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Recycling Update:
To all who have taken the time to respond to my request for input on a town wide, curbside recycling program, THANK YOU.  The response was so overwhelming that I was unable to respond to everyone individually, but wanted to provide an update following last evenings town council meeting.

In short, the issue was TABLED INDEFINITELY last night because 3 out of 5 council members did not support the program as presented.  I will expound by providing an overview of the proposed program while trying to explain the facts objectively.

The plan was to be administered by Econo Waste who currently contracts with Huntsville Town to pick up and haul our trash.  For it to be economically feasible to Econo Waste, they required:
•    All residents to participate (or at least pay the fee)
•    A charge of $3.15 per month for each household that currently receives Trash pickup
•    A five year contract

In exchange, Econowaste would provide:
•    All households a blue can similar in size to our trash cans ($16,000+ investment)
•    Biweekly pick up on Mondays (they would have to send a separate truck up to haul the recyclables)

The proposal was for the town to charge residents $3.75/month ($45 per year or $225 over the life of the five year program) which would cover the Econo Waste fees as well as any administrative fees involved in administering the program.

Input on the program was requested in countless emails to nearly 160 email recipients, an article requesting input appeared on the front page of the Ogden Valley News and the issue was highlighted in the Gazette.  Additionally, a public hearing was held August 6, 2009.

Aside from the town survey of 2007, very few issues have been advertised so extensively and have received so much input from the residents.

The cities of Pleasant View and Plain City were also contacted to seek input on their programs through Econo Waste that have been in place for 1-2 years.  Plain City officials stated that their residents love the program and Pleasant View said that there was some initial opposition, but two years later residents love it and are used to it.

Here are some results from the input:
•    Some 61 households responded (about 28% +/-)
•    Of those, 55 (90%) were overwhelmingly in favor of a recycling program
•    100% of those who spoke at the public hearing were in favor of the program
•    A large majority were willing to pay much more than the proposed $3.75
How much are you willing to Pay?
Some concerns expressed by other members of the council include:
•    I don’t want to be told I have to do something (mandatory, all or nothing program)
•    The $3.75 may be financially burdensome on some residents on a fixed income
•    Let’s wait and see if the economy improves
•    I am not interested

Those are valid concerns and a resident at the meeting suggested an “adopt a can” program whereas residents could help those in need with the monthly fee.

It was also suggested that we could have an “opt out” program where residents were given a certain date in which they could opt out if they chose not to participate.  Alternatively, an “opt in” program was suggested.

According to the Standard Examiner, “No municipality in the state has successfully enacted an opt-out recycling program, but Centerville officials feel there is enough support in their community that they can make it happen.”

“Farmington officials also considered an opt-in program, which requires residents to sign up for the service.
Harbertson admits that option would probably take too long to implement to be successful or financially viable.”

Here is a link to the complete article

During last nights meeting, resident Jenny Harris was extremely passionate about recycling and is considering going door to door to seek input from residents and neighbors and to see who would sign up for such a program.  One of the council members stated that if she could get enough support then he would consider changing his mind.

Jenny could certainly use your help, so if you share a passion for recycling or would like to get the program revived:
•    Contact Jenny and offer your assistance in going door to door to seek input from your neighbors
•    Contact your town council members and let them know if you support or oppose the proposed program
•    Brainstorm to help find alternative solutions to the concerns of Council Members and residents who may be opposed to the concept of recycling

Thanks again for taking the time to provide input.
That's All For Now:
Have a great week... 
Richard L. Sorensen
Huntsville Town Council
Huntsville Town, PO Box 267, Huntsville, Utah 84317