Dear MACRO members,

The workshop flyer for "The Musician's Workshop 2007" is now posted on our web site! Just go to:

for complete information.

New for 2007:

This year there are three ways you can present at the Musician's Workshop. As always, we are accepting proposals for traditional sessions and poster session presentations. This year we are also offering panel presentations. We will offer two panels this year, one on music theory pedagogy, and one on music theory and performance. Workshop participants are invited to submit a proposal to serve on either of the panels, and all workshop participants are invited to submit questions or specific topics to be addressed by either panel at the workshop.

At your request, we've changed the workshop schedule to provide a better fit with your flight plans, your church job, or other commitments. The workshop will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Friday June 8, and will end at noon on Saturday June 9. Our MACRO luncheon will be held on Friday this year.

Don't forget to check out our travel honorariums! Go to:

and remember to register for the workshop early!

Best wishes for your spring semester activities!