Hello Gang!

Every single, dingle year we promise ourselves that we will try and stay tame and only do a few events for Beer Week and every year we fail miserably, much to our chagrin and of course your benefit. Hopefully your internet browsing chair has a seat belt or at the very least your computer comes equipped with air bags.

June 2nd
Please, Mr. Strawberry was my father, you can call me Johnny
It never ceases to amaze us how many "sour" beers there are. Even more so we remain ever so grateful for having one of the best wild breweries right in our own state!
Join us for a full day jelly packed with fruited sours from the ever irascible and always hyperbolic Johnny Compton of Highway Manor. Join us all day as we celebrate his fruity and sour treats. All the Misters will be in attendance; Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, and Raspberry. A veritable plethora of barrel aged and blended fruit sours from one of the most original characters in our industry we have ever met.

June 3rd
You paid for the whole acre but you'll only need half. The cost, just your S├śLE
What do you get when you pair a mid west beast of a brewery with arguably the most elusive brewery in our fair commonwealth? A day so indulgent you may actually need Instagram to help you remember. This event will be off the charts. Amazing beer made by even better people.

June 4th
You can't rock that stuff unless you discard the Fluff. FluffEd's Powerful Pilsner Promenade!
You can't talk about Philly Beer Week without recognizing our fascination with well made lagers, particularly pilsners. It gets so hard for us to decide we actually had to bring in an outside expert, our dear friend/colleague/brother Ed Friedland, the architect of the craft beer grandeur we get to experience every single day in our rebel city. Refined and elegant pilsners will be on hand all darn day. Bagby, Firestone Walker and Russian River will be representing the west coast while our local pals from Sly Fox, Great Lakes and Heavy Seas will be locking down the set for us east enders. Tasty chow from Chef Jesse Kimball including pilsner braised sausage as well as our take on the tried and true FlufferNutter.

June 5th
Burial Brewing Company in the beer garden
9 years ago we were lucky to have some folks in from the Asheville who were taking a break from drinking beer across Philadelphia to drink more beer at Memphis Tarpoom. After some witty conversation they showed their cards and told us they had just opened a brewery and we got to talking. Well it took about 7 years before we were able to actually get their beer, but we got it first and it as amazing. These folks make truly amazing beer and we will have a tidy little range of their beers in the garden and inside available. You're welcome.

June 6th
Who got the funk? Memphis Tap gets funky with Wicked Weed Brewing paired with our own mad scientist Chef Jesse Kimball. Exquisite sours and funked up taster plates are the order of the day. Come in your best sparkling clothes and platform shoes to celebrate this dazzling array of flavors from that famous funkatorium down south.

June 7th
Founder's THC Derby
While we maintain a rigorous duty to a schedule we do understand that you can't always be on time. There are 2 times a day however that you need to be on time for no matter what and it ain't 4:19! Join us for a celebration of the Midwest Monster Founder's Brewing Company. Of course we all know that they hit it out of the park, but why should they get to have all the fun. Hitters report for practice at 5 PM sharp for a can hitting tee ball extravaganza sure to leave you balking! Wait, can you balk in tee ball. The real fun starts at 6:30 when everyone hits for the prize of bragging rights. House made Cracker Jax and a hot dog fixin' bar will be on hand. Um, what else? Oh, right. K.B.S. and a real live organ player! The instrument the organ, not someone that is actually playing organs. Ugh...

June 8th
Captain Lawrence gets all kinds of RAW!
With help from Chef Jesse Kimball of course! Join us as we celebrate our unabashed appreciation for the beers from Captain Lawrence. We have never called him Captain Larry, except for that one time, but that's another story. A nice and tidy range of beers, Dan Conway and a selection of oysters and carpaccio from the hardest working crew in Kensington.

June 9th
All the brews that fit for prints!
Join us as we celebrate the marriage of the arts. We are doing a special round up of the very best gypsy beers from Mikkeller (draft and cans) with a special appearance by Keith Shore, illustrator of some of the best beer art we have ever seen outside of a glass. Get here fast as we will be featuring 50, ahem, 49 (after we take one for our house) limited edition prints promoting this once in a lifetime event.

June 10th
6th Annual Homebrew and Hot Dog Festival
Every craft revolution has started in homes: Beer, distillation, cooking, hot dogs; well maybe not hot dogs
Seriously, this is our favorite event of the year. A shameless celebration of home made craft beer and hot dogs. This event is ticketed and we suggest you get on top of it now. This event sells out every year and this one should be no different. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/6th-annual-memphis-taprooms-hot-dog-and-homebrew-extravaganza-tickets-34667291803 - See more at: http://phillylovesbeer.org/events/hot-dog-homebrew-extravaganza-at-memphis-taproom#sthash.aiwURAIN.dpuf

June 11th
Ich Bin Ein Berliner und Heir Curt Decker!
In 1999 there were two fellas from Nodding Head Brewing Company, Curt Decker and Brandon Greenwood, were sitting in Ludwig's Garten on Sansom Street drinking Berliner Weisse out of ridiculously large glasses when they hatched the idea to re introduce a style of beer that had all but been forgotten. Remember now that this was before the worlds great awakening of sour and tart beer. True story, one could buy as much Cantillon as they wanted and Rodenbach was too much for some people. Flash forward almost 20 years later and we have a completely different beer landscape. Make no mistake, Curt Decker has been carrying the torch for this style of beer since people were coming up to him and saying "hey dude, why you carrying that torch?" Well we haven't forgotten and our ardor burns just as bright for this almost extinct style of beer. Of course Curt being Curt he would never stand for a celebration of him alone so we have flanked him with our pals from Coppertail in Florida as well as a boutique brewery in Delaware. Okay, It's Dogfish Head, but keep it a secret. We don't want them getting too big.

Whew. That's a lot of intel, but rest assured, we will be on hand daily to make sure these events go off swimmingly.

As always, thanks for paying attention and we hope to see you early and often.

Your guys and gals at Memphis Taproom