February 2016
Chilly? Us, too. When it's cold and miserable outside, there's nothing better than staying in, getting cosy and reading a good book, which is why we've got news of 2016's upcoming titles! We've also got an online exclusive look at our new catalogue (so you can start making your wish list!), some fab author interviews, and an update on Teddy, the blind donkey from The Donkey Sanctuary. Still feeling the chill? Take a peek at the last story in this month's issue ... you think you're cold ... brrr!
New for 2016!
Fantastic new and reprinted titles coming in the year ahead!
We're adding some really fantastic books to the H&H library this year, and we can't wait to share them with you! Click on the covers or the links below to find out more.
Babies, kids and dogs – Melissa Fallon & Vickie Davenport
Tara – The terrier who sailed around the world – Rosemary & Robert Forrester
When man meets dog – Chris Blazina PhD
Home alone – and happy! – Kate Mallatratt
Gods, ghosts and black dogs – Stanley Coren
These H&H classics are being reprinted! Click the covers or the links below to check availability.
Life skills for puppies – Helen Zulch & Daniel Mills
No walks? No worries! – Siân Ryan & Helen Zulch
Want us to let you know when a book is in stock? Simply click on the "notify me" button on the book's page on the website, or email us at info@hubbleandhattie.co.uk!
2016 Spring catalogue now available online!
Copies of our 2016 Spring catalogue are on the way, but if you can't wait til then, information on our full range of current and forthcoming books, eBooks and Apps, can be had from our digital catalogue! Check it out online now!
Want a physical copy? Email us at info@hubbleandhattie.co.uk and we'll add you to our mailing list. 
Author interview sneak peeks
We've got not one, but TWO great H&H author interviews in the works!  
We chat to Lisa Tenzin-Dolma about Charlie – The dog who came in from the wild, and with new H&H author Catherine Pickles about her upcoming book, The quite very actual adventures of Worzel Wooface: Two fantastic authors talking about two fantastic dogs!
The trailers for both interviews are available to watch now at the H&H YouTube channel. Click the stills below to watch. 
Charlie is available now, and The quite very actual adventures of Worzel Wooface will be out in March. For details, visit the H&H website. 

Keep an eye out for the full interviews, coming soon – they're not to be missed!
Hello from Teddy!
Back in October, we introduced you to Teddy, a blind donkey and life-long resident of The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, who is being adopted by H&H Publisher, Jude.
Well, Jude recently got a lovely update about Teddy from The Donkey Sanctuary that we wanted to share with you! 
"Now in his mid-20s, Teddy is beginning to feel his age, and has recently developed some arthritis."
Teddy's vet, Karen, explains that arthritis "is quite common in donkeys of his age, especially in the hips and shoulders. So we've put him on a low dose of a painkiller and he also has a rug to keep him warm."
Teddy will be getting regular check-ups to make sure that he's comfortable.
We also learned that, because Teddy is blind, his grooms have to announce themselves when they're around, so he knows they're close by. Teddy had cleverly learned to distinguish his grooms' voices from those of his visitors, and he'll often make straight for them – especially if he thinks there might be a tasty treat in it for him!
Teddy is a pro at finding his way around his paddock. His fantastic sense of hearing and carefully measured steps ensure he always knows exactly where he is. Because of this, his grooms don't ever lead Teddy over to the fence to meet visitors, as it could disorientate him. That's not to say that Teddy doens't get to enjoy meeting his visitors – he has a special spot at the bottom of the paddock that provides his three favourite things: good grazing, a suntrap, and a stroke and a scratch from his guests!
If you'd be interested in adopting a donkey like Teddy, or finding out more about the great work that The Donkey Sanctuary carries out across the globe, click here. 
The Great Catalkoy Swim-off!
 It's beginning to look a lot like ... Christmas?!
Christmas may be well and truly over, but the spirit of the season is still with us here at H&H! We recieved this fab story from our friends at KAR in Northern Cyprus over the Christmas break, and we just had to share it. Be warned – it's sure to make your toes curl and have you running for a blanket! Brrr!

"Christmas morning 2015 broke with clear blue skies and bright, bright sunshine. All across the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) people were indoors in their onesies, opening their pressies and munching on goodies. But many others were donning Lycra, funny hats or shorts (but not a thong in sight) and getting ready ... ready for The Great Catalkoy Swim-Off.

"Down at Shayna Beach, the restaurant staff were getting prepared for the onslaught – the ovens were
lit and the tea was brewing. Soon spectators and supporters (sadistic tendencies in both, surely) began to arrive. Celebrities (such as the Catalkoy Mayors assistant, one of Santa’s elves, and even Santa’s cousins) could be seen mingling (or hiding) amongst the crowd.

"Excitement (and dread!) could be felt in the air as the clock ticked towards that all important important
hour. The crowd gravitated towards the beach and parted to open a way through to the sea. Tick tock, tick tock … 11 o’clock … and suddenly The Great Catalkoy Swim was off!

"Forward the swimmers plunged, all 24 of them, and with a splish, splash, splosh they were in – amidst
screams and expletives – to the cold December sea. There was much merriment and laughter from the spectators and supporters (their sadistic tendencies begining to emerge), who stood around in their warm fleeces, trousers and dry clothes and watched, encouraging the swimmers to stay in longer. Before hypothermia set in and parts turned blue, the intrepid 24 began to emerge from the freezing sea. They were greeted with cheers, warm, dry towels and slaps on the back (to warm them up, of course). Once the shivering had stopped and the swimmers had adorned more suitable attire, it was off up the stairs for hot drinks and a hearty Christmas morning breakfast in the restaurant.

"All around the Shayna Beach Club restaurant tales of heroics (and much laughter) could be
heard. After being fed and watered (no sea water this time!) the Christmas crowd began to leave amid calls of “See you next year” and “I’ll do it next time.” – The Great Catalkoy Swim-Off had come to a close.

"Beforehand, on the day and afterwards, questions were often asked of the event’s organiser, Barbara
Fursman, and the swimmers: “Why do you do it?” “Was it worth it?” “What is the point?” Well, just maybe The Great Catalkoy Swim-Off (and its participants and sponsors) is a true reflection of the spirit of Christmas – it is about people sharing time together, having fun, enjoying the day and giving presents. It certainly achieved all that, culminating in an amazing present of 13,011.00TL, shared between three charities: KAR, NCCT and Karakum Special Needs School (receiving 4,337.00TL each). 

"From all at KAR we thank The Great Catalkoy Swim-Off and look forward to wishing them a Happy
Christmas in 2016!"
To learn more about KAR and the fantastic work they do, visit the website.
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