Quotes of the week
"There are no exceptions to the rule that everybody likes to be an exception to the rule."
Author, Charles Osgood
"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn."
Futurist, Alvin Toffler

(Something to consider, but I'm not sure I agree, since we still have far too many who cannot read and write.)

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This is especially important if you prospect to senior citizens:
Use a formal term of address.

I believe it's important no matter who you call or write to. You simply can't go wrong by being polite.
But some seniors will refuse to consider you if you're "too familiar."

Read all about it here.
An idea for your newsletter or blog...
National Thank a Teacher Day is coming up on May 7.
Why not remind your readers that now is a good time to do some research, find where their favorite teacher lives, and be ready to write them with thanks in May.
(And of course, it's a good time for you to do the same!)
Do you have a calm, soothing nature and an abundance of patience?
If you're good at assisting people in emotional pain without letting your own emotional state become negatively affected, then these three underserved niches are worth your consideration:
  • Divorce
  • Probate
  • Senior relocation
When you help couples sell due to divorce you have an opportunity for a listing, plus the possibility of two sales in the future. But of course it isn't easy. You have to be part psychologist and part mediator, while remaining neutral should both parties try to pull you to "their side."
The best way to land these listings is through divorce attorneys. Once you prove yourself to them, you can ask them to refer clients to you.
Probate requires a gentle touch because you're often dealing with people who are grieving. Once again, attorneys can help you build your business, but you can also prospect from purchased lists and from newspaper notices.
Heirs often need extra help, and you can provide it by keeping a list of reputable vendors such as estate sale planners, house cleaners, and yard maintenance people.
My Probate Letter set offers that kind of help and includes letters to executors AND postcards to use in reaching out to attorneys.
Senior relocation may or may not be emotional. Those who have raised a family in the home they're selling will have an emotional attachment that you'll need to consider, but many seniors today are selling a second or third home so that's not a consideration.
Also, some are selling to move "back home" to be near the kids and grand-kids. So they're happy sellers.
Some will be moving in with family or going to a retirement home – they aren't happy, and you'll need to handle their emotions with extreme care.
And then there are those who are technically considered "Senior Citizens" but who are selling so they can get to the next adventure – like buying an RV and hitting the open road.
When you prospect to senior citizens – make no assumptions. If you're not sure what to say, the set of prospecting letters you'll find at Copy by Marte will help you approach them with the right attitude.
If you don't know where to find the the seniors in your territory, scroll to the bottom of that page to see how to contact Cole Information. They can provide you with a list that reveals the age of every homeowner in your desired neighborhoods.
Would you rather work with buyers?
You'll find apartment complexes filled with people who might turn into buyers if they knew the facts of today's market.

Some of them are first time buyers and some are what I call "rebound buyers." They're the folks who lost their homes to foreclosure or sold through a short sale.

Many of them are now ready to become homeowners again. You could knock on their doors; you could attend tenant's meetings; or... you could reach out to them with these Tenant Prospecting Letters.
2013 could turn out to be a very good year - as long as you keep reaching out to the buyers and sellers who need you.
Here's to prosperity,
Copy by Marte, Priest River, Idaho