Issue #4                                                      September 2015
eNews for our Wholesale Customers
Hello & welcome!
It's September and if you're thinking that means we have a new pattern to roll-out, then you're RIGHT!
Earlier this month we released the Triple Play. Many of you have been following the development of this design on our Blog, but  here's an interior pic showing its 2 roomy pouch areas AND zipper Core pocket.
The sample at left is shown with a ruched cord trim AND a pieced kaleidoscope front panel, but this bag can also be made with a pleated ruffled edge and a flat front panel (click here).
You can find our products listed with Checker, Brewer and United Notions but remember, we are always happy to sell product directly to our customers if that is preferable to you!
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So... Here's TEN links I thought were
worth clicking on this month!
From the World of Sewing
  • The Importance of Labeling your Quilt-One of the often overlooked, but very critical details in making a quilt is the addition of a label. As a matter of fact it's probaby the most forgotten step in the process or maybe even an afterthought.  Click HERE to read more.
From the Trade Show Floor
  • Will we See you at Fall Quilt Market?-       A month from now my husband and I will be on the road in Houston, TX to vend at the Fall International Quilt Market. Will YOU be attending? It's loads of fun and you're guaranteed to go home enthused and inspired (even though you also may have sore feet).                            This year we'll be stationed in Booth #823 and we'd LOVE for you to stop by and chat with us! AND... if you mention that you are a subscriber to "Katching Up" we'll give you a special prize!       See ya there!  :)

From the IT Department
  • Have You Tried OneNote?- It's a lot like Word but even better actually. It's really great place for saving notes and links for future use. Kinda like bookmarking only WAY BETTER! You'd have to really play with it to realize all of its features, but it's a terrific program if you have the use for it. Click HERE to find out more!
From the World of Business
  • Five New Payment Terms you NEED to know!Click HERE to get explanations of the five top digital payment technologies you’ve probably been hearing some chatter about.
From the World of Social Media
  • Five Tips for Using Pinterest- I don't know about you but Social Media is getting more and MORE complicated by the day. That's why it's important to know what's "important" for each platform. This article will give you FIVE great tips to help you grow your Pinterest following. Click HERE to get started.
Dealing with People
  • What Working Retail Teaches You about People- Working retail can be a tough and thankless job... but then I probably don't have to tell YOU that, right? Click HERE to read this interesting and sometimes humorous take on this subject.
From Where I Sit
  • Coloring Books for Adults- Here's a secret of mine... I LOVE to color. Yep, that's right, I'm talking about with crayons or colored pencils. It's how I relax...unwind. (It's less expensive or potentially dangerous than getting drunk!) But here's the deal... all of sudden, it seems that coloring is "in vogue".         Click HERE to find out more.  
From Our Blog
  • "ShowRooming"...Are You Familiar with this Term?- It's controvertial and it may be happening under your nose as we speak.                                 Click HERE to find out more!
StudioKat Designs Product Spotlight
Have you seen our new "chunky" O-rings? They're 1.5" wide and we rolled them out special to go with our Triple Play pattern we unveiled this month.
Just click HERE to get more info about them and also the rest of our metal notions and as usual, our products are carried with pride by Checker, Brewer and United Notions!
And don't forget-- It's a GREAT day to be sewing!  Laughing
I hope you found some of these links useful and if you'd like to give us feedback about what you liked or didn't like about this newsletter, we're all ears!
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