Fun :) Healthy Chinese Cuisine Teacher Training Workshops are coming FREE to your area soon
Fun:) Healthy Chinese Cuisine TEACHER TRAINING WORKSHOP:
Date: Saturday 26th Oct 2019
Venue: Ming-Ai London Institute, London N11 2LX
Time: 11AM-4PM

NOTE - Places are limited to first come, first served.
If you cannot come please cancel in good time to allow other food teachers on the waiting list to enjoy the course instead.
This training day is only open to food teaching staff in schools.
Don't miss it! Why this is a great training day
  • This training is fully subsidised (free).
  • Feedback from other teachers praise this high quality course delivery, development of expert level practical skills for GCSE and Vocational courses and healthy recipes to use in modern classrooms.
  • Teachers get the opportunity to enter the competition with the prize of an amazing trip to Hong Kong.
Join FUN:) HCCA free Teacher Training with professional trainer to learn about Chinese regional cuisines and gain new skills to complement your teaching. The training day covers a range of Chinese dishes & cooking methods, and, all food teachers will have an opportunity to compete for a prize trip to Hong Kong & China!
  • Presentation “Chinese Regional Cuisines & How Sauces are Used”.
  • Cooking Demonstration of 5 popular Chinese dishes.
  • Teachers Practical & Competition, participants cook 2 dishes.
  • Finalist for “Advanced Chinese Cookery Workshop & Grand Final” is announced.
  • Feedback & Q&A
See the video from the 2018 Hong Kong Trip with 3 lucky UK food teachers -
Check out the FUN:) Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors Website, contact via email or @funhcca on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more details.
FUN:) is managed by Ming-Ai (London) Institute, a North London-based charity promoting Chinese culture and history, & project partner Lee Kum Kee, world-renowned sauce manufacturer.
Best wishes from FUN:) and the Food Teachers Centre team
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