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Simply Youth Group

From your friends at Simply Youth Ministry and Group Publishing...

Introducing the 1st Youth Program of its Kind:
Simply Youth Group!
The weekly, ready-to-go youth ministry.

Simply Youth Group lives up to its name—it’s an easy-to-use resource that captures students’ attention while fueling a deeper commitment to Jesus.

Based on a proven growth strategy called “inquiry-based learning,” Simply Youth Group engages teenagers with everyday topics and compelling stories, then builds bridges for them to get closer to Jesus.

Every week you get a new digitally-delivered program, each one connected to one of nine “essential questions” that matter most to teenagers. We never explore the same question twice in one month.

This resource maximizes your spiritual influence in students’ lives, and sets you up as the architect for a rich environment of growth.


Matty is ready to answer any question you may have about Simply Youth Group, so give him a call at 615-349-7111.


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