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                                                                                         November 2014
THE MISSION of the Dr. Nina Davies Epilepsy Foundation is to improve the lives of those afflicted through increased research efforts, a better treatment modality and the elimination of the stigma and prejudice that surrounds this disease in all facets of public life.     We must bring epilepsy "out of the closet"!!
Mr. & Mrs. Don Presley, Some of Nina's Angels
Nina's angels are those people who have contributed $500 dollars or more to the UCLA Endowed Chair or the Foundation.The donations can be in cash or in kind, such as services, printing, designing of materials or contributing vendor space at the many conferences we have attended. WOULD YOU CONSIDER BECOMING ONE OF NINA'S ANGELS? PLEASE HELPS US BY FORWARDING THIS TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS, PLACING IT ON YOUR WEB SITE OR ANY OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA THAT YOU HAVE ACCESS TO. HELP THE MILLIONS AFFECTED BY THIS DISEASE. Check us out on Facebook
About Mr. & Mrs. Presley, Don Presley Auctions
When we lost our wonderful daughter two years ago, all we wanted to do was to divest ourselves of things accumulated over 50 years of marriage. My husband picked up the phone and found an auction company in Orange County, California. We knew nothing about the auction or its owner Don Presley.

We packed a truck full of boxes, some valuable and some not. When we got to the warehouse, we left some information about Nina’s Endowed Chair and Foundation. We let them know that all proceeds would go for epilepsy. We also left a few books of Nina’s story, “Nina’s Courage in Epilepsy”.

Before the large auction was to take place (by the way our possessions looked like junk compared to the high quality of objects which we saw in the warehouse), Mr. Presley whom we had never met called us to let us know that he had read Nina’s story and was deeply moved by the plight of all those who suffer seizures. He featured Nina on his website to advertise this most underfunded and discriminated disease.

We were moved to tears by Mr. Presley who without knowing us decided to help such an unpopular cause. His generosity did not stop there. He DONATED his time and a SIZABLE COMMISSION to the Foundation as well as selling a number of her books to the public. He also had all his employees read Nina's story and thus they all helped and got behind Don's effort. Thanks to all of them.
The Don Presley Auction Website has a logo that links people to information about Nina. He also created a special page for recently updated information about the Foundation.  Thank you Don.
A million thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Presley for being Nina’s Angels and for caring enough to help all those who suffer this devastating disease. (By the way, after all was said and done, we did finally drive to Orange County to meet this wonderful, loving and humane couple).

We love you, Nadia and Tom Davies (Nina’s parents)
Future Issues will have personal stories about the battle with epilepsy
In the past few months we have received touching stories from individuals who have epilepsy, their friends and their parents.  All of them are worthy of sharing, but we have selected a few that we will share in the months ahead.  If you have a story of courage, or dispair, or of the events surrounding the life of an indivudal with epilepsy, please forward it to us.  You can e-mail directly through our website under the "Contact us" section or by letter. The "Contact us" mail comes directly to our computer.  We will respect your privacy and only share what you want us to share, we would certainly change the names. We know, we lived with the need for privacy and secrecy to protect our daughter for 50 years. 
Coming Events - Save November 10, 2013
REMINDER  A terrific band, SLEDD, has taken on the cause of epilepsy and will be singing a song written especially for Nina. The headline band is  Queensryche starring Jeff Tate.
In 2012 Nadia Davies, Nina’s mother wrote a poem titled “Bondad”.  The words to the song are based on it.  Both will be in a Special November Newsletter and placed in Facebook on the Foundation page, and Nadia’s page.

The concert will start at 7:00pm  at the Ramona MainStage, 626 Main Street, Ramona, CA.  Doors open at 6:00pm.  Click on Ramona Main Stage for Tickets and Directions. 
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