill

Open Carry, a full constitutional carry bill


All were vetoed by Governor Brad Henry (D) and we lost the veto override battle a few days before the session ended after six Republican House members turned on us but the fight ended with some major political pain being delivered to the Republican party for their part in things.   After the filing period was over for House and Senate seats, we had doubled the chances of getting a political opponent for those that fought against us in 2010.  If you voted with us 100% of the time you had a zero chance of getting an opponent, of the sixteen legislators that were with us 100% only two open seats drew challengers.  If you voted with us on the four veto override bills you had a one in three chance of drawing an opponent.  If you voted against us on the veto overrides you had a two in three chance of drawing an opponent.


That was huge; the AP did a story on it after calling me to ask why so few conservative Republicans had to defend their seat.   The thirty five groups of the OCA had ran roughshod over the liberal Democrats, the progressive Republicans, and the State Chamber of Commerce and although they won the veto override, we had set them up for losing control in 2011.


The OCA was a major threat to the establishment and they knew it, no one had gotten all the groups to fight as one till the Sooner Tea Party arrived and it had to be taken down.


Enter Charlie Meadows.    Earlier that year Charlie had pushed hard to get the Oklahoma City Tea Party brought in as a member but our experience with the leader of the Oklahoma City Tea Party was so negative that it wasn’t going to happen.  Eventually I offered to bring them in as long as IRON, Immigration Reform Oklahoma Now, was brought along with them.  The JBS leaders didn’t like the IRON group, thought that the anti illegal immigration tactics were strangling constitutional freedoms.  My argument was that if that was the case, then bringing them in allowed us a say in the new laws and much more control than keeping them outside.


Eventually Charlie, Paul Blair, and I met with Pastor Dan Fisher of the OKC Tea Party one afternoon and explained just why we refused to allow the OKC Tea Party to join the OCA.   I had brought in two of the founding members of the OKC Tea Party, two of the original thirteen founders who had been kicked off the board when Margie Dresher took the OKC Tea Party private.    They made it clear just how destructive it would be to have Margie inside the OCA and that ended Charlie’s effort to bring them in for a few months.   Keep in mind that at one point we had between seven and nine of the original OKC Tea Party board members working with us or part of our group and several are still active with the Sooner Tea Party.  Later Charlie pretty much laid it out in plain language:  Bring the OKC Tea Party in or he would act.


And act he did in a wonderfully Machiavellian fashion.     A whispering campaign started, claiming that I wasn’t “godly” enough and was “too confrontational” to lead the OCA but Charlie couldn’t turn the OCA board nor the majority of the OCA group leaders until he got some help from Republican House leadership.


It was then explained that if the groups stuck with the OCA then House leadership would refuse to work with us in the 2011 legislative session.   Yeah, I hear you, what kind of idiot takes political advice from and adversary but this was advice that they wanted to hear.


You see, many group leaders, not all, but many, are in it not to solve the problems and save our country but to find some sort of personal power or “glory”.    As long as the OCA existed their light couldn’t shine, or so they reasoned, so they were more than willing to kill off the OCA.  The bait used was a new group called Liberty Forge that they formed undercover to have an alternative to the OCA, then at the last day JBS encouraged a mass exodus of groups they controlled to implode the OCA the weekend before the opening day of the 2011 legislative session.


Of course Liberty Forge flopped.   They refused to have a leader and the website is a ghost town, but it worked for its intended purpose, to sink the OCA on opening day.


Everyone remembers the bloodbath that occurred in the 2011 legislative session, an astounding number of House reprimands, a very vicious fist fight right through the end of session but one that ended in October with the defeat of Representative Jeff Hickman as the Speaker Designate.   We had Representative Don Armes screaming at women in the House lobby, an attempt to create a new star chamber to prosecute conservative Republicans that stood up against House leadership, but in the end the conservative/Democrat/Tea Party forces held the field.


Poor Charlie, bless his heart, found his influence eroded as his tactic of collecting a few hundred dollars per legislator for campaign donations turned out to look as bad as it was.   What kind of idiot, bless his heart, thinks that a few hundred dollars from a small conservative lunch group can influence legislators that receive tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars from the State Chamber?


Don’t get me wrong, OCPAC still has lunch meetings and they are well attended but the media has pretty much forgotten about Charlie as he is no longer a major political player.    And the battles were being won not with political donations but by wading into the politics and clubbing those Republicans stupid enough to follow the State Chamber agenda.   Then comes the major embarrassment of the Oklahoma Constitution/OCPAC Conservative Index in 2011, an index that ranked RINOs higher than conservatives.  Poor Charlie’s butt was as red as his face after one of his long winded speeches, bless his heart.


Now we have spanked Charlie’s fat butt, bless his heart, several times over the last few years.  The first time was when he actually advocated supporting the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges in one of his newsletters.  Yes, we would likely have Obama Care in Oklahoma thanks to Charlie.    Thankfully enough of his own members turned on him and blistered his hinny to make him backtrack on that issue.   Then there was his defense of Senator Anthony Sykes after Sykes killed the ALAC bill in 2011, the one where Charlie had called and expressed his “disappointment” with Sykes and allowed that Sykes would do better if given the chance.  All I could think of was Charlie playing the scene for Ned Beatty in Deliverance, overall straps down, with Sykes bending Charlie over the table at an OCPAC meeting whilst Charlie squealed like a pig of his “disappointment” in Sykes behavior, bless his heart.  But we have always had a valid reason to publically spank Charlie when he was acting stupid, bless his heart, and we always encouraged him on the occasion when he did something right.


So for Charlie to attack like he did out of jealousy was uncalled for, indeed he is lashing out in desperation as his influence dwindles.   Usually things fall apart when something better comes along or when a fatal flaw overcomes the good that is being done by a group.  In OCPAC’s case it is more of a fatal flaw of having to rely upon politicians attending and speaking at your meetings while trying to control their voting behavior.   You can’t do both.  If you go after them for bad votes they won’t show up to your meetings and if you don’t go after them for bad votes you become completely ineffective as an activist group.  Even worse, the slick tongued, amoral salesmen that they are, they can turn half your members with their lies while they are complimenting Charlie for having a purty mouth.


But like most people Charlie left lots of clues in his tirade against the Sooner Tea Party in his newsletter.    The reason that politicians are effective is in that they are accomplished liars and can avoid the body language and clues that most humans leave when they are saying things they don’t really mean.  They literally trip themselves up when lying if they aren’t complete sociopaths.  Ever watch a three year old lie?


Charlie starts by misspelling my name, good attention to detail there Charlie, bless your heart.   Then he tries to make it look like he just happened to open up last week’s issue of our newsletter, like it was a rare occurrence.


I took the time to open Al’s “Sooner Tea Party” newsletter this week
and became quite amused to see his latest spin on the ACCOMPLISHMENTS
of the Sooner Tea Party.”


Charlie, you know that we use a professional newsletter service so we have tracking pixels imbedded in our email.  We know what time and what day you open the email every time you read it and that is every single week.    Here are some highlights of the last two weeks so you can put things in context to see who reads our newsletter.   I only put the most interesting, there are hundreds and hundreds of email addresses between each instance in most cases.  By nine am Monday morning almost every Senator and Representative has read the newsletter and you yourself are always a late night reader:


Matt Pinell, Oklahoma State GOP Chairman   Jul 8, 2012 10:29:45 PM


Speaker of the House for 2013 T.W. Shannon       

 Jul 8, 2012 10:30:47 PM


Rep Tommy Hardin                                                      J

ul 8, 2012 10:35:58 PM


Rep Dustin Roberts                                                     

 Jul 8, 2012 10:37:56 PM


Rep Josh Cockcroft                                                     

 Jul 8, 2012 10:41:00 PM


Rep Elsie Hall                                                               

 Jul 8, 2012 10:44:15 PM


Political consultant Fount  Holland                          

 Jul 8, 2012 10:48:36 PM  


 Tammy Kilpatrick of  FKG  consulting                       

 Jul 8, 2012 11:03:20 PM


Rep JW Hickman (lost to TW. Shannon)                

 Jul 8, 2012 11:06:39 PM


Senator Clark Jolley                                                   

  Jul 8, 2012 11:22:37 PM


Scot Inman, House Minority Leader                       

 Jul 8, 2012 11:57:06 PM                            

 Jul 9, 2012 12:27:01 AM


Insurance Commissioner John Doak                     

  Jul 9, 2012 3:12:10 AM


Mike Neal, Tulsa Chamber                                     

  Jul 9, 2012 6:04:31 AM


T Wallace, OKC Chamber                                          

 Jul 9, 2012 8:28:33 AM


Kris Steele, Speaker of the House                          

 Jul 9, 2012 8:58:35 AM



Brian Bingman, president Pro Tem Senate           

 Jul 9, 2012 9:43:34 AM



There is Charlie Meadows up at past midnight  to read the Sooner Tea Party newsletter.  

Now let’s look at the week before but I’m going to skip several thousand till I get to Charlie again:



Andrew Silvestri , Deputy Policy Director



 Jun 24, 2012 11:16:01 PM


TW. Shannon, incoming Speaker of the House     

 Jun 24, 2012 11:17:57 PM


Rep Dan Kirby                                                             

 Jun 24, 2012 11:18:49 PM


Rep   Jason Nelson                                                    

  Jun 24, 2012 11:22:42 PM


Rep Steve Martin                                                               

 Jun 24, 2012 11:28:15 PM


Senator Clark Jolley                                                           
Jun 25, 2012 12:00:35 AM                                          

 Jun 26, 2012 12:29:59 AM



So Charlie is doing his best to act like opening up our email is a rare occurrence when in fact he along with most of the political elite of this state is a regular reader.   Most will wait up between 10 pm and midnight to read the newsletter and will begin forwarding it to others.   Those forwards show up as the recipient opening up the same email dozens of times, in some cases hundreds of times as the email is spread around.


There is the problem Charlie; you understand that we are the voice of the opposition, the one group that must be listened to because of the access we have inside the House, Senate, even at the State Chamber.   Politicians understand that they can’t go to bed on Sunday night before they read what is going on and if we have exposed them yet.


No, the Tulsa World didn’t mention us by name but there is no other Tea Party with the clout that we have and rarely are any of the others mentioned in the media and you neglected to mention that we included the link to the Tulsa World article.   We were in the AP story the Saturday before the election, in the Oklahoman the next day along with the State Chamber, then again after the election.  The fact is Charlie is that we matter because we are effective at what we do.


Now we rarely ever send out press releases, what media contact occurs because they seek us out.  There again is the problem for you Charlie, we have what you have strived for a decade and a half to get.



And to show how out of touch Charlie is he is sympathetic to  RINO Rep Don Armes:


The final nail in the coffin toward marginalizing Al was June 26th
when the one race in which he had most heavily invested (the Don Armes
race) was a flop. Over the past year and a half or so Al and his
Sooner Tea Party had knocked doors in the district, distributed
information, put up signs, and provided robo calls exposing what a
RINO the local boy Don happened to be, and the outcome of all that
hard work?”


Actually Charlie, we laid off Armes in October of 2011 five months after we went after him because he turned on Hickman and Steele in the October Speaker Designate race.   Once the politicians see the light and start representing their constituents our job is over.    As a bonus Rep Armes did get a challenger in the race and we have always said that winning the election is less important than the other politicians seeing us beat the stuffing out of one of their own and the politician not getting to take the summer off.  The fact is that Armes’s challenger got little help from us except for a few dozen dollars worth of robo calls the day before the election and a handful of signs spread out at the polling stations.


But the important thing in your attack was that you yourself showed just how much work we have put into going after those that refused to represent their constituents.  Thanks for reminding everyone of what we do so well.


And Charlie, a lust for control?    Let me tell you something I learned long ago.   The only person I can ever control is myself but that is more than enough for almost everything I wish to accomplish.    I’m not like you, I don’t use Machiavellian tactics against allies, we never ever lie about political matters although I might tell you that you don’t look fat in those overalls if there is no need to hurt your feelings although you are fat, it isn’t the overalls… bless your heart.

This next session is going to be a wonderful time for the conservative effort because of the ground work that we have done.  Both the Oklahoman article and the Tulsa article got it right, there has been a lot of change in the last few years, we have been in the midst of it, and because of our work ethic and thanks to the political training that we have received we have done more for the conservative cause than Charlie Meadows has accomplished in fifteen years.
Delusional Charlie?   Delusional people can’t get hundreds of people across the state to cooperate in getting a newspaper paid for, printed, and delivered.    Delusional people usually don’t have people like yourself taking the time to read what they write after midnight.


Now, give old Sykes a backward kick, pull up your overalls, and join the rest of the conservative activist movement in doing something constructive rather than attacking a group that is successful.   Jealousy is a womanly attribute Charlie, if you aren’t better than that you aren’t much of a man much less much of a Christian.


Bless your heart….

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