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Tea Party Forces Defeats Incumbent Congressman John Sullivan
and Incumbent Representative Guy Liebman



Oh, if only the McCarville Report were to believed, how we would be wringing out hands!   Rarely do we comment on that old fart’s State Chamber funded screeching, after all he will be gone soon enough and there will be time for a keg party with a subsequent visit to pay our respects, albeit filtered through kidneys.  All joking aside, McCarville has lost all credibility but he offers a glimpse into the quandary the political establishment finds itself after the election.

Prior to the election the opposition labeled anyone we endorsed as a “Sooner Tea Party” candidate and afterward our losses were magnified and our wins were marginalized.   Few reported that we endorsed and supported Bridenstine in his fight against Congressman John Sullivan.  We hit 30,000 voters with our newspaper in Tulsa, Jenks, and Broken Arrow. A nice touch was the back page with the arrest record and mug shot of Congressman John Sullivan from one of his earlier scrapes with the law.   For the first time in several decades a sitting incumbent congressman was defeated and we were part of the reason it happened.


Our candidates for Tulsa County Clerk and Oklahoma County Clerk did well, both are in the August run off, our candidates in Senate District 17 and 33 are both in August runoff elections, as is our choice for House District 53 and Ken Walker in House District 70.   Dan Fisher won his primary race in House District 60 and Mike Turner whipped Incumbent RINO Representative Guy Liebmann in House District 82.

That is ten races won out of 22 despite the fact that we were outspent ten to one in some races and three to one on the average.  Six candidates in runoff races and three outright wins is pretty good for a new movement that is fighting big money, most of the media, and massive corruption.

And it isn’t over by a long shot; there are another 49 general elections for the House and Senate where we can cause political pain.  If Bobby Cleveland or Clark Jolley think they are out of the woodshed they couldn’t be more wrong.


But if you read the newspaper editorials and the nattering old fool’s blog posts you can’t help but come to one conclusion;   they consider the Sooner Tea Party as the voice of the opposition and as the greatest threat to the status quo so they pull out the hatchet and go to work.   Interesting to read the reader comments on that Oklahoman editorial, even the liberals are taken aback when they realized that the Tea Party supported Democrats when they were conservative.  Most telling in that editorial was the dismissal of our defeat of incumbent Congressman John Sullivan and the defeat of incumbent Representative Guy Liebmann, with the Oklahoman calling those wins flukes caused by personal problems and new district lines.    So when we lose it is our fault and when we win it is a fluke.

What stands out the most is the switch in labels for the Sooner Tea Party from "rabid right wing conservatives" to “nonconservatives in Republican clothing”, noting that even at their darkest hours they refuse to use the term RINO.  Dichotomy is the first sign that your opponent’s arguments are failing and even the most ignorant of readers will pick up on the sudden switch in tactics.


Bottom line:   The establishment was stunned at the opposition this primary election and they have woken up to the power of the combined grassroots activists coupled with worthy candidates.  They spent millions to keep a handful of legislators and they know that they are going to have to spend millions again in the general election.  But the Tea Party forces held the House by three votes in the October 2011 Speakers Designate race and we have taken  two additional seats, Dan Fisher and Mike Turner, with another six or so House seats yet to be decided in the general election.  Our margin of control is now at 5 votes and the remaining six House seats can fall to Democrat or liberal Republican and not change our margin of control.

Do you want further proof of the change in their message?   Watch the liberal Republicans froth at the mouth while denouncing Obama Care after pushing to enact it in 2011.  

And who voted for Obama Care in 2011 that was featured in that article?  It didn’t get a Senate vote but we have a committee where Obama Care was approved and there was Senator Newberry and Crain who was the Chairman:

Senate Health and Human Services Committee Members

Agenda for 2/27/2012
Sen Brian Crain                 405-521-5620
Sen Sean Burrage             405-521-5555
Sen Rick Brinkley              405-521-5566
Sen Constance Johnson  405-521-5531
Sen Rob Johnson              405-521-5592
Sen Dan Newberry          405-521-5600
Sen Steve Russell             405-521-5618
Sen Jim Wilson                 405-521-5574
Sen Brian Bingman          405-521-5528

 Next in the article was Rep Jason Nelson who voted for Obama Care in the guise of HB 2130.  He was also the co chair of the dog and pony show in 2011 that went around the state trying to get voters to accept Obama Care Health Insurance Exchanges.

Next up was Representative George Faught who actually did vote against Obama Care.

After that was Representatives Pat Ownbey, Mike Sanders, and Josh Cockcroft  who all voted for Obama Care in HB 2130.

Here is the 2011 Oklahoma RINO Index with their scores.  Put this link in your smart phone so you can pull it up when you are at an event where one of these RINOs are speaking so you can ask them why they made the bad votes for Obama Care.

And ending the abundance of crocodile tears in the article was GOP State Chairman Matt Pinnell who sat on his hands while watching Republican elected officials do their damndest to ram Obama Care down Oklahoman’s throats.   Except of course when he was helping damage any chances of conservatives retaking the state GOP.   Pinnell found time to help out with that and he found time to try to milk donations and support out of Oklahomans after the Supreme Court refused to kill Obama Care.

Last Tuesday was a watershed event for the Sooner Tea Party.   We won some major races and the abuse hurled our way intensified as the political establishment realizes that Keith Gaddie is right in his comments about our performance.

   Several things to note about that Gaddie story.   But first notice who they picked to represent the two sides of the fight?   The Sooner Tea Party and the State Chamber with Gaddie providing his opinion on who really won.

First is the new term that I introduced into the Oklahoman vocabulary, constitutional conservative.   McNutt was struggling with an apt description for us during his interview with me on that story until I suggested they drop social conservatives in favor of constructional conservatives.   The subsequent Oklahoman editorial used the phrase as well for the first time.  McNutt also correctly defined Dan Fisher as a social conservative, developing an awareness that there is a difference between the two conservative types.

Second is that McNutt did a great job getting across how we define victory;   by fighting we gather experience and skills while we are pointing out the dichotomy between the elected GOP officials and their own party platform.

Third is that we understand that without fiscal parity our power has limits.   Incumbent Guy Liebman had a 50% advantage over Mike Turner but we were the overriding factor when 5,000 voters got a newspaper delivered to their front lawn.    Bridenstine was outspent three to one but again that is within our envelope to make a difference but being outspent ten to one is not.

Lastly, the last few paragraphs of the Oklahoman article summed up what it is that we do:


 The biggest effect the Sooner Tea Party and other constitutional conservatives had on Tuesday’s elections was forcing the targeted Republican legislators to reinforce their conservative values, Gaddie said.


“With a movement like this, part of the success isn’t necessarily in electing candidates,” Gaddie said. “It’s in forcing incumbents to speak to what you’re concerned about. And they were able to do that.


“If anything, what they did, they got some people out there to run and half of them will never be back again. But some of them may run again and might win.


“It’s why you do this,” he said, “is to grow a crop of candidates and to learn how to create an organization. Learn how to win.”


We stunned them on the primary vote and served notice that buying politicians just became more expensive.    The Obama Care decision on the next day added fuel to the fire, it is our number one issue and both the establishment and the State Chamber got caught on the wrong side of the issue and they know it.   Now they are furiously back peddling and wrapping conservative values around them like it was body armor.


Never forget that we don’t write this newsletter for our supporters, we write it to educate the legislators and to drive them through an open door that leads where we want them to go.   When we do back one into a corner we expect them to fight to the death as we haven’t provided an escape path, and in the process we win not by actually defeating them but by showing the other politicians that we can endanger their political future.   Remember the old Billy Jack movie where he told the local political boss that he was going to take his right foot and lay it alongside the boss’s left temple and there wasn’t a dang thing the guy could do about it?    That is what we do, let them know what is coming to make them sweat, to twist their guts into knots on Sunday night waiting to see if they have been outed, then we drive them onto the battle field of our own choosing and either bleed them dry defending their votes or force them to live up to the GOP Party Platform.

We are setting a schedule for newspapers for those runoff races and general elections that will determine who ultimately wins or loses next session.    If the GOP dares send us a crooked joke of a politician like Bobby Cleveland or Senator Clark Jolley we can support the independent or the Democrat in the election and make them fight for every inch.   It isn't electing our people that will free our state, it is in forcing those already in control to do the right thing.

Obama Care Upheld is a Good Thing


If you didn’t like the Wednesday Supreme Court decision then you are playing poker when you need to understand that politics is more like a battlefield.  Key to understanding tactics is understanding that a machine gun's purpose isn't just to kill the enemy, it is to deny them the use of the ground that it covers.

John Roberts successfully took the Obama mantra of this election being about Supreme Court Justice appointments out of his political quiver by making a non partisan ruling.

Second he reminded us that this is a political issue not a legal issue, that who we elect to office has major repercussions and we can’t depend on the Supreme Court to always fight our fights.

Thirdly he reminded us that the Democrats were massive tax and spend advocates and that Republicans were little better by calling this a tax instead of a mandate.  Doing so added precedent against the use of the Commerce Clause and showed the Court has a strong majority that still recognize the concept of federalism and the restrains of Congress in forcing states to adhere to the whims of the federal government.

Fourth, , the Democrats are going to have a hard time running to November claiming the American people need to vote for them to preserve Obama Care.   Instead the liberal Democrats must defend a massive tax increase.

And the sound you hear is libertarians marching into Camp Romney, with noses held, knowing that the libertarian and conservative coalitions must defeat Obama and Obama Care.

John Roberts successfully forced this into the political realm where Republicans must follow their own Party Platform and Democrats must defend their votes.   We saw that in the article above with the authors and supporters of the Obama Care Health Insurance Exchanges switching sides.   They know that the majority of Oklahomans agree with us, that small portions of Obama Care might be popular the battle ground best suited for us is an all or nothing repeal of Obama Care, not trying to slow it down or to do it to ourselves regardless of what the State Chamber of Commerce might want.

Supreme Court Justices can play the long game as they have life tenure.    We can’t throw them out so they can actually govern with an eye for what is best, not what gets them re elected or re appointed.    John Roberts  most likely just put Mitt Romney in the White House and less we forget,  without Republican Olympia Snowe voting for Obama Care in the Senate Committee, we would have never had Obama Care in the first place.

Of course there are legal flaws in the decision.    All bills imposing taxes have to come from the House of Representatives, not the Senate as Obama Care did, so that argument could have been raised.   Remember how all of this came about, the Senate version was pulled from reconciliation and deemed passed rather than risking another vote in the House, ergo the bill was never actually passed by the House as it never received a proper House vote after reconciliation.   But the same court that defied logic to say this was a tax would refuse to apply the constitutional requirements for a House origination.


We don't need to rally at the Capitol, we don't need to send petitions and emails, we need to buckle down and force the Oklahoma legislators to prepare to nullify Obama Care by refusing to enact the law.   John Roberts stripped the provision where the Feds could take all the Medicade funding from states that refused to enact the Health Insurance Exchanges.  Let them take what they will but let's insist that Oklahoma legislators stand between federal tyrany and their constituents. 



Smart Meters Draw Activists Attention


Jason is one of my 40  Ron Paul County Coordinators from the 2012 Ron Paul campaign who is planning on rallying the Deer Creek residents during the week of July 4th to oppose the installation of smart meters.  He has a form letter for those wishing to opt out of the smart meter program and there is a group in Tulsa that has all the information you will need to get up to speed on this issue.


Jason can be reached at if you want to help him organize the Deer Creek area or start your own project.



Oklahoma's Big Spender's Gluttony at the Home Front

By D.B.

The only thing that is bigger than all of the talk, or bigger than all of the promises of our state Governor and Legislators  is the big lie that they continue to mislead the citizen's of Oklahoma.  Their big selling pitch from the start was the claim of wanting to reduce the amount of government involvement.  The only thingthey have reduced is the people's voice in their practices.   They have knowingly, without remorse and without any thought of the future, taken the state down by continuing to spend like there is no tomorrow.  They have increased our debt, and the only one that has benefited is them.  They make false claims of improvement, yet nothing has gotten better.

 During Governor Fallin's campaign she repeatedly targeted Washington and its unacceptable handling of our nation’s debt yet she was, and still is operating on the same level as the people she criticized.  The state’s overall ratings have taken a nose dive in just about every area possible, except for the state’s debt levels and  government spending which is at a national high. 

Information obtained from OCPA  states: 

 "President Obama may be the biggest government spender in the history of the United States, but the current leaders of Oklahoma are the biggest government spenders in the state’s history".    

Okla. government spending is up  74%.   Here is the link to the detailed outline map of Okla. government spending

 Oklahoma historian J. Rufus Fears refers to politicians whose reckless borrowing-and-spending that puts all at risk by stating:

 "The politicians in Washington have failed us but the ones here at home are also part of the problem."

 In other words, The leaders of Oklahoma have failed it's citizens , and continue to do so without looking back. To fix the problem would mean that they must acknowledge it. Instead they ignore and deny declaring "It's all good".

According to OCPA Oklahoma's spending is at a all time high and continues to rise. It is reported that much of it is federal money.  Governor Fallin was calling Washington for federal funding when a storm hasn't even hit yet this becomes real obvious.    How unbelievably two faced for a leader to waste and spend taxpayer dollars, and then run to the feds every chance she gets for a hand out.  The state should be able to carry its own on a daily basis. That's what we pay taxes for. There is a specific area of funds that are for such emergencies at the state capital but the pot is empty.  This is just another indication that things are not on the up and up, and that  finances are not in order.

Senator Coburn had several comments in his book "The Debt. Bomb" that stated :

 "State  policymaker's have become “dangerously reliant on federal money.”

 In a very real sense, Oklahoma policymakers receive federal bailouts every year. They either don’t know or don’t care that, America is already bankrupt.

 Also from the book"The Debt Bomb:

 "The problem is we are dealing with careerist politicians, seduced by power and position, and that they refuse to set priorities because cutting spending isn't truly important to them."

I guess when Governor Fallin speaks of Oklahoma growth we the people are misunderstanding the concept because just last week the Tax Foundation also stated:

 "Oklahoma leads the nation in government spending growth over the past decade." 

Not the kind of growth she claims to be working on.

Her corny, worn out, far-fetched one liner of "We could teach Washington a thing or two" is laughable. Not only has she raised the state’s debt by overspending, her "save the world" tax plan was a flux just like all of the rest of her side of the mouth speeches.  She apparently isn't too worried about it as she keeps popping up at various sporting events, or vacation spots.   It is disheartening and insulting to continue to hear lines such as this barked out like no one notices.

That's right Governor Fallin." You showed them a thing or two".

I'm just not sure what.



Blog Articles for Hire

Big Discounts if Credibility isn’t Required

R. H.


In the no longer influential McCarville Report published on the 27th of June 2012, Mr. McCarville had an article regarding the Sooner Tea Party. It was a rather braggadocios article claiming that “There’ll be no large influx of Sooner Tea Party legislators next year.”


Did we run articles in a paper in several districts pointing out the voting records of several RINO Republicans? Yes we did. We felt the voting public had a right to know just how these self-described conservatives like  Dan Newberry, Brian Crain, Marian Cooksey, Clark Jolley, Elsie Hall’ Guy Liebmann and Gary Banz, are really liberals masquerading as conservatives.


Did our efforts affect the outcome? Maybe, after all Guy Liebmann did lose his seat. If we had any effect at all, it was through honest reporting on the candidates. That’s something Mike McCarville might try sometime.


Mr. McCarville also fails to mention the effect of his benefactors PAC that continued to air ads that had proven to be nothing but lies against his opponent. Granted he has no direct control over the PAC, but he could have asked that those ads be stopped. His failure to do so is tantamount to an endorsement of those ads.


Mike just so you’ll know the Sooner Tea Party did not go “Up in Flames” as you titled your story. The only thing that has gone up in flames is your credibility.  That went the day you sold out to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.


As for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce, we know who your flunkies in the House and Senate are. We know what your agenda is. We will be watching. We will do everything we can to stop your liberal, progressive agenda from corroding the liberties of freedom loving Oklahomans. Your days as a political power house are numbered.



Audit the Fed

It Just Might Happen!


On June 27th, Audit the Fed unanimously passed the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee by voice vote!  Only a few short years ago, just the thought of getting a committee hearing on such an issue was considered a long shot at best.   But that was because the Washington establishment and the banking elite underestimated the power of true grassroots activism.

Campaign for Liberty was the group that made this possible with hundreds of thousands of petitions, phone calls, faxes, and emails generated by passionate C4L activists around the country.  One congressman noted he had been contacted by “scores of constituents” supporting Audit the Fed.

At one point, Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD-7) introduced an amendment that, like the Watt amendment to H.R. 1207 in the 111th Congress, would have gutted Audit the Fed but activist pressure stopped it butt cold.  In fact, it was truly astonishing just how quickly Representative Cummings withdrew the amendment after it became clear there was no support for it in the Committee - even from members of his own party.

Over the last four years, C4L made tremendous strides in bringing the Federal Reserve to the forefront of political debate and pushing the central bank toward transparency.

Of course, ultimately, America shouldn’t even have a Federal Reserve System to create moral hazard, keep interest rates artificially low, bail out friends and favored firms, and manipulate our monetary supply.   Today’s committee hearing was just one small step toward passing Audit the Fed, but also, one giant leap toward ending it.  Now, with a floor vote before the entire U.S. House in July fast approaching, I hope you’ll stand with us again as we look to jump another hurdle and carry this bill into the Senate.

Visit the Campaign for Liberty website for more info on how to get involved.  




The State Chamber Thinks They Won

By R. H.


In a display of ignorance and voter apathy, ten of eleven Oklahoma County area legislators won their primaries on Tuesday night.  Voter turnout was appallingly low, the special interest money was enormous, but were there other reasons?


The simple truth of the matter is that voters don’t educate themselves on the candidates. They don’t listen to what people are saying about the incumbents. They just go to the polls and say “duh I recognize that name, I’ll vote for them.” Six of the incumbents that ran had current ethics complaints filed against them.


For those of you, who read this newsletter, WAKE UP. Talk to your friends and neighbors more. Offer them a copy of the newsletter. Show them the information. Show them how they can subscribe to the newsletter and the newspaper. Ask them to inform their friends and neighbors. An informed public is our best defense against a runaway government. We cannot begin to change things in Oklahoma until we change the thinking of the public at large.


The only RINO that was unseated was Guy Liebmann. As there was no Democratic challenger in District 82, the new Representative for the district is Representative elect Mike Turner.


Senator Jolley, you are under the cloud of an ethics investigation for campaign violations. We have reviewed the records that accuse you of violating campaign laws of the State of Oklahoma. You and your surrogates ran untruthful, fraudulent campaign ads that were reminiscent of the days of Obama 2008.  Every vote you make will be documented. Should you decide to run for another office, rest assured that your record of deceit will follow you.


For all you other RINO Republicans out there who think you are safe, think again. We have only just begun. We are watching what you do. Your records will be exposed. We will win our state back.


For those Conservative candidates that lost tonight, we ask one thing:  stay in the fight. Don’t resort to the tactics that defeated you and run the risk of an ethics charge. There are several current lawmakers facing ethics complaints for this one simple reason. They did not go down as soon as possible and open a campaign for the same office for the next campaign cycle. For the Senate that is 2016. For the House that is 2014. By doing so, you can legally collect donations, hold campaign events and campaign for office for the next term.


The next election cycle starts now.   Don’t give the crooks a minute of rest or a second of inattention.   Start gathering supporters, funds, and information.   Make them fight without rest until they realize that a life of crime is easier than using politics to line your pockets.




Assumption, What Does It Get You?

By Ms PM


One of the first assumptions as many see it is that of government control over our every move. Seriously, how can the finger be pointed at government bureaucrats when citizens are the ones doing the electing and thus giving away rights by not holding those elected accountable? Is it not a fact that the citizens outnumber the state and federal public servants by astronomical numbers? If this fact is accepted then how can citizens shift the blame to anyone other than themselves, after all, the apathetic voting habits, those who demand a free ride, along with a lack of personal investigation for all candidates, could be the root of this evil. The odds are high that the information is out there. Could it be people are too lazy to look and continue to believe these liars once they step onto the "elect me pulpit?" There are over three million people in Oklahoma and divided up that would be 0.00001 phone calls per week, per person to let representatives know they are being watched. This is a small price to pay with any busy schedule. It does seem citizen reaction comes only after the election, which in turn will always consume more valuable time and energy fighting the battle.


This next assumption seems to rear its ugly head frequently and many folks are under the belief, that a few will do the work of many. This thought process does not appear any different than the socialist plan being implemented throughout our country. When you have the few doing the work, and the many receiving the benefits, history has shown that when you don't have to work for what you have and in this instance, freedom, this incestuous breeding of entitlement springs up in everyday life, thus eroding the values and morals our country was founded upon. If there are any people appalled by the entitlement society being bred into American culture, then how is this lack of participation, by any means, justified?


People assume that government has and always will be run the way it is because "that's just the way it is." What makes a citizen believe this great lie? This conditioning process from those elected has worked, look at who we have representing us as a nation, then within our state. A perfect example of this process just happened here in the Oklahoma primaries. The facts were there but the lights went out when it came time for people to verify the information before going to the polling booth. The end result in this election is proof, first by those that did not vote, then by the ones that did when they put most of the same liars, cheats and thieves back into power. The end result... another round of fighting comes next session when citizens complain about not being represented. It's hard to put out the fire when "we the people" seem to be the ones supplying the matches.


The most recent assumption that many have is geared toward the Obama care vote as being unconstitutional. Most assume it is not constitutional, and it isn't, under the Commerce Clause. The Justices' ruling under this section is a monumental achievement for America. This put the brakes on the federal government regulating everything we do by tying their power, including the health care to the Commerce Clause. Justice Roberts deemed it a "tax", which it is and always was, and because the citizens decided it was a grand idea to give the federal government unlimited power of taxation, also allows the ruling as Constitutional through his eyes, maybe, but probably not, and it could have been his plan all along to force Americans to wake up. There are a few theories as to why Roberts did what he did. The outcome of his actions does seem to be working regardless of why. We can now undo the funding for this beast, eventually repeal and bury it in the garbage dump. Even though all of those who crammed this legislation down our throats by spewing the lie about it not being a tax, what we now have is a clear view of the deceit used against the citizens by the Democratic Party. Justice Roberts brought us this very clear picture. What it also did was give citizens a perfect example of who is supposed to hold the power needed to stop the federal government from taxing us to death. Through citizen participation, we will be the ones to stop it, as it should be, first by electing those that will uphold the Constitution and second by paying attention and voting out those that do not.


Justice John Roberts decision ended with a brilliant outcome, intentioned or not. In the Justices' decision it states this: "It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” Haven't the citizens been screaming about too much interference from government? This decision says to the American people, you now have to fix the mess that you have created and America has the opportunity to do just that. 


He has given the federal government the slap in the face they righteously deserve regarding their never ending power grab in using the Commerce Clause. Along with that he has given the American public the key to unlock the chains, but only if they are smart enough to grab on and ride it out. Could this decision be just what the doctor ordered? One never knows about the extent of unintended consequences, but this scenario could not have been planned out any better. Sure, he could have ruled the whole thing unconstitutional and saved a lot of work. Clearly people do not grasp the impact of how easy the freedom many take for granted could disappear. Most people take better care of something they have to earn and this is no different. This country was not founded on entitlements.


All that is necessary is to not give up before the miracle happens. American Patriots don't give up, the mere thought of giving our destiny to a small bunch of bureaucrats must be crossed off of their "to do" list.


The state government is no different than the federal government other than it is on a smaller scale. You have the same liars, cheats and thieves. When the citizens are not paying attention to local elections, the drama perpetuates and moves on to Washington D.C. There is little doubt, the way to fix Washington is by getting our own house in order. Thank you Justice Roberts, America has the opportunity of a lifetime, we get to prove to this great country that we deserve her. There is no greater achievement than a nation working together for such an important cause as freedom!



Senator Dan Newberry Claims Tea Party Candidate Status

 R. H.

No nasty emails please, that is a dude on the left.  Don't yah recoginze Dan?


In a recent article published in CapitolBeat OK on June 29, 2012, you can read the article here, Ruling by Roberts Court enrages – and re-energizes – Oklahoma Republicans, that dealt with the Obama Care ruling, Senator Newberry had the audacity to claim that he was a Tea Party Conservative. After picking myself up off the ground from laughing so hard at this joke, I just had to write this article and set the record straight.


Here are some of the things a true Tea Party Conservative would not have done what Senator Newberry did. All the information has been provided before, so it should come as no surprise to anyone. A Tea Party Conservative would not


1. Accept a donation from Prominent Democratic Campaign Obama Fund Bundler and Solyndra Cheat George Kaiser.


2. Want to manage the states money while their home is being foreclosed on.



3. Vote Yea on HB 1953, The Governors Quick Action Fund or Slush Fund as we call it.-Liberal


4. Vote to delegate planning responsibilities to un-elected commission


5. Vote Yea on HB 2131 Soft on Crime.-Liberal


6. Vote Yea on SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act. Liberal


7. Vote every time to increase the size of government. –Liberal




Those are not Tea Party Conservative votes. Those are Progressive Liberal votes. They fit in well with the agenda of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce’s goal of trying to remake this great state look more like New York.


Senator Newberry sits on the Appropriations Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services in the Senate. How can we trust a man to manage state funds appropriately, when he can’t even manage his own funds or pay his own house payment? We’ll be watching committee assignments next year and Senator Newberry better not have anything to do with appropriations. It’s un-ethical. Imagine that, Senator Newberry could be our first homeless State Senator.


If anything Senator Newberry stands for everything that is wrong with state and federal government.   A Tea Party Senator?   If he doesn’t have a home at least he has a vivid imagination.



ICLEI or Just Plain Icky?


Consider the caption below taken from ICLEI'S June 15th newsletter. They choose their words carefully and a "rapid and radical agenda" should scare the hell out of you,that is unless you continue along the path of "ignorance is bliss.


ICLEI presents 8 agendas for rapid and radical action

ICLEI's 8 agendas of action for sustainable cities was presented in parallel sessions at their congress today. The agendas are: Biodiverse Cities, Resource-efficient Cities, Low-carbon Cities, Sustainable Cities, Resilient Cities, Green Urban Economy, Smart Urban Infrastructure, and Healthy and Happy Communities.


Number one of the 8 agendas in their newsletter is Biodiverse Cities. Here is the definition to describe the term. Biodiversity is a scientific term used to describe the 'variety of life', or the range of plants, animals and habitats that exist in a given area.

In this article you will find information on the topic agenda of Biodiverse Cities. 

The article states that cities are eating up resources and habitat. According to ipsnews, climate change is one of the main forces responsible for the huge loss of biodiversity on the planet. This term use to be called "global warming" but it is no longer politically correct. There was research information withheld a while back and people experienced a bitter taste towards the findings once the information was brought to the public's attention. Those that believe in global warming will not be deterred in creating these utopian cities regardless of the findings from scientists not of their belief. The executive secretary of the UN Convention, Ahmed Djoghlaf,  believes that "we are living beyond the means and capacities of our planet."


Brazil has taken the lead in setting new trends in planning the city of Curitiba. This biodiverse city demonstrates that urban planning is going to be environmentally friendly. The city has 16 parks, 14 forests and over 1,000 green public areas that are shared by residents. One thing this article does not cover is what happens to privately owned land in the middle of these "green cities", when the owner chooses to do something other than make a park out of it.


In this article it states that Europe leads the way as a model example for biodiversity management. The article states that cities are at a demand for space and are the main cause of water, soil and air pollution. Climate change and the over-exploitation of natural resources is high on their priority list.


On The United Nations website the one thing that screams "look out." was stated; "establish functioning governance structures that are able to enforce legislation." 

This article is on the number two topic agenda of Resource-Efficient Cities. The UN has a website that will make you feel warm and fuzzy and will best describe what all of this is about. . Hop on board this utopia train and learn how to live like good people should. You will be taught that the way to reduce the poverty gap is simply by understanding the wasteful use of resources. "Cleaner production practices and technologies also provide opportunities for small business development and creation of green jobs, which are critical to addressing poverty."

In this article it states this;

 Change of lifestyle stands out as an important measure in Malmö’s Sustainable Energy Action PlanSustainable Energy Action PlanA Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) is the key document in which the Covenant signatory outlines how it intends to reach its CO2 reduction target by 2020. It defines the activities and measures set up to achieve the targets, together with time frames and assigned responsibilities. Covenant signatories are free to choose the format of their SEAP, as long as it is in line with the general principles set out in the Covenant SEAP guidelines.  . What specific actions is the city taking to encourage behavior change and thus minimize the environmental impact of households?

Reading this article one could think that all we need is a nudge to get us on the right path, regardless if we believe in what is being served from the pot o' crap. What happened to a free society?

Third on the topic agenda is Low-carbon Cities.  This website will walk you through the entire process of infiltration within cities. The site states, "Overall we aimed for significant carbon savings through joined up city-wide low carbon strategies. The vision was that of a city-wide carbon reduction target lead by the public sector, supported by the private sector and owned by the entire community." Does anyone reflect on Cap and Trade?

Fourth on the topic agenda is Sustainable Cities. This website goes through the entire process of setting up a mock city for sustainability. It talks  about green house gas and the plethora of things we humans are doing to destroy the planet and how to fix us.  

Fifth on the topic agenda are Resilient Cities. ICLEI's website  This site states; "Only resilient cities will have a future. Only resilient cities will be able to withstand disasters and climate change, will function under conditions of resource constraints, will be able to secure livelihoods for their citizens.


Does anyone think all of this means we better get with the program and make sure we're ready for all this disaster to hit?  Does anyone understand why the federal government is bent on raiding small farmers and shutting them down? Could it be all the genetically modified seeds that don't need as much water to grow and the pesticides are built in? Some people don't trust the government to know what's good for them and some folks don't want to grow it? Does anyone remember the Amish farm that was shut down?


Sixth on the topic agenda is Green Urban Economy. This website gets into the new regulations that will be enforced to make people follow the new rules..  

"Incentives and regulations in the building and construction sector offer opportunities for cities and local governments to leverage their authority in the setting of standards and the issuing of building permits. These measures, including mandatory investments in energy efficiency or the installation of renewable energy technologies in buildings, can make a substantial impact."


ICLEI believes this green urban economy will bring everyone to a level playing field. They state, "the postmodern sustainable city should also be a well-organized place with low unemployment, social equality, green open space, social interaction platforms and universal education with provisions for basic needs."


Lawrence Bloom, chief of the Green Economy Initiatives sustainable cities' has this to say, "Our vision is no less than a society living in harmony with nature, thriving on a truly global green economy."


Seventh on the topic agenda is Smart Urban Infrastructure. This ICLEI website explains how this will be implemented.  

More regulation anyone? "This poses significant challenges for the retrofitting and upgrading of old infrastructure in cities, and ensuring that which is built meets strict sustainability criteria and contributes to creating sustainable city systems."


In Bogota Columbia they have reclaimed streets from personal automobiles and designated them to public transit. They did this to create a city for people. They created bicycle bridges and paths. The implementation of a "Ciclo-via" on Sundays allowed people to experience the city on a bicycle which removed their conception of only low income people ride a bike. Bogota touts itself as a people friendly city. How many of you want to be told you have to ride a bicycle in Oklahoma weather?


Last on the topic agenda is Healthy and Happy communities. This ICLEI website states this; "Ultimately cities strive to ensure that their local community enjoys health and happiness and good quality of life. Whether on a modest or more affluent economic footing, local governments must promote community vitality, health, peace, safety, education, culture, and good governance. Local governments can take advantage of 20 years of ICLEI leadership and experience in promoting participatory governance and sustainable development planning for healthy and happy communities."


ICLEI offers its members several opportunities. You can develop a local "happiness index." You can seek guidance through their Safe & Healthy Communities program. They also give support to members in crisis-stricken regions or those communities suffering from violence, but the catch, those cities have to incorporate a just and peaceful community in their sustainable development plans.


This article talks about the not so fuzzy side of ICLEI.  

 ICLEI has changed some of the words they use, for example, sustainable development and biodiversity is an "easier sell" than climate change. Either way it's the same radical agenda. The implementation gives the UN expanded power and money, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency isn't left out either. They will be the ones telling you that you can pay for your land and pay the taxes but don't think about doing what you want with it.


There will be more taxpayer money going to failed green energy companys so get use to it, the goal is for a better world. There is a long list of tactics that will be used for this agenda to delay, prevent and control energy and economic development not to mention hydrocarbon use, logging, farming and family size.


One of the worst of the many unintended consequences will be to give increased power to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats and activists. It is said that no substantiated proof is out there to believe species are at risk.


Corn-based ethanol is expensive; it takes millions of acres to grow and billions of gallons of water before harvest. Add the fertilizer and insecticides and you've got yourself quite a cocktail.


This website shows the cities within the U.S. that are members of ICLEI.  

So... all of you utopia dreaming knot heads can pack it up and move to Rio. Ride your bikes and play kissy face in the park with each other. Take this green, sustainable moron running this country with you and ya'll can have a big fat healthy and happy community to live in. We don't want it, you do, so leave! 

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