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More Fear and Unrest
Soft on Crime Bill Passes Legislature
Gun Bills Cause Controversy
 Educators Make Liberal Politicians
Republican On Paper Only
Rattled Legislators Review the Revised Conservative Index

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State GOP Convention
Corruption Yes, But Not
Enough Troops Either
The Oklahoma Republican Party should be hanging its head in shame after Saturday’s State GOP Convention in Norman.    A witch’s brew of incompetence, corruption, and poor judgment caused a contentious convention despite the more than ample warning that the convention and the GOP would be closely monitored.  Fights over the rules and even one physical incident on the convention floor when an elderly Romney supporter punched a young Ron Paul supporter in the back of the head marred the convention but passions were high. 
Now I am a fan of feisty old codgers and no doubt in his mind he was punching a “punk”, and let’s face it, the old coot was in his eighties if he was a day old and pretty shriveled up with age;   approve of his behavior or not, it took some guts to reach out and wallop a young man like that.   Of course the Paul supporter got blamed and the convention officials tried to oust him but after the crowd spoke up, holding up their cell phones with the video and pictures of the fracas, the sheriff deputy lead the pugnacious geezer away with an arm twisted behind his back.
Other highlights were when Gov. Mary Fallin was booed by the crowd after she called Mitt Romney the Republican nominee despite the ongoing campaign and the yet to be held national convention.  Gov. Fallin responded to the booing by stating that anyone that wasn’t for Romney was for Obama.  
 Former presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty also earned a round of booing after he repeated the mistake.  Speaking to his base no doubt but very unwise to rile a crowd that is composed of 40% of another candidates supporters.  The crowd was unusually disrespectful of Pawlenty, there was a constant dull roar of conversation as he spoke.    Many wondered why the GOP would spend hard earned dollars on a political has been.
.Around 1478 delegates were present, and I say around because incompetent GOP officials couldn’t nail down an actual count of official delegates until after the 2:30 pm lunch break with 256 more votes on the first round of voting than there were actual delegates!
GOP officials initially tried to be somewhat fair and allowed plenty of motions from the Ron Paul community and generally tried to explain the issue or address it with a proper vote but that all ended abruptly once the first vote showed that the Ron Paul movement had come up 10% short of the numbers needed to win.   Suddenly Chairman Williams began riding roughshod over the minority, refusing to follow the rules that mandated a roll call vote on the National Delegate slate and even violated Roberts Rules of Order by adjourning the convention without the required 2/3rds majority.
Roberts Rules of Order (RRoO) has been used for nearly 150 years in public meetings and even in legislative bodies, being the premier standard of meeting rules that are designed to allow the protection of minority opinion and upholding the rule of law.  Without the rules, meetings or conventions descend into raw democracy, where a mob can trample individual rights.   RRoO allows a republic mentality during a meeting if the rules are followed so most people on the losing side are at least comforted by knowing that they had their say and were respected.
State GOP chairman Matt Pinnell was quoted as saying that he believes that all Republicans will pull together after the convention to defeat Obama but I believe that he doesn’t fully understand the mind set of Tea Party or Ron Paul supporters.   Some of us believe that electing “Obama lite” Romney might give us some breathing room before our economy collapsed alongside our U.S. dollar but the reprieve would be short.   A lot of people will just stay home in November and others might support Obama in an effort to force the uncertainty to a head.    I personally believe that things will not change until things get bad, really, really, bad and although I would most likely be forced to support Romney I also understand why the others might want to bring this to a head.   Plus Ron Paul brought in a lot of Democrats, gays, libertarians, even anarchists into his camp.  Those people would either support Obama as a lesser of evil compared to Romney or just couldn’t support Romney.
Pinnell also vouched for the official slate of delegates which has been mistakenly reported as being chosen at the state convention.  Nothing could be further from the truth; those delegates were chosen by the state executive board after vetting each candidate.  They did what most political organizations would do, reward the faithful party workers as long as they would follow orders and support Romney.
As it stands right now the Ron Paul movement has captured six to seven of the 43 delegate votes for the national convention.  They have a total of nine delegates but a few of them are pledged to Romney according to state rules.
There was one positive outcome at the convention when National Committeeman Candidate Richard Engle was defeated by Steve Fair in a 48/52 % vote.   This was a tough decision for those Ron Paul supporters that actually knew Richard as he was known for several instances where he was caught being untruthful.   Most people will lie on occasion, usually to protect themselves or to promote themselves and God help us if we held it against people when they lie to themselves but most of us will draw the line when someone gets caught lying to hurt another person.  Look for another story in this issue on Richard the Rat for more details including evidence that at least two votes were discarded by GOP officials.
But the controversy over the State GOP Convention didn’t start on Saturday May 12th.  The day before there was a State GOP Executive meeting that was to discuss the allegations of corruption at the 1st District GOP Convention and I wrangled a proxy so I could vote to support those that had been disenfranchised.   Their leader came over before the meeting and answered a few questions and he was one of the better leaders in the grassroots, solid character and integrity, so I felt comfortable in supporting him.  I had spoken to several county GOP chairs on this issue so I understood several versions of what happened and felt I could judge accurately.
There was perhaps 100 members of the State GOP Executive Board on hand and eventually they came to the 1st District controversy and did a decent job in the beginning laying out the facts, giving both sides time to explain their points.  The problem boiled down to refusing to follow Roberts Rules of Order and the State GOP Party rules which demanded a roll call vote on certain issues.
The Ron Paul leader did a good job explaining a complicated issue but the 1st District Chairwoman and their legal counsel blamed everything on the procedures used and the lack of organization, claiming there was no intent to hamper one particular group.   Little did they know that I had an email from the 1st District Chairwoman, Mrs. Farmer, which stated otherwise.  In fact she stated that they were “fighting Ron Paul Libertarians”, providing the motive needed to impeach her previous statements to the Board.
When asked to read the sentence from her own email, after verifying that it was indeed her email, she refused to read it and Chairman Matt Pinnell realized that I had a keg of dynamite so he refused to allow me to finish my point.    In Roberts Rules of Order, a point of privilege is one of the few motions that overrides all else, allows immediate interruption but Chairman Pinnell refused the second point of privilege after Mrs. Farmer refused to read her own email to the Board.
The board meeting ended after the motion to redo the 1st District Convention was tabled.   The board was packed with RINOs or anti Ron Paul Republicans and the vote was merely an advisement to Chairman Matt Pinnell as the issue had to be brought up before the entire state convention the next day under GOP rules.
But the next day, knowing that the RINOs had 60/40 margin over those making the complaint, Chairman Matt Pinnell refused to allow the convention to discuss the issue, stating that the complaint would be dealt with at a State Committee meeting in the future.  Yes, they had a large margin and might have been able to defeat the motion to reconvene the 1st District Convention but after the crowd heard the corruption and admission of no roll call votes, how many of the other side would have supported justice?
I think in the end it was ridiculous to discuss the corruption at one convention while everyone was aware of the corruption happening before their very noses.   I was disappointed in Chairman Pinnell’s actions but I wasn’t surprised as Pinnell had already broken his word that I would be able to address the Cleveland County Corruption case where the County Chairman and their State Committeewoman had me thrown out of the convention for no reason.  And there is one more example of State GOP corruption that will be published in this newsletter.
Why did the Ron Paul faction lose?  They used poor tactics, quibbling over the amending the rules and alienating moderate Republicans instead of just voting on the first slate and defeating it if they had the numbers.  They are a libertarian group and had no command and control over who spoke for them as a group.  But their biggest mistake was in not earning delegate slots during the primary election.  
 As a group they pretty much refused to call voters despite having a voter vault available.   Some did, but thousands more refused to call, either not understanding the significance of doing so or just not wanting to go to the trouble.  They ignored Dr. Paul’s Campaign for Liberty organization that was set in place for the sole purpose of getting them ready for the 2012 election.  They didn’t win the popular vote, putting them in the unenviable position of being labeled as “stealing” the delegate votes.  Now Ronald Regan used the same tactics in his election and by the rules the delegate strategy is legal.  But is it fair?   Many of the moderate Republicans thought it wasn’t so they fought back.
Their complaints are legitimate but might not be addressable.   One point of order was met with the Chairman saying “Sit down Richard!” and there was a contested standing vote that was “verified” with another standing vote!   The day ended with the disgruntled delegates being herded out of a darkened room as hotel employees moved the moveable walls to divide the room.   They then convened a “rump” caucus in the hotel parking lot where they elected a chairman, accepted a slate of delegates for the national convention, a national committee man and woman.  The problem is that a quorum is needed, 2/3rds of the original delegates must support the re convening of the convention or it will be illegal.
In the end I see that some of the roughshod actions might can be construed as a Chairman protecting his convention from dilatory motions as the opposing side didn’t likely have the votes.  That said, they are on the hook for not following the rules to end the convention.
Saturday May 12th was a day of absolute shame for Oklahoma Republicans.  We saw that our own GOP leaders were so corrupt as to trample on the rights of others as they ignored their own party rules and Roberts Rules of Order.  Next year are county elections and it is going to be tough rooting out the old leadership in these corrupt Republican county GOP organizations so that truth and justice isn’t raped at the conventions and board meetings of the GOP, but it must be done.
 In the mean time it is important that we take that frustration and anger and focus it where it should be sent, exposing the incumbent GOP RINO candidates.  We can’t touch Chairman Pinnell or the other GOP officials that allowed this travesty but we can hurt the ones they are protecting.  Let’s expose Bobby Cleveland of Cleveland County, one of the worst examples, by exposing his reputation.    Let’s expose RINO Representative Todd Thompson of Ada, “Mr. Obama Care” Representative Glen Mulready of Tulsa, Senator Dan Newberry of Tulsa, Senator Mazzei of Tulsa, and Senator Clark Jolley of Edmond.  All of these people have extensive records of bad voting and progressive /liberal agendas, three of them supported Sharia law in America with their refusal to support the ALAC bill, and all of them make excellent poster boys for the RINO brand.  And all of them have excellent candidates opposing them on the June 26th primary.
Action Alert
Todd Thompson has a 40 on the 2011 RINO Index, voting for illegal immigration, Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges, and he never meets a corporate welfare bill that he doesn’t like.   He recently told a Tea Party crowd in Ada that he couldn’t sign the personhood bill because it would endanger his political future at the House.  Thompson has an excellent opponent, Cole Gallup of Ada who can be reached through his facebook page by clicking on this link.  Volunteer to help him!
You can help expose the notorious Bobby Cleveland by supporting the Oklahoma-Guardian newspaper which will have thousands of copies hitting Cleveland County in the next week to two weeks as we find volunteers to deliver.  His opponents are Alon Morrison and Gil Hensley, volunteer to help them
Alon Morrison, 708 N. Main Steet , Newcastle, OK 73065
(405) 387-4867  (405) 556-0794 (cell)

Facebook: Morrison for House District 20
Gil Hensley can be contacted at or 405-595-1210
Representative Glen Mulready, Mr. Obama Care himself, has a 40 in the RINO Index for supporting Obama Care, opposing Open carry, opposing HR 1004, and supporting corporate welfare, will be the recipient of the second copy of the Oklahoma-Guardian and we have already mapped out over 80% of Mulready’s district to receive a copy of the newspaper.   His opponent is Darren Gantz who can be reached through his website by clicking this link.  Help him please!
Senator Dan Newberry voted against the ALAC bill, supporting Sharia law over State and Federal law, earning him the nickname “Shariaberry”.     Newberry’s district is being mapped for newspaper distribution in the second edition of the Oklahoma-Guardian with about 40% of the district ready to distribute.  His opponent is Mark Crouch and can be reached through his website by following this link.  Help Mark by volunteering to phone bank or knock doors.
Senator Mike Mazzei refused to attend the committee meeting to support the ALAC bill, ensuring the defeat of the bill.   His opponent is Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, a Tulsa 912 Group leader who can be reached by following this link.  Help her in anyway you can.
Senator Clark Jolley is another Senator that refused to attend the committee vote on the ALAC bill, ensuring that the bill was defeated.   His challenger is Paul Blair who can be reached at this link.  Senate Districts are huge so pitch in to help Paul.
Richard the Rat
Yes, there were two proven cases of votes being thrown out at the Saturday State GOP Convention.   They dovetail with the story of Richard Engle, the candidate for the national committeeman seat that was defeated by Steve Fair.   Mr. Engle has done a lot of work for the GOP but his character was such that he had no business being elected to one of the top GOP positions in the state.
   On April 27th of 2010 Mr. Engle was forced to resign from the Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance board after getting caught lying to a fellow board member during an attempt to oust the Chairman of the organization.    After learning that the key board member had learned the truth and withdrawn his support from the ouster attempt, Richard sent an email of resignation before the scheduled teleconference board meeting could be held.   Of course Engle didn’t admit to the real reason for his resignation, he claimed that the OCA didn’t have the same goals as his organization but he was hosting the meeting at his office to oust the Chairman of the OCA and at 3 pm the person that called the meeting (Alan Conner) backs out followed a few minutes later by Engle dropping out by claiming an emergency doctor visit.  Mr. Engle had been caught red-handed and he was about to be removed and knew the story would spread.
The OCA fought for common issues supported by all of the 35 member groups and as Richard represented OCPAC on the Board and had a full hand in the running of the organization as the Vice Chair, it is ludicrous to suggest that Engle was pulling out for other reasons.
A more recent incident occurred in January when Mr. Engle was caught misrepresenting the comments of a third party, turning completely positive statements into negative statements against someone in an attempt to trash their reputation.  Showing atrocious judgment, Mr. Engle then forwarded a copy of his email to the person whose statements he had misrepresented, earning an immediate response denouncing the “spin” and setting the record straight.  The most troubling part of this was that a total of nineteen people were on that email list and almost all of them continued to support Mr. Engle for the National Committeeman slot.  Maybe it is just me, but catch someone lying red-handed in front of me and I’m not likely going to help run them for a very powerful and important position like national committeeman of the Oklahoma GOP.
In his bid for the national committeeman slot Engle was supported by several politicians and former politicians including Randy Brogdon, John Doak, Charlie Meadows, and former Speaker Lance Cargill.   One in particular made me pause, Randy Brogdon, who compared Engle to our founding fathers.   Randy, I take exception to this.  Engle has done a lot of valuable service to the conservative movement in general and for the GOP but I never want to see someone of his character being compared to the revered founding fathers of our nation nor has Engle come even close to that sort of heroism.  Perhaps you hadn’t seen this side of Engle but in the future I would be more careful of endorsements.
I’ve learned that the most important sentence in politics is “So what?” and our readers might wonder why these ethical lapses rise to importance and why now.    Character is a prediction of future behavior but in Engle’s case we have an even better example of how it immediately impacted politics.   
Shortly after becoming appointed to the Ron Paul state coordinator position I had ran into Engle at the Grady County GOP Convention.  A surrogate was there for Steve Fair, handing out flyers and I had taken one to learn more about the candidate for National Committeeman.  Mr. Engle slithers over and tries to hand me one of his flyers which I declined.  Engle looked at me and said “You took Steve’s flyer but you won’t take mine?”  to which I replied  “Richard, I already know you very well.”
This was in front of others but after they had drifted away (they got it without knowing the entire story), Richard was standing there unsure of what to do but knowing that he had to do something, so I asked him “Richard, would you admit to have making…. “mistakes” in the past?”   Engle hesitated for a couple of seconds, then admitted to making “mistakes” and asked if I would sit down to speak with him about the issue.  At that point I wanted Richard in my pocket to help control some of the more unruly and combative grassroots supporters as well as the GOP officials so I left the issue in limbo.
That night the Grady County Chair was not wanting to hold precinct elections, not out of malice, just didn't know what to do, and he was arguing with me until Richard Engle stepped up and whispered to him.  Next thing I know the Chair is calling for precincts to split up and have their meetings.
A week or so later I was speaking to an influential mutual friend and I brought up the issue of Engle’s character and made it clear that I was concerned about Engle running for the national committeeman slot.  Surely we could find someone better.   It wasn’t but a few minutes before it was suggested to me that  Richard be used to knock down the recent Oklahoma  organization that a few Oklahoma City grassroots leaders had thrown up to try to prevent me from running a campaign.   I didn’t agree to anything so it wasn’t a deal, more like a good will gesture to convince me not to oppose Richard.  And a few nights later Richard Bcc’s me on an email to the Oklahoma City grassroots leaders of the state group, supporting me and leading the fight to shut down their organization. 
From their perspective, knowing that Richard hated my guts, then seeing him support me by shutting down the grassroots Oklahoma group, then the thing to do was to listen to Engle.  And it was the right thing to do, one campaign had to lead.  But to turn on your own people like that to protect yourself from the consequences of your own acts …
That is my fear with people of exceedingly poor character; they might turn on our own goals to promote themselves.   I wondered if Engle might do the same to the activist community at the state convention or afterward, I wondered if he might have a chance of using his position, were he elected, to promote politicians that weren’t the most conservative choice in order to feather his nest, but most of all I questioned his judgment to leave a paper trail behind him as he turned on allies and friends.  Shoot, if someone is brazen enough and thinks he is slick enough to get away with something like this, it is going to be entertaining but in the end I felt that I should speak up and expose Mr. Engle.
In the end, I rejected the idea of standing up and calling for a “point of privilege” and questioning the character and integrity of Mr. Engle during the convention.  Instead when people would ask me about Mr. Engle, I told them the truth.  I told a lot of people about this.   Mr. Engle lost by around thirty votes so justice was served and the better man was elected even if he wasn’t in our camp.  We should never lose sight of the fact that our goal is to clean up politics but that won’t happen by sending snakes to represent us. 
Oh, and the two votes that we have proof that they were thrown out?   Mickey Mouse got two votes that weren’t counted leaving one to wonder at the depth of the depravity of the Oklahoma GOP Republican leaders.   You see, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either man.  Steve Fair was a good man but he stands for too much that I don’t believe in.  I voted for Mickey Mouse as did a fellow delegate yet no Mickey Mouse votes were recorded.  What, do they have a problem with a talking mouse that wears no pants and has no visible genitalia?  Is this specism?  Are they upset with Mickey’s long standing relationship with Minnie Mouse and want him to make an honest mouse out of her? Or did they get the joke and put Mickey Mouse votes into the Richard the Rat column?
Holding Sykes Accountable to a Higher Standard
By R. H.
For the most part, we have left the Senate alone this session, but the actions, or the inactions of several Senators have provoked the ire of the Sooner Tea Party. Though some of them are not up for election this time around, they should know that they are now on our screen, and will be exposed at every opportunity.
One thing I have become convinced of since I have become politically active is attorney’s make terrible politicians. I base this theory on the knowledge that attorneys are well versed in the ability to be able to double talk someone into believing what they say. If they can’t dazzle them with their brilliance, they’ll baffle them with their BS.
Senator Sykes is from Newcastle, Ok. but currently resides in Moore, Ok. He received his bachelors and his Law degree from the University of Oklahoma.   Senator Sykes has made a couple of comments regarding the “Save our State” Amendment that banned the use of International Law and Sharia Law in Oklahoma. In essence he chose to defend SQ 755 in the courts over passing HB 1552 which would have corrected the objections raised by the courts and allowed the measure to go into effect. This statement was made on April 11, 2011.
On January 10, 2012 he made a statement regarding a court ruling upholding a ban on SQ 755 prohibiting the state courts from considering Sharia Law. “I will continue fighting to restore government to the people.” Those are nice words, but how do they hold up?
The Senator did sponsor HB 1552 in the Senate, but he failed to do the work necessary to see to it that it became law. You can read the bill here.
Part of getting a law passed is rounding up the votes needed to get a bill out of committee and to the floor. Once it is on the floor, you need to round up the votes to get it passed. Why in the world would any elected official not want to protect the freedoms of the citizens of this great state from the intrusions of foreign law is beyond me, but that is exactly what the inactions of Senator Sykes resulted in.
Let’s take a closer look at the good Senator. What does his record look like overall? I could not find a single bill that he initiated. I could be wrong, but the secretive nature of the Senate makes it a little more difficult to track these people down. I’m not as much as an expert as some, but I do have some records.
On the bills that mattered to Oklahomans this is how he voted. Let’s take a look.
 HB 2171 Highway Bonds Bill, voted Nay 3 times- Conservative (stole gas tax trust funds and borrowed money to replace it)
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, voted Yea 2 times- Liberal
HB 1593 Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Act, voted Yea 1 time- Liberal
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, voted Yea 2 times Conservative (it was a good bill at that time)
HB 2131 Soft on Crime, voted Yea 1 time- Liberal
HB 2169 Obamacare Funding, voted Nay 1 time- Conservative
SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act, voted Yea 2 times- Liberal
On the issues that matter to Oklahomans, it is clear that Senator Sykes follows the polls. He also favors the State Chamber of Commerce in actions that will make the State of Oklahoma look more progressive. He has done a poor job of representing his district and a wonderful job of representing the State Chamber of Commerce while doing just enough to claim the mantel of conservatism.
I also went to to look at his records there. What I found was the typical outline of a liberal politician. He failed to respond to the political courage questionnaire, which indicates he doesn’t want his constituents to know where he stands on the issues
I also went to the Oklahoma State ethics Commission web site and looked at his campaign spending reports. I will have to say it didn’t take long for some questionable entries to be made. On August 30th and 31st of 2006 there were a total of 11 loan payments made in various amounts for a total of $1,615.75. There is no indication as to who these loan payments were made to, no indication as to whether or not they were even actual loans to the campaign. More explanation is needed on these payments. It doesn’t end there.
On November 15, 2006 I found 3 additional loan payments totaling $ 1,297.30 again with no explanation as to who, what or where the money went. Is begs to the question as to whether or not this is a campaign debt or a personal loan. This truly needs an explanation.
I also found a donation for $10.00 to the Empire FFA. Really Mr. Sykes? As an attorney you couldn’t afford $10.00 out of your own pocket.
Now a review of the District 24 map doesn’t indicate a turnpike in existence. Nor does it indicate one in between Moore and the State Capital in Oklahoma City. So can someone kindly explain to me why the campaign charged a PikePass to the campaign on Nov 30, 2006? The campaign was over, he had already won.
Now since Senators only run for re-election every four years, I decided to take a look at Senator Sykes 2010 expenditure reports to see what I could find. I found more of the same. There’s enough here that I think I should start keeping and making an annual report on Senator Sykes.
On March 16, 2010 and again on August 10, 2010 Senator Sykes  again  paid  PikePass out of campaign funds for “Travel in district.” A review of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority maps indicates that there are no turnpikes currently in his district. Want to explain this Senator Sykes?
Additionally on June 22, 2010 he paid his membership dues in Main Street Duncan out of Campaign Funds. How can this be considered a legitimate campaign expense?
Senator Sykes is another example of a RINO Republican. His educational background at a liberal university screams of his training. His following of the polls to vote a barely conservative stance to claim a conservative mantra is an act.
Marble Mouth Peters Termed Out
By R. H.
What is it about metropolitan areas and liberal politicians? Here we have Representative Ron Peters representing another portion of the city of Tulsa, and thankfully he is term limited this year. Maybe the good citizens of Tulsa can send a true Conservative to the House next year not a liberal hiding in Conservative clothing. Mr. Peters is a prime example of a RINO Republican. His etiology has always stood in the way of a good Conservative vote. His objection to HB 1004 is just another example of that dictate to doctrine. Mr. Peters is also a former First Assistant Majority Floor Leader. What happened there Mr. Peters, get caught with too much liquid lunch in your belly? 
The voters of his district have certainly elected an enigma. In an effort to see where this man stood on positions, I went to Votesmart  and found nothing but his campaign finances’ voting record and issue group ratings. We’ll get to those later. A Google search found an interview he did with NewsOK that was undated, where he virtually answered no questions on what he believed.
Mr. Peters was born and raised in the Tulsa area. He received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration from Tulsa University in 1966. He went on to get a Post-Graduate Certification in Management. There is no indication as to from where or when. It is, however, not a postgraduate degree.
Let’s take a look at his legislative record. He has proven to be an average to above average legislator since he has started carrying the Speakers and the House leadership’s water for them. In 2011 he submitted 16 bills and 3 House Joint Resolutions for consideration to the House. Of those 6 bills died in house committees, 3 died in Senate committees, 1 died on the Senate floor, 1 died in Conference Committee and 5 became law. The 3 House Joint Resolutions all died in House committees. The 5 that became law are:
HB 1358 Issuance of Protective Orders against Incarcerated Persons-Conservative
HB 1359 Foster Care System Improvement Task Force- Liberal
HB 1360 Children and Juvenile Code-Clarifying Procedure for Issuing Protective Order-Liberal
HB 1363-Poor Persons, Creating the Oklahoma Choices for Long Term Care Act-Neutral
HB 1366 Oklahoma Municipal Energy Independence Act-Liberal
As you can tell, his bills have a decidedly liberal lean towards them. In 2012 he submitted 11 bills and 1 House Joint Resolution for consideration to the House. Of those 4 are in House committees, 3 are in Senate committees, 2 are on the Senate floor, 1 is awaiting engrossment in the House and 1 is awaiting the Governor’s signature to become law. The House Joint Resolution is in a Senate Committee. 
For those unfamiliar with procedure, awaiting engrossment is the last step in the legislative process before a bill is sent to the Governor for her signature or veto. The bill waiting for engrossment is
HB 2736 Outsourcing Certain DHS Functions-Liberal
Do we really want to do this? DHS is out of control as it is. Do we really want to add another layer of administrative boondoggle to this agency? I think not.
The bill awaiting the Governor’s signature is
HB 2738 Corporation Commission- Authorization to Investigate and Modify Special Universal Services Request.
You have got to be kidding me. We need special legislation to give the Corporation Commission the authorization to do its job. What idiot wrote the original law to begin with? What idiot signed the original law to begin with? This is caused when legislators fail to read what they are voting on and when the Governor fails to read what they are signing. It’s lack of leadership 101.
As mentioned earlier I did go to and looked at his record. His campaign finances are really something to look at. They were obtained from  As a typical liberal politician, he failed to indicate what his stance was on any of the issues facing this great state or this great nation today; however his voting record speaks volumes. 
We dug a little deeper into his voting record. Here is a look at some of the key issues that faced the state over the last couple of years.
HB 1397 Transvestite Birth Certificate Bill, voted yea,liberal
HB 2130 Obama care, voted yea 4 times, liberal
HR 1004 All bills get heard in committee, refuses to sign, liberal
HR 2171 Highway Bond Bill (stole gas trust fund money), voted yea 5 times, liberal
HB 1953 Governor’s Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, voted yea 14 times, very liberal
HB 1593 Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Act, voted yea 3 times, liberal
HJR 1002 Ad Valorum tax increase, voted yea 1 time, liberal
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, voted yea 1 time and nay twice when it was still a good bill, liberal stance
HB 2131 Soft on Crime, voted yea 2 times, liberal
HB 1647 Concealed Carry for Military Personnel voted nay 3 times and yea 2 times once it was corrupted, liberal stance.
As you can tell from these bills, Mr. Peters is a dedicated liberal.  He sold his constituents down the drain for the sake of big government and greed. He believes in the ideology that government knows best. It’s a record like this earned Mr. Peters a 2011 RINO Index of 30 but then again he has the company of one Democrat and 26 other Republicans in the 30 and below ranking.
Now I also went to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission website and looked at Mr. Peter’s expense records from his campaign for calendar years 2010 and 2011. Being a politician must be nice. You get to charge all kinds of things to your campaign, that you no longer have since you are term limited, just so you don’t have to pay for it out of your own pocket. In 2011 alone I counted 13different charges to the campaign for travel expenses. All were credited to Mr. Peters. The question is what travel expenses? Where did he travel to? Was it official business or a vacation? Where are the receipts? Very little of this travel was done during the legislative calendar. It all needs to be justified.
Additionally I found these:
Date                Item Purchased           Name of Vendor               Explanation           Amount
Nov. 22, 2011  Membership Fee         The Oklahoma Academy  Membership Fee   $!50.00
Dec. 14, 2011 Charitable Cont.          Hospice of Green Country Charitable Gift     $25,000.00
Dec. 14, 2011  Charitable Cont.          Ascension Lutheran Ch.   Charitable Gift       $10,000.00
Feb. 25, 2011 Charitable Cont.           Hospice of Green Country Charitable Gift     $250.00
Mar. 7, 2011 Ok. Corporate Taxes     Okla. Tax Comm.            Ok. Tax Comm.       $63.00
Mar. 23, 2011 U.S. Corporate Taxes IRS, U.S. Gov.                   2010 US Corp.Tax   $333.00
I could go on, but I’ve made my point. There are many more examples of membership dues being paid with campaign donations. Why? If Mr. Peters feels he needs to belong to these organizations, let him pay for it with his own money not that of his political contributors. He shouldn’t give the appearance of buying votes.
The issue of Corporate taxes needs further explanation. I could have gone on with that also. I could have included the late penalties and fines he paid for the tax year of 2009 from campaign coffers. Why are corporate tax bills being paid from campaign funds?
I don’t expect this article to change your mind on HB 1004. I do expect it to end your career as a Republican politician. You have been outed as a RINO. Your constituents will soon learn of this. This will follow you in any future political endeavor you may seek. Your voice will soon be silenced through term limits. Do the right thing and let the voices of those conservative politicians be heard. Sign HB 1004.
A & G Quinn ( Awkward & Goofy)
By R. H.
Yeah, that is his Capitol nickname believe it or not.    What is it about “Green Country” in Oklahoma that they can’t seem to find a Conservative Republican to elect into office? Here I am again talking about another RINO Republican by the name of Representative Marty Quinn. Speaker Steele didn’t even have to work for his vote. He was already a given for every liberal cause out there. It’s no wonder he hasn’t signed HB 1004. I’ve got news for you Mr. Quinn, the RINO Hunter is on your trail.
Now Speaker Steele and Mr. Quinn thought that they would get away with setting themselves up with a conflict of interest, but they have been caught. You see Mr. Quinn is an Insurance Agent in Rogers County. The conflict of interest is that he sits on the Insurance Committee. That means he has a direct impact on regulations coming out of committee affecting his industry. That is a conflict of interest. He should have no say so until it reaches the House floor. This assignment taints every piece of legislation affecting insurance coming out of the House since 2011.  Yes, having someone around with insurance background would make a great witness to explain the special needs of the industry but they shouldn’t be in control of the committee or have undue influence.
Representative Quinn is like an enigma out there. I’ve searched every database I could find, and have found very little on the man. The only thing I can verify is that he is an Insurance Agent. I did go to his Votesmart page  and looked at what they had. All they had was an A rating by the NRA (think Cracker Jack prize) and a report from on his campaign finances. The campaign finance report was very interesting, and I would recommend that you take a look at it. He refused to take the Political Courage Test.
I also went to the Oklahoma State Ethics Commission site and looked at his expenditures for the calendar years of 2009 through 2011. He has remarkably ran a clean campaign free from any payments questionably attributable to dues for associations. I will give him that much credit.
Now let’s take a look at his congressional record. In 2011 he submitted 8 bills for consideration to the House. Of those 4 died in House committees, 2 died on the House floor and 2 became law. The 2 that became law are:
HB 1649 OSBI adding unclassified employees to OSBI-liberal
HB 1680 Requiring school districts to report test results on transcripts-liberal
In 2012 he has submitted 8 bills for consideration to the house. Of those 3 are still in House committees, 2 are on the House floor, 1 is on the Senate floor and 2 are awaiting the Governor’s signature. Not bad when you carry the leadership’s water for them. The two awaiting the Governor’s signature are:
HB 2446 Professional Employer Organization late registration fee- liberal
HB 2449 Modifying Municipal Elections-stacking the deck-liberal
As you can tell from the bills he has written, he is a liberal politician. What about the votes that mattered to all Oklahomans. How did he vote there?
HB 2130 Obama care, yea 4 times-liberal
HR 1004 Open rules under certain circumstances, refuses to sign, liberal stance
HR 2171 Highway Bond Bill (stealing gas trust fund money), voted yea 5 times-liberal
HB 1953 Governor’s Quick Action Fund, slush fund, yea 12 times, nay 1 time, 1 absent-liberal
HB 1593 Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Act, voted yea 3 times-liberal
HJR 1002 Ad Valorum tax increase, voted yea 1 time-liberal
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, yea 1 time, nay 2 times- liberal stance
HB 2131 Soft on Crime, voted yea 2 times-liberal
HB 1647 Concealed Carry for Military Personnel, voted yea 3 times, nay 2 times- conservative stance
The man never met a tax hike he didn’t like. With the exception of HB 1647, he took a Liberal stance on every bill that came up. That should tell you a lot about the man. This is another prime example of a RINO Republican. This man needs a challenger for his seat. We need a true Conservative in this seat.
Representative Quinn had a RINO Index of only 40, in other words he failed us six times out of ten votes.
Mr. Quinn it’s clear that you’ll never sign HB 1004. Your ideology would prevent you from signing legislation that would allow a conservative voice to be heard. It is evident that you made a political calculation that you could not win an election as a Democrat in your district, so you hid your colors and ran as a Republican. You have now been exposed. It’s time you dropped the faux Republican charade and declare yourself for who you are. We don’t want you or need you.
Is this where we are headed?
More GOP State Convention Corruption
The GOP has a good set of rules, modular in that it applies to the various political units, precinct, county, district and state levels, and well written so as to be clear and concise.   So it is a mystery when we see Chairman Matt Pinnell implicated in the refusal to follow his own rules.
In January of this year Republicans in Beckham County started clamoring for information on their precinct meetings only to be met with silence from their elected GOP county officers.  When it was obvious that there would be no precinct meetings by the deadline set by the state GOP I started emailing and calling State GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell.  Every few weeks I would remind Matt until finally right before the Ron Paul rally on Feb 25th Matt said that the task had been given over to his vice chair Pam Pollard. 
Pollard drug her feet for another five weeks trying to keep the existing county officials in place so that Ron Paul supporters couldn’t take over, going past some of the district conventions even, until we gave Matt an ultimatum;   call a meeting in Beckham County or we would do it for them.   They finally set a date, April 1rst, and as part of our negotiation Matt agreed that he would see that a rule was sent to the State Convention that would fix the problem of unresponsive county officials once and for all.
Beckham County finally got to meet on April 1st and a new young chairman was elected to take charge.   They elected delegates and even passed a new rule to be sent to the State Convention addressing the problem of unresponsive county officials.   Their rule stated that if a county GOP official refused or failed to set the precinct meeting or county convention dates by the state GOP deadline, then 12 registered Republicans had the right to send a petition to the state GOP to demand a new county officer elections.  In larger counties of over 50,000 citizens, it would take 25 registered Republicans to force action.
The new chairman followed all the rules, even sent in the proposed rule to Matt Pinnell that very night, and diligently followed up on the rule and was assured the rule would be voted on at the State Convention.
But it was no surprise that the new rule failed to appear on the State Convention rule change list.    The new rule would have endangered RINO Republican control over the counties I suppose.  Here is the list of proposed rule changes for the State GOP Party rules.   Of course this was never brought up at the convention as convention chairman Williams and State GOP Chair Matt Pinnell chose to close the convention before all the business had been taken care of.  The GOP rules are supposed to be controlled by a vote of Republican delegates but it seems that the GOP in Oklahoma is unhappy with the direction they are headed so they are clamping down on control.  No different than a tin pot dictator in a third world country, their reaction to losing control is to send in the jack-booted thugs and rule with an iron hand.
Chairman Matt Pinnell, you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing the massive corruption in the last five months.  You and no one else are charged with the enforcement of the GOP state rules under section 10 g of the 2011 Oklahoma State GOP Rules.  I personally gave you the benefit of the doubt for the last two years after supporting you for your job only to be paid back with more corruption that ever before.  If you have an ounce of self respect and an ounce of good character you will clean up this mess that you have created, reset the 1st District convention and reset the State Convention to fix the problems.  You have been in charge long enough to know what you are doing and have been aware of this coming to a head for over a year.  There is simply no excuse other than you prefer to drive off thousands of fresh, young, talented registered Republicans by disrespecting them on a massive scale rather than risk your own position in the GOP.
Alon Morrison House District 20
By Ms PM
I have long waited for the breath of fresh air and after speaking with this candidate it was a glorious revelation not to be gasping for air when the conversation was over.
I asked Alon why I should vote for him rather than the other candidates running. His response was simple, "I am beholden to the people in my community. My community stood with me as I built my business." He is young and starts with a clean slate. He owes nothing to lobbyist and will keep it that way so he says. What came through very clearly was his loyalty belongs with the people. His morals and ethics are his utmost concern.
He was adamant about the fact that he uses the word "we" instead of "me or I" when conveying his thoughts. His concern throughout our conversation was that the people must know it is about them, he is their voice. He articulated that the only agenda is to represent the people.
I asked him about Constitutionality and how important this issue was to him. There was no hesitation in his response, "I will always vote along Constitutional lines, and fight to keep the state sovereign."
I heard the fire behind his words and the passion for Oklahoma. I can't help but think new blood at our Capitol is desperately needed. The bottom line, it's your vote.
Do you live in Alon's District?  Here is the map link
Alon Morrison, 708 N. Main Steet , Newcastle, OK 73065
(405) 387-4867  (405) 556-0794 (cell)   Facebook: Morrison for House District 20
Simulated Fear and Unrest?
By Ms PM
At around 1am on May 9th in Oklahoma City, a drill between the military and police involved troops storming a hotel. It was characterized by local media as a "cool tourist story" and not as a frightening example of how Citizens are being acclimated to accept a state of martial law.
Sleeping residents and hotel guests were wakened to the sound of simulated gunfire and explosions as military helicopters hovered over the building and lowered troops to the roof.
The drill prompted many 911 calls. Local police assisted in overseeing and were told to keep quiet for security reasons. They also blocked off roads around the building.
Similar events have happened across the country. The whole point of no prior warning notice is the shock value of the new way of things-military involvement in domestic law enforcement in partnership with police as part of the new “homeland patrols” announced by the Washington Post that started in 2008 under the Bush administration.
Now...I have lied to you. This did not happen in Oklahoma City but it did happen in Florida. How cool do you think this is? How easy will it be for government to haul your family away when you think something is really happening? When they act as if it's the real deal, will you believe your family will be safe if you readily go with them?
The real fake event can be read here,  
New Political News Video
One of the local media guys that is unabashedly conservative is Scott Mitchell.   Scott has made a deal with Channel 9 and is working on Channel 6 (Tulsa) to post feed political video and pictures through the same email system used to report severe weather info.   All you have to do is send them to and put "politics" in the subject line.   The media will use the video and pictures in their stories if they are available so take advantage of this offer as often as you run across good video or photos.

Bobby Cleveland, House District 20
Mr. “Shut up woman, I know what I am doing!”
By Ms PM
There are many articles that show how corrupt Bobby Cleveland really is and unlike the Titanic, we're able to see below the water line with this floater. When you continually have people talking, only an idiot would dismiss what is being said, that is unless your name is Bobby Cleveland.
Let’s begin in 2001 with the article published in the Norman Transcript. The heading was, "Deferred sentence given to double voter." Cleveland said he never intended to vote twice and that "I totally forgot that I had voted absentee mail-in on July 12, 2001 and I had absolutely no intention to vote two times in the same election."
Bobby goes on to blame the Election Board because they didn't remind him that he had voted twice. He takes it up a notch by stating:
 "I am also disappointed that the County Election Board has not implemented readily available measures to ensure that this type of mistake is noted and corrected before a citizen votes twice."
Is anyone wondering why this man thinks it's okay to police voters? What happened to his individual responsibility? Or, is this just another example of placing blame on anyone other than himself because he's so self-righteous?
One of the best examples of his unsavory character circulated in 2008. Bobby pulled numerous dirty tricks on the Ron Paul supporters including an episode where the votes were being shown in the excel program on the overhead projector and Bobby was losing the election.  Multiple sources claimed that the screen went blank for a minute, and then popped back up with Bobby winning the election!   Did scum bag pop into your mind as a descriptive for his actions?
In 2011 his true colors were shown again and his lack of character took center stage.   Multiple complaints were received from Republicans on a new requirement of his to "register" in advance before he would give out the date, time and location of the precinct meetings. That stellar performance caused State Chairman Matt Pinnell to chew his fat rump and the fact that Cleveland admitted this happened, well… you can be the truth council on this one. Another controversy at the Cleveland County Convention happened when he threw out a state director for one of the Presidential candidates. I would love to move the rocks in the pond the next time this arrogant fool decides he can walk on water.
In this article you can see how Bobby pushes the envelope, yet again. If Bobby would list his miscellaneous expenses on his ethics report as other candidates do, there would be little to question. Instead he uses his Visa Card. This allows him to avoid having to list who or what he is paying for. 
The Oklahoma Truth Council has questions about allegations of improper financing under Bobby's leadership. Once they get to the bottom of his corruption, a good spray of "Roundup" might solve this weed problem, at least for a while.
In this article there are a range of descriptions used to show the brunt of how Bobby manipulates a situation and this statement really stood out, "But what is curious is Bobby Cleveland’s ability to decide when rules are made to be followed and when they are to be broken, as this is not Cleveland’s first foray into conflict.
This article sums up what Bobby is capable of and how far he will go to run an agenda, as long as it's his agenda. It is clear he takes no prisoners. Read into the "comments" section at the bottom of the article for the truth.
I would love to be the fly on the wall when he thinks no one is watching. If a person is willing to behave as he does in public, I have no doubt as to what sort of conniving, lying cheat he truly is. As long as there are politicians like Bobby, also comes the clear understanding why the citizens loathe those elected to represent them. If there are people out there that care about what happens in their district, the time is ripe with the stench of this rotten politician...Choose wisely when you vote. 
Miss Emily Ranting her Rave
By Ms PM
In the latest of Emily Virgins Capitol Weekly Update, it appears she has a problem with the state giving income tax cuts along with the trigger mechanism for future cuts to taxpayers. Not a surprise considering when she campaigned for District 44, it was sheer luck she happened upon my front porch and I was home. I had asked her thoughts on the federal government not having a budget. Her reply was," The Federal Government doesn't have to have a budget."
In her update she says, "Regardless of the tremendous amount of available information indicating that government's core programs cannot continue to absorb shortfalls and provide the same level of service, advocates of reducing the income tax remain relentless in their efforts. I was "extremely shocked by an editorial this week in which Speaker Kris Steele stated that "government continues to function just fine" and that rather than expanding government we should return money to taxpayers in the form of another tax cut."
She justifies the state keeping the money by using examples like DHS would never have been sued if things were fine, prisons having staffing ratios of one officer per 160 inmates, overcrowded classrooms and the Medical Examiners office isn't accredited. 
She is also a strong supporter of OETA and was very pleased with the funding for another two years. She pointed out the "many great things" about public television and made the point that OETA "is the only television station that can reach all Oklahomans during a national emergency."
There has always been an abundance of waste in government. I hear nothing from her about tackling that albatross.
Some people working for DHS are stupid and the ones running the show are worse. You can't pay someone not to be an idiot and in time, idiots reap what they sow.
The prison problem just might be drastically reduced if inmates were made to work for their free room, board and healthcare. What a concept, repay society with physical labor. Some old fart must need wood cut for winter.
Then there is much taxpayer money has been thrown at that overly funded and wasteful bureaucratic nightmare? Schools are teaching kids how to grow up and suck off of society. Not bad for a glorified babysitting service.
OETA is wonderful but what it is not is something taxpayers should be paying for. Private donations sink or swim. In case of a national disaster, I believe everyone in Oklahoma will know about it, with or without OETA.
The root problem is never addressed and Emily Virgin is proof that big government will always be the answer to her woes. When the waste is cut and the people represented, that is when you ask us for money. Should I hold my breath?
The Honeymoon is Over
After Only Two years?
By R. H.
Mr. Vaughan has drawn two challengers for his seat in the House after only two years representing the people of Kay and Osage Counties. It is enough to make one wonder about his politics. Let me see if I can put them in a clearer perspective for you.
For those of you who are wondering what ROPO stands for, it means Republican on Paper Only. That’s on par with a RINO. Let’s begin by looking at Mr. Vaughan’s legislative record. In 2011 he submitted 6 bills for consideration to the House. Of those three died in House committees, 1 died in a Senate committee and 2 became law. The 2 that became law are listed below.
HB 1439 Expanding the Right to use Deadly Force-Gun Rights Bill-Conservative
HB 1511 Establishing 2nd Amendment Day in Oklahoma-Conservative
Now these are both conservative bills dealing with gun rights. One would think that this would be enough to get him an A plus rating from the NRA. It was not. He got an A minus. It makes one wonder what he has done that has caused his rating to be that low. It calls into question his motive for passing these gun rights bills.
In 2012 he submitted 10 bills and 1 House Joint Resolution for consideration to the House. Of those 8 are still in House committees and are likely dead for this session, 1 is in a Senate committee and 1 is in a Conference Committee. The House Joint Resolution is in a House Committee.
It’s enough to make one wonder that he got mad enough to not have his bills heard in committee. Maybe if he would have signed HB 1004, more of his bills would have been heard, and maybe some of them would have become law.
Now we understand that he is a Freshmen Representative. We also understand that he is a very religious man. We have no argument with either of those. What we do have a problem with is a Speaker who co-ops incoming Freshmen Representatives and bullies them into voting his way. These Freshmen Representatives don’t know that it doesn’t have to be that way, but they are so threatened and scared that there common sense won’t let them make the right choice between the tyrannical rule of a dictatorial Speaker and the freedom necessary to run the House of Representatives the way it should be run. Ignorance and fear are no excuse.
How did he do on his conservative ranking? For a man who brags about bringing “conservative representation” to the House of Representatives, I think you’ll be surprised. He scored a 60 on the RINO Index. That in fact qualifies him as not only a ROPO but a RINO. Is that the kind of conservative representation we need? I think not.
So how did he vote on other bills that mattered to Oklahomans? We took a look at some key issues and here is what we found.
HB 2130 Obama care, voted Yea 3 times-Liberal
HR 1004 Open Rules under certain circumstances, refuses to sign-Liberal stance
HR 2171 Highway Bond Bill (stealing gas trust fund money), voted Nay 2 times, excused 3 times- Neutral
HB 1953 Governor’s Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, voted Yea 11 times-Liberal
HB 1593 Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Act, voted Yea 3 times-Liberal
HJR 1002 Ad Valorum tax increase, voted Yea 1 time-Liberal
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, voted Nay 2 times-Liberal
HB 2131 Soft on Crime, voted Yea 3 times-Liberal
HB 1647 Concealed Carry for Military Personnel, voted Yea 3 times, Nay 2 times- Neutral
HB 2169 Obama care Funding, voted Yea 2 times-Liberal
SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act, voted Yea 3 times-Liberal
There you have it. That explains how he got his bills through the House last year. He gave his vote to the Speaker so his bills could get heard. Many of you will say that’s politics as usual, but that’s not how it’s supposed to work. The rules of the House are set up to where the Speaker has a virtual Dictatorship in the House of Representatives. If you don’t vote the Speakers way, your bills will not be heard in committee. That is why Mr. Vaughan will not sign HB 1004. It was part of the deal to get his bills passed.
I went to and reviewed his file there. It indicated all the typical callings of a liberal politician. He didn’t want to let his constituents know where he stood on the issues, so he didn’t take the political courage test.
I also went to to look at his campaign finances. They were unremarkable. He did take money from Native American Tribes who had hoped to negotiate with the state of Oklahoma on water rights, but the amount was inconsequential.
Representative Vaughan is a very good example of a ROPO Republican. The legislation he writes leans to the conservative side, but he’s willing to sell his vote to get his way.
Slush Fund or Campaign Fund?
By R. H.
It never fails to amaze me at the number of ways liberal politicians manufacture ways to spend donor’s money. Representative Harold Wright ranks right up there among the top. Of course he had lots of practice while he was the Mayor of Anadarko. I guess he doesn’t think his donors will mind since he has no opponent in his last two elections. Let’s get right to his campaign finances.
I first went to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission web site and looked up his expenditures for the 2010 campaign season. He did not face an opponent during this election. Here is some of what I found.
Date                Item                             Beneficiary                  Explanation                  Amount
Feb.22, 2010   Newspaper                  Thomas Tribune          1yr Subscription          $40.00
Mar.01, 2010  Newspaper                  Weatherford Daily News 1yr Subscription     $100.00
Jun.23, 2010    Newspaper                  Clinton Daily News      6 mo. Subscription      $175.00
Jul. 02, 2010    Newspaper                  Weatherford Daily News 6Mo. Subscription $114.32
Oct. 09, 2010  Ad in Ministry Book    Spreading the Word    Single Sponsorship      $250.00
Dec. 23, 2010  Two Tickets                 Governor’s Inauguration                                 $250.00
I’ll leave you to make the call. Admittedly he needs to keep in touch with what’s going on in his district, but you don’t pay for a one year subscription to a newspaper in March and turn around and pay for a six month subscription to the same paper in July. I also feel that since his residence and primary district office is in Weatherford and is in fact a resident of Weatherford, then he should foot the dime for the hometown paper out of his own pocket.
Items that I found that need a lot more explanation deal more directly with the business he owns in Weatherford and the payments made to that business. Those are listed below.
Date                Item                             Beneficiary                  Explanation                 Amount
Jan.14, 2010    Gas, Office Support     Wright Radio               Use of Car, Cell           $379.14
                        Cell phone, misc.                                            phone, misc.
Mar.09, 2010  Gas, Office Support     Wright Radio               Use of Car, Etc.           $760.13
It just keeps going on. I think I’ve made my point. There are enough questionable entries here to warrant a closer look by the ethics commission.
I went to to see what was in his record there. I did find a good list of campaign contributors. I wonder if they are aware of how he is spending their donations. I also found that he has demonstrated the typical liberal politician’s hypocrisy by hiding behind a veil of secrecy on where he stands on the issues that affect the lives of his constituents. Fortunately for us, we have his legislative and his voting record. We’ll take a look at his legislative record next.
In 2011 Mr. Wright submitted 8 bills for consideration to the House. Of those 4 died in House committees and four became law. Sounds like an effective legislator, except he was just doing the bidding of the House leadership, of which he is a member. The bills that became law are listed below.
HB 1319 DUI-Modifying Penalties-Soft on Crime-Liberal
HB 1321 Prohibiting Certain Lottery Ads-prohibits the use of children-Conservative
HB 1322 Embezzlement from an Estate-soft on crime-Liberal
HB 1323 Modifying the makeup of the County Energy District Authority-basically eliminated all positions but one-Liberal
As you can see, in 20111 it was just what the State Chamber wanted. It also went along with Speaker Steele’s social justice agenda.
In 2012 he submitted 6 bills and 1 House Concurrent Resolution for consideration to the House. Of those 4 are still in House committees and 2 have become law. The House Concurrent Resolution was passed. They are listed below.
HB 2566 Freedom of Choice for Residents of Assisted Living Centers-Conservative
HB 2568 Motor Vehicle-Modifying Penalty-Liberal
HCR 1020 Proclaiming Music Therapy Month at the State Capital-Liberal
There’s a pattern here. When it comes to protecting the elderly and the children, he’s conservative, but when it comes to protecting criminals, he’s liberal. Why? Don’t we have more important things to do than Proclaim Music Therapy Month at the State Capital? Maybe if he would have signed HB 1004, we could have heard a conservative bill on one of a thousand different subjects that didn’t get heard because Speaker Steele didn’t want them to be heard.
So how did he vote on the bills that mattered to Oklahomans? We took a look at some key questions and here is what we found.
HB 1397 Transvestite Birth Certificate, voted Yea 2 times-Liberal
HB 2130 Obamacare, voted Yea 4 times-Liberal
HR 1004 Open Rules under certain circumstances, refuses to sign-Liberal Stance
HB 2171 Highway Bond Bill, voted Yea 5 times-Liberal
HB 1953 Governor’s Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, voted Yea 12 times-Liberal
HB 1593 Municipal Employee’s Collective Bargaining Act, voted Yea 3 times-Liberal
HJR 1002 Ad Valorum tax increase, voted Yea 1 time-Liberal
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, voted Nay 2 times-Liberal
HB 2131 Soft on Crime, voted Yea 1 time-Liberal
HB 1647 Concealed Carry for Military Personnel, voted Yea 3 times, Nay 2 times- Neutral
HB 2169 Obamacare Funding, voted Yea 2 times-Liberal
SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act, voted Yea 3 times-Liberal
As you can tell he never met a liberal bill he didn’t like. With votes like this, it’s little wonder why the Speaker has appointed him to a leadership role with so little experience. He sold his vote for power.
So how liberal is Mr. Wright. Where does he stand in the rankings of the RINO Index? Well he scored a 30 meaning he voted right three out of ten times.
There is little doubt that the record proves that Mr. Wright has sold his vote for the trappings of power. That is no way to represent your constituents. That is no way to represent the citizens of the State of Oklahoma. Mr. Wright would do well to remember that the people are the ones who put him in office, and the people are the one who can take him out.
SB 1816 Favors State Control Over Local Competition, Yikes!
By Brian Hobbs
SB 1816 is a state power grab for control of public virtual charter schools that reduces competition, stymies innovation, and increases the power of state bureaucracy in one fell swoop. 
My opinion may not mean much because I am not a lobbyist, a school superintendent, or a teacher; but I am a parent of four students who attend public virtual charter schools in Oklahoma.  I made a choice after much thoughtful research for my kids to attend the school that best meets their academic needs.  Some legislators don’t think that parents like me choosing to attend or not attend a school is enough accountability, instead they think the answer lies in the state having singular control of one virtual school that serves students across the state. 
Who would have thought that so called conservatives would attempt to pass a bill that trumps local control, limits competition, and reduces parental school choice all in one bill? 
Currently, Oklahoma is served by two virtual public charter schools.  One is sponsored by a small rural district and the other by a suburban district of about 5,000 students (a fairly large school district by Oklahoma standards).  These schools accept students from across the state through the public school choice law that allows for transfers based on parental choice. 
Currently there are hundreds of public school districts that are allowed to sponsor charter schools by state law, even though there are only about 20 charter schools in the state.  This is the first year that any of those charter schools have been virtual charter schools, and even after almost ten years of virtual education in Oklahoma students that attend online make up less than 1% of total Oklahoma public school students.  So before the competition could get any traction there is a movement afoot to put them under the chokehold of a politically appointed state bureaucracy.  I can’t think of a better way to kill innovation and push parents away that feel they have finally found a public school option that will work for their kids.
Not only does this bill say that two virtual public charter schools is too many, but it creates a framework that will only allow one of them to live while the other is forced to die even though they both serve about the same number of kids.  Who gets to make this choice?  Not parents, but the state appointed bureaucracy of course.  During election time most legislators claim to support school choice for parents and competitive alternatives to improve the quality of Oklahoma public education.  Supporters of SB 1816 are much more committed to the state controlling what little choice exists in Oklahoma public education by stopping schools both large and small from competing for students, innovating, and satisfying parents so that their schools will grow and prosper.  This only works if schools that refuse to innovate and develop options that will help them retain students are allowed to keep shrinking until they don’t exist.
This bill allows the state to step in and push schools away from competing and innovating, but instead they think “choice” is a choice between the local public school that families are trapped in or a one size fits all virtual school managed by a state bureaucracy, sounds like the “choices” we have in Obama Care.  Personally, I would like to truly keep the education I’ve got.  I hope legislators will vote against SB 1816 and continue to allow a variety of locally grown virtual options to be offered to kids across the state, including my own.
The Oklahoma-Guardian Update
We are close to having the first issue ready to go to print.   The State GOP Convention took up a bit more time that we thought so the issue might not make it to the printer before mid week and there is a lot of work in formatting a newspaper.   Content writing isn’t that hard but writing it so it will fit the available space that is a different thing entirely.
Subscribers are already signing up and we have had some donations toward getting the first couple of issues printed as the advertising will not be there on the first issues.  But, having a copy of two to show prospective advertisers will solve that problem. 
Subscription rates are $35.00 per year for the twelve monthly issues, mailed to your home or business.   Remember that these papers are written for a specific county and the content is aimed at local residents, local advertisers, and local politicians both good and bad.   The idea is to develop the month’s issue, then rework the local content and advertising to fit the next problem area. 
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Sharia Law Divorce
Recently we told you about the growing influence of a special interest group in the state legislature increasingly becoming known as the “Chambercrats.” This is a group of amoral politicians controlled by the Chamber of Commerce who want to remake Oklahoma into a tolerant, cosmopolitan, diverse state in order to attract a wide variety of businesses. The word is that the Chambercrats want to “beat the religion” out of Oklahoma (because they really know what is best for us) and all these “Islamophobic” haters who insist that Shariah law should have no place in Oklahoma are creating a bad image, especially for all those wealthy Arab sheiks who want to relocate their business here.
The Chambercrats were at the bottom of the filthy stink over the recent Senate defeat of the ALAC bill that was so big that it made national headlines. You may recall that Senator Anthony Sykes who, along with Clark Jolley, is the Chambercrat “Co-Leader of the Senate,” allowed the bill to die in committee without so much as a whimper despite the fact that he was the bill's sponsor. Senator Sykes was also the one who threatened to sue the High Noon Club when the HNC's moderator, Bob Dani, asked him to come to HNC to explain to his constituents and other HNC members what happened with the ALAC bill. Not to be forgotten are the other Chambercrats Republicans who voted against the bill, Senators Anderson, Branan, Fields and Newberry. Let's also not forget that Senators Jolley and Mazzei were “no-shows” on one of the most important bills of the session, which is just as good as a “no” vote. Finally, let's not forget that 70% of the voters of Oklahoma voted for ALAC's precursor, the Anti-Shariah Amendment.
This past week, the Kansas House of Representatives passed the “Kansas Laws for Kansas Courts” bill by a whopping vote of 120 to 0. The Kansas bill is strikingly similar to Oklahoma's ALAC bill. The major difference between Kansas and Oklahoma, however, is that in Kansas, legislators actually took action to address concerns raised in committee by adding an amendment to address the concerns. According to Rep. Peggy Mast, R-Emporia, the bill was designed as a pre-emptive measure to prevent the spread of Shariah but several attorneys raised concerns that the measure could jeopardize international trade for Kansas-based companies. Rep. Lance Kinzer, R-Olathe, said, however, that business-to-business transactions involving foreign law were exempted by an amendment. You see, Senator Sykes, concerns others have really CAN be addressed if you are willing to do the necessary work. The Kansas House passed the law that should have been passed in the Oklahoma Senate. Doesn't it just irritate you to no end to see a Jayhawk have braggin' rights?
There are several others differences between Oklahoma and Kansas. I have been told that a Kansas House committee heard testimony from several counterterrorism experts about the Muslim Brotherhood's information warfare campaign they are waging at every level of federal, state and local government. During the course of the testimony, the CT experts were describing some of the tactics that the MB and their front groups have been using with great effect at the state level when a disturbance arose among some of the members of the committee. The Chairman paused, leaned over to confer with several of the members and then announced to the public that virtually every member of the committee had just recently been solicited by another Muslim Brotherhood front organization (no, not CAIR) with precisely the same perks and approach the CT experts had just been describing. No word on how many members had already accepted. Remember “By their hand”? Remember CAIR's “outreach” to your state legislators? It seems that something the Kansas legislature had that the Oklahoma legislature did not have was the true inside story.
Oh, yes, apparently Kansas had other advantage over Oklahoma: no Chambercrats.
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