Volume 7, Number 7                                                                                                   May 2015
From the Editor

I always enjoyed hanging out at my nudist club this time of year, because that’s when you meet the truly committed nudists, the fearless skinny-dippers and hardcore sunbathers who are undeterred by springtime’s volatile weather, undaunted by the unpredictable cold snaps and dangerous thunderstorms. I admire the tenacity of those nudists who lounge by the pool on a fifty-degree April afternoon.  Oh, I know plenty of nudists who are willing to sip Bellinis at luxurious resorts or frolic on sunny beaches, but it takes real determination to play volleyball in a driving rain or run a clothing-optional 5K on a treacherously muddy trail.
It was around this time of year that I saw a guest arrive in our club’s parking lot just as the National Weather Service was issuing a tornado warning for the county. “Hurry up!” he shouted to his friend, frantically unbuttoning his shirt as the sky became ominously dark. “We got to get to the pool before this hits!”
Now that’s commitment.
If you’re one of those folks that can’t wait until summer to visit your favorite nudist club, you’re in luck, because there’s a lot to do in our region this month.  
Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest times of the year at most of our clubs, so be sure to check out our events calendar and follow our Facebook page for a complete list of upcoming AANR-East events!  

Dyer Woods Campground needs your help with spring cleanup! If you can help by giving a few hours of your time on May 2-3 or May 9-10, please contact the camp.  The gate will be open by 9:00 a.m. each day. There'll be treats for everyone who actively participates.  ​​Free coffee will be available in the morning along with donuts and banana bread!  ​Free lunch ​will also be provided.  All non-members who help will also be given a complimentary pass ​good for 1 visit at any time during the 2015 season.


Bell Acres Resort is transforming the club house into the Bell & Whistle English-style pub, where you will be able to enjoy a BYOB drink and great company. Soon, Bell Acres will have Georgia's largest heated nudist pool!
Solair is one of many nudist resorts celebrating Cinco de Mayo this weekend! 
Remember to visit our events calendar and follow our Facebook page for a complete list of upcoming AANR-East events!  

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