Hello amigos! If you are a single male and wanting to pick up a new hobby and meet a possibly lady friend, here is your chance! Below are 2 classes we are looking for males as we have more ladies in these 2 classes and need your presence! Register right away for Salsa lev 1 or Latin Dance Program and you will not be disappointed! Message me (Alex) at 780-906-7939 if you have any questions!





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presented by ETOWN SALSA

WHERE: ETOWN SALSA Dance Studio, #201, 10923-101 st. NW, Edmonton

WHEN: Mon Apr 10 ,2017@6:15-7:30pm for 10 weeks

CONTACT INFO:1-888-337-3635 or 780-906-7939

TICKET INFO: $120+tax/person or $200+tax/couple (check details


NEXT STARTUP: Mon Apr 10@ 6:15-7:30pm for 10 wks

Take our most recommended and best value for the dollar program!

If you are intimidated by the Latin dance scene and want to get your feet wet with some easier dance steps, we recommend these 3! Merengue & Salsa/Cumbia & Bachata! If you go to any Latin parties, fiestas, or festivals, you will definitely run into these three typical genres of music that of course will instantly want you to move your hips to. Bachata is the most romantic Latin dance around. Enough said. Salsa/Cumbia is a little more challenging but looks really impressive if you know your basics well! This is an 10 week LATIN DANCE program that starts with Merengue 1 week, Bachata 4 weeks, then Salsa/Cumbia for 4 weeks and the finishing off with a review of all the dances. All classes are 75 minutes and will cover the fundamentals you NEED to know to get yourself dancing. Once you start yourselves with these 2 dances, you will find it much easier to go and take on the nightclub scene.



Cumbia originates from Colombia but has variations of this dance in Mexico, and other Latin American countries. It's a sister dance to Salsa and some of the moves you can learn from this dance can spin off Salsa and it will definitely impress on lookers for sure!


NOTE: As of Apr 7, we are needing 7 more males for this class. Please register asap so we can fill these spots.

$120+tax/person or $200+tax/couple

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presented by ETOWN SALSA

WHERE: ETOWN SALSA Dance Studio, #201, 10923-101 st. NW, Edmonton

WHEN: Schedule below

CONTACT INFO:1-888-337-3635 or 780-906-7939 (Edmonton)

TICKET INFO: see details below


SALSA LEVEL 1 - $80+tax/person

Salsa Classes

NOTE: All classes are at ETOWN SALSA Dance Studio located at #201, 10923-101 st. NW

Once you start salsa dancing, you will not stop. The world's most popular social dance is hitting Edmonton in a big way and here is your chance to start the right way with Edmonton's only LATIN & SALSA Dance Studio in the city. ETOWN SALSA not only makes dancing fun, but the methods of teaching will also impress you as to how fast you are picking up steps.

At ETOWN SALSA, we offer 4 different styles of Salsa. That's how much knowledge we know. Cuban & L.A. style are the easier of the 4 styles and ETOWN SALSA offers a class that will allow you to learn both in the same class. Of course you will not learn everything but you will learn the most important fundamentals to get you started and get you LOVING the Latin culture of dance in a FUN way. Not only that, SPANISH is that language that more and more North Americans are wanting to learn and ETOWN SALSA has combined BOTH! Si! Hablamos Español! ;)

Don't wait another moment. There are classes for the complete beginner and the moderate dancers. Register now as classes are filling up quick. Singles and couples are welcome.

Description: no dance experience needed, no partner necessary but beneficial, just your enthusiasm, fun and smiles are necessary. ETOWN SALSA supplies assistance to members to even out partner ratios so please register for us to secure your partner. $10 LATE REGISTRATION FEE at the door so register early.


4 Saturdays start Apr 22@12:45-2:15pm (6hrs total)
4 Sundays start Apr 9@5-6:30pm (6hrs total) (note: as of Apr 7 need 2 more males for this class)
4 Mondays start Apr 24@7:30-9pm (6hrs total)
4 Mondays start May 29@6:15-7:30 (5hrs total) $70+tax shortened series of Salsa/Cumbia style

SALSA LEVEL 1.5 - $80+tax/person

4 Saturdays start Apr 22@2:15-3:45pm (6hrs total)
4 Sundays start Apr 23@8-9:30pm (6hrs total)
4 Mondays start Apr 24@7:30-9pm (6hrs total)

SALSA LEVEL II - Drop-in $25+tax/90 min or 8 classes $150+tax

Sundays @6:30-8pm (every Sunday)
Tuesdays @ 6:30-8pm (every Tuesday)
Saturdays @3:45-5:15pm (note: please msg ahead if you plan to drop in unannounced at 780-906-7939)

To register with our MINDBODY app, watch our video to get familiar with the app.

To register, just make a purchase of drop-in or a pass and you can drop-in to any class posted on our site.

Note: Level II will challenge you for 6 months - 1 year depending on the individuals talent and skill . An average individual requires at least 1 year before moving up. Level III is by instructor admission only.

SALSA LEVEL III - Registered class

Salsa Classes

EVERY Thursday from 8-9pm (call/text 780-906-7939 to confirm)

Drop-in $20+tax/60 min or 8 classes $100+tax