26 November 2019                                                      
Air purity is a topic of extreme social significance – the negative consequences of its pollution affect a large number of people and ecosystems, which requires urgent measures and investments in the area.
Municipalities, households, polluting industries (transport, power supply, agriculture, waste management, heavy industry) are actively taking action to reduce this global problem.
Solutions for achieving better air quality will be presented for the first time within the topics of seeSUSTAINtec – an exhibition and forum for South-East Europe. The topic is a logical addition and is closely related to the other themes of the event: energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management and smart cities (7-9 of April 2020, Sofia, Bulgaria).
Until December 1st discounts and additional advertising services.

• Making direct contact with new clients and distributors.
• Presenting your most innovative products and services, which we will popularize on the Internet.  
• Learning the potential of the market.

• Representatives of production facilities (cement factories, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, etc.)
• Specialists from municipalities and governing administration.
• Institutions from the environmental sector

SUSTAIN club will help you popularize your brand thanks to a comprehensive PR and marketing campaign. Learn more about the opportunities to position your company on the market.
Contact Maya Kristeva on +359/32512900, 88 892 65 87; office@viaexpo.com.

Why the market for technologies for air control and purification will develop:
• It is expected to reach USD 25.56 billion by 2023.
• South-East Europe integrates policies and measures in the sector.
• The next program period in 2021-2027 offers the financing of projects in the following areas: sustainable infrastructure, environment and climate, innovations and digitalization. LIFE+ and Operational Programme Environment are among the programmes. In Bulgaria the National Programme for Control of Air Pollution has been developed.
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