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"Craig's List" cat is rescued...
Australian man's life saved by cats...
Help your cat stay cool this summer...


Have you heard of Craig's List? It's a very popular
web site where people advertise just about everything,
from the ordinary to the very weird.

While they have a policy against advertising pets for
sale, a lot of pet-related ads show up. Here's one that
not only was strange, but ended up saving a stranded

A man in Denver, Colorado had been unable to get a cat
to come down out of a 60-foot tree in front of his
house. The poor thing had been up there for 5 days
while he was trying to find someone who could help.

After contacting a number of local agencies who either
could not or would not help, in desperation, he ran an
ad on the popular classified ad site. And it's not even
his cat!

A woman responded to the ad and hired a tree trimmer to
go do the job. She then had the cat neutered before
giving him to some children who wanted to keep him.

This story appeared on Channel 9 News in Denver on June 25,
as well as in the Rocky Mountain News.


Cats saved a man's life in western Australia this weekend.
The man, who lives in Perth, was alerted by his pet cats
to a fire in a back room of his house and he was able to
summon help from the fire department.

Unfortunately, the blaze damaged the house beyond repair and
whatever remains must be demolished. His 2 dogs were resuscitated
at the scene, and he was taken to a local hospital. Looks like
everyone is OK, thanks to the kitties!


Does your cat like to lounge in the sink? How about on
a tile floor? While many cats simply enjoy this, give
it a thought if you're having hot weather right now. Kitty
just might be doing it to cool off.

Cats can suffer from heat-related problems, just as we can.
They are covered with fur, and don't really sweat. They also
don't pant as readily as dogs do, so if yours is panting,
the problem has reached severe proportions and you need to
take some action to prevent brain injury or death.

To begin with, help her stay cool in the first place. Provide
plenty of cool, fresh water. If you have a room that is cooler
than the others, consider keeping her in there. Basements are
good, if you have one. If not, and there is no air conditioning,
use a fan to circulate air inside the house.

What NOT to do:

1. Never ever shave a cat just to cool her down. The fur
does offer some protection from sunburn, though very short haired
cats and those of a very light color (or white) are prone to
sunburn anyway. Cool her another way.

2. Never leave any pet in a parked car. You already know the
temperature can skyrocket quickly in there, and leaving a window
down a bit does not offer lower temperatures.

3. Never tie a cat outdoors as you would a dog. Don't tie the
dog either, as they could be exposed to direct sunlight when
the sun moves and become sunburned as well as overheated.

4. If the cat is in distress, it's probably time to run to the
vet. Signs of distress include panting, gums turning red, cat
appears drunk or uncoordinated. Wrap her in a moist towel for
the trip and use a pet carrier. Drape a damp towel over that, too.

WEB SITES to explore

(Cat stuck on electric wires... Rescued! Thanks, Jean.)

(Thanks, Paul!)

I have just read and signed this petition: "Save the Ocelot from the
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issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds,
but can truly make a difference. They are trying to reach 15,000
signatures - please sign here (if you are in the U.S.):


Japanese Standing Cats?


Here's a cute little video. It's not very active, and
nothing much happens, but it's cute. It's here for
certain people who are interested in this subject...
you know who you are! ;-)



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