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What is it About Ron Paul?
by Ms. P.M.
In the scheme of things I have come to understand that there are times when I am in a situation where I can learn something.   All I have to do is look at it with an open mind and by doing that I also understand that somehow I was guided into that opportunity.
That experience happened at the Ron Paul event at the Capitol on the 25th and I walked away with truly knowing this man is exactly what our broken and bruised country needs.
The first thing I noticed was he is not polished.   That in itself is a refreshing change from any other candidate in this race towards a new Presidency.   When I see a man unafraid to be who he really is, I am impressed.     What I heard came from his heart.   Standing there with sneakers and jeans I observed a humble man and my perception of his message was only to help the United States and its people get back on track by following our Constitution.   He would have fit in well with our Founders.   What I felt as I watched and listened was a truthfulness that is and has been lacking in this Country for a very long time.   I simply trust this man.   He is a person of the people and I have no doubt he loves this Country as much as I do.
Some things I know.   If he were a one line zinger like Newt,  a polished "presidential looker" like Mitt there would be no doubt as to the people’s choice.   I look at his record.   He is the only candidate that follows our Constitution 100%, all the time, so I ask you... how important is this issue?   If anyone thinks a little unconstitutional is ok, then prepare for more of the same.   The iron fist of government will continue to slap you in the face, maybe a little less often but the end result will be the same.   It is obvious to me that our freedom and liberty has been chipped away in the name of protecting us for a very long time.  Ron Paul will not protect you from you, that is your responsibility and any great leader would know this.   Why is he the only one that practices these principles? Are we so lost or lazy to not know?   Are we so filled with apathy that we cannot be bothered with the choices required to make the decisions that will benefit every American citizen?   He will protect our Country and its people by the laws set up through the Constitution and Bill of Rights and always stand with the people.
Mr. Paul made a statement that scared the Hell out of me and that was we are no longer a Republic.   I thought about this and he is 100% correct.   Look at the laws being passed with the all inclusive infringements from our government both state and federal.   This does not represent a Republic. I see the government as picking winners and losers.   How many people do you know that are willing to give away what they have struggled to earn and budget to pay for by living within their means? 
I am no rocket scientist but there is no doubt in my mind that I am willing to fight for freedom and liberty until I suck my last breath.   What will our Country look like if we give up?  Think about it.
Ron Paul is every bit as smart as our Founders, he gets it.   He isn't suave with the language but facts are facts and he knows them.   I truly hope America will wake up and join the Revolution.   Your happiness, family and prosperity is at stake.   He is consistent on all issues and beliefs, in my opinion, that America will prosper as long as government is kept in its true place.
Another part of the Ron Paul story is the amazing dedication of his followers.  These are young and enthusiastic volunteers that clearly love Ron Paul, something I’ve not seen ever in my life.  These young men and women care deeply about liberty and they support Dr. Paul with enormous amounts of time and money.  When Al  told us he was going to get reinforcements, that the Ron Paul people share the same values, and that if we supported them then they would help us in the future, none of us knew what to think.   All I know from watching the reaction of the crowd is that these are people who need some training but once they learn the ropes they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.   The RINO legislature’s worst nightmare is to see Al Gerhart and the Ron Paul people join forces and on Saturday I believe I saw that coming.
Ron Paul is what he is with no apologies.   I see a man small in stature but it ends there.   If others would follow his difficult path in protecting the United States with all their might, we will be able to throw the crutches of social engineering away.   It is time for the right choice for the right reason.   My heart aches for America and I won't give up before the miracle happens.   I am but one person willing to fight for liberty, freedom and justice for all. 
 I am glad I am on that side, won't you join me?
 Vote for Ron Paul on March 6th
Oklahoma Recyclable Container Initiative
SB-1162, Senator Bingman
Ms. D.B.
Looks like even the street people are going to start feeling the squeeze as the state starts moving in on the recycle gig.   Bill 1162(ORCI) was introduced to establish a recycling initiative here in our state.   In doing so it was felt necessary for the Department of Environment Quality to appoint a specific group with The Director of Environment as Chair person.  There is not a specific number of people, but the people that agree to do it are on a volunteer basis.   
The people of Okla. Recycle Container Incentive ORCI would be given the task of setting things  in motion the hands on, while the Director would manage meeting as needed.   The recycling of containers has been found to be much in demand in which the demand exceeds supply.   The market is also a growing one that has become quite competitive.   The legislation finds that this is something that would benefit the state both environmentally and financially.   Implementing the ORCI would enter Okla. into that demand and supply public service which could bring in new jobs.
This will give the state a chance to evaluate the return benefit for future reference.
If proven cost effective it could change the states existing industries by the handling of solid waste containers in the future.  In pursuit of this service Okla. would also benefit with the reduction of litter along with working together with various interest groups.   This sounds like something that would have a positive effect on the state.
Most large companies have been doing it for years.   I have to wonder though, if this new agenda is believed to be a cost effective program why are they not willing to pay the people doing it?   And, what kind of pay increase will the Director of Environment be receiving for that now and then meeting?   We've seen it before.   Enquiry minds would like to know.
Group Integrity Auditor
SB-1161/ Rep. Stanislawski
By Ms. D.B.
 SB 1161 is created to  employ a group of audiors with their job being to audit Medicare claims for fraud  and errors. Government will expand with there being one auditor per every 100 million in fund. Each to  be paid  a minimum of $40,000 a year each. Someone may need to audit Mary Fallicious on her compulsive hiring of auditors.The Governor has already hired a hand full of new auditors just to audit the
people of Okla. in general. If she  keeps it up she may have to build all her auditors  their own building.
 In her claims of working to form growth and jobs within our state who knew she meant only within the legislation. As far as down sizing government, well I guess that was a a fallacious statement. A Mary Fallacious statement. There is a word in the title of this new bill that just doesn't fit quite right. Integrity is the word and it is not a word you will hear in relation to the State at any lunch  table anywhere.This is a
group of people who have lied,cheated, deceived, and ignored what the people had to say. They have  completely turned their backs on the people who put them in those cushy positions.They don't honor  their oath to represent us. Instead these marsh mellow string puppets walk around spineless waiting for the next opportunity to take. They stand for absolutely nothing except themselves.
 Ooh that smell. If it smells like greed and it looks like greed , then it is probably greed.
Expanding the right to use deadly force    
 HB-2988  Rep.Ritze/Russell  
                Ms. D.B.           
This bill introduced by Rep. Ritze and Rep. Russell is just one of the many fire arm related bills lawmakers have brought forth.  It was passed by the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 11-3.Rep.  Ritze has brought forth this bill as an expansion of the Castle Doctrine to include places of worship.  It's addition sparked after several threats of violence in places of worship transpired with our state.  This law states that if you are in a place(church)and you have the legal right to be there, and are not doing anything illegal then you have the right to use deadly force in protecting yourself. There has been the discussion on if this bill was really necessary considering that Oklahoma already has laws that give citizens the right of protecting themselves such as  "Stand Your Ground", etc.
The difference is that with this bill the victim is relieved of the burden of having to prove they were in danger of their life.  Instead it puts the burden of proof on the state.  The state would have to prove that you were not in danger.  If a person has the legal right to be somewhere, and they are not trespassing or doing anything illegal then the chances are about zero to none that the state would bring charges against that person who administered the deadly force. 
 They could also not be arrested unless there is proof otherwise.   One concern that has been brought forth is that by adding specific areas a person is limited to where they are allowed to legally defend themselves.  My understanding is that this isn't so.   A person still has the same right , but with the Stand My Ground law the victim has to prove that they were in danger of their life in a court of law.  The addition of this bill makes it clear that they have the right absolutely(in a place of worship)and do not have to prove it.
After reading over all of the mumbo jumbo I found all very confusing like most average citizens probably do. The in's and out's and if's and but's are ongoing.  There is just no way to abide for every circumstance.  In today’s world an act of violence can pop up anywhere.  You just have to hope that people are going to have enough sense to use them as intended.  In the event that I am faced with such circumstance you can b et that I won't be trying to dissect the ongoing list of my user rights.  I will do what I need to do. Spare me all of the filler.   My protection and defense is custom made and it's written and developed for number one. 
By R. H.
It seems like every year, more and more of our freedoms and unalienable rights are being taken away from us.  In 2010, a Democratic controlled Congress, Senate and White House passed two laws and rammed down the throats of the American Public what became known as Obama care.  Since that time many brave politicians have stepped forward to stop this overreach of power by the federal government by legal means and legislation known as NULLIFICATION. House Bill 1276, introduced by Representative Ritze, is such a piece of legislation.   You can read the bill here.
It starts out with a very clear and precise statement. The bold emphasis is mine. “BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF OHLAHOMA:” That tells everyone that this is the decision of the majority of the people of the state of Oklahoma. This was proven with an overwhelming seventy percent approval at the polls in 2010.
Section 1. NEW LAW In part “A new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes as Section 1-124 of Title 63,” This defines a new section of law and where to find it. It makes it perfectly clear what the intent of this law is.
Para 1: “The people of the several states comprising the United States of America created the federal government to be their agent for certain enumerated purposes as set forth in the United States Constitution, and nothing more;” This paragraph clearly sets out the limits of the federal government.
Para 2: “The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution defines the total scope of federal powers as being those which have been delegated by the people of the several states to the federal government, and all powers not delegated to the federal government in the Constitution of the United States are reserved to the states respectively, or the people themselves. Furthermore, as stated in the Ninth Amendment, The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people; and” This clearly shows the limits of the federal governments powers.
Para 3. “The assumption of power that the federal government has made by enacting the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (Public Law 111-148, March 23, 2010) and Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-152, March 30, 2010)” is nowhere expressly granted by the United States Constitution and interferes with the right of the people of the State of Oklahoma to regulate health care as they see fit.” This is a statement of fact. Obama care is a one size fits all program and removes any choice for anyone to have a say in their treatment.
Section 2. NEW LAW In part: A new section of law to be codified in Oklahoma Statutes as Section 1-125 of Title 63,” This defines where to find this new law.
Para A: “ The Legislature of the State of Oklahoma declares that the federal laws known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act (Public Law 11-148) and the Health Care Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-152), signed by President Barack Obama on March 23 and 30, 2010, are not authorized by the Constitution of the United States and violate its true meaning and intent as given by the founders and ratifies, and are hereby declared to be invalid in the State of Oklahoma, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.
The makes it very clear. The intent of this law is the nullification of the two public laws listed above to protect the citizens of the state of Oklahoma. Any Representative or Senator, who would not support this, is in bed with the corporations and the Chamber of Commerce who oppose this measure.
B. “It shall be the duty of the Legislature of this state to adopt and enact any and all measures as may be necessary to prevent the enforcement of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” and the “Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010” within the limits of this state.” This is a great section. It spells out the duties of the legislature in, in simple language, as to what they must do to protect the citizens of Oklahoma from encroachment of the federal government into the daily and personal lives of Oklahoma Citizens.
SECTION 3. It being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, by reason whereof this act shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage and approval. Now we all know that I'm no fan of emergency declarations on bills. I will make an exception on this one. We see changes in regulations on a daily basis affecting our health care because of Obama care. This needs and demands immediate attention.
This Bill was originally proposed by Representative Ritze. Representatives Reynolds and Derby have made amendments and signed on as co-authors in the House. I commend them for their efforts to protect their fellow Oklahomans. Senator Shortey has co-sponsored the bill in the Senate. Using an old military term for a job well done, bravo-zulu for your efforts to date. As a citizen and a patriot, I thank you for your continued efforts to protect my rights.
This bill was voted out of the House Judiciary committee on Feb. 22, 2012 with a vote of 12 yes and 3 no. You can find the actual vote here:
Thank you those twelve Representatives that voted to send this bill to the floor of the full house for a vote. I commend you for your courage and your sense of duty to the Citizens of Oklahoma.
Shame on you three who voted no on this matter.  Are you so beholding to the Chamber of Commerce and the corporate world that you would sell the rights of the citizens of Oklahoma down the drain just for campaign contributions.   
We have your names.  We are watching, and you will be exposed.
Today, Monday Feb 27th, the Senators below are going to vote on Senate Bill 1629 (Author Bingman of Sapulpa) to establish the Obama Care/Fallin Care  Health Insurance Exchange in Oklahoma.  Call them and light up their world.  Be polit to the Legislative Assistants that take your  call but be extremely firm.  Tell them that you will be supporting the Tea Party in finding a candidate to run against them if they dare to vote for this bill.  Tell them that you will be walking precincts and knocking on doors long before the filing period and that you will support a robo call program with your hard earned money.
Sen Brian Crain  405-521-5620
Sen Sean Burrage  405-521-5555
Sen Rick Brinkley  405-521-5566
Sen Constance Johnson  405-521-5531
Sen Rob Johnson  405-521-5592
Sen Dan Newberry  405-521-5600
Sen Steve Russell  405-521-5618
Sen Jim Wilson  405-521-5574
Sen Brian Bingman  405-521-5528
By R. H.
Before you comes the opportunity to change the States Constitution that gives the power to give Tax Credits to industries to attract jobs.  In other words, the power to pick winners and losers.  This is no better than President Obama and his Department of Energy giving a half a billion dollars to Solyndra, which had all the evidence of proving to fail in front of them.  Since when did we grant this power to or elected officials?  There is a better way.
We are talking about HJR 1089.   A bill that as proposed would come before a vote of the people to modify the states Constitution regarding Tax Credits.  Why are we giving Tax Credits out in the first place?
This bill, as proposed by Speaker Steele and Senator Mazzei, is better suited to reward the Chamber of Commerce than the citizens of Oklahoma.  
Section 1 simply direct the Secretary of State to refer this mater to a vote of the people for their approval or rejection. It would be in accordance with Oklahoma Law, I can't complain about this. Where it goes wrong is it wants to “amend Section 5A to Article X thereof, to read as follows:
Section 5A. A. As used in this section, “tax credit' means a method by which a person or entity may reduce any state tax liability pursuant to a statutory authorization allowing tax be reduced either by a percentage or a specific dollar amount after the applicable tax rate amount has been multiplied by the applicable tax base amount and which results in a net tax liability after the tax credit amount has been subtracted from a gross tax liability amount.” Confusing isn't it.
B. Provides a provision for the public to be able to identify those receiving a tax credit.
C.  Prevents the legislature from passing any measure that creates or allows to be created a tax credit that may be transferred to any entity or person. This is a good thing.
D.  “Any tax credit shall provide for the creation of new jobs or the retention of existing jobs within the State of Oklahoma”.   Retention of existing jobs?   Doesn’t that mean that every employer could be eligible for the tax credit?
E. This is very confusing. This ole country boy doesn't understand if they are trying to limit the total tax credit per company, or the total amount the state can allow?   Can somebody explain this one to me?
F. In part “Any tax credit passed by the Legislature shall contain a date certain for the termination of the provision”.
H. In part “which result in the reduction or potential reduction of state revenue shall be audited by the State Auditor and Inspector. At least they are trying to get some control.
Section I.  calls for a “detailed fiscal impact statement analyzing the effect of the tax credit on state revenue and upon the economy of the state”. The report shall be made available to each member of the applicable chamber at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the occurrence of the vote. What is with 24 hours? What is the hurry? Why not 72 hours? Why not post this on line for public input? Why do you insist on putting the screws to the citizens of Oklahoma?
This bill has some good qualities about it, but it doesn't go far enough. It literally reeks of Obamanomics trying to pick winners and losers. The best way to attract business to Oklahoma is to reduce or eliminate the corporate tax rate. This will do more than any gimmick such as proposed in this bill. This bill is the results of two RINO Republicans drafting legislation to benefit their friends in the corporate world and the State Chamber of Commerce. The State of Oklahoma should not be in the business of picking winners and losers.
I have mixed feelings about this bill. I would recommend that amendments be made to reflect a definite time limit be placed on the tax credits not to exceed five years. Unless that is done, I cannot recommend this bill for passage. Mr. Speaker, Senator Mazzei you both need to think about the people of Oklahoma and not your corporate buddies. Make the changes. The people of Oklahoma deserve better.
What Would "The Duke" Say?
by Ms P.M.
HB 2746 authored by Representative Dan Kirby would strengthen the regulation of Boxing Matches. You can read the full bill here.
Kirby says "This legislation gives the state the ability to better stop these unsanctioned matches and penalize those who put fighters' lives at risk."   The bill defines promoters to include any p  erson or entity that produces, stages, sponsors, organizes or otherwise holds a "combative sports" event. This legislation would increase the penalties associated with violations.
The bill was filed in response to the death of George Clinkscale, a former University of Tulsa linebacker, who died after participating in an unsanctioned boxing event at a Tulsa church.
Any time you hear the word "regulation" you can be sure we are all in for more government intrusion. For certain, this was a tragic death but does this justify more regulation?   I ask, if this accident happened while he were playing football, would we be reading HB 2746?   I doubt it, at least until some bureaucrat decided that football should fall into the category of "combative sports".
Sometimes what we choose to do in our everyday life increases our chances of death.   This is why these tragedies are called "accidents".  More regulation only adds to the short list of what we can and cannot do and this type of protecting us from ourselves only leads to more dislike of those there to serve.   There is no doubt Mr. Clinkscale made a conscious decision to participate in this church event.   There is no magic wand to wave and when legislatures step into a roll as if they were the higher power within the universe we end up with more laws and intrusion.
What is next?  Going barefoot is against the law, you just might stub your toe, get a staph infection, end up in the hospital and they have to cut your foot off.   Sorry folks, it's the chance you take.
Department of Human Services employees
HB-3051 Rep.Sanders
By Ms. D.B.

This bill has been introduced by Rep. Sanders concerning the Department of Human Services and the children in their care.  It is the job of the Dept. of Human Services to oversee these children and to insure them a safe home environment. It is no secret that they have more than failed with the resent media reports. In the last 2 years there have been 18 children who have died while under watch by DHS.  The inexcusable mistakes and mishandling has resulted in the loss of lives making it apparent that the department  needs more focus and attention.  
  It is tragic that it took the loss of innocent lives to expose a very dysfunctional area within the system.   It is sad that there were children who died because of the actions of people (or lack of) that they were dependant on.  It is even sadder that most of the issues entailed have been ongoing issues that apparently no one wanted to take on.  There has been an ongoing discussion on reform since back in 2008.  It appears that it was not possible to acquire enough legislative support to make anything happen.   Rep. Sanders HB-3051 attempts to stipulate written guide lines and policies as to what is acceptable in the placement of children for their protection.  
It would call for cases to be assessed more closely and have personal repercussions if the rules are not followed.   It goes on to state the possible consequences if they are not followed resulting in harm to a child in their care.  The result being criminal charges and the forfeiting of all employee benefits.   It also includes criminal charges concerning any falsifying  or covering up of documents that would be misleading  due to these violations.
 Although this bill is just a small beginning of what reform the DHS needs at least it is a start.  At least someone finally had enough staying power to see this much through. Rep. Sanders should be thanked for attempting to do something towards a change in a problem packed dept. The problems plaguing this dept. are huge and it's going to require hands on interest by all parties involved before any type of real fix comes into play.
 Legislation can't just forget about it at this point or sweep it under the rug like they have in the past- And man they have been trying to.  There has been to much dirty laundry waved for the people of Oklahoma to just forget about it.  Rep.Sanders made pubic his concerns back in Oct. 2011 when he and state Rep. Morrissette began their own investigation.   Probably because no one else seemed to be asking any questions, and no one was offering any answers.   
Rep. Sanders serves as Vice Chairman of the House Human Services Committee which oversees the formation of policy and changes required concerning DHS.  I would think that considering his position if he reports an horrendous situation that it would be addressed accordingly.  Not so.   It was also reported that DHS commissioners admitted openly to failing to read the in-dept performance audit that was prepared by Hornby, Zeller  and Associates a few years ago.   Did the Governor remove him of his duties?  No.   He had to end up quitting.  That tells me that not only does the state of Oklahoma have much work to do on our DHS system , but it is also staffed with a lot of people who really don't care.  
The Governors response hasn't been one of action.   What action if any that takes place remains to be seen.    It's a dirty, nasty mess that she promptly passed off to someone else without looking back.   I wonder if she knows that she still has mud on her face and hands?   The other factor preventing progress is our "Me" packed legislation.   It isn't just the children being ignored. It's the people in general.   It is good to know that someone within the legislation was willing to step out and see something through.
What happened to the rest of the character's that perceived themselves as concerned parties during all the mess?    It seems like after much of the hoopla began to die down so did their interest.
They all ran into the shadows of Mary's rainy day fund and haven't been seen since.   Those are the ones that lack staying power past their own campaign fund.    One can take in actions such as this and most likely see the unveiling of the character behind the" vote for me" sign.   Make sure and save that tidbit for future elections. .
Rep. Sanders bill is a start.   The rest of the legislation needs to leave their "Safe Place" to offer their support in a much needed change.   " Man up", if that is possible.
Facing major challenges to DHS policies and procedures, the agency has already paid out more than three million dollars  in civil lawsuit judgments since 2005, the Tulsa World has reported.   Of 24 payouts, the World found, $1.4 million came from the agency budget, while $2 million came from insurance entities.
Authored by Representative Ritze
By R.H.
Finally we have a piece of legislation that is meant to protect the voting rights of the citizens of Oklahoma. Congratulations to Representative Ritze for his proposal. House bill 2987 is a proposal that would require candidates to document their eligibility for the candidacy for the office for which they seek. It is unfortunate that this bill is not receiving the attention that it not only deserves, but demands from the Rules Committee. You can read the bill here.
Now the bill is not perfect. It lacks a definitive eligibility statement for the Office of President of the United States. A recommendation here would be words to the effect as to something like this “ eligibility for the office of President of the United States, both parents must be Natural Born Parents of the United States as prescribed by Article 2 Section 1 of the United States Constitution”. This would add a layer of protection to our laws to prevent usurpers from gaining access to votes from our state.
Section 2 of this bill sets an effective date of July 1, 2012. This is a phony date. It's well after any filing date for any office for the 2012 elections. This will not protect Oklahomans during this election cycle. At the same time, I can understand it being there to protect us should any elections be needed to fill unexpectedly vacant positions.
Section 3 of this bill states “ It being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, by reason whereof this act shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage and approval.” Now you all know from my previous remarks that I'm no fan of these emergency bills, but I would have to say this one is. How else are we to protect the integrity of our elections?
Now there is a perfectly good explanation as to why this bill has sat in committee for the last two weeks. You see, Representative Ritze is not part of the Leadership team. That means his bill has a very low priority. He will be lucky if the committee hears his bill at all. Additionally, it doesn't fit with Speaker Steele's social justice agenda. The Speaker feels anybody and everybody should be eligible. He allowed the bill to be read, just to gain a vote on the floor on another bill he favored. He has no intentions of letting this bill reach the floor.
Now the Rules Committee is chaired by Representative Banz. He is a staunch ally of the Speakers. The Co-Chair is Representative Watson, another staunch ally of the Speakers. The deck is stacked against this bill. The only way this bill will ever be heard in committee is for you good citizens to stand up and call your Representatives and demand that they demand this bill be brought to the floor.
Shame on you Representative Banz and Watson for letting this important bill linger for two weeks without further discussion. It is apparent that you have no regard for the protection and integrity of the offices for which people may be elected. As elected officials yourself, one would think that you would want to protect and insure that those elected to any office were qualified to hold that office. What is holding you up?
Shame on the rest of the committee members. Conducting any business before something of this importance is accomplished is a disgrace. You as a group should demand that this bill be brought up immediately. You should rebel against the tyrannical rule of Speaker Steele and his flunkies and walk out on any votes prior to a vote on this bill. Demand your voices be heard. Demand to speak for the people of Oklahoma. Filibuster any and all other bills that come up before this one. Refuse to form a quorum to vote on any and all bills that come up before this one. Protect your constituents and their right to a fair and free election.
Overall this is a good bill that is being held up by the tyrannical rule of House leadership. The RINOs don't want the bill, so they won't let it advance in committee. It's one of their favorite tactics. It's high time that the voices of Oklahoma citizens be heard by the people they elected to office, not just the tyrants running the show. Urge your friends and neighbors to call their Representatives to have this bill heard.
Turns out to be not so paranoid after all
        Empowering Patient Decision Act
 SB-1002 /  Senator Adelson\
By Ms. D. B.
This act has been introduced by Senator Adelson to insure that the patient's rights are not infringed upon concerning health care.  It also requires the Department of Health to offer free information in order to assist the public on making informed health care choices.  In the situation that the treatment is unclear then the doctor could discuss options all what goes with those options but ultimately it is the patients own decision.  This they label "Sensitive care".  The other labeled "Shared Decision," in which the doctor gives the choices of treatment options, but the patient decides to what fits their own beliefs.  In the situation Shared Decision making." and Sensitive Care" Both relate  to the patient making their own choices with informed information to fit their individual beliefs, thus remaining in control and in charge of their health care.
 I guess no one told him that we already have this, but hey, who wants to burst his patronizing bubble?  It appears to once again be the same game , on just a different day.  The government telling us how they are looking out for our rights, when the law they have just passed with our objection has not only stepped on the constitution that is rightfully ours, but striped us of freedoms/privacy.  The entire thing is sick and vile.   To have this new law stuff stuffed down our throats daily with useless tidbits are just extra aggravation .  There is absolutely nothing that the government can write, carve, print, publish, claw, chew, lazer, or inject that will make the people  read one of these acts  with a "oh great!"response.   No one believes anything they say.   Who could blame us?  They have no credibility. Finally, if the legislators and leaders of this state didn't stand behind the people concerning this Health  Care agenda now,  then what would make anyone believe that they would stand behind us then in reference to any of these mumbo jumbo health fillers later?   Besides, they won't even be around to have to deal with it by then.   I'm sure they have thought of that as they flip through  time share pamplets. 
CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood:
The “Five Phases” Plan – Part II
Make no doubt about it, the majority of Muslims that come to America are just wanting to live their lives in a better place.  Most are wanting to get a way from Sharia law and to practice their faith in peace.   These articles are about the other kind of Mulslim, those that are trying to impose Sharian law on American Muslims and on Americans in general.
                Two weeks ago we wrote about the recent “Understanding the Threat to America” seminar and some of the evidence provided to the attendees from the U.S. vs. The Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorism financing trial in America’s history. This undisputed evidence proves conclusively that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (“CAIR”) is one of many Muslim Brotherhood front organizations here in America which was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator. In previous articles we pointed out that in one of the documents from the HLF trial, the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood here in America was described as follows: “The (Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their (our)hands ...“
                In our most recent article, however, we highlighted another equally shocking document that the FBI found when they the raided the Elbarasse home and seized the “Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America” hidden in a secret sub-basement. The document is entitled “Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan.” It specifies the five phases of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in North America. This is also the plan that the Muslim Brotherhood is using so effectively in Egypt, Libya and other places around the world. This is the very same plan that the MB is also currently using here in America. Following are the exact quotes from this document along with my commentary.
Phase One: Phase of discreet and secret establishment of leadership.”
Commentary: In the Holy Land Foundation trial, there are over 100 individuals and organizations listed as unindicted co-conspirators who are leaders of the movement. In addition, according to the presenters at the seminar who have researched the matter, there are literally thousands of organizations throughout the country who have documented ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, some of which are located here in Oklahoma.
Phase Two: Phase of gradual appearance on the public scene and exercising and utilizing various
public activities (It greatly succeeded in implementing this stage). It also succeeded in achieving
a great deal of its important goals, such as infiltrating various sectors of the Government, gaining
religious institutions and embracing senior scholars. Gaining public support and sympathy.
Establishing a shadow government (secret) within the Government.”
Commentary: The exact date this document was written is unclear, but it was over a decade ago. Even so, at that time, the Muslim Brotherhood had “greatly succeeded in implementing this stage.” At the seminar, numerous examples were given of how MB personnel had infiltrated virtually every level of federal, state and local government. The one example that I found most shocking, however, was the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of and control over the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. DHS has an “Advisory Committee” that helps set policy for the entire department. There are four confirmed members of the Muslim Brotherhood who sit on the DHS Advisory Committee and several other suspected MB members. Did you ever wonder why our government law enforcement officials “don’t get it” when it comes to recognizing the threat posed by “radical” Islam?
Here is a link to a brief but absolutely amazing video (beginning about the 3:30 mark) of DHS Secretary Napolitano testifying to Congress about the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of the DHS:
Did you ever hear anything about these incredible revelations in the news? This is just one example of what is happening with respect to Phase two with our government. Space limitations prevent me from going into what is happening on virtually every college campus in the country as well as the well-organized deception currently being perpetrated against Christian churches and Jewish organizations.
Finally, when I first read through this phase, my first question was “Why would the MB want to establish a
“shadow government” within our government?” As the presenters pointed out, however, when the time comes later (in Phase five) to take over the government, the Muslim Brotherhood must have a government structure in place ready to take control, much like what the MB is currently doing in Egypt. The first time you read these documents, it is almost beyond comprehension to think that something could actually be happening here in America but, my friends, as the troops in Afghanistan say, “Y C M T S U” (You Can’t Make This Stuff Up) or something like that.
Phase Three: “ Escalation phase, prior to conflict and confrontation with the rulers, through utilizing
mass media. Currently in progress.”
Commentary: We currently send roughly 750 billion dollars per year over seas to buy oil, much of which goes to countries who don’t particularly like us. What do you think they do with that money? Much of it comes back to the U.S. to fund Muslim Brotherhood operations especially the media operations branch of their information warfare machine.
What is perhaps worse, however, is all the “free media” that the uninformed “useful idiots” in our media (yes, even Fox News) give to Muslim Brotherhood front organizations to spread their propaganda and destroy the reputation of anyone who dares confront them. For example, did anyone catch the recent news coverage of the controversy at West Point when Lt. Gen. (Retired) William Boykin was going to speak at their Prayer Breakfast? Gen. Boykin, who was one of the speakers at our recent Oklahoma seminar, is the retired Commanding General of Delta Force and was simply going to speak about his faith during times of war but CAIR publically accused him of being an Islamophobe and, as a result of the media feeding frenzy, he had to withdraw from speaking. Think back, how many times have you seen a CAIR spokesman commenting about other matters in some form of media? This is what’s known as “utilizing mass media.”
Remember, friends, CAIR has been identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front organization. Also, CAIR has invited your state legislators to their Annual Conference on March 31st. If you don’t think your elected officials should be doing business with CAIR, why don’t you let them know how you feel? Stay tuned here to find out which legislators attend. Shariah Law, coming soon to a neighborhood near you, compliments of CAIR.
More coming soon on the remaining Phases of the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to take over America.
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