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A Lesson on How Not to get
a Bill Out of Committee
Propose a Limit on Employment Opportunities After the Politicians Leave Office
By R. H.
From time to time you find a legislator who tries to do the right thing and clean up some of the corruption in government. Representative Christian did just that. He proposed HB 2957, which would amend a current law on contracts and employment. You can read the two page bill here . Frankly it’s a good start, but doesn’t go far enough.
Section 1. AMENDATORY 74 O.S. 2011, Section 590 is amended to read as follows:
Section 590.B. “Any state legislator who authors legislation privatizing a function of government shall be prohibited for a period of one (1) year from the date that the privatization contract with the state agency is awarded from becoming an officer or employee of a business organization which is a party to any privatization contract with the state agency.”
There it is. The change that they want to make. As the law currently stands, legislators can lose an election, or be term limited after writing a piece of legislation privatizing a piece of government, walk out the door and go to work for that company that got the contract. That is an open invitation for corruption.
As I said earlier, the bill doesn’t go far enough. It left open to many loopholes. As it is currently written, a legislator can write a piece of legislation in the first year of a session and go to work for the firm after the end of the second year of the session. They can still walk out the door and go to work for the firm. A more appropriate time frame would be three (3) years. This would help eliminate some of the potential for corruption in awarding these types of contracts.
They also failed to touch Section 590.C. They left in place a one (1) year prohibition for the business organization from contracting with the state for violating this regulation. This too is very weak. This should be amended to read a five (5) year prohibition from participation. You cannot expect to clean up corruption without putting a little bite in your regulations.
Although this bill has its problems, it is a small step in cleaning up the corruption in state government. The items I mentioned can be changed in committee or on the House floor. I think this bill should be passed out of committee and given a chance for a full review by the House and the Senate. Let’s make this happen.
It’s easy to see why this is still in committee. Those in power are reluctant to give up their chance to walk into a cushy state contracted job once they leave their state job. It is a great conflict of interest to allow this ability to stand. Get this out of committee and on to the floor.
Democratic President Woodrow Wilson
Here it is in Black and White, Democrat and Republican, The Missing History
by Ms PM
(Editors Note:    The point of this article isn't anti Democratic Party as here in Oklahoma there are many conservative Democrats that have helped conservative Republicans hold the line against progressive Republicans.   The point is to make clear which party historically supported freedom and civil rights and that the GOP ought to be a haven for both minorities and conservative Democrats)
To begin with I will start where my memory kicks in on this subject. I was born and raised in the south and for many years went along with the prejudices taught to me, reinforcing an attitude of being better than anyone with dark skin. As I grew up I began to see things differently than my family and friends. The change began when I questioned that thinking from within after an incident when I was about ten years old. I made a friend and this little girl, that was Black, lived down the street from me.
We would play together and she taught me about how to comb and braid her hair. It was fascinating because she used some type of grease before the braiding process could happen. She also called it plat instead of braid which I had never heard of. I enjoyed her company and enjoyed fixing her hair for her. She felt pretty and I felt as if I had created quite an artistic look as she sported her new do. I would return home only to be ridiculed and made fun of for playing with her and fixing her hair. The term my mom used was ugly and mean and I did not understand how she could turn the fun I had playing into something bad. It made me mad but never thought about ending our friendship. After that I began to ask people why they didn't like Black people whenever the situation arose. I soon lost friends and the most amusing part was I never got any real answers.
Because of these true self righteous bigots within my circle of family, friends and acquaintances it became clear that I wanted to visit and live in new places in hope of finding people whose heads were not crammed so far up their bodily orifices. I left a long time ago at the age of 18 and began a journey of much travel and living in many states. What I  found were most people touted how "colorblind" they were, only to find out they always saw color first and the experience had clearly shown me there were prejudices from both races. I can attest to the fact that A-holes come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Another fact is when you meet people and they are an A-hole it really doesn't matter what color they are.
I am a registered Republican for lack of a better Party and have been amused by all the "you're a racist" crap coming from anyone that seems to think they can make a point, be it political or something else. All of the racial tension prompted me to do a little digging on the subject regarding the Democratic and Republican Party. I was astonished with what I found. 
There is quite a bit of missing history on the DNC website. "It is in fact scrubbed clean of the not-so-little dirty secret that fueled Democrats' political successes for over a century and a half and made American life a hell on earth for black Americans." Fifty two years of history had vanished. Why is this? You can read the article here but some of the blatant racial behavior is listed below.
The Ku Klux Klan as described by a historian of Columbia University was; "a military force serving the interests of the Democratic Party. There was no reference noted by a historian of The University of North Carolina, their description of the Klan as the "terrorist arm of the Democratic Party."
There is no reference to Democrats Opposing the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. The 13th banned slavery. 14th would guarantee equal protection to former slaves. 15th gave Americans who happened to be black the right to vote.
Civil Rights Act of 1866 passed by the Republican Congress was vetoed by President Andrew Johnson, a former Democrat before joining Lincoln's ticket in 1864. Republican Congress also passed the Civil Rights Act of 1875 which the Democrats opposed. There were four Democratic platforms from 1908 through 1920 which were silent on Blacks, segregation, lynching and voting rights as racial problems. The GOP platform specifically addressed these issues.
The Democratic Convention of 1924 known as the "Klanbake" was attended by delegates where crosses were burnt and calls for violence against African-Americans and Catholics.
There is no reference to the fact that Democrats segregated the federal government at the direction of President Woodrow Wilson.
There is no mention of the fact as to the deal with the devil that left segregation and lynching as a way of life in return for election support for three post-Civil War Democratic presidents, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt.
Three-fourths of the opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Bill came from House Democrats and 80% opposition in the Senate were Democrats as well.
Bull Connor, member of the DNC and KKK, who was the Birmingham Public Safety Commissioner, unleashed dogs and fire hoses on civil rights protesters.
Will the NAACP and other groups seeking reparations ever get to the historical and factual worst chapters in American history? The Democrats have been the trees blocking the forest. After two centuries of playing the race card I find it surreal that such a large portion of the population continues to buy this load of crap, be they Black or white.
In this next article that you can read here I do believe that "History reveals that every piece of racist legislation that was ever passed and every racist terrorist attack that was ever inflicted on African Americans, was initiated by the members of the Democratic Party."
I also believe the Civil War was a war between Democrats and Republicans. What I don't believe is that the War was in any part Civil.
I have done a previous story on the Greenwood District in Tulsa a while back, HB 2672 . At that time I did not know the Democrats were responsible for destroying entire towns including this one. "The district was all but destroyed in a 1921 race riot but rebuilt and flourished until the onset of urban sprawl and desegregation in the 1950s."  You can read that article here.

After the Civil War the Democrats murdered several hundred black elected officials in the South to regain control of the southern government. As of 2004 the oldest political party, the Democratic Party, had never elected a black man to the Senate while Republicans had elected three. If the Democrats would have walked their talk, why would there be all of these questions?
There was a radical Republican, Thaddeus Stevens, that introduced legislation to give African Americans the "40 acres and a mule" that Democrats overwhelmingly voted against. Why would it not be fair that the Reparation Pay come from Democrats other than the fact that it would admit their wrong doings?
Another question is why are there traditional black colleges named after Republicans?
The following is a list of some of the black schools and colleges that were founded by prominent Republicans in the face of opposition from Democrats.

Morehouse College 1867 Atlanta, GA
Howard University 1867 Washington, DC
Spelman College 1881 Atlanta, GA
Shaw University 1865 Raleigh, NC
Fisk University 1866 Nashville, TN
Atlanta University 1867 Atlanta, GA
Virginia Union University 1899 Richmond, VA
Straight University 1869 New Orleans, LA
Talladega College 1867 Talladega, AL
Clark University 1870 Atlanta, GA
Meharry Medical College 1867 Nashville, TN
Morgan College 1867 Baltimore, MD
New Orleans University 1873 New Orleans LA
Philander Smith College 1883 Little Rock AR
Rust College 1883 Holy Spring MS
Samuel Houston College 1900 Austin, TX

Court records show that Democrats supported the Dred Scott Decision that classified Blacks and property rather than people. Talk about a slap in the face, this is a heightened cruelty.
What about the prison camps that were worse than slavery? This was not the Republican Party that placed these people but Southern Democrats. One fourth of the prison populations were children ages 6 to 18. While authorities sent whites to jail for the same offenses, they sent blacks to prison with much longer sentences. The black prisoners played a major role in the South's economic development but instead of freedom this was a new form of slavery, but far more inhumane.
Why did Dr. Martin Luther King get so much resistance from President John F. Kennedy and the Democratic Attorney General, Robert Kennedy?
The list of Democratic opposition goes on and on and the first two sentences of this article makes the most sense, at least to me. "Most people are either a Democrat by design, or a Democrat by deception. That is either they were well aware the racist history of the Democrat Party and still chose to be Democrat, or they were deceived into thinking that the Democratic Party is a party that sincerely cared about Black people."
In this ever changing world of definitions and Politically Correct nonsense I find this topic of great importance and it is high time it is talked about. Being beyond sick of all of it, I can't fathom why anyone thinks the history of this country is something that should be ignored, silenced or feared. I have taught myself to speak up even though those around me say differently. I cannot or will not go along with this program as I strongly believe in personal responsibility. I have learned that it is okay to disagree and on the same token no one needs to shut their pie holes simply because someone somewhere doesn't happen to agree.
When Obama ran for President I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, not because my doubts had anything to do with his color but only that I was not in line with my gut feeling on his talked about policies. Just because he is our President doesn't mean I agree with where he is taking this country and it also doesn't mean I am a racist. Many in our own state government still play the race card. All I can say is get over yourself and tend to the issues of our state, do your job.
The number of good people I share the planet with are a mixture of all races. I choose to have discernment when it comes to making friends and acquaintances and it has nothing to do with their race. I am an active member of the Tea Party and I am not a "racist tea-bagger". It is very offensive when I am labeled as such but I would never want to silence those not of the same belief. That doesn't mean I won't get in your face if you decide to get in mine and if I have to listen to you then you get to listen to me. I have learned to take what I like and leave the rest. People can and do change, I am proof. In a time where we need to pull together, it is a sad affair not knowing a friend when one is met because of self inflicted bigotry and that bigotry is felt within and by all races.
Petticoat Junction...Or As We All Know Him...
Wayne Pettigrew
By Ms. P.M
He just might have been the one with his scuba gear on looking up as the girls cooled off during those hot summer months inside the water tower. If there ever was a chameleon, he surely fits the ticket. As a registered Republican I often wonder why he continually votes with liberals.
Mr. Petticoat is running for District 2 to replace Dan Boren whom I will admit won't be missed. I think about which is worse, a Democrat or a Republican who acts as if they were a Democrat. I fear the latter. You can bet Wayne will put on his GEICO slippers and try to slither his way in on this election.
InsureNet is the following:
InsureNet was founded for the sole purpose of providing Instant, Accurate, Non-Invasive Insurance Status Verification. This technology solves all related problems for not only Vehicle Insurance, but all other forms of insurance as well.
It is completely non-invasive. It cannot receive, maintain or use privacy-sensitive data. It has only been programmed to look up your butt as you are driving down the road. How rude! I can only hope there is direct ductwork to the intake on his HVAC system at home and everyone being subjected to these cameras can rip a big one just for him.
The system provides dramatic benefits for insurers as well, especially regarding:
savings from now fully-automated government reporting
the use of a single portal for all government reporting (all jurisdictions).
 This is the National Standard – The First and Only National System
 Designed to put insurance status in the hands of every Law Enforcement Officer in the Nation, via NLETS. Every Officer can now have accurate data instantly on-screen along with vehicle registration and can assist in ensuring compliance with the Laws of his or her State regarding intrastate, interstate and international traffic.
The InsureNet provides dramatic benefits for Insurance Agents, including:
dramatically increased revenues. Number 1-Money
InsureNet provides dramatic benefits for State Governments, including:
1- The establishment of a "level playing field" and support for the "rule of law". I don't know about you but these buzz words are pretty creepy, mostly because I hear this type of political chatter coming from those we elect. You can bet we will be the ones buried in this "level playing field of their dreams" and as for the "rule of law" it will be their "law" which continues the intrusion on our rights .
2-Providing new revenues from increased citations, premium tax, and even some additional business tax. Here it is again, Number 2- MONEY
InsureNet provides automated lien reporting, can link First Responders and Emergency Rooms with vehicle insurance status, and provide a totally secure VPN, (Virtual Private Network) for States with County Commissioners or others whose staff members handle vehicle registrations. There is a lot of your information flying around that can be accessed by numerous entity's. Why would First Responders and Emergency Rooms need to know if you have vehicle insurance? Could this possibly mean there is a difference in "care" given?
The Benefits Include:
InsureNet offers many dramatic benefits to government (especially to law enforcement, vehicle registration and the courts). Citizens are included as to receiving benefits but it sure is odd the government is mentioned first.
Law Enforcement – Law Enforcement is provided with instant on-screen insurance status (VALID/INVALID/No Record–Possibly Fraudulent) I find this very interesting. InsureNet touts absolute accuracy. How is there room for "Possibly Fraudlent"? Hmmm...could this mean the machines accuracy is only as good as the nut behind the wheel inputting all of this accurate or  inaccurate information?
 State and Local Government
 At this time of financial shortfalls, almost nothing can do more to support the financial needs of State and Local Governments. (additional citations, premium tax and business tax). Number 3-Money. What exactly is "premium tax and business tax?" This doesn't seem to be explained. I can only assume these definitions are a "need to know" basis and the one thing that rings loud and clear, we don't need to know.
Mr. Pettigrew will coordinate national marketing and legislative lobbying efforts for InsureNet, Inc. These services will include: organization and management of research, lobbying (Number 4-Money) and media/public relations initiatives; review of bill/code language; and support of presentations, RFI/RFP responses, and meetings with legislators and State or governmental officials.
All of this makes me wonder if Pettigrew would be a lobbyist first and a representative of the people second. I suppose it could mean he would "say" he is for the people until he switches his white hat for the black one as he walks into his office and starts drafting bills.
 Mr. Pettigrew has twenty-six years experience in insurance marketing as a former regional pension specialist for Prudential Insurance Company and national insurance brokerage owner. He currently serves on the board of a domestic regional insurance company in which he is part owner. I am concerned about how many monetary kickbacks he will acquire from  campaign donations from the insurance lobby for all the bills he will write for them? (Number 5-Money)
Why would a conservative want the intrusion of Highway Spy Cameras? If you think Wayne Pettigrew is looking out for your rights re-read this. The writing is on the wall and all of this is Wayne  Pettigrew
Consolidating Government Offices to Save Money
Will it Work and Where is the Proof of Savings?
By R. H.
House bill 3053 sailed through committee and the House floor and now awaits action in the Senate Appropriations Committee. It's a lengthy bill that you can read here: .
This bill seeks to consolidate the personnel management of all the state agencies under one roof. That could be a good thing, but it could also slow things down for state employees.
Here is a recap of the technical parts of the bill.
There were two floor amendments submitted on this bill. Floor Amendment 1 by Speaker Steele froze the FBA for state employees at the 2012 level for FY 2013. In other words, no pay raise for them. It was estimated to save the state $8.3 million in FY 13. Now that's a nice chunk of change, only it helps phony up the numbers for the first year of the bills operation. Where is the fiscal report from the tax commission to verify these sums?
The second floor amendment, by Representative Renegar, in part “includes metering related equipment and automated or electronically controlled systems of measures that reduce operating cost.”
Although this bill is well intentioned, I cannot give it my support. It lacks the basic fiscal review by the Tax Commission to verify that it would indeed safe the state money. I also am concerned with the loss of jobs that would be created by the consolidation. There are no plans in here for the fate of those employees that would be terminated.
This bill also does not go far enough. For decades now this state has suffered with the duplicate efforts of the Oklahoma Transportation Department and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. These two behemoths should be consolidated into one agency. With the exception of the collection of tolls, most other operations within the two agencies are duplicate efforts that beg to be consolidated. Why were they left out of the bill?
To you sixty Representatives, who voted Yea on this bill, shame on you. You should demand better. To you thirty that voted nay, congratulations. You at lease had the gumption to realize this bill was not complete and ready for presentation.
For you in the Senate Appropriations Committee, be sure to take a hard look at this bill. Most of the changes in law have been to change the name of the agency. You know more needs to be done. Make those changes. For all you Senators, read this bill carefully. In its current form, it is far from perfect. Work on it and improve it. We are watching what you do. Demand a financial impact statement, Vote No in its current form.
House Conservatives Looke to Speaker Pro Tempore for Support But Can They Trust Him?
By R. H.
It would appear that Rep Hickman is extracting revenge for losing the election to become the next Speaker of the House. He has not forgotten that it was conservative Republicans that cost him that election. He will not forget he will lose all his power at the end of this session of the legislature.
Even in his position as Speaker Pro-Tempore, Representative Hickman was just an average to just below average legislator. Less than 10% of his bills ever became law. We'll exam the last 2 years here.
In 2011 he submitted 24 bills, 1 House Concurrent Resolution and 1 House Joint Resolution for consideration. Of those 16 bills died in House committee, 1 died on the House floor, 3 died in the Senate, 1 was laid over, 2 died in conference committee and 1 became law. Now that's a pretty shabby record for so many bills.
In 2012 he submitted 22 bills for consideration. To date 15 are still in committee 1 failed on the house floor, I is pending on the house floor and six are in Senate committee. It's getting pretty late in the session to have so many bills still sitting in committees. Things are not looking good, but I suspect that part of this is due to his failure to become the next Speaker, most likely caused by being Speaker Steele’s' handpicked successor. Or is this really revenge for plotting against Speaker Steele? Steele hasn't likely forgotten the comments that Hickman allegedly made comparing Steele to an albatross around his neck.
Let's take a look at Hickman's finances and who pulls his chain.
A lot of the information that follows can be found at . We are going to begin with the Political Courage Test. Representative Hickman would not tell Project Vote Smart where he stands on the issues. This makes us wonder what he is hiding. This is a stand usually taken by liberal politicians and Democrats. Has another RINO Republican been elected to the position of Speaker of the House?
Now let’s take a look at his voting record. At first glance it looks to be a fairly conservative record. Dig a little deeper and you’ll begin to wonder if he’s there for the people of Oklahoma or the Special Interest Groups that support him. Fortunately we can go back several years here.
March 14, 2006 HB 2475 Unattended Children in Motor Vehicle Safety Act Nay
March 14, 2006 HB 2608 End of Instruction Test Yea
March 15, 2006 HB 3120 Tort Reform Yea
May 24, 2006 SB 1337 Cities and Towns, Provisions for cleanup of Ag Property Nay
April 17, 2007 SB 507 Comprehensive Tort Reform Yea
May 12, 2008 HB 2458 Professional Malpractice Lawsuits (Limitations) Did Not Vote
March 4, 2009 HB 1603 Tort Law Amendments (Limit on Claims) Yea
February 4, 2010 HB 2010 Space Industry Development Authority Budget Yea
May 18, 2010 HJR 1056 Prohibits Use of International & Sharia Law in State Courts Did Not Vote
With these votes one wonders if he truly believes in protecting the citizens of Oklahoma, or protecting the interest of big business. It’s hard to tell.
Now let’s take a look at how he advocacy groups rate him. This should tell us how or if he protects the citizens or backs big business.
Business and Consumers
2010 Research Institute on Economic Development –Position on Business Policy 75%
2010 Research Institute on Economic Development-Lifetime Score 88%
2009 OKWatchdog- Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy 57%
2009 Research Institute on Economic Development – Cumulative Score 90%
2008 Oklahoma Center for Consumer and Patient Safety 68%
Research Institute for Economic Development – Position on Pro Business Policy 87%
Remember, a high RIED score means they are toadies for big business interests.
It continues from there. I have presented enough to show that he consistently scores in the high 80’s and low 90’s in the Business end of things, with one exception in the election year of 2010. I’ve also presented enough to show that he consistently scores in the high 50’s to high 60’s when it comes to consumer and patient advocacy. This is enough to show that he favors big business over the citizens of this great state.
Now let’s take a look at his campaign finances. This information can be found on the vote smart web site and at This information will show that he is beholding to special interest groups and is a big government, liberal, RINO Republican.
Balance Forwarded $ 39,366.00
Government Agencies/Education/Others $ 15,650.00
Energy & Natural Resources $ 14,900.00
Health $ 9,750.00
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $ 9,600.00
General Business $ 7,000.00
Agriculture $ 5,950.00
Uncoded (Personal Donors) $ 3,250.00
Labor $ 2,600.00
Communications & Electronics $ 2,250.00
Lawyers & Lobbyist $ 1,950.00
Construction $ 1,250.00
Transportation $ 600.00
Total $114,116.00
That’s a lot of money, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Let’s dig a little deeper into his finances and see what we find. Being the next Speaker of the House, Tribal Governments were looking to get into negotiations over water right. They contributed to his campaign in a vast amount. Their contributions are as follows.
Choctaw Nation $ 7,500.00
Cherokee Nation $ 5,000.00
Chickasaw Nation $ 500.00
Osage Nation Executive Branch $ 200.00
Total $13,200.00
These donations tell me that Speaker Pro-Tempore Hickman is part of that group of legislators that are willing to take tribal donations, but are unwilling to negotiate with the tribes. Don’t they realize that the federal treaty giving the water rights to the tribes takes precedent over any law they may pass confiscating the water rights? How much of our tax dollars are they willing to spend defending a law they know they’ll lose.
It is clear why Speaker Pro-Tempore Hickman won’t sign HB 1004. It is his desire to use the same controls over the House during his reign along side Speaker Steele. It is clear that he is all for limiting what injured parties can recoup from the guilty party by law suits, a liberal concept. It is clear that he for big business and is willing to trample over the citizens of Oklahoma to help them get what they want.
Mr. Hickman you have not fooled the conservative wing of the Republican Party. That is why you were not elected to the Speakers position. You claim to be a conservative and represent the people of Oklahoma, yet you won’t allow the voices of your fellow representatives be heard by signing HB 1004. Shame on you. Remember it is your fellow conservatives who represent fellow Oklahomans whose voices are not being heard because Speaker Steele put his people in charge of the committees and told them not to hear bills from them. That is not Representative Government.
If you want to start end your term as Speaker Pro-Tempore of the House on a high note, sign HB 1004. Do what you can to get other Republicans to sign also. You’ll earn more respect this way than by refusing to sign. We’ll be watching.
How Does House Leadership Get Their Way?
By Scaring Freshmen Legislators with Arcane Rules
By R. H.
One would think that the courage it takes to look the enemy in the eye would give even a freshmen representative the courage to call the bluff of a tyrannical Speaker of the House. Apparently it did not. Freshmen Representative David Brumbaugh has quickly fallen in lock step behind anything Speaker Steele approves of, especially when it comes to taxes. It seems he hasn’t met a tax proposal he doesn’t like.
To begin with, Mr. Brumbaugh is a decorated U. S. Army Veteran who served with the 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles). He holds the Army Infantry (Air Assault) Badge, Army Achievement Medal and an Army Commendation Medal. He leaves one wondering if there are more decorations, that he doesn’t like to brag about. For your service sir, we salute you.
Mr. Brumbaugh has been a very fortunate freshmen Representative. He has had an extraordinary number of his bills signed into law for a first year Representative. Let’s take a look at his legislative record and see how he has done.
In 2011, his first year in the House, he presented ten bills for consideration to the House. Of those five died in committee, three died in the Senate and two passed into law. The two that passed into law, HB 1488 and HB 1489, are both dealing with taxes. HB 1488 dealt with production taxes. HB 1489 dealt with the Taxpayer Transparency Act.
In 2012, he seems to be doing better. He has submitted ten bills and a House Joint Resolution to the House for consideration. To date three are in committee, one is on the House floor, six are in Senate committees and the House Joint Resolution is in a House committee. I guess being buddies with the Speaker and voting the way he wants you to have its benefits.
The information on Representative Brumbaugh is sketchy and hard to come by. What information I have comes from the Oklahoma State website and We’ll begin with evaluations and endorsements.
Only one organization has completed an evaluation of Mr. Brumbaugh. That organization is the NRA. Their ratings in recent years have become meaningless. This rating may have something to do with his membership.
We’ll continue with the political courage evaluation. Oops I forgot Mr. Brumbaugh hasn’t got any political courage. That’s right folks; he refused to answer any questions on the political survey questionnaire. Now I don’t know about you, but I kind of like to know where my Representative or candidate stands on the issues.
Next we’ll cover his campaign finances. He likes to say he’s self-financed, and admittedly he did contribute a large amount to his own campaign, but that is not the end of the story. AS it turns out, only about sixty (60%) percent of his campaign is self-financed. It breaks down like this.
Candidate Contributions $27,900.00
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $ 4,050.00
Uncoded (Private Individuals) $ 3,050.00
Government Agencies/Educations/Others $ 2,355.00
Health $ 1,750.00
Un-itemized Contributions $ 860.00
Energy & Natural Resources $ 850.00
Construction $ 500.00
Agriculture $ 200.00
Non-Contributions $ 200.00
Defense $ 150.00
Lawyers & Lobbyists $ 100.00
Transportation $ 50.00
These figures were provided by
Digging deeper, according to the reports, Mr. Brumbaugh actually contributed only $25,328.00 to his campaign. His wife contributed an additional $4,722.00 to the campaign. This is a total of $30,050.00. Now this can be looked at in two ways. It’s either a $2,150.oo shortfall in contributions to his campaign or a $2,572.00 overstatement on how much he donated to his campaign. This campaign finance discrepancy is worthy of an investigation by the ethics committee, but seeing how he’s a favorite of the Speakers’ it will never happen.
It is your military record that causes us to wonder why you are in lock step with the tyrannical rule of the Speaker of the House. It is that very service that causes us to ask why you lack the political courage to sign the discharge petition known as HB 1004 to break that tyrannical rule of the Speaker. It is your lack of action that causes us to ask do you represent your constituents, or do you represent yourself?
Do yourself and your fellow Representatives a favor. Sign HB 1004. Let the voices that represent the rest of Oklahoma be heard. Don’t let the tyrant continue with his silencing the voices of the people of Oklahoma. Do the job you were elected to do.
Drug Addicts May be Getting Help...Finally
By Ms PM
HB 2388 authored by Liebmann, Bennett, Billy, Sean Roberts and Vaughn
This bill relates to poor people being required to drug test prior to approval for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits (TANF). You can read the bill here:
The cost of the drug test will fall on the applicant and if their test comes back positive they would be ineligible to receive TANF benefits for one year. Benefits would not be taken away if minor children live in the household. Someone else would be allotted the money for any children but the designated person would have to be tested as well.
Another article seems to think the law is biased and I can't figure why the "lost ogle" places Social Security into a "help or assistance from the government" category to prove a point about giving people free money. I have never been able to stop those deductions from my paycheck. Why is SS called assistance? Should it be my choice to invest that money the way I see fit for my retirement? Why would I want to let the government take my money knowing it may not be there when they think it is time to dole it out, or if I die, they keep it?
What rational is being used to think I need to take a drug test to get my money and without interest on it?  The next "assistance from the government" in their article is home interest deduction. I think homeowners pay for their property because they have a job. If this deduction is something that needs to be done away with, can't that law be changed? I really think homeowners may be doing something right. I don't have the statistics but I doubt they are paying for their home and lifestyle with a welfare check. Their question; Why should they not be held to the same standards as poor people, reinforces punishing people for going out and getting a job to purchase what they want...does it not?
Another point they make is the proposed legislation is likely to be ruled unconstitutional. Where in the Constitution does it say there is mandatory re-distribution of wealth?
Then the article says "The proposed legislation will not save money". The cost to monitor drug testing would probably neutralize any money saved. Personally, if my taxes are going to pay for assistance to those on drugs, it is better spent on drug testing and kicking those choosing that lifestyle out of my pocket. Don't I get a choice?
I am amused when this article says the legislation is "politically motivated" and asks why a personal-freedoms-protecting Republican would want to limit personal freedoms. Does this mean freedom is free? The recipient of "assistance" should get theirs for free? I am one of those Republicans under the belief that my personal freedom isn't free. I can't get past why it isn't okay for them to pay for a drug test in order to get that free money.
This next article has many statistics.
The ones I found interesting are; Among the welfare recipients with alcohol and other drug problems, the authors report differences according to welfare program type. For example, heavy drinking, any drug use, and alcohol and other drug abuse and/or dependence were significantly greater among 25- through 34-year-old recipients of AFDC and Food Stamps, than among recipients 35 years and older, and among 30- through 54-year-old SSI and Medicaid recipients than among those 55 years and older. WIC recipients did not demonstrate a similar age differential.
However, targeted education programs, screening efforts, and provisions for treatment could be incorporated into existing welfare programs, just as AFDC participants now receive training and employment services and WIC participants receive nutrition education.
There are many jobs that require drug testing. Why is it people have to be tested to keep their job so they can give their money to people doing drugs and don't have to be tested to get it? This is the insanity of enabling which is sicker than the disease of addiction.
Have those against this bill ever had a drug or addiction problem? If not, it is difficult to comprehend and there are things, one never having the problem, cannot fix. For the addict the kindest and most compassionate thing you can do is let them fall on their face. When they are tired of being sick and tired, only then, your compassion will be the helping hand that will empower that person to stand up. It will be their moment of clarity. As long as those addicted have a way out to support that lifestyle they will take it and all the free money they can acquire.
That chain has to be broken by them, their family's destiny hangs in the balance. The self-centeredness that accompanies the addiction ruins everything in the household. Children grow up and are taught their childhood is normal and after a while they learn it, live it and practice it. A wise woman asked me once; who are you to keep someone from learning the lessons they need? She said that if I didn't let people I care about fall down, they keep doing what they do and keep getting what they get.
As long as this program is run by the government they are the only ones that can attempt to fix it. Some think of it as an invasion of personal freedom and I would normally agree. It does appear that whenever government puts their finger in the pie there is always room for corruption. It is our job to stay informed and fight to fix it when that happens. When it comes to a choice, I want to use my personal freedom by choosing how I help these people, I truly believe they all deserve a better life. Allowing them to take my money and buy drugs is not the way to do it. I have not had a drink or a drug for 22 years. People helped me stand up and loved me until I could love myself. It is my turn to pass it on. I have learned how to be a productive part of humanity and it is my obligation to help those in trouble. Giving a free ride is not the answer.
There is no doubt there are people that need help, for some reason they have fallen by the way side, some by choices in their life and some by the hand they were dealt. These people unfortunately would have to participate in the drug testing and in no way is this topic accusing anyone in an unfortunate situation of being people that use drugs.  
The bottom line of what I have learned through drug addiction is I can only help those who choose to help themselves and they are the only ones that can set that ball rolling. They can continue the "poor me" and suck off of society through manipulation or face the hard facts of accountability.
The Secret to the State Chamber of Commerce's success?
They Help Elect RINO Republicans to the House
By R. H.
Here we have the case of Representative Dennis Casey, a freshman RINO Republican if there ever was one. Bought and paid for by the State Chamber of Commerce. With his back ground, it’s easy to see why he doesn’t support HB 1004, but it’s also the reason he should not be in office.
Mr. Casey comes to us from a background of education and ranching. It’s the education background that I find the most honorable and at the same time, most disturbing. As an educator, did he belong to and how much influence has the radical group known as the National Education Association and its local affiliate The Oklahoma Education Association have on him?
Freshmen legislators are always hard to get a handle on. Let’s take a look at his record. As a freshman Representative he has done nothing to distinguish himself. He is you average to slightly below average politician.
In 2011 he submitted 7 bills for consideration before the House. Of these, 3 died in committee, 2 died on the House floor and 2 passed into law. The 2 that became law were HB 1418 which made criminal records checks mandatory before hiring at schools. The second was funding for the Access Higher Education Program. In short, spending money we don’t have
Most of the following information has been obtained from This is good information that everyone needs to know,
Key Votes
HB 1593 Repealing Collective Bargaining Requirement for Cities, Yes
In other words, with the exception of Police and Firefighters Unions, the rest of you do not have collective bargaining right,
Political Courage Test 0%
This is a test that tells you where he stands on political issues. Representative Casey refused to answer numerous attempts to take the Political Courage Test.
Interest Group Evaluations
National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund-Position on Gun Rights A
Now this is an evaluation every candidate gets, this does not mean much really. Over the years this has proven to be a near worthless endorsement. They’ve even given this same endorsement to Senator Harry Reid (D) Nevada, because he pork barreled a project for a gun range there.
Now comes the fun part. Campaign finances. This information was received from Here is where we find out exactly who influences his decisions.
Part 1
Uncoded $10,800.00
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $ 8,810.00
Health $ 7,750.00
Energy & Natural Resources $ 7,500.00
Government Agencies, Education, Others $ 6,750.00
Un-itemized Contributions $ 3,940.00
Agriculture $ 3,800.00
Lawyers & Lobbyist $ 3,600.00
Party $ 2,450.00
Labor $ 2,250.00
General Business $ 1,850.00
Ideology/Single Issue $ 1,000.00
Candidate Contribution $ 1,262.00
Construction $ 550.00
Communications & Electronics $ 250.00
Total $60,062.00
That’s a lot of money. Digging a little deeper into the report, things just don’t add up. In part 2 of the report some of the discrepancies are listed below. The part 1 listing will be in parenthesis.
There is a $3,300.00 discrepancy in the un-coded listing between part 1 and part 2. This needs to be explained, and may indicate a campaign finance law violation.
If you look at his donor list it is easy to tell who he is beholding to. It reads like a who’s who of left wing organizations. That’s the danger in not vetting a candidate before he is elected to an office. Below is a glance at some of the organizations and the amount they donated.
Oklahoma Rising $3,750.00
Oklahoma Education Association $2,500.00
Oklahoma Association of Community Action Agencies (ACORN) $1,250.00
The State Chamber of Commerce $1,000.00
It doesn’t take a genius to see that they were hoping to buy a little influence in legislation. This man is a disgrace.
One can only conclude that his reason for not signing HB 1004 is that it doesn’t fit with his or the Speakers agenda. If he truly wants to represent the people of Oklahoma, then he has no choice but to sign the petition. He is blocking the voices of millions of other Oklahomans from being heard because the tyrannical rule of Speaker Steele won’t allow bills to be heard by Representatives that voted against his candidate for Speaker of the House. If he is unable to do this, then he will have failed in his duty to represent the people of Oklahoma in his district.

Representative Gary Banz Refuses to Sign
HR 1004 Discharge Petition
By R. H.
In 2011 he presented 11 bills, 3 House Joint Resolutions and 1 House Concurrent Resolution for passage. Of those, 6 died in committee, 1 died in Senate committee, 2 died on the House floor and 2 passed into law. The 2 that passed into law, HB 1614 and HB 1615, both dealt with setting the date of the primary election in the State of Oklahoma. The HCR 1001 calling for a National Constitutional Convention, died in the Rules Committee of the House. HJR 1020, calling for a vote on a State Constitutional Convention, as required by the State Constitution died in a Senate Committee.  This might not be a bad thing as many constitutional scholars remind us that the original Articles of Confederation were overturned at a Constitutional Convention, indeed everything is on the table including our 2nd Amendement rights.
In 2012he has presented 16 bills, 1 House Concurrent Resolution and 1 House Joint Resolution to the House for consideration. To date 8 are in House committees, 6 are in Senate Committees and 2 are on the House floor. The HCR, which is on a Cancer Parity Task Force, is on the House floor. The HJR, calling for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, is still in committee. He seems to be doing a little better since he moved up to a leadership position.
Unlike some politicians I have seen, Representative Banz does have a Military Record. 2 years of Active duty and 8 years with the Army Reserve. The active duty occurred between 1968-1970, so could have included combat time, though none is indicated in his biography. I guess this is why he was selected to sit on the Veterans & Military Affairs Committee.
Let’s take a look at his record. This information has been obtained from
Business and Consumer
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development 75%
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development (Lifetime) 86%
2009 OkWatchdog-Consumer and Patient Advocacy 64%
Is he really looking after the citizens of Oklahoma, or is he out to line his pockets?
Family and Children Issues
2008 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy 100%
2007 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy 67%
Notice how it goes up during an election year.
Senior and Social Security Issues
2006 Oklahoma Aging Partnership 83%
2005 Oklahoma Aging Partnership 90%
I did not included figures from the National Rifle Association. The figures listed were based on how much a person contributed to a victory fund. A score based on these criteria alone is unfair to the individual.
Now we are going to take a look at his campaign finances. This information is from the 2010 campaign cycle and was obtained at . Compared to some of the leadership, he ran a modest campaign.
Non-Contributors (Balance Forwarded & Interest) $14,341.00
Health $ 9,850.00
Government Agencies/Education/Others $ 9,256.00
Uncoded $ 7,700.00
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $ 6,100.00
Energy & Natural Resources $ 5,500.00
Construction $ 3,050.00
Labor (Unions) $ 2,900.00
General Business $ 2,400.00
Agriculture $ 1,700.00
Communications & Electronics $ 1,350.00
Republican Party $ 1,000.00
Lawyers & Lobbyist $ 850.00
Ideology/Single Issue $ 500.00
Candidate Contribution $ 100.00
Total $ 66,647.00
For a area like Midwest City that is a very modest sum to spend on a campaign. Now let’s look a little deeper into those contributions.
Once again hoping to get a fair bargaining position on water rights with the state, tribal government have contributed to the political campaign of a member of the House Leadership.
Once again this contribution will have been made in vain. The House Leadership has proven time again that they have no intentions of negotiating for the use of tribal waters. Their plan is to take the water and be damn with the treaty made by the federal government with these sovereign nations.
Chickasaw Nation $5,500.00
Choctaw Nation $1,500.00
Now let’s take a look at his political views. One wonders if this is truly how he feels, or he says this just to make himself look good? An example is he indicates that he is tough on crime in his answers the questionnaire, but has voted yes on every soft on crime bill presented by the Speaker for consideration.
Economy and Employment - Provide low interest loans and tax credits for starting, expanding or relocating business to Oklahoma. Folks this is the same as picking winners and losers. The government should not be involved in this. You want to attract new business to Oklahoma, lover the tax rate for business. It hasn’t changed in 26 years.
Education – Support the 4x4 curriculum that requires high school students to take four years of English, Math, Science and Social Studies. I happen to agree with this.
State Taxes – Greatly Increase Alcohol Taxes, Slightly Increase Cigarette Taxes, Greatly Decrease Capital gains taxes, greatly decrease corporate taxes, Eliminate income taxes. What’s strange is he claims to greatly support decreasing corporate taxes, yet he has never presented a bill to do so.
Now we are going to look at his voting record. At first glance it is a fairly conservative record. If you dig a little deeper you’ll find items like these listed below
March 12, 2008 HB 2628 Parental Consent for Sex Education Nay
March 14, 2006 HCS HB 2608 End of Instruction Test Yea
March 14, 2006 HB 2475 Unattended Children in Motor Vehicle Safety Act Nay
With votes like this, is he thinking of the citizens of Oklahoma or of his gaining favoritism from the Speaker of the House? I think it’s the later.
This is a classic case of a man holding on to his power for as long as he can. He knows that by signing the discharge petition, HB 1004 that the dictatorial power of Speaker Steele will come to an end. With the demise of the Speakers power will come the end of Mr. Banz’s power. Mr. Banz don’t shame your tenure an Assistant Majority Floor Leader this way. You know in your heart that the right thing to do is sign HB 1004 and let the voices of the representatives of all Oklahomans be heard not just those of a select few whose noses are so brown that they’ll never come clean.

Former CIA Director Woolsey to Speak

(Does Anybody CAIR?)


“The Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their (our) hands…This is a quote from a document that was introduced into evidence in the case of U.S. v. The Holy Land Foundation, the largest terrorism financing trial in the history of the U.S. What we learned from that trial is that CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood front organization and an unindicted co-conspirator in the case.


CAIR of Oklahoma is holding its Annual conference and Banquet here at the Oklahoma City Marriott this coming Saturday, March 31st and they have invited a number of YOUR state legislators to join them.


Why would CAIR be inviting your legislators to join them? The answer can be found in another document that was entered into evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial. The Muslim Brotherhood (i.e. CAIR) has a 5-Phase plan known as “Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan,” to overthrow the U.S. government and replace the Constitution with Shariah Law. Following are just two of the phases from the 5-Phase Plan (in their own words):


“Phase Two: Phase of gradual appearance on the public scene and exercising and utilizing various

public activities (It greatly succeeded in implementing this stage). It also succeeded in achieving

a great deal of its important goals, such as infiltrating various sectors of the Government, gaining

religious institutions and embracing senior scholars. Gaining public support and sympathy.

Establishing a shadow government (secret) within the Government.”


“Phase Four: Open public confrontation with the Government through exercising the political

pressure approach. It is aggressively implementing the above-mentioned approach. Training on the use of weapons domestically and overseas in anticipation of zero-hour. It has noticeable activities in this regard.”


The answer, then, ladies and gentlemen, is that CAIR wants to invite your state legislators so that they can “(infiltrate) various sectors of government” and “(exercise) the political pressure approach” so that they can “destroy the Western civilization from within and sabotage its miserable house by their (our) hands…” or, in other words, the hands of our state legislators who (???unwittingly???) do their bidding for them. There it is in their own words. As Ronald Reagan used to say, “Facts are hard things.”


When patriots like the former Commanding General of Delta Force, Jerry Boykin, or Pastor Paul Blair or some of the other experts who came to Oklahoma talk about this evidence, some CAIR spokesman either here or in Washington, D.C. makes a big stink and says that these guys don’t  know what they’re talking about and, besides, they’re just saying it because they’re haters and Islamophobes. Attack the messenger to take the focus off their message.


I wonder what CAIR is going to say when former CIA Director James Woolsey comes to Oklahoma City next Friday, March 30th to discuss the evidence? Will CAIR say that Director Woolsey doesn’t know what he’s talking about either? Maybe they’ll say Woolsey doesn’t understand the evidence (even though he IS a lawyer). Maybe CAIR will say that the former CIA Director doesn’t know how to interpret the intelligence implications of the evidence. Whatever CAIR’s response, it should be worth a good laugh.


What we DO know is that Director Woolsey has co-authored the most comprehensive, fact-based, understandable summary of the threat posed by Shariah Law, the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR available today. I have finished reading the “Team B II Report” I mentioned in last week’s article and I was stunned. As I read through the step-by-step analysis, I sometimes felt as if I was watching a surgeon coldly, calculatingly cutting away a cancerous tumor that was slowly killing the patient. It all became clear.


I also know that Director Woolsey will be discussing some of his findings from the Team B II Report, to include the evidence from the HLF trial, at a Banquet to be held next Friday evening here in Oklahoma City. Director Woolsey will also be doing several other events during the day but I understand that there is no more space available to the public. If you are interested in attending the Banquet, the cost is $35/person and $50/couple (defined as a man and a woman) and here is the contact information:


Rumor is that Director Woolsey’s visit is going to result in some major media coverage, both before and after the Banquet and that there is going to be an additional “Special Guest.” In fact, we’ve found some previous media coverage regarding CAIR that they conveniently overlook. The Edmond Sun said in an article dated March 6, 2010: “CAIR has been advised of the reasons behind our suspension of formal partnership,” the FBI stated. “These reasons include the fact that CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in United States v. Holy Land Foundation and CAIR’s failure to answer our questions about a connection between their executives and Hamas. Until these questions are answered, the FBI does not consider CAIR an appropriate partner for formal liaison activities.”


Further, in an exclusive we are first reporting here, it is our understanding that Director Woolsey will be discussing another letter from the FBI to the very same local CAIR chapter that is holding their banquet on Saturday, March 31st. There is a letter from the FBI’s Oklahoma City Field Office in which Special Agent in Charge James Finch says that the FBI cannot participate in a planned Muslim Community Outreach Program because of the “planned participation by the Oklahoma Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).” (See attached FBI letter.) What I still can’t figure out is, if the FBI won’t do business with CAIR because they are an unindicted co-conspirator, why does the state of Oklahoma? Heck, for that matter, if their goal is “Seizing power to establish their Islamic Nation under which all parties and Islamic groups are united.” (See Phase five), why doesn’t somebody prosecute them? Isn’t there a law or something that’s supposed to cover this stuff?


One final point regarding CAIR’s invitation to your state legislator to join them, would you like to know if your legislator is going to attend or, to put it another way, “Does anyone CAIR?” (pardon the pun). Check in next week and we’ll let you know who attended. Better still, why don’t you let your legislator know how you feel. Shariah Law, coming soon to a neighborhood soon, compliments of CAIR. Oh, yes, the theme of CAIR’s Banquet this year is “Making Democracy Work” and the keynote speaker is an expert on talking about the subject of “Social Justice in Muslim societies.” From what I’ve learned about Shariah Law, it shouldn’t be a very long talk.

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