10 July 2019  
Some of you may be euphoric due to an upcoming vacation, while others are in a more leisurely mood after their own holiday.
If you’re willing to distract yourself for a few moments with a more serious topic, such as waste, we present to you some good solutions and initiatives for a sustainable method for utilizing this precious resource.
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We wish you a pleasant reading and a wonderful summer!
Maya Kristeva
Via Expo
'Improvement of Terminator Shredder Enhances its Application Areas' - report from Prime Technologies  

During the recently held OPEN DAYS (24-26.06) in one of the Komptech factories in the city of Liomtomer, Slovenia, the capabilities of the mobile machinery in the company's product range were demonstrated. Special interest was provoked by the new version of the popular Terminator shredder in Bulgaria.

The standpoint of FEAD – the European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services concerning Better Essential Requirements in Packaging for Better Recyclability
These criteria have been subdivided into distinct sections composed of: (1) Product Design, (2) Market Issues, and (3) Issues with Current Technology. More

First Zero Waste restaurant opens in Sofia
Our daily choice to live in harmony with the planet may turn out to be the only chance for its salvation – especially if we also attract other people through the results of our efforts. We bring you the story of a young lady, who adopted the philosophy for Zero Waste and applied its principles in her newly opened restaurant.
Bulgaria: Bulgarian Project is Semi-Finalist at a European Social Innovation Contest
Bulgarian Project is a Semi-Finalist at a European Social Innovation Contest
The project is an interactive map of the free sources of drinking water in Bulgaria. It aims to encourage the use of tap water instead of bottled, thereby reducing contamination with disposable plastic bottles. The map is open and filled in by volunteers. More
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