Deutsch-Kurzhaar Group
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August 2020
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  • President's Message
    by Frank O'Leary
  • DKGNA Raffle
  • Utah Training Day
    by Alec Losee
  • Ask the Breed Warden
    by Randall Cherry
  • Hip Dysplasia Coordinator Report
  • by Jeff English
  • DKGNA Facebook Page and DKGNA Member Group Page
  • Join the DKGNA 
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Board of Directors
Frank O'Leary, President
DKGNA Board of Directors
Tyler Smith, Vice-President
DKGNA Board of Directors
Michael Albert, Secretary
DKGNA Board of Directors
Marianne O'Leary, Treasurer
DKGNA Board of Directors
Randall Cherry,
Breed Warden
DKGNA Board of Directors
Jörg Kaltenegger
DKGNA Director of Testing/Director of Judging Development
Jeff Martin
DKGNA Director of Membership Education
Tony Dolle
DKGNA Director of Development
Newsletter Editor
Marianne O'Leary
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President's Message
by Frank O'Leary
As fall approaches many of us are trying to get in all the training we can in preperation for the Solms/Derby.  However, as you can see in Walla Walla it has been a little warm!!  The top number is the outside tempature at 5:30 PM on July 30th.  So we train from 5:00 AM until about 7:30 AM and then it is getting too hot.
We have been able to have some early morning training days in Walla Walla that have been valuable for those in attendance.
We are optimistic that testing will resume in the fall.  Be sure to review the DKGNA Testing Schedule and sign up for your fall test ASAP.  You should check with your test coordinator to see if there are training days available prior to your test.  Also, prior to traveling to your test site be sure to correspond with the test coordinator regarding any local restrictions that may be in place.
As stated in the last publication, the category of “Founding Life Members” closed on July 31st.  We are very proud of the twenty-three individuals that are have become “Life Members” of the DKGNA as of that date.  We deeply appreciate these members support and commitment to breed and the DKGNA.  Regular Life Memberships in the DKGNA are still available.  The DKGNA total membership as of this date stands at one hundred plus.
We look forward to seeing many of you at the Fall Tests.  Keep up the training but be careful that your dog so they doesn’t over heat.
Frank O’Leary, President
2020 DKGNA Raffle!!
The Deutsch-Kurzhaar Group North America (DKGNA), 501(c)(3) non-profit, 2020 Raffle is off to a great start!   The prizes are phenomenal and sales are brisk.  As of this writing almost eighty of the one hundred and twenty-five tickets have been sold.
For starters, the lucky winners will have his/her choice of three great prizes.  First a four person three-day hunt at Hunt Oregon, LLC, near Pendleton, OR, (valued at $12,000).  Second a Berretta 686 Silver Pigeon over/under shotgun.  This is a two-barrel set – 20/28 gauge (valued at $3,675).  Third, a two-person two day wild boar, whitetail deer, and quail hunt at Alger Flats Outfitters, in Perdues Hill, AL (valued at $2,500).  Click here to view Raffle Flyer.
The Hunt Oregon trip is for four hunters for three days and four nights. All meals and lodging for the hunt are included and there is a daily hosted open bar. Hunts take place on the Cunningham Sheep Company ranch, famous for its upland bird habitat and wild bird numbers. This is one of the oldest family-owned ranches in Oregon and has only been hunted by the family and their friends until recently.  The trip includes transportation to and from the Pasco, WA, airport and bird processing is included. Hunters are responsible for their licenses and ammunition.
The Berretta 686 Silver Pigeon over/under shotgun is a two-barrel set – 20/28 gauges, the perfect gun for an upland bird hunter.
The Alger Flats Outfitter hunt is for two hunters for two days and three nights.  All meals are included.  The hunt includes the opportunity for wild boar, whitetail deer, and quail. 
Winners for the raffle will be drawn after November 2020 or when the number of sold tickets reaches 125. Tickets are $100 each and all proceeds benefit DKGNA events and its educational efforts.
The first person drawn in the raffle gets his/her choice of the top prize; the second person drawn gets second choice; the third person drawn gets third choice.
For your convenience we have made the tickets available electronically via PayPal. 
Please help with the marketing of the DKGNA Raffle.  If you need additional tickets, please do not hesitate to contact Marianne O’Leary at 509-520-0819 or
DKGNA Utah Training Days
by Alec Losee
We’ve all been there, from first time dog owners to guys with 10 dogs and a pile of Prize Ones under their belt; we’ve all been laying in bed with just under two months to go tossing and turning all night thinking about the drag or the blind retrieve, or some piece of the Solms test. Training days help to put these thoughts at ease and bring everything into focus.
As someone who has been around hunting dogs but is a first time DK owner it is amazing to see the dedication of this club and its leaders to its members. Testing can be a daunting task no matter how prepared you are and this year it will be even more so for the majority of dogs testing in the Solms. My pup was born last July and from the moment I picked him up we were getting after it, and a had a wild first season with him from waterfowl, to chukar, to sharptailed grouse, but all the while the Derby was in the back of my mind. Many others and I had similar thoughts of using the Derby test to get an idea of how it feels to test, how the DK tests are run and how to deal with that stress both in yourself and your dog. More than anything we wanted to be introduced to the DK testing system with the low stress of the Derby.
Derby got canceled. Thank you Covid. Solms for dogs the same age as mine was this year or never, and it became time to buckle down. Training by yourself and getting a couple days in a week is invaluable, but you can read the Gray Book start to finish and have a list of questions longer than the Gray Book. That is where training days come to the rescue.
Ask the Breed Warden
by Randall Cherry
One of the most frequent questions I am asked is now do I register a Kennel Name?
The process is fairly simple:
  • You Access the Kennel Name Application Form on the DKGNA web page.
  • You submit the completed form to the breed Warden with your $60.00 payment.
  • Your kennel is then inspected by the Breed Warden or his representative.
  • Your Kennel Name Application and the Kennel Inspection Form is then submitted to the DKV for their review and approval.
  • Once approved by the DKV, the paperwork will be sent to the DKGNA Breed Warden who will inform you of the approval.
Hip Dysplasia Coordinator Report
by Jeff English, DVM
As of 31 July 2020, the following DKGNA DK’s have been evaluated:
  1. Victor vom Beaver Creeks
    0039/18       HDA-2
The process has been working smoothly, to date, with prompt results from Germany.  I would like to remind everyone that positioning is very important when obtaining optimal radiographs, so please go over the results with your veterinarian before he/she reverses sedation on your dog, and also ensure that the required data is on the radiograph.   Keep in mind that although I do need your original Ahnentafel for signing when results are in, you can email me good jpeg images (both sides) of the Ahnentafel when you send the radiograph, and as soon as I have payment confirmation, I can send the data on to Germany.
Jeff English, DVM
DKGNA Facebook Page
DKGNA Member Group Page
The Deutsch-Kurzhaar Group North America Facebook page is our public page to promote the DKGNA. Through Facebook and other social media platforms, we are hoping to spread the passion for the dogs we’ve all come to love, both in the home and in field.
The focus of this page will be promotion of both the breed and the DKGNA as a club. Within the membership we have devoted members, great dogs, outstanding bloodlines, and dedicated breeders that we’d love to share with the Facebook community.  We hope to grow our membership and expand the influence of the breed within the North America.
Keep an eye on the page for info pertaining to upcoming events and DK highlights!
We’ve gone ahead and kept it simple with the name being simply Deutsch-Kurzhaar Group North America and the handle on both Facebook and Instagram being DKGNA.  
We have also lunching the “DKGNA Member Facebook Group Page”.  We welcome all members to participate in what we refer to as “Kurzhaar Kulture!”  This page is intended to be a hub for DKGNA club members for group discussion and member-only content intended to educate, inform and support members in training their DKs for DKGNA events and realizing their potential as versatile hunting companions. To be added as a member of this group, join the DKGNA and search Facebook Groups for "DKGNA Member Forum" and request to be added. 
Join the DKGNA
The Deutsch-Kurzhaar Club North America looks forward to our second year as a member of the DKV and looks forward to becoming a trusted and vibrant promoter of the Deutsch-Kurzhaar in North America.
The DKGNA Board of Directors continues to work hard to position the club for success.  It is our hope that the DKGNA will be a model club where DK enthusiasts can work together to educate all interested persons in the techniques of training, breeding and caring for Deutsch-Kurzhaar dogs; to conduct tests; to promote responsible breeding of DK’s; foster, improve, promote, and protect the DK’s in North America; and promote the interest of wildlife by fostering ethical hunting and the conservation of game through educational programs, the use of properly trained hunting dogs, and other means.
In an effort to promote youth participation in the DKGNA the Board of Directors has established a special category for members 17 years of age and under.  These Youth members will pay half of the regular dues fees and be non-voting member same as family members. 
To become a member of the DKGNA please complete the membership application form by clicking – Membership ApplicationThis fillable form will work in you Internet Explorer or Chrome browser, it will not work in Fire Fox. You can submit electronically and you will be billed and can submit payment through PayPal.  You can also print your application, enclose a check, and mail the package to the address on the application.
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