Good Evening Huntsville,

Two important meetings Thursday evening:

1) Planning and Zoning Commission/Town Council Joint work session.

Thursday, May 4, 2006
5:30 pm
Huntsville Town Hall

Here are some details from Councilman Ron Gault

As mentioned in previous newsletters, the Huntsville Town Planning Commission and Council have been in a long process of revising the Town’s ordinances. New federal and state laws needed to be reflected in them. We have our next work session on May 4th at 5:30 PM in the Town Hall to finalize the Land Use ordinances. A draft of the ordinance is on the Town website and will be in the Town Hall after May1st. The final product won’t be perfect; it won’t satisfy everybody. No set of ordinances could ever do that. But you have had and will continue to have an opportunity to input your opinions into this process, the way our governmental system was designed. Please consider attending this work session.

Click here to see the agenda:


2) Town Council Meeting - Regularly Scheduled

Thursday, May 4, 2006
7:30 pm
Huntsville Town Hall

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Reminder: The Town Clean up will be held May 20th with Breakfast at 7:30 am in the park. Clean up will start at 8 am and run until noon.

Town Block Party:

May 20, 2006
Huntsville Town Park - East Pavilion
6:00 PM

We hope you can make it to both events!


Missing Dogs Update:

Just an update on the two dogs that disappeared from Town Sunday. MIRACULOUSLY, they have both been located and returned.

Here are some facts we can all learn from:

They were last seen in Huntsville at a neighbors house at about 2 PM

Later than evening, they were seen at the American Legion - someone had the dogs in their posession. (theory is they wandered to the park or downtown area, and were picked up)

Monday at about noon, the bulldog was returned - the returnee stated she "found him near the dam and picked him up, but knew nothing about the beagle." The returnee had the bulldog in Farr West.

Later Monday evening, through investigative work on behalf of the owners, the tip about the sighting at the American Legion was received. Names and phone numbers were hard to get (lips were sealed), but eventually the puppy was tracked to the son of a lady in Farr West, and was eventually returned after paying a reward.

The fact is, they both ended up in Farr West and were returned seperately. They did not walk there.

In the case of the Puppy, no attempt was made to locate the owners.