Thursday 1st November 7.30pm Free!
Seasons greetings to all you Resistance Fighters out there who want to experience something more than your average night out!
At ResGal we try and provide the most unique & interesting nights out for all of us who demand a little more from life!
If you fit the bill, then this coming Thursday night, 1st November, we have an extraordinary multi artist exhibition opening party which were sure you'l love!!
Til Art do Us Part: An Homage to pain for more details please join the facebook group here & see our website here! here!
Lucha Britannia is back!!!
New Limited Edition designer T-Shirts available £15
Viva La Raza!
Lucha Britannia is a show like no other!
"Think you know what a mixture of British & Mexican masked wrestling could be like if it was run by the love child of monty python & the carry on movies?"
Think again!

Lucha Britannia brings to you the daredevil thrills of an Orweilian circus gone awry with super OTT characters, comedy, neo burlesque & cabaret siniestro.
It's the closest thing you can get to real life superheroes, literally leaping into your lap!
It's not a wrestling show, it's a cabaret siniestro, no holds barred, high octane, comedy, retrofutureverse blast of hyper reality! You'd be a fool to miss it!
Last months action was so amazing, all our knickers fell off in amazement!
This months will be even more spectacular with Thrills, Spills & Belly Ache Pills to keep the most insane of kin all googgeley eyed & spellbound!!
(Yes i made up the spelling of 'Googggeley' eyed!)

So on Friday 16th Nov, you could be one of the lucky few to get up close & personal with the super Lucha gang of ever expanding craziness by getting your tickets before they are sold out because they DO SELL OUT every month & fast!

Yes, we are the most popular, successful, award winning, underground, Lucha Libre, Cabaret Siniestro Show anywhere in the world & were only gonna get bigger, so get in while you still can & be part of the insane action!

Expect the unexpected!!!
We have our new limited edition Lucha T-Shirts available for sale, just £15. email us if youre interested in getting one!... Or buy one at the next show!
Will our Knickers stay on this time???
If you want to be part of the next phase of the award winning, bone crunching, side splitting, lycra wearing, high flying show which is sweeping the headlines then get your tickets quick because as always, they are going super fast for this Fridays Lucha Underground at Resistance Gallery!
Click this link to get them!
See ya in the funny papers!!
If youve ever wondered what it takes to be a Lucha superstar then come & visit the London School of Lucha Libre beginners classes every Monday night from 7.30 @ResGal!
Do you have artist skills?
Fine arts, comics, layouts, writing, graphic design, photography?
Want to get involved with Lucha & help us to become an even bigger monster?
Then drop us a line with your ideas! Were always happy to listen to our Silence Breaking army of Lucha Resistance!
Join the conversation on

Remember, Res Gal is sometimes available for hire!
So if you have an event, workshop, art or performance idea then please drop us a line!
Resistance Gallery 265 Poyser St. Bethnal Grn. London. E29RF
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