On Yom Kippur, we fast as a sign of our contrition and to enhance our empathy for the millions of Americans, Israelis and others around the world who suffer every day from hunger.
Even the brave soldiers who fight to defend our freedom need help to feed their families: Feeding America reported that one-quarter of our troops use food banks to provide groceries and meals for themselves or their families.
Every year we ask forgiveness from those that we have wronged and finally we ask forgiveness from God. If we have unfairly offended you in the past year, please accept our sincere apologies.
We look forward to the promise of the coming year. May it be a year of health, happiness, peace and prosperity for you and yours and our entire community.
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During Yom Kippur, many people suffer from dehydration, low sugar levels, and lack of caffeine. It is much easier to persevere and achieve success if you prepare well in advance.


I have been feeling so guilty for so long at not being able to forgive my father, that I never realized that I could just be okay with it.


Would an obligation to negotiate with a union threaten the freedom to practice and teach the Jewish religion?


Community Yom Kippur services:
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