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September, 2016

Editor - Bethany Thompson
Asst. Editor - Trini Rios

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CLTA World Language Jamboree in Anaheim
A Big Need for Spanish Teachers
LA STARS Seminars for Language Teachers
IE STARS Seminars for Language Teachers
Call for Proposals: CLTA Conference in Monterey
IEFLA Tweets!
This and That
Activities, Activities, Activities


World Language Jamboree

On October 1 CLTA will present the World Language Jamboree at Esperanza High School, Anaheim. There will be 55 Interest sessions to choose from. The registration of $110 iincludes 5 interest sessions of your choice, lunch, handouts, and free memberships in the California Language Teachers' Association and your local affiliate. Ask your school to send you. For additional information and registration go to http://www.iefla.org/jamboree/. You can conveniently register online.
See interest session descriptions.
Download interest session descriptions.
Download registration form.

A Big Need for Spanish Teachers

Southern California desperately needs Spanish teachers. With classes already started for the new year, there are 33 schools looking for teachers. There are 11 schools in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties looking for teachers. These schools are in Hesperia, Adelanto, Moreno Valley, San Jacinto, Perris, Redlands, Victorville, Riverside, San Bernardino, Norco, Temecula, and Ontario. For details go to http://www.edjoin.org/. The Polyglot interviewed Lewie Johnson about this scarcity. He said that he has been following openings for Spanish teachers for the last 18 years and has never seen so many schools needing teachers at the beginning of the year. So if you know someone with a degree in Spanish, they can get a job FAST.


LA STARS Professional Development Seminars at Occidental College

The LA STARS fall program will begin its Four-Day Invitational Institute this Saturday, September 10. These are programs for teachers of Elementary and Secondary English Learners and Secondary World Language Learners - Focus on State and Common Core Standards. There are five different strands to choose from. It is offered on four Saturdays - September 10, October 8, November 12, and December 3, 2016. You can register for two semester units of optional credit available for an additional fee of $150. For additional information and registration go to http://www.la-stars.net/fall2016.html. If your school can't send you, partial scholarships are available. A few spaces remain. Register today!


IE STARS Professional Development Seminars at Cal State, San Bernardino

Starting on November 5, 2016, IE STARS Professional Development Seminars at California State University, San Bernardino will be presenting four different strands to choose from: TIer 1A - Standards-Based World Language and ELL Instruction to Address the Common Core and Today’s Students, Tier 1B - Using Stories to Enhance Standards-Based Foreign Language and ELL Instruction and to Address the Common Core, Tier 2 - Standards-Based Instructional Practices to Address the Common Core for Teachers of Advanced Spanish Classes, andNEW Tier 3 - Using Film To Enhance The Common Core And Standards-Based Competencies of Spanish Speakers. These programs will be offered on four Saturdays: November 5, 2016,  January 28, February 11, and March 11, 2017, and an observation day at a local school.* Tiers 1A and 1B on December 1; Tiers 2 and 3 on November 30, 2016. Registration forms and program information are available online at http://www.ie-stars.net/


CLTA is accepting Workshop & Interest Session Proposals for the 2017 Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey.

On behalf of the Conference Committee, I’m writing to ask you to consider presenting a workshop or an interest session at the upcoming conference in Monterey. The conference dates are February 16-19. The theme of the conference is The Linguistic Growth Mindset: Cultivating a Future of Global Innovators.

CLTA gives the presenters of a three-hour workshop a $100.00 honorarium, one free registration without meals and up to $1.00 per workshop attendee for copying handouts. All workshops take place on Thursday and Friday before the conference begins on Saturday, February 18. For each interest session, CLTA offers a one free registration without meals as well as $30.00 to offset the cost of copying handouts. All interest sessions take place on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are willing to present, we are asking that you submit the proposal as soon as possible. All proposals must be submitted electronically. Go to the CLTA Website, http://www.clta.net, and hover on the Conference Tab. On the drop down menu, you will see Presenters. When you choose Presenters, you will see "Click HERE," which will lead you to the on line proposal form.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at phirsch@windwardschool.org or call me at 424-289-1036.
I look forward to seeing everyone at the conference in Monterey!

Paula Hirsch
CLTA Conference Coordinator



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This and That

Tech Corner
Want to learn more about Google and Google Apps?  Take this Gamified Challenge.  Once you do, you’ll be overwhelmed with ideas how you can incorporate a similar game board in your classes!

Translator Policy
Google translate exists.  Translators exist.  Here are some guidelines to deal positively with this technology in class from Sra. Spanglish.

This technically isn’t an #authres, but there are #authres built into the article.  Start with the menus and have compare and contrast in the TL.  “Do French kids have the best school lunches in the world?”

Early, easy readers for Spanish students from Mundo Primeria

Ten films to talk about art and artists in Spanish class from Tiching Blog.

L’affaire burkini- A guided discussion from the French Teacher Net Blog including #authres, vocabulary and discussion questions for Intermediate French learners.

Make your #authres interactive by using interactive websites.  Musicuentos.com has plenty of examples about leveraging these types of websites in class.

Not sure how to use #authres with novice learners?  Sra. Spanglish provides and excellent description including questions to ask these learners about the text.

Pokémon Go – Ideas from the Classroom

Pokémon Go Expands Global Success Skills” from Edutopia.

Actually play Pokémon Go with your students.  Complete activity including resources available via CASLS.

Make a Pokémon Go Google Classroom and send students on a tour around the world accomplishing different tasks.

Activities, Activities, Activities

Ten Ways to Use Task Cards in WL Classroom

Stickmen Listening Activity

Looking for a way to mix up your Input?  Try a Movie Talk.  Read all about how this no prep, engaging activity works from The Comprehensible Classroom.

Looking to mix up your Homework Choices?  Musicuentos.com has conveniently put together a list of great WL minds and examples. 

Dicemania!  Do you use dice in your classroom?  Here’s a resource of different activities you can do with dice.  Directions in Spanish.

French Corner

View the September offerings of the Alliance Française de Los Angeles here

Musique de France at the Hollywood Bowl

French Photography on display at the Getty Center.

Languages in the News

Update to how AP Language Recordings must be submitted for 2017.  Read the guidelines from AP Central

“The One Billion Piece Puzzle” –Imagine a future where leaders and average American’s speak another language.

Multilingualism is vital for an inclusive EU.”

“Early Spanish Learning Leads to Better English.”

“How Study Abroad Can Help you Score Your Dream Job.”

“Why Multilingual People Have Healthier and More Engaged Brains.”

“La Rentrée 2016: Les principaux nouveautés”  Some big changes in French middle schools this year. 

The Frenc# Number – A new service that allows you to call France and be connected to a random French person.  Read for all of the details!

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