Re:Centre is a new artist studios and gallery has opened at Thames Wharf, Hammersmith right beside the River Cafe and Damien Hirst Science Studios. Tomorrow evening all the artists taking part in Re:Centre's very first exhibition 'Choose Your Hero' are gathering together to talk publicly about the work they have been making for the last three months as part of the artist residency program.
For interviews and photo opportunities please contact:
Artists and curator Ben Moore will be on site and available for photos and interviews from 2pm onwards.
Art Below and Re:Centre invite you to meet the artists behind 'Choose your Hero'
at Re:Centre, Rainville Road, Thames Wharf, London W6 9HA, Friday 12th October 2018, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
At Re:Centre, artists are given the chance to step out of their traditional modes of working, and enter a reflective and inspiring space to reconnect to themselves, to others and to their creative practice.
Re:Centre's first exhibition is inspired by Joseph Campbell, a great mythologist and storyteller, and in particular his work: The Hero's Journey.  In this masterfully crafted book, 
Campbell recounts his own quest and conveys the excitement of his lifelong exploration of our mythic traditions – what he called “the one great story of mankind.”
This Friday we invite you to join us for a special evening together, as our 12 artists each share a piece of their journey and talk about their work, their inspiration and their interpretation of who and what makes a hero.
Limited spaces are available, so please RSVP as soon as possible by email:
Timothy Gatenby, Sabrina Rowan Hamilton, Jo Holland, Harriet Hoult, Emma Johansen, Ru Knox,
Stephanie Mill, Fleur van der Minne, Rita de Sa, Simon Stephenson, James Vaulkhard 
Whether you call someone a hero or a monster is all relative to where the focus of your consciousness may be.’
- Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth. 

‘Choose Your Hero’ is a group exhibition curated by Ben Moore at the communal Riverside studio at Re:Centre, Hammersmith.
The exhibition is open daily from 9am – 5pm from 4th–17th October and explores the theory of The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell. 
Selected works by each of the twelve artists are on display across billboard space at Regent’s Park from 24 September for four weeks supported by Art Below.
25% of all art sales go towards developing Special Yoga at Re:Centre which aims to support and facilitate the practice of yoga for children and adults with special needs.
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Address: Re:Centre, Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, London  W6 9HA
Re:Centre is a new concept opening on the Thames Path where visitors can find a sanctuary of rest and reflection – a space to connect to ourselves and others in an authentic and balanced way. In this fast-paced and action-oriented world, it is here we are able to find a connection to ourselves, and to our innate inner creative flow.  The space will comprise a main event space, a rentable workshop space, an artist programme, a café, yoga studio, treatment rooms and a rest area.  

Art Below is a London based public art enterprise. With a wide range of international artists and its various campaigns in cities worldwide, the organization has an important position within the movement of contemporary art in public space. Art Below uses billboard space in underground stations to display artworks in London and overseas. The group has nurtured an international community of artistic talent and has displayed the works of over 3,000 artists in London, Tokyo, Berlin, New Orleans and Los Angeles.
Ben Moore, Founder of Art Below, has had over 12 years experience working with artists, museums, charities and arts organisations, initiating and managing partnerships to deliver new public arts projects. In 2006 he founded public arts organisation Art Below.  He has produced and curated public exhibitions in London, Tokyo, Berlin, and Los Angeles working with high profile international and British artists including Turner Prize Winners and Royal Academicians.  Recent projects and exhibitions curated by Moore include 'Art Wars', 'Stations of the Cross'  
Special Yoga was initialised by Francesca Arpino who over the last two years has been training to provide Special Yoga Therapy to children with special needs, in and around the South West London area. Special Yoga’s methodology includes the classical yoga practices of movement, breathing, deep relaxation combined with sound, rhythm, massage and sensory integration techniques. 'Taking the child out of stress and into a relaxed state creates the optimum condition and possibility for positive change.' Francesca Arpino. 

Joseph Campbell, arguably the greatest mythologist of the twentieth century, was certainly one of our greatest storytellers. This masterfully crafted book interweaves conversations between Campbell and some of the people he inspired, including poet Robert Bly, anthropologist Angeles Arrien, filmmaker David Kennard, Doors drummer John Densmore, psychiatric pioneer Stanislov Grof, Nobel laureate Roger Guillemen, and others. Campbell reflects on subjects ranging from the origins and functions of myth, the role of the artist, and the need for ritual to the ordeals of love and romance. With poetry and humor, Campbell recounts his own quest and conveys the excitement of his lifelong exploration of our mythic traditions, what he called “the one great story of mankind.”


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