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A young Marlon Brando:

Did you know he was a cat lover?

December 21, 2014
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays if I haven't mentioned yours.

Here is a fun site for a winter day:

Just type in an address and look through the window at the snow falling on the house there. It could be your own, or that of a friend or relative. I just looked at a friend's home in Phoenix, Arizona. It was pretty funny to see snow falling
on her house, since the area is known for its severe heat much of the year.
Holiday Gifts For You!
My holiday gifts for you this year are the same as last year. Sorry about that. I'm having major, serious problems with my computer and internet connection. At this point, I feel lucky I even found this link! So, in case you didn't get these last year, or you're new here, please download these gifts.
Sites to visit:
Visit this blog by my friend, Darlene Arden, an author and certified pet behaviorist:

It's called
You can read some helpful gifting tips for pets, and there is a lighthearted
video for you to enjoy.
Speaking of videos, be sure to visit my website, too, for the latest Simon's Cat video. They are so clever, I'm sure you will enjoy this one!
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Have a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful Festival of Lights, and then a Happy New Year!   (c)2014