September 2006

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HELLO and Welcome!- Well it's September! That means the kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter, and its getting cooler... hmmm check that... it's getting cooler everywhere but in the Carolinas! This Connecticut girl has never been a big fan of these LONG summers in NC, but this one has really been a whopper. Thanks goodness for air-conditioning, speaking of which, let's turn it down a notch, grab a long, tall glass of something cold and settle down to a nice newsy letter!
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Feline Quote for September-
"It is in the nature of a cat to do a certain amount of unescorted roaming." Adlai Stevenson

Quiltshop Spotlight-The Pincushion Challenge
Ok, so this is not a Quilt Shop site, but I still think you will LOVE checking out the the Pincushion Challenge as a change of pace! What is the Pincushion Challenge? Well, every month a theme is chosen, and it's up to you to make a pincushion that somehow relates to it. This month's theme is "Recycle". Here's your chance to use up those ribbons, buttons, t-shirts, or containers that are just taking up space. Use your imagination and create something that's really inspired! I know there's a lot of creativity out there, so check it out. I love just browsing through the galleries of past month's entries, which have included fruit & flower themes.

New at StudioKat Designs- Coming soon- The Cirque Sac
I'm on schedule to release my 10th design in mid-September. It's called the Cirque Sac because of its sleek circular shape. It's a quick and easy project to work up, but the thing I've enjoyed most about this bag, is that it's so easy to embellish. The exterior is perfect for piecing methods normally associated with quilt making. The inside is roomy, with 2 elasticized end-pockets and 1 zippered pocket. It would make a GREAT Christmas gift. I'll announce it's release in the October newsletter, but should you decide you can't wait until then, you can use the Coupon Code SKDcirq to get $1.00 off your online purchase through October 31, 2006.
And speaking of gifts, congratulations to Nancy Gibson of Greensburg, KY. She is the lucky winner of the August "Help me Name my Design" drawing. She will receive a complimentary copy of "The Cirque Sac as soon as it comes off the presses later this month! Way to go, Nancy, and thanks to all for your help!

Get your FREE pattern! The AeroPac
OK here's the deal. Marcus Brothers of Denver, asked me to come up with a few free patterns for them, featuring their fabrics, and they, in return, will provide me with some nice free advertising. I own the design though, so I'm going to post it on my site for everyone to enjoy.
I think you'll like The AeroPac. It's a quick easy pattern for a cool little ID/ticket carrier. Don't forget to download BOTH Page 1, Page 2, AND the pattern templates. You say your super-slow computer won't download things too good? I'll be glad to send you a copy of both, but please send a SASE along with $1.00 to cover the extra postage.

Surf HERE for Neat INFO!- Find the Perfect Place to Volunteer
Have some free time on your hands this fall now that the kids are back in school and all? This site puts hundreds of volunteer opportunities at your fingertips. VolunteerMatch is the largest online network of participating nonprofits, designed to match groups that need help, with people who want to help. Search by location, interest, or skill and get a list of volunteer opportunities in y our area. You can even find virtual volunteer positions that let you work from your home computer. Be sure to check out the Volunteer Spotlight page for inspiring stories from around the country.

Love Handbags?- Peep Accessories.Com
Specializing in handknit & crocheted accessories, co-owners & sisters, Sally & Jane, along with their Mom and partner, Sandra make every item on their website, ranging from handbags, scarves, ipod cases, & jewelry. They call it usuable art; beautiful enough to be displayed, but durable enough for everyday use. Some of my favorites are the evening bags . I think you'll love their work, if you check it out.

Did You Know?- A cat has no ability to taste sweet things. (so don't waste time sharing your chocolate with them!)

New on my Website!-One of the best parts of having this website, is the cool and interesting mail that I get. Here's some of the best from last month!

Ann Horton, (Felix's mom), of Wilson, NY sent me an absolutely ADORABLE movie clip of a fiesty kitten and his long-suffering golden retriever buddy! Click here and enjoy!

Linda, a member of The Connecticut Common Threads, wrote to let me know that she had recently been involved in a fun day of getting together, and sewing a common project, in this case, a Bellagio Bag! Linda had made up a demonstrator bag for the event, and I must say, it is an absolute STUNNER. Her buddy Carol also made up a VERY cool Bellagio, and you can see pictures of both of these bags, as well as a shot of the Common Threads girls here!

Arlene McGarrahan of Cranston, RI has been a busy gal. She submitted her second picture in as many months only this time it's of a Polso Pouch. Click here to the cutest little Polso Pouch ever!

Nancy Achin of Jacksonville, FL, sent me a funny kitty story, and a VERY handsome picture of her "counter-dweller", Mack. Click here to see it!
Carole Snyder of Nazareth, PA, submitted a picture of an absolutely spectacular AbracaNiche that she recently made up. I can't take my eyes off it! Check it out here.

And last, but certainly not least, Joyce Atkinson of Oak Harbor, WA, the world's best pattern tester, submitted her take on the Cirque Sac. Its fabulous and you can see it here!

SKD Promotions Update-AniLee's Mystery Quilt Treasure Hunt
If you've enjoyed the FabShopHops, then check out the new promotion StudioKat Designs is involved in for September! It called AniLees's Mystery Quilt Treasure Hunt. It's much like the FabShopHop, but the prizes are different. There's even daily drawings for active hunters! Sign up now!

Laugh Lines- I saw two dogs walk over to a parking meter. One said to the other, "How do you like that? Pay toilets!"

"Catsite" of the Month- How to give your cat a pill
Thanks to alert reader, Denise Menberg of Chanhassen, MN, who sent along a link to a VERY funny method of administering a pill to your cat! Click HERE to read it!

Surf HERE for FUN!- Have you Zillowed yet?
Get out your address book and get ready to zillow. This popular new site lets you enter a home's address and instantly see an aerial photographic map showing the neighborhood and giving estimated values for each home. Valuations for more than 65,000,000 U.S. homes are here, with data most accurate for larger metropolitan areas, like L.A., Seattle, and Boston. Curious how your home compares with your old college roomate's? Here's your chance to click here, to find out. Plus, get a bird's eye view of famous dwellings, like the split-level from The Brady Bunch. (If you're using a Mac, you'll need to use Firefox as your browser.)

Monthly Trivia- Today is September 2, the 246th day of 2006. September is National Sewing Month. celebrating the art, craft, hobby & business of sewing. Click here to visit the website of the Home Sewing Assoc., for more information and lots of downloadable patterns for fun projects, and even some purses, bags & totes! And speaking of great sewing sites, Check out Sewing.Com for sewing news, a super sewing dictionary, games & MORE!
And I don't know about you, but clipping coupons is a passion of mine, and September is also National Coupon month! Did you know that American consumers receive more than 4 BILLION dollars in savings every year by redeeming coupons for their favorite brands? Visit for contests & other fun activities!
September 2nd is the birthday of Terry Bradshaw, Hall of Fame football player, & sportscaster, who was born 58 years ago in Shreveport, LA. Keanu Reeves, who acted in one of my favorite movies, "Speed", is eating birthday cake today, in honor of his birth 42 years ago in Beirut, Lebanon. More important to me though, is that September 2nd was my Nana's birthday. She made her living with a sewing machine, and spent her free time gardening and watching her beloved New York Mets, and she would have been 101 today. I still miss her.
If today is YOUR birthday, here's a great big Happy Birthday to you from StudioKat Designs. And if today is not your birthday, you can celebrate anyway, by downloading a project or two at the Home Sewing site. Maybe you can find something fun to work on with your favorite beginner? Better still, how about calling your gramma? I would if I could!

Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!

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