We need engaged artists and passionate scientists to unexpectedly explore the world around us and jointly test our perceptions.
Exhibition: August 25 - 31, 2015
Location: The St. Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation, Peter and Paul Fortress
Address: Nevskaya kurtina, left side, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg
(15 min walk from Gorkovskaya metro station)
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 12:00-18:00
NCCA and Satellietgroep cordially invite you to the opening on August 25 at 17:00 at PRO ARTE FOUNDATION St. Petersburg. Artists Maurice Bogaert (NL) and Ilya Grishaev (RU) will present the results of their research residency, hosted at NCCA Kronstadt residency on Kotlin Island, St. Petersburg.
The century long relationship with the Netherlands and St Petersburg is based on water. Peter the Great brought Dutch knowledge of shipbuilding and canals to St. Petersburg. That turned St Petersburg from a swampy area into the much-appreciated city with urban canals and the important international harbour. More recently Dutch engineers helped to build the dam in the Neva bay to resist flood of the city. On a global scale the effects of climate change will further affect the living conditions of people and cities in low-lying areas such as St. Petersburg and the Netherlands. With the prospect of rising sea level we need to learn from the past in order to be able to develop resilient methods for the future.
This bilateral exchange project is initiated by Satellietgroep and organized together with the NCCA, North-Western branch in St. Petersburg, supported by the Netherlands Institute in St. Petersburg (NIP) and the St. Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation.
More information: www.ncca.ru | www.nispb.ru | www.proarte.ru

Satellietgroep brengt i.s.m. Staatsbosbeheer & Into The Great Wide Open experts en kunstenaars samen voor 3 veldexpedities naar de kwetsbare waterbalans in verleden, heden en toekomst op Vlieland. M.m.v onder meer Evert Jan Lammerts (SBB), Henry Alles (Landscape Labs), Jan de Graaf, Marinus van Dijke en Jonmar van Vlijmen (de Onkruidenier). Eilanders, badgasten en festivalbezoekers kunnen deelnemen aan de expedities. Graag vooraf aanmelden: satellietgroep@gmail.com
Vrijdag 04-09 16:00-19:00 : Expeditie#1 Drijvend Eiland
Over een zoetwaterbel in een zoutwater zee. Een dynamisch eiland dat vastgelegd wordt. Over zand, erosie en aanwas en zand als (natuurlijke) waterzuivering.
Zaterdag 05-09 14:00-17:00 : Expeditie #2 Onder Water Wadden Wereld
Over tijd en geologie, schuimende waterbellen, oliebellen en gasbellen.
Zondag 06-09 09:00-12:00 : Expeditie #3 Zout Oase
Over ecologische zout-zoet gradiënten en de invloed op flora, fauna en van mensen.
Meer informatie: www.intothegreatwideopen.nl
Beeld: Marinus van Dijke
Vertrekpunt van de veldexpedities: de rode cirkel.
Sarah Cameron Sunde, TAAK and Satellietgroep kindly invite you to the presentations of '36.5 / a durational performance with the sea' by Sarah Cameron Sunde (USA), filmed by Jonas de Witte and multi screened at 4 locations during SAIL Amsterdam until August 23:

DE APPEL ARTS CENTRE - Prins Henrikkade 142 
(in the outside window 24/7)
MARINETERREIN - Kattenburgerstraat 5 
(10:30am-9:30pm; except closed August 20: 4-7pm + August 21: 5-8pm)
DE OUDE KERK - Oudekerksplein 23 
(10am-6pm except Sunday August 23: 1-5:30pm)
PAKHUIS DE ZWIJGER - Piet Heinkade 179, in the meeting room, 2nd floor 
(August 19, 20, 21 only, 11am-5pm)
More: www.365waterproject.org | www.taak.me | www.satellietgroep.nl

Sarah Cameron Sunde performing the Dutch iteration of '36.5' on August 10. Photo: Florian Braakman.
The 4 locations of '36.5' during SAIL Amsterdam. Map: Frank Bloem.
You can also contribute to the activities of Satellietgroep! Spread the word or invite us for a presentation, research, collaboration or exchange project. Satellietgroep works also on commissions. Feel free to contact us at satellietgroep@gmail.com or browse our website www.satellietgroep.nl for ideas. 
Looking forward to meet you!
Jacqueline Heerema, Ronald Boer & Francois Lombarts, the curatorial team of Satellietgroep.
Our projects are currently supported by funding by Stichting DOEN and Stroom and commisioned by Rijksdienst Cultueel Erfgoed and Provincie Zuid-Holland. Together with Provincie Zuid-Holland we now develop Zandgast, the new visitor center and artist in residency on and about the Zandmotor. Aimed at sharing new works and insights of the coexistence of man and water with broader audiences and in collaboration with multiple partners.
Satellietgroep (The Hague, 2006) explores through arts the social and ecological impact of the sea and coastal transitions on cities, people, communities and environments in The Netherlands and abroad. The aim is to enhance public and professional awareness on coastal transitions.
Satellietgroep hosts artists in residents for artistic fieldwork, connect with locals and experts and develop new concepts and works that reflect the resilience of coexistence of man and water, in past, present and future.
Long term projects are the international artist in residency exchange programs called Badgast and Now Wakes The Sea. Since 2014 Satellietgroep develops the first artistic research on the Zandmotor, the newest innovation on coastal protection called Building with Nature. In these programs artist in residencies are used as a research method to enable artists and scientists to do fieldwork and to work on site with local partners, coastal communities and experts in order to map out and research the current status of coastal transitions and to generate new narratives and perspectives. The programs function as an alternative source for collecting. New concepts and works are developed that we connect and contextualize with existing works for public events like traveling film festivals, exhibitions, workshops and presentations at expert conferences. Artist in residents are invited to critically explore and visualize the zones of coexistence of man and water and reveal different perspectives. By interconnecting coastal communities, arts and science we share local knowledge on global level to gain sustainable insights on coastal transitions that transcend local and national issues.