The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers
Hash 1352 - The Poachers Pocket , Swalwell
Hares:  Knickerless and Lets Do It
Hashers met at The Poachers Pocket on the border of Swalwell on a delightful sunny Wednesday evening.
Walkers headed out under the watchful eye of Lets Do It, whilst the r*nners headed off into the delightful dappled woodland
glades of Swalwell.
After accomplishing ( with varying degrees of success) the wooden assault course set by the hare, the pack headed through some
delightful pastures before a late arrival in the shape of Misled appeared from the thicket. A winding route took the hashers down to a
set of industrial units by the Tyne where a cheeky morley and a number of FRB's kept the pack in close contact. Virgin hasher
Nigel ( also owner of the Poachers Pocket ) was much mystified  but politely kept his confusion to himself, and with help
from the group managed to arrive and remain on  a couple of FRB's himself. Well done Nigel
The sunlight glinting of the Tyne was an inviting sight,  but hashers soon turned under the underpass and followed the tributary
back along the cycleway to Blaydon proper. Those with long memories will remember FridgeGate, an Inncon's wintery hash where the pack ran into
a couple of dodgy blokes loading fridges into vans in complete darkness. Not sure who got a bigger shock that time!
A well deserved beer stop at The Sun in Blaydon, with dog treats a plenty and the pack headed back over vale and hill for a
quick hash flash in the buttercup fields overlooking the Metrocentre before returning to the pub. Hashers were surprised to discover a circle
already in progress in the pub car park but which on closer inspection turned out to be a group of  young men salivating over their pimped up
Our kind host allowed us to circle in the beer garden ( probably a first) where the GM gave a long and expansive address to his
audience to wit " I now pass over to the RA".  Om did a sterling job as RA in BM's absence, raining down down's on miscreants
like a wrathful God.  Latecomer Speedy who had driven to next weeks hash destination Corbridg by mistake and missed the hash
was duly chastised and with 12 halves to drink a few spurious charges were made up to ensure no wastage.
Sarnies were kindly provided as everyone adjourned to the pub to reminiscence about mining, leeks, and missing fingers
and GH had some social media training by Lets Do It which was much appreciated.

Stats and special notices

Views - superb
Allotments - 1
Buttercups - literally millions
Late comers - 2
Overexcited Hash hounds - 2
Dodgy men with fridges - 0
Hash flash- 2
Pub - Excellent
Beer Stop - 1 ( for runners) walkers walked past it much to Lubri's disgust
Metrocentre -1 
Haribo's - Consumed
Pimped cars - A dozen  
Tyne -1
Sunshine- Shiny
Assault course -1
Lost hashers-1
Hash Virgins - 1
200th run - GH
A fantastic run, thanks to the hares!
Good luck for Blayon tonight if your running it

Next Week: The Whatsheaf, Corbridge                               Hare:  Totem and Pop's B*det Run 
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