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Why Hasn’t the Dollar Collapsed Yet?
We have always recognized that the Tea Party was founded on a very real fear of economic collapse along with the unprecedented explosion of government both in size and reach.  One of the fortunate things that has occurred or not occurred has been the strength of the dollar, specifically that it hasn’t collapsed already despite the historical signs of an impending currency emergency.
The U.S. was centermost in the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression and was printing money at the rate of one trillion dollars per year in addition to the electronic money that was created by the Federal Reserve practices.  Our debt was enormous, our economy shrinking, and our government was divided along party lines and fighting internally.  Why in the world was the U.S. dollar surviving?
Early on in 2010 it became obvious that despite how bad the U.S. was the other countries were in worse shape.  The Japanese and the European Union were in shambles and the Chinese were fighting tooth and nail to prevent their currency from gaining strength.  It is true that the Chinese are now pricing more exports in the Yuan and the Yuan has become the second most used currency in trading, surpassing the Swiss Franc.    A long drawn out demise of the dollar is going to happen but the answer as to why it hasn’t already occurred can be summed up in one word:   Safety.
Few people would want to park their net worth in China.   The legal system and their financial system just isn’t conducive to protecting the assets of foreigners.  Of all the countries only the U.S. still remains a safe haven for money on a large scale.    Smaller  emerging countries have become hot spots for investment but in return their currencies have strengthened, driving up prices and inflation along with it, always leading to the country trying to debase their currency to prevent unemployment and lost trade.  People want to park their liquid assets in an easily converted form and U.S. treasury notes still work.
At the same time other countries are facing banking crises of their own as real estate bubbles burst.  No one wants to be caught short of liquid cash so the various countries’ banking regulators insist on large foreign currency exchanges being available.  They want to stockpile dollars and U.S. Treasury notes.  And there is actually a shortage caused by the Federal Reserve taking trillions of dollars worth of T bills off the market through “quantitative easing” which is a fancy name for buying our own debt.  It is like someone loaning themselves money out of thin air, then balancing the debt liability by saying they are owed money, by themselves!
It boils down to this;  What other currency could fill the void?   Which is why the Bitcoin issue is being watched very closely by a lot of governments.  They don’t like the idea of just anyone being able to print money.
It was said long ago that America’s Federal Reserve creates inflation but that it is the world’s problem instead of ours.    Now with no other option the world’s governments dare not do anything to harm the value of the dollar because they have too much invested and when we sneeze, they catch pneumonia? 
But we ignore history at our peril.    We know that dictators don’t get deposed when they are cracking down on their population; they get deposed when they are convinced to let up  and lose their reputation for invincibility.    As the Fed begins to ease the bond buying what will the market do?    They announced the beginning of a tapering off of purchases last week and already bond prices are creeping up.   When the economy rebounds there will be a flood of capital looking for good returns and we might see inflation like we haven’t seen since the seventies.
One thing for sure, we will live in interesting times.
Billy Goats Trying To Have Their Way
Or Just Something Stinky At Our Capitol?
By Ms PM
Editor’s note:    One of the objections to the 2013 Conservative Index bills chosen by Charlie Meadows and OCPAC was the inclusion of HB 2032 because the bill was unconstitutional on its face due to violating the log rolling prohibition of our state constitution.    Apparently the Oklahoma Supreme Court agreed with our call  and tossed out the bill after it was signed into law for including a tax cut with an appropriation of money to repair the Capitol.  What is amazing is how a self described constitutional scholar like Charlie Meadows can dismiss reality and use a vote against a patently unconstitutional bill to beat a real conservative legislator over the head.  This court outcome simply reinforces what many have been saying; Charlie Meadows has lost touch with the conservative grassroots and needs to be replaced.
We’re not sure if this tactic is thought to be clever or if it simply falls under the category of politicians with lobotomy’s and believing people are too stupid to figure out what they’re up to. In this article the Oklahoma Supreme Court once again tosses out what would have been a new state law to lower income tax because it violates our Constitution, “one subject in a single bill” rule. The team of billy goats has figured a way to stick it to taxpayers by blaming others for another incompetent move on their part when it comes to passing laws without following the law. Is this an example of an oxy-moron? We’re not sure but one thing for sure is we have the moron part correct.
The meat of the law is supposed to provide income tax cuts but the stinker’s couldn’t resist the golden egg opportunity of having the law thrown out because they had to throw in funding to repair the Capitol. We surmise that our dear governor Contrary Mary will have to work a little harder during her re-election champagne before climbing her tall mountain to speak at the folks about her wonderful job of cutting taxes. Here’s a tip governor, wear slacks when you ascend above up, you wouldn’t want the good folks of Oklahoma pointing at your stuff.
Let’s not forget that this law is a top priority for her and Republicans. There are serious unscrupulous issues with these conservative leaders which bring up three questions to be answered. Why would any conservative go along with an unconstitutional law when state leaders have tried to usurp their power before, and not so long ago we might add, knowing you can’t address more than one subject in a single bill? Is this your way of knowing it wouldn’t pass because the thought of a decrease in taxpayer money is somewhat troubling to the acquired adaptation of those elected to carry out a spending frenzy? What does this say about your broken moral compass of doing the right thing to protect the people?
We like how the governor has pointed her creepy little finger at the court’s decision accompanied by her spewing words of how dare they “unravel a plan that would have provided tax relief to Oklahoma families.” This is one of the tactics used to extort money by incorporating spending with a law taxpayers want to experience by way of tax cuts. Conservative deceit is nothing new to Oklahomans and the old goats in charge can no longer wonder why the people are of the belief that very few of you would know true conservative values if it jumped up and bit you in the ass!
As far as fixing the Capitol, it has been crumbling for quite some time. Has the money for repairs been spent on some other pet project we taxpayers didn’t see a need in? You betcha.  
House Speaker T.W. Shannon joins in the finger pointing when he called the ruling “a huge blow to Oklahoma families who have been expecting tax relief. I’m deeply disappointed the Supreme Court has once again ruled against the interests of those families.”  
Let’s get to the core issue with this law. Listen up governor and the rest of the wannabee conservatives. The Supreme Court did not rule against taxpayers. The court ruled against the way legislatures don’t follow Oklahoma law as written in our Constitution. Taxpayers get it. Are politicians simply stupid or is this the game they play in the hope that taxpayers aren’t paying attention? We think the latter which explains why citizens don’t trust liars, cheats or thieves elected to uphold our Constitution and preserve freedom and liberty. We also get that you will do whatever necessary to protect your throne of power.
“Justices ruled that HB 2032 violates the constitutional single subject rule that is designed to prevent log rolling-the practice of piggybacking an unpopular law with a popular measure so lawmakers can’t approve one without the other.”
Just a thought….the last question to ask if you decide to call your representative, why didn’t you simply come up with a bill that cut’s taxes and pass it? If they do the butt-scootin’-boogie around the question you might throw in, why are you such a jackass?
Boobs at the Capitol
Thank you Chief of Staff Denise Northrup for Confirming that Fact
Yeah, the fax pas committed by Mary Fallin’s Chief of Staff Denise Northrup has been covered by the folks at the Lost Ogle but as not a lot of folks read their blog we thought it was funny enough to bring up again after we ran across it this week while digging through the 50,000 pages of released emails.     The email in question surfaced as part of the Fallin emails that were released in March from an Open Records request on the Health Insurance Exchange debate.
Two years earlier Communications Director Alex Weintz was sounding off about a constituent email and emailed a copy of the email to Chief of Staff Denise Northrup who then forwarded a copy to Policy Director Katie Altschuler.    Several replies occurred until Northrup tossed in her comment on Senator Eddie Fields staring at her breasts during a meeting that day.  Here is the email exchange:
From: Alex Weintz
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 2:09 PM
To: Glenn Coffee; Denise Northrup
Cc: Aaron Cooper
Subject: :(
I just got a call from someone who was sent to me by Faught asking to see a copy of the “contract”
Governor Fallin signed accepting the early innovator grant money. I told them we have not signed a
contract of any kind.
This is the kind of stuff that is out there
Alex Weintz
Communications Director
Office of Governor Mary Fallin
phone: (405) 522-8819
cell: (405) 535-7317
From: Denise Northrup
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 05:37 PM
To: Katie Altshuler
Subject: FW: :(
We miss you…
From: Katie Altshuler
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 5:45 PM
To: Denise Northrup
Subject: Re: :(
Wow...I miss you personally but I don't know that I miss calls like that!!! I might stay here!
From: Denise Northrup
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 05:50 PM
To: Katie Altshuler
Subject: RE: :(
One of the busiest, shittiest days ever…still here trying to catch up on emails since I was in meetings
Oh, and eddie fields was totally staring at my chest as I asked him to vote for tort next week
From: Katie Altshuler
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 07:14 PM
To: Denise Northrup
Subject: Re: :(
From: Denise Northrup
To: Katie Altshuler
Subject: Re: :(
Date: Thursday, March 24, 2011 7:31:16 PM
Yes, he wins pervert of the week award. And andrew has been a wonderful addition to sr staff mtg,
he got to share his story about rep. Mccullough with coffee :)
I have forbidden him from mentioning his name again. The visual is too painful!
Now Senator Eddie Fields being declared the pervert of the week is no surprise for readers of the Sooner Tea Party newsletter but usually we limit the exposure to those that pervert the Constitution or their responsibilities to their constituents.  Senator Fields really must be a pervert if you consider his 2013 Senate RINO Index score of a dismal twenty.  That means he voted for conservative values only two times out of ten.   And the perverse part is that he actually supported HB1917 that was the federal funds contingency planning bill and HB2195 that constrained spending.  Pity…. He was good on two important issues but liberal on the other eight.  Kind of like a cross dresser that wears cowboy boots with his short skirt, just can’t decide what he is going to be.
But yah know, we try to look at things from a country boy’s point of view, as in where are the practical issues with this sort of behavior.   Really Senator Fields judgment comes into question here or the state of his vision…..
Now no offense to the Northrup lady but she isn’t the kind of ta ta bait that we were expecting would mesmerize Senator Fields.     The Lost Ogle bestowed the nickname of “Merv the Perv” on Senator Fields but we beg to differ.  Perhaps Mr. McGoo would be more appropriate after the cartoon character that was blind as a bat.
But public officials that act like teenagers aside, and we do mean both parties, the released emails confirmed what we knew long ago;  Governor Fallin’s staff are avid readers of our Sunday night newsletter and not only to they constantly forward the newsletter to others, they also discuss our stories and our positions on the issues.
There were dozens and dozens of copies of our newsletters released with in the 50,000 pages of released emails.   Usually Andrew Silverstri or Katie Atlschuler would forward the newsletter to Fallin’s Chief of Staff but sometimes it was former Director of Public Affairs Kelili McEwe ,  or Secretary of Agriculture Jim Reese.  But virtually all of our weekly newsletters were forwarded and discussed on a frequent basis.  This wasn’t news to us, we use tracking pixels so we know who opens and forward our emails.  The government spies on us so it is only fair that we spy on them.
Some of the funnier comments from the governor’s staff was their preference of our rehashing former Representative Dan Sullivan’s messy divorce to speaking out against the Health Insurance Exchanges, concern that we were tagging Fallin with George Kaiser’s support for Obama Care,  following the Oklahoma County D.A. investigation and Grand Jury investigation, even following email exchanges between the Sooner Tea Party leaders and other elected officials.   Sometimes political consultants like Fount Holland would forward the newsletters and they would find their way to the governor’s staff.  They particularly enjoyed our nickname for Preston Doeflinger, an IT guru that works for the state and even forwarded the email to him where he joined in on the clowning around.
Of course the best email was sent by Chief of Staff Northrup to an email list of other states governor’s staffs where she said “the tea party is beating the crap out of us” over Obama Care.  It was that email that made us wonder exactly who in the Tea Party was pressuring Fallin.
And after one of our staffers went through all 50,000 pages of the released emails we find that it was pretty much the Sooner Tea Party doing all the “beating”.
One interesting email that we found, one of the mere handful that mentioned Charlie Meadows or OCPAC, was  an email about Charlie Meadows flip flopping on Obama Care in 2011.  Charlie had earlier supported the Health Insurance Exchanges after Senator Sykes had convinced him despite the wide spread opposition among the Republican Party and the grassroots.
From: Denise Northrup
To: Alex Weintz; Glenn Coffee; Katie Altshuler
Subject: exchange/hub/network/etc
Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 8:26:26 AM
Fyi – Charlie meadows changed his tune this week in his newsletter (not surprising after convention)
but said that while he had previously come out in support of the new senate version he now thinks
Oklahoma should reject any exchange and doubted the governor had the backbone to actually fight
Denise Northrup
Chief Of Staff
Office of Governor Mary Fallin
405-522-8832 phone
Other than that there was one email that Charlie sent the governor through the online contact form, two of Charlie’s newsletters forwarded by Glen Coffee, and one mention of OCPAC in an email from Representative Charles Key requesting and introduction to Fallin of some speaker that was touring the state.  And that was limited to a mention that the speaker would speak at OCPAC on Wednesday at lunch.
 Charlie Meadows and OCPAC were simply not relevant to the Governor’s staff on Obama Care and the Health Insurance Exchange debate.
We are still tabulating what other groups weighed in on the debate but it appears that few other groups got more than one or two references in the 50,000 pages of released emails, leaving the Sooner Tea Party standing alone as the most influential group, indeed the only group that the Governor’s staff thought offered a relevant threat to their plans or political future.   So the answer of exactly what Tea Party was beating the crap out of Fallin over Obama Care was answered.
It was a rare glimpse into the enemy’s camp and we all should thank the ACLU and the other organizations that got those emails released.
Here is the 2013 OKLAHOMA COUNTY SHERIFf contact info  
2013 Senate members and House Members
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