Rainy season has arrived and offshore winds have brought the surf to the next level to the excitement of the whole community and visitors alike. Most of our passionate yoga teachers do surf regularly. South Lombok has long been known for its endless coastline of surf breaks, catering for all levels. Being a far less tourism dominated version of Bali, Lombok has seen yoga naturally develop around the island for the last few years. It is now gaining a fame for surf & yoga camps among those exceptional surroundings.

Yoga is an ideal sister practice to surfing because it offers complimentary movements needed to balance the wear and tear on the body.  Even the most experienced surfers find themselves with soreness and tension in specific areas after a good day of riding waves.  During yoga we are encouraged to connect with our bodies.  This results in practitioners gaining more awareness and control of their body, which certainly enhances surfing - a dynamic duo.   

While Ashtari Yoga offers daily Yoga For Surfers' class, we partner up with two amazing surf&yoga camps right here in South Lombok:

Nalua surf camp in Kuta is run by super friendly host Jennie. They combine normal surf package with yoga.  They have even their own surf shop. No matter if you never surfed before or already know how to surf they will tailor the surf lessons after your level of experience and bring you to our favorite surf spots.
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Drop In surf & lodge half way between Kuta and Gerupuk, is led by 3 inspiring girls. They happily share their love for South Lombok and its infinite surf. Join Drop In Surf Camp for an Indonesian adventure to experience an awe-inspiring holiday on the island of Lombok. 
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For the yoga purists Ashtari Yoga also offer a wide range of classes, 8 times a day, from Traditional Ashtanga to Yin or more classic Hatha yoga. Tropical vibes awaits you right here in South Lombok. 

Surrounded by nature
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Thanks to Rinjani Indah school, the first international school in Kuta Lombok, Ashtari Yoga have welcome more younger and younger practitioners. Students can even choose yoga as their extra curriculum. 
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Escape Bali and island hop to neighbouring Lombok where the happening little town of Kuta awaits with cool cafes, spas, bars and world-class wave.
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Kuta Lombok finally boasts itself its first 100% vegan restaurant. Terra is an innovative, inspiring and educational restaurant. Eating to live instead of living to eat. 
Welcome to Terra