Integrating Buddhist Practices Into Everyday Life, starts this Thursday at LMU and there are a few spots open... If you live in the Los Angeles area and have the interest and the time, click on the link below for more info.


Integrating Buddhist Practices Into Everyday Life - with Kusala Bhikshu

CRN: 50817 / RELX 903.02 / 1.0 Semester Hour

Location: Loyola Marymount University / West Hall 107 / Tuition: $175

LMU EXTENSION provides educational opportunities to many

different audiences, both on and off the LMU campus.

Schedule: Thursdays / 7:30 – 9:30 pm

September 28 – October 19, 2006

This LMU Fall Extension Course - offers a detailed introduction to the teachings of the Buddha, the practice of Buddhism and applying the teachings and practices to everyday life. The Buddha in his forty-five years of teaching taught two things: why humans suffer and how to end the suffering. His teachings on the Four Noble Truths will be looked at in detail. The practices of Buddhism, Precept Practice and Meditation Practice will be explored through stories and personal examples. And finally, the course will show how to integrate and use the "Four Truths" and "Buddhist Practices" to reduce suffering and find peace in everyday life.

Peace... Kusala

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