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Newsletter Jan & Feb 2016
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Paul Sochacki: Epistemic Heartbreak
Current solo exhibition at EXILE, Berlin
Closing: Jan 16, 2016



Steven Warwick: NEUTRAL
Upcoming solo exhibition at EXILE, Berlin
Opening: Jan 30, 2016



Martin Kohout: Jokes Machines Make About Humans: 1st Infusion
Current solo exhibition at Polansky Gallery, Prague
Closing: Jan 9, 2016



Kazuko Miyamoto: Kazuko Miyamoto. Curated by Matthieu Poirier
Current solo exhibition at Circuit, Lausanne
Closing Finisage: Jan 12, 2016



Kazuko Miyamoto: Eppur Si Muove
Current group exhibition at Mudam, Luxembourg
Closing: Jan 17, 2016



Martin Kohout: Jokes Machines Make About Humans: 2nd Infusion
Upcoming solo exhibition at Kunst Raum Riehen, Basel
Opening: Jan 21, 2016



Katharina Marszewski: All Eyez Inn
Current solo exhibition at L'etrangere, London
Closing: Jan 23, 2016



Upcoming group exhibition at Antiguo Hospital de Santa María la Rica, Alcalá de Henares
Aggtelek: Alcalá Visual. Premio Ciudad de Alcalá de Artes Visuales 2015
Opening: Jan 28, 2016



Gwenn Thomas: The Silo. Curated by Raphael Rubinstein
Current group exhibition at Garth Greenan Gallery, New York
Closing: Feb 6, 2016



Patrick Panetta: Scale of Rating. Curated by Patrick C. Haas and Jonas Schenk
Upcoming solo exhibition at Melange, Cologne
Opening: Feb 6, 2016



Aggtelek: Casa Leibniz. Curated by Cristina Anglada
Upcoming group exhibition at Palacio Santa Barbara, Madrid
Opening: Feb 24, 2016


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