Our first-of-the-year edition of Animal Magic contains exciting news for all Worzel fans … yes, the next instalment of the amazing literary Lurcher’s daily diary will be available later this year – read all about it inside!

Just despatched to the printer is a ground breaking book about canine aggression, and how to rehabilitate a dog who has no love for his own kind. Copies of this heartbreakingly honest book will be in the shops mid-April, and is already available to order online. 

I’m very excited about the new children’s books we will be publishing about animals. We have another title about Worzel – Worzel goes for a walk. Will you come, too? and will be introducing another new series, designed to create a sense of nostalgia and evoke a memory of gentler times, as a countermeasure to today’s busy and sometimes difficult world.
Jude Brooks,
With gentle humour, the books cover themes like friendship, hope, kindness and caring for nature, through the stories of Horace and Nim, and their many friends. Illustrations are again provided by the hugely talented Chantal Bourgonje, illustrator of the Worzel children’s books. 

Wishing you and yours a belated happy new year.
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Worzel 4 the World!
For the quite very actual love of Worzel is the Literary Lurcher's fourth book in the Quite Very Actual series … and things aren't quite very actually getting any less … uh … Worzel …
We know what you're thinking: Worzel is in his fourth year and he's ready to take it easy … surely peace and tranquility has come to Woo's life, no?
Nope. Worzel is still enormous, and still has 'issues,' although they are, at least, a little more predictable for his forever family. But it's a new era in the life of Worzel and his family, and this time no-one's in charge!
The children are growing-up, and beginning to spread their wings, and new challenges lie ahead for Worzel and his family – challenges that no-one seems ready to embrace … least of all the cats.
Worzel's hotly anticipated fourth Quite Very Actual book features an over-enthusiastic encounter with a gold fish pond, a blackbird with a death wish, and a new arrival, all of which ensure Worzel's plans for a quiet time are scuppered.
Worzel's fourth diary brings together poems, letters, and advice gleaned from living with Mum, long-suffering Dad, five cats, and two grown-up children … it's funny, touching, honest, and very real!
For the quite very actual love of Worzel

The eagerly-awaited fourth instalment from Worzel, the literary Lurcher … funny, touching, honest … and very real.
  • The continuing story of the world’s favourite literary Lurcher
  • A new era – and this time no-one’s in charge!
  • A blackbird called Darwin
  • New friends, old friends, and cats … always cats
  • Poems that only a Lurcher could write
  • More words of wisdom from a rescue Lurcher and his chaotic family
  • The world through the eyes of a dog
  • Foster fish!
  • Funny, honest, touching, and very real
Price £9.99 SKU HH5291 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 160 pages • 50 pictures ISBN 978-1-787112-91-9 UPC 6-36847-01291-5
A wolf among sheep ... and the public!
On January 18 this year, a wolf called Torak made the national news and captured the heart of the nation. It's unclear how Torak escaped from the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, but it took several hours to recapture him, by which time he had travelled eight miles, and is reported to have run through a field of sheep, leaving the flock unharmed. 
Why did this story differ from others concerning captive wild animals who have escaped? Because this one had a happy ending: usually, absconders such as Torak are shot and killed by police marksmen.
Torak, when he came to the Trust as a puppy … who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
It was the fact that Torak is a hand-reared, socialised wolf that made all the difference between life and death for this large, 12-year old wolf – that's him in the main photo, above. Handlers were able to walk up to him, put a collar and lead on him, then load him into a trailer to ship him back to his anxious mate, Mosi, who was joyous at his return. 

All at Hubble & Hattie were anxious for Torak's safe return, as we have intimate details of his early years, thanks to Toni Shelbourne's book Among the Wolves: Memoirs of a Wolf Handler, published by us in 2015.
This fascinating book tells of how Torak and the other wolves at the Trust were hand-reared from cubs, how they worked as ambassadors for their wild cousins, raising funds for wild wolf projects, and educating the public.

More importanly, the book reveals what they got up to once the public went home, and it was just Toni and her wolves, and is a genuinely candid insight into the world of the socialised captive wolf, wolf behaviour, and personality … but, above all, tolerance.
We're all genuinely relieved and happy to hear that Torak was safely caught following his adventures, and reunited with Mosi, and that no-one – wolf, sheep or human – was harmed during his escapades.
Toni has been working with dogs in a professional capacity since 1989, and her first book, The truth about wolves and dogs, is a mythbusting tome that challenges common misconceptions about dogs and the dominance theory, and is a thoroughly recommended read for all dog owners … not to mention wolf fans!

Check out Toni's website and find out all about her latest projects and work. And don't forget to checkout the work of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, and see the important work it's undertaking to protect these wonderful animals.

Hot off the press!
We've just received the advance copies of Lily – one in a million! at H&H HQ, and doesn't it look great? We can't wait for the rest of the copies to arrive, so we can start shipping them out to you. 
In the meantime, author Laura Hamilton has a long list of plans to help promote Lily's awe-inspiring story. From radio interviews to book signings, magazine articles and photo calls, it's safe to say that Laura and Lily have a busy time ahead!
We will of course be keeping you all up to date over the coming weeks on all things Lily on our social media channels, and there is an extra special blog post in the works that will feature Laura & Lily's promotional run, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!
The publication of Lily, is fast approaching, so be sure to visit the H&H website, and request notification when the book comes into stock!

Lily: one in a million ... a miracle of survival

The moving and powerful story of Lily: a dog who was born unable to survive unaided. But her owner’s intensive, creative management of her rare disability has given her a life worth living, and may inspire others not to give up on animals with other life-threatening conditions. As a therapy dog, Lily greatly enriches the lives of others.
• From the moment Lily was born, clearly, something was seriously wrong
• Hanging onto life by her little nails, Lily was losing her grip
• A typical Golden Retriever, Lily loves food. But eating it is the problem
• Lily’s story brings hope to owners of animals with difficult conditions
• Whoever heard of a dog who can't eat; can't even lap water?
• Every feed, we take on ‘The Triple S Challenge’: Single, Silent Swallows
• "Lily certainly ticks the 'Unusual' box," is the opinion of her veterinary specialist
• Solids are a problem for Lily. Unbelievably, liquids are an even bigger problem!
• The Pets As Therapy assessment was very demanding – but Lily passed with flying colours! 
• Lily enriches the lives of others
SKU HH5147 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 80 pages • 38 pictures Price £7.99 ISBN 978-1-787111-47-9 UPC 6-36847-01147-5
Hot IN the press!
It's not all about forthcoming books at H&H. We love it when others like our authors' works, so we thought we'd share a small selection of reviews from magazines and online publications from around the world …
Hounds who heal – it's a kind of magic! The supposedly enlightened person's guide to raising a dog
First, we take a look at Hounds who heal, Chris Kent's inspiring book looking at the work of the K9 Project.
Every so often, there is a book that you find so enjoyable and enthralling that you don’t want it to come to an end. This book is definitely one of those! For anyone who believes dogs can help people in many ways, this book is definitely an essential read. I really loved it and will certainly read it again. 

Throughout the book we discover just how many young lives have been enriched by the healing power of dogs. The book also includes some lovely photos of both the dogs and youngster who have benefited from the amazing work of Chris and the K9 Project. Hounds Who Heal is a lovely read, and shows us just how special the bond between humans and dogs really is.
Heart-warming, educational, inspiring, funny – yet sharply realistic – this book tells the story of human and canine companionship, courage, and resolve. Each dog has a unique gift that helps vulnerable and isolated children and adults find motivation, self belief, and that often elusive feeling of connection. Telling the story of each of the dogs, and many of the people they helped along the way, you’ll also learn from the people whose lives have been transformed, and from Chris Kent, founder of this unique project. Discover how the special dogs of the K9 Project have shaped so many lives.
An inspirational book full of true tales demonstrating if you love dogs, you will know they have the power to change lives. This is not a simple feat, as shown through the chapters, but the author Chris Kent has made it her mission and her passion to keep learning the true potential of the human-animal bond. Extraordinary, powerful and compassionate.
Hounds who heal
it’s a kind of magic
Christ Kent

Price £10.99 SKU HH4973
Format Paperback • 152 x 225 • 128 pages • 85 pictures
ISBN 978-1-845849-73-3
UPC 6-36847-04973-7
Next up, Kac Young's The supposedly enlightened person's guide to raising a dog, which recounts her experiences as a first-time adopter, and her transition from a slightly shell-shocked beginner, to a savvy, adoring dog guardian.

The supposedly enlightened person’s guide to raising a dog
Kac Young & Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

Price £12.99 SKU HH5059
Format Hardback • 22x17cm • 80 pictures ISBN 978-1-787110-59-5
UPC 6-36847-01059-1
The stories of life as a first-time adopter describe Kac’s progression from slightly shell-shocked beginner to savvy, adoring dog guardian. Right from the start, Kac consulted behaviourist Lisa Tenzin-Dolma on all things dog-related, and Lisa’s observations and guidance on a wide range of subjects follow Kac’s stories, so that those with little experience of living with a dog  can get started on the right foot and paw and build a loving, trusting relationship. Entertaining and informative, this book will appeal to both new and seasoned dog guardians.
Very well written paperback basically about a cat lady acquiring a dog!
Both entertaining and informative, this book is totally delightful and a wonderful read for dog owners new and old. Full of information and beautiful photos and a true story shared. 
Lisa’s observations and guidance make an entertaining and informative book that will appeal to both new and seasoned dog guardians. The result, The Supposedly enlightened person’s guide to raising a dog is a beautifully illustrated book that makes an ideal gift for dog households.
An engaging, entertaining, and informative read from cover to cover, The Supposedly Enlightened Person’s Guide to Raising a Dog is very highly recommended for community library Pets/Wildlife collections. 
The latest from our blog …

The strays of Istanbul
Turkey has huge number of stray cats and dogs living on its streets, but, as Jude discovered over the New Year, whilst these animals are unwanted by some, they are loved by many!
You old dog!
After Christmas, there is always a focus on new or young dogs – how to look after them, what to feed them, etc – but what about older dogs? They require just as much care and attention as a new furry friend in the home!
Worzel says hello to the SCBWI!
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) British Isle Conference took place during the last week of November 201. This year's theme was humour, and the celebration of all children's books by SCBWI members … fabumazing!
The weather outside is frightful!
We can easily protect ourselves agains the arctic weather we've been exeperiencing, but spare a thought for your pets and animal companions, and take a look at these handy tips and tricks to keepyou furry friends warm and safe as winter bites.
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Ollie and Nina and …
The latest daft doggy doings … 

Watch this space, and also check out the dippy doggies and their daft doings on facebook …


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