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We attended the European premiere of the movie Ex-Dominatrix right here in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is a true story about lifestyle Dominatrix Goddess Ira (previous Mistress Lucrezia) and friend of us. The movie sees her rise to Domination-fame, the problems she encountered because of a life changing event and her way back. [read more]


So, I was told to relax (and rightly so; RopeMarks keeps me busy a.f.), go to a party, unwind, it'll be fun they said. So this happened:

l2r: Spring | Anonymous

and this (that was fun):

l2r: Bob Kwisa


This month saw BoundCon's 15nth edition! 15 Years of an awesome international multi-day bondage event. In all these years we have skipped two editions. We started as participants and have grown into being VIP's on the event (or as I think of it: "furniture"). This year we entertained with a live show, a kinbaku workshop, a number of custom photoshoots and the always fun escape challenge, This editions was another memorable edition and we made BoundCon even more memorably with a night (and early morning) during the SubRosaDictum Fetish Party together with Spring and Cobie. Read more in the shows and workshop sections.

l2r: Cobie | Bob / RopeMarks | Muriel | Spring

l2r: Bob / RopeMarks | Nespresso | Andrea Ropes


Life is hecktic, RopeMarks is booming, we need our well deserved rest, charge ourselves. Therefore the month of July we are on a summerbreak! Existing appointments still stand but we are not accepting new appointments for July.


Let's dive into the details of what we've been up to:


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We attended the European premiere of the movie Ex-Dominatrix right here in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is a true story about lifestyle Dominatrix Goddess Ira (previous Mistress Lucrezia) and friend of us. The movie sees her rise to Domination-fame, the problems she encountered because of a life changing event and her way back.

From the website: Ex-Dominatrix: A True Story tells the true-life story of Ira, who was the ultimate mistress and one of Europe's most extreme and popular Dominatrix. She was artistic, perverted, sadistic, and a fetish icon. Until one fateful session changed everything.

Discover her secret extraordinary true story from bondage to beyond.

Prepare to be shocked, surprised and inspired by Ira's many secret stories, infectious humour, domination adventures and true life tales...

Here's a shot of mother and daughter during one of our encounters:



This edition of Schlagzeilen, Germanies leading BDSM magazine, uses one of our images for their cover.

p: FL | m: Dutch Dame | r: RopeMarks



We arranged a long, long day of shooting with ME-Chiel (and his muse) and Spring. Two parts of this shoot are for running and future projects, when the time is there we will present the results and the last part was making licorice, here's a sneak peak at the candy:

p: ME-Chiel | m: Spring | r: RopeMarks, Rubber Restrained



When we (I brought Spring) meet with Mr.Gonzales we go with high hopes, high hopes of opportunity and amazing results. This was another long day of shooting and we did some amazing sets. We shot a custom made outfit for Spring by Bizarre Design (Jeroen van der Klis), two hard-core Japanese rope suspensions and we slapped a whole lot of metal on Spring. It was a good day. Here's a sneak peak from the video that was shot:

m: Spring | r: RopeMarks | gag by Pink Pony Club (NL)



I visited Ork and brought Russian sweety Robin Tyndybarla. This became another long, but good, day where Robin endured three extreme bondages, including a pussy-zuri! No pictures yet, but here is that look after agreeing on what will be done...

l2r: RopeMarks | Robin Tyndybarla



Last, but not least, we met up with a very private photographer and did some crazy bondage, kinky, fetish things to Spring. Here's a snapshot from my hand while waiting for the images to come in.

m: Spring | r: RopeMarks



Now live on Club RopeMarks, "Bamboo Spread, part 1,2 and 3 of 3" with Spring.

Spring's account of today: "It's spring! So we went out to our cottage at the country side and I went ... up the ceiling! [...]"

p: FL | m: Spring | r: RopeMarks
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Now live on Club Rubber Restrained, "Bimbo" part 1 & 2 of 2, with Arienh

With Rubber Restrained being the branch of RopeMarks dealing with the prettiest girls being dressed and restrained in and with rubber it is only obvious we get to borrow the RopeMarks models, in this case the RopeMarks bimbo, Arienh. When Arienh arrives we waist no time and order her to dress up in this amazing heavy rubber [...]

p: Cas van der Vlught | m: Arienh | o: HW Design
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Now live on Club Leather Restrained, "An Average Day", with Chantal

This is one *hot* update (photo's and video) of Chantal. She is crawling over the floor wearing [...]

p: RopeMarks | m: Chantal
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Still available in our clubs:.

"Minou's haji (恥)"

p: Ork | m: Minou Rossi

"The initiation of Sakura"

p: The Blacksheep | m: Sakura

"DressTease" parts 1-3

p: KinkyStyle | m: Nicky Alicia


p: RopeMarks | m: Chantal



During the 15nth edition of BoundCon we had a packed crowd in front of the main stage.

[RopeMarks performances] are alway very dynamic and spectacular

m Spring, p Liya



Our upcoming shows at the time of writing include:


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The past period we did a lot of teaching, a handful of "privates" and a big workshop for BoundCon (the 15nth anniversary edition). As usual, the privates are... private. During the BoundCon workshop we snapped no images, guess that means we really had to work during our own workshop! ;-)



Do you want to get a head start when learning kinbaku? Do you want to understand what it is the worldwide kinbaku rope scene is talking about?

Then check out the searchable illustrated glossary we are continuesly updating and maintaining! This RopeMarks Ryū illustrated glossary is a brief dictionary of names and terms accompanied by photos that have come down to us from history, from hojojutsu terminology and from well known nawashi/kinbakushi that have become fairly standard.

the RopeMarks Ryū illustrated glossary



Our upcoming workshops at the time of writing include:


If you are interested in the noble art of kinbaku, we are your man! Visit this link for all the information about our teaching



Want to hear what past participants have to say, hear it straight from the horse's mouth... Read some of our testimonials. They are a brief list of feedback from RopeMarks Ryū students and participants.



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m: Sakura
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m: Voleuse
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