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Pentamind World Championship
G Andres Kuusk
S Matthew Hathrell
B Tim Hebbes
G JNR Martin Hobemagi
S JNR Edmund Smith

Pentamind Ladies World Championship
G Madli Mirme
S Emily Watson
B Madeleine Heppell

Amateur Poker World Championship
G Ankush Khandelwahl
S Andres Kuusk
B Martin Hobemagi

A complete list of medals can be viewed here. 

Andres Kuusk wins the 2014 Pentamind World Championship
Congratulations to Andres Kuusk for winning this year's Pentamind World Championship! The Pentamind is a unique meta-event at the olympiad, which celebrates the best all round games player in the world.
Any event at Mind Sports Olympiad can count towards that year’s Pentamind, and the player with the highest top five scores is crowned the Pentamind World Champion. This year’s Pentamind went down to the wire with Matthew Hathrell leading going in to the last session. Andres took gold in the Lost Cities event which clinched his Pentamind title. Andres also won the Boku World Championship, the Kamisado World Championship, the Lines of Action World Championship, and Poker 5 Card Draw. 
Pentamind medals were also awarded to Matthew Hathrell with silver and Tim Hebbes with bronze.
This is the third time that Andres has won the Pentamind having previously won it in 2011 and sharing it with Ankush Khandelwahl in 2013. Many of his Estonian compatriots were also triumphant this year–including Martin Hobemagi who won the Junior Pentamind World Championship and Madli Mirme who won the Women’s Pentamind World Championship.
Madli Mirme wins the Women's Pentamind
[Madlie Mirme is awarded the Women's Pentamind Gold Medal by Etan Ilfeld]
This year's Women's Pentamind medalists include Emily Watson (silver) and Madeleine Heppell (bronze).
Thanks to MSO's sponsors, Winton Capital Management, Mitsubishi UK and DeepMind, a total of £8500 of prize money was awarded including £1200 to this year's Pentamind World Champion, Andres Kuusk. 
The Hassabis Family triumphs at Settlers of Catan
38 players competed in the Settlers of Catan tournament, which was won by former Pentamind World Champion Demis Hassabis. Demis’ 5 year old son, Arthur, won the silver junior medal followed by his 7 year old brother, Alex, winning the bronze Junior medal.
Over 1000 Entries This Year
The 2014 Mind Sports Olympiad began on Sunday August 17th with an attendance of over 120 competitors in a morning session that included Chess 960, Scrabble, Backgammon, Stratego and Settlers of Catan. By the time that this year's olympiad wrapped on August 25th, there were over 1000 event entries with 334 unique participants