June 21, 22, 23, 24, 2012
CoHo's Summer Solo Festival
Cory Huff, Mormon Redneck Thespian
Lawrence Howard, Bird In The Dojo
Lynne Duddy, Damn-it, I'm Irish!
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Morman Redneck Thespian, written and performed by Cory Huff and directed by Lynne Duddy and Lawrence Howard was originally a workshop production at the Fertile Ground Festival. It then premiered at Portland Story Theater's Solo Festival, Singlehandedly! this past April, which was funded in part by a generous grant from RACC.

Lynne Duddy and Lawrence Howard are excited to be opening for Cory Huff, a Portland Story Theater alum and local actor, storyteller, and performer, at CoHo's Summer Solo Festival on June 21, 22, 23 (8PM) and June 24 (2PM).
Tickets are only $15 and may be purchased by calling CoHo at 503-220-2646 or by going onlineCoHo Theatre is located at 2257 NW Raleigh in Portland.  
"Cory worked through so much within himself to discover his true story and its authentic core," says Lawrence.  "Yes," adds Lynne, "Watching Cory develop this solo show and deliver it with such power and passion is gratifying."   
Lynne will tell Éist! Is Éireannach mé! (that's Gaelic for Damn-it, I'm Irish!), a true story of how fate brought the love child of one father under the protection of another, and Lawrence will tell Bird In The Dojo, a story about his brilliant but short-lived career in the martial arts.
May the narrative be with you,
Lynne, Lawrence, and Penny
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