Saskia Laroo Newsletter
January 31, 2024

Dive into the vibrant world of Saskia Laroo as we celebrate her impressive career in this edition. Uncover exclusive insights into Saskia's artistic journey, from her early days to becoming a celebrated trumpet player, bandleader, and composer. Don't miss our special feature on her role as an artist in residence at the hip and groovy JAZZ AAN DE SJTASIE festival, a testimony to her ongoing influence in the jazz scene. Join us as we explore the unique blend of music and passion that defines Saskia Laroo's illustrious career.

Looking ahead, we're excited to bring you more from the dynamic world of Saskia Laroo. Stay tuned for an exclusive sneak peek into upcoming concerts, including the much-anticipated live performances by the Saskia Laroo Band. We'll also delve into future projects and collaborations that continue to push the boundaries of jazz. Expect engaging interviews, behind-the-scenes content, and special announcements as we journey through 2024 with Saskia's music leading the way. Get ready for a year filled with rhythm, innovation, and the unmistakable sound of Saskia Laroo.
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Kicking Off the Year with Exciting Developments!
Dear Music Friends,
How are you? We hope all music lovers are doing well in this relatively new year. Whether you are enjoying music artistry by attending live performances or relaxing at home with online shows, or if you are an event organizer filling your festival or concert schedule, remember that January is almost over and we’re stepping into February - a special month in my jubileum year as a performer, composer, and producer of feel-good music. I've been spreading love worldwide with unique blends of music for all ages and cultures.

Celebrating 45 Years of Musical Excellence
Celebrating 45 years on stage, I've toured globally with my bands, now mainly the Saskia Laroo Band, Duo Laroo/Byrd, and Jazzkia, offering a vibrant mix of jazz, funk, hip-hop, pop, Latin, world, and dance music. Last year, I was honored in the Netherlands as the most touring female artist of 2022. Reflecting on the countries I've performed in brings back fond memories and the wonderful people I've met.

A Journey Through Time: Compiling Memories and Melodies
I'm currently compiling videos, audio, and photos from my performances at festivals, clubs, and other events for this jubilee year. You can already explore my global performance history here: Saskia Laroo Live History. If you have any photos, videos, or even secret bootleg recordings, please share them with me to enrich this collection.
Laroo Records: Three Decades of Harmonic Innovation
My label, Laroo Records, is also celebrating its 30th anniversary, and I'm brainstorming ways to mark this milestone. Your creative ideas are most welcome! Check out my latest release "Trumpets Around The World" and my complete discography here: Saskia Laroo Discography.

Upcoming Shows: A Calendar of Can't-Miss Performances
We continue to perform at both large and small events and festivals. Upcoming shows in the Netherlands include a performance by the Saskia Laroo Band with the legendary Hans Dulfer for Royal Jazz on April 27 in de Bullekerk, Zaandam, and a three-day artist-in-residence program with Laroo/Byrd from June 7-9 for Jazz at the Sjtasie, a new international festival.
Join Us Live: Exclusive Invitations to Upcoming Jazz Events
Some special upcoming performances include:
  • Jazzkia featuring Warren Byrd on February 25 at Jazz On The Waves in Texel. Click here for tickets and more info 
  • The Saskia Laroo Band March 2 at De Bunker in Gorinchem for BunkerLIve. Click here for more info and tickets
  • Duo Laroo/Byrd with Nol van Bennekom’s Alan Easy Band February 18 in Blaricum. Click here for more info. 
  • More details at Saskia Laroo Live.

Stay Connected: Your Gateway to the World of Jazz
For bookings and more information, feel free to contact me directly at We hope to hear from you or see you at one of our shows!
Stay musical,
Keep on swinging,
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