Quote of the week
Long ago, when men cursed and beat the ground with sticks, it  was called witchcraft.
Today it's called golf.

Will Rogers
Did you know this?
I just read that surveys show that 73% of homeowners want their listing agent to use video to market their homes – but only 12% of all agents do use it.
If you have a video camera and some talent in using it, you might want to consider adding video to your on-line presentation and making sure your listing prospects know you do.
Just don't drop the still shots and the well-written descriptions if you add video.
Remember, there are thousands of users with "slow speed" who won't watch a video.
Trust still gaining in importance
With more and more politicians and business leaders being exposed as dishonest, trust is becoming a rare commodity.
You can inspire trust in your prospects in three ways:
  • By revealing who you really are via your agent bio
  • By sending prospecting letters that offer real advice and good information
  • By giving a guarantee of service.
And then, of course, by providing every client with service so spectacular that they'll brag about you to friends and family.  
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Emailing to Prospects – Is Your Timing on Target?
Do your mornings begin like mine?
When you get to your computer and click over to email do you spend the first several minutes looking for personal mail and deleting the ads?
That's what I do. I also delete all the political messages, because they're mostly bad news and I don't need any of that to start my day.
This morning as I sat deleting, I pondered what I might be missing. With somewhere between 50 and 100 emails waiting each morning, there could be some good information buried amid the junk.
But I don't have time to find out first thing in the morning. My task at that moment is to check for correspondence from my clients and my prospective clients.
Later in the day, that changes.
I still delete the political messages, and I still delete everything that's obviously an ad – like the Avon sale and the specials at LL Bean (Sorry!) But when an individual email comes in and arouses my curiosity, I open it right then.
Is this what you do?
More important, is this what your prospects do?
If so, it becomes your job to determine the best time to send your message – and that means you need to think about when your prospects open their mail.
Are the majority of your prospects checking their mail before they go to work in the morning? Or...
  • Are they checking right after they arrive at work?
  • Do they check their personal mail at lunch time?
  • Or do they wait until they get home in the evening?
If you want your message to be read, you'll want it to arrive after they've gone through the ritual of deleting the junk. (No, I don't think your message will qualify as junk, but if it's buried in the stuff it might get mistaken for junk.)
How can you tell?
  • By testing
  • By keeping records
Try sending your messages at different times of day, then keep track of how many people open each of them. Do it for a few weeks until you see a pattern emerging. If you really want to know "who and when" you can print reports from your autoresponder and see if different people open your mail at different times of day.
You might learn that an entirely different set of people open a message sent at 10 a.m. than one sent at 7 p.m.
The autoresponder I'm using tells me exactly who opened my messages, and who clicked on the links. It also allows me to separate my list – so I could actually divide it into 3 or 4 segments and test by sending the same message to the different segments at different times of day.
I haven't done that yet, but I think I will. In the meantime, this week I'm following my own suggestion and changing my send time.
Note: The autoresponder I'm using now is Your Mailing List Provider. I like it because it's easy to use and inexpensive. I also like that they have a free trial, and a free account, so you can find out if you really like it before you commit to spending any money.
I do have an affiliate relationship with them, and using my link and the promo code: XRS8R9 will get you 15% off should you decide to use the paid service.   https://ymlp.com/psignup_promo
Does the day of the week matter?

Experts say yes. They say to avoid Mondays, when business mailboxes are full from week-end advertisements, and avoid Fridays, when people are anxious to get things done and get away for the week-end.
Speaking of week-ends…
The generally accepted wisdom is not to mail on the week-end because nobody is reading. But is that true? My week-end mail is so boring that I'd welcome an ezine or two. And of course I welcome correspondence from "real people" any day of the week. I may send a message out this week-end just to test the idea.
Wishing you a fantastic week-end and a fun and profitable week ahead,
Copy by Marte, Priest River, Idaho