The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers

Hash 1322
The Wallaw, Blyth
Plethora of hares: Grasshopper, BabeMagnet, Woof Woof and Pop 
Apology from Woofers for causing further confusion over mailing lists, However we are now in accord, Woofers was given a down down at the circle and the group are now fully cognisant of all emails thanks to the sterling work of Pimp and Woofers.
Alarm bells began to ring at 4.40pm as all 4 hares squeezed themselves, their frankly enormous kitbags, flour plus the hash beer and refreshments into a Mini. Snugly wedged into the car, the hares then spent a cosy hour stuck in various traffic jams before reaching their destination. A cold rain sprang up as they laid the trail with the lead hare erroneously sending the walking hare off on the wrong track with a faulty torch (oops sorry Pop).  Spontaneous amendments to the route, enroute, meant a somewhat restless hash were awaiting their slightly tardy arrival back at the pub.
So it was a very respectable turnout of hashers and walkers for such a cold and dank night that set off down Blyth’s high street otherwise known as Waterloo Road. The weather having now turned to a steady drizzle, the hash were champing at the bit to run and run and the few locals that had braved the outdoors looked on in some mystification as a band of high vis runners briefly sprinted ( yes I do not use that adjective lightly) through Blyth town centre. Which was probably for the best as its a pretty dismal at the best of times.
Heading out past the Blyth Sports centre, the hash spread out along the long straight roads of Blyth before heading east.  Having missed a flour arrowa, a recalcitrant hash then refused to return to a holding check and so the hash history as recounted by BM at the Blyth Rugby club was irrevocably lost forever ( though if you ask him I'm sure he would be happy to reveal all). The hash continuing on the wrong route due to some dodgy markings were recalled in time before heading out to the beach at the Port of Blyth.
Enjoying a spectacular promenade along Blyth beach under the harbour lights they were then forced to scale the port wall in order to follow trail. The inevitable health and safety query was raised by our Elf and Safety advisor Om. Following specific BM directions, the hash were able to avoid crossing trail before returning through the Ridley Play Park for a zip wire treat and swing before heading back to the hash vehicle for a soggy circle before heading inside to admire the pub.
Many thanks to BM for working out a new route on the way round, Woofers for providing mars bars and falsies, and Pop for making up a new route for the walkers and then doing a different route on the night ( Fantastic)
Stats and special notices
Art deco rating of pub -  Most aesthetically pleasing to date - any other contenders ?
Collective noun for a group of hares - "drove".
Ports – 1 Beaches -1
Newbies – 1 ( local)
Dolphins – Out at Sea   Hash hounds – 0  
Hash Numbers – Respectable
Morleys – 2
Mini Mars bars consumed – 4
Lost property – 1 ( Rectum - our new lost property finder at hash events)
Posts nearly hit by drivers keen to depart from circling hashers - 1
Hash cars losing bearings on the way home - 2
Roundabouts revisted - 2
Death by torch - 1
Those observant of you will notice that although these snaps weren't taken on the night where were there, this is what it looks like in the daylight

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