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Heero is in Denmark on the weekend from June 8th to 11th to teach on a big Summer Seminar. If you are fast, you can still join the trip, you just need to book a flight. :) If not, training at home is as undisturbed as possible: 

Friday, 8th:
- normal training with Arto 
Saturday, 9th:
- Kids classes normal with Heather and Luke
- no grown up classes, no Qi Gong
Sunday, 10th: 
- Training as usual
Monday, 11th: 
- No Home Ed Class and no lunchtime lesson. Sorry. :(
- Evening classes as normal with Arto
We apologize for the disruption - it won't happen very often, but the growing number of Missing Link dojos needs some attention. 

On the long term we will all profit from this. The Missing Link Community starts in Denmark and Finland this year and slowly grows in Germany.
We will soon launch a new version of the Curriculum, a special Manchester Syllabus and a refreshed version of the book "Missing Links of Martial Arts", the bible of our community. 
The ongoing work on our Web Portal is part of this concept. Keep training, you are part of a literal martial arts revolution. 
End of Cycle Seminar - with gradings
Keep your Saturday free on July 14th. A bit earlier than usual we end the current Omote Cycle and want to give you a chance for a grading. (Talk to your instructor if you are ready for this next step!)
The seminar is open for everybody, but students who qualify for their next grading can gain their new belt during the day. 
The end of cycle will also see the introduction of the new Manchester Syllabus. Based on the renewed Missing Link Curriculum, Arto and Heero are currently developing a clear concept of what that means for Manchester.
Don't miss - and if you want to prepare, join regular Omote Classes. Here is the kata of this cycle: https://yadi.sk/i/mvHMqjdC3TgcXA

Snapshots of the Seminar with Detlef Kröschel
 The May Seminar with German teacher Detlef was a great success - with quite a bit of pain and petty cruelty. Here is a little flashback as a video: https://youtu.be/QxbBSQXx-bI

Detlef and Heero met working for the police in Bonn, where Detlef developed the women's self defence concept that became the core of violence prevention for many German police departments. 
Detlef was instructor of the bodyguards of the German Federal Police (the people who protect the highest ranked politicians) and worked with police forces around the world. 
Kids classes
For those of you who haven't heard yet: Kid's classes are now on in the city centre, and they are showing a good bit of success. Here is more info, if you know parents who would love to see their kids training martial arts. https://uk.funzing.com/funz/kids-karate-bonsai-martial-arts-15965
Women's Self Defence
The women's self defence concept is ready and waiting to start. We will soon launch a Facebook Group for people who are interested. Get in touch if you want to know more! 
Summer Holidays
Traditionally we keep training during the holidays. We will have a short week break in August - stay tuned to learn more. In general training will resume. We want you all to get the most of Missing Link! 
Winter Seminar 2018
If you always wanted to visit Germany, join us to Dortmund - the place with the biggest christmas tree in the world - for the Missing Link Winter Seminar 2018. More details to follow! 
Scarborough 2019
International Missing Link Seminar with guests in Scarborough, including beach training and fighting in water. Interested? Stay tuned. We are working on it for 2019!