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Total Assault On The Culture - July 2020

Iron Man Records is an Embassy for the Imagination. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. If something happens, or you have anything interesting to add to the next Newsletter, get in touch
A big welcome to all new Iron Man Records Patrons. There's 72 Patrons as of today and another 8 who have yet to update their payment details. When we get to 100 Patrons the next Vinyl record will be released. So if you haven't done so yet, become a Patron and help make things happen faster, it only takes a few minutes and $1 or 60p. 
Who would have thought that I would end up selling Face Masks from the Iron Man Records shop at the cheapest possible price, with a free download? The masks are selling quite well and thankfully those who are buying them are picking up a CD, or T-shirt, or Vinyl while they are there. Things are turning over, but I've got to be honest, it's pretty tough at the moment. 
The future looks grim for many involved with music. I feel the anxiety of all the venues, organisers, bookings people, sound engineers, crew, technicians, staff, volunteers and everyone involved with music and events who have put time and effort into giving artists, poets, musicians and performers of all sorts.... a stage and an opportunity to present their work. It's never been easy to be an artist or musician, in fact music is a tough area to work in at any level, no matter what job you are trying to do. The last few months have been near catastrophic for many. So I'm doing the best I can. We've all got to keep it together and keep things moving in a positive direction.
I used to worry that I was the only person who read Chris Tofu's mail outs. In fact I was convinced Chris was the only person who read mine. But I have to hand it to Chris, he's always wearing a smile, even at the worst of times. His cheery and excited anticipation of music events ahead keeps me focussed at times like this, and you for reading this. Thanks. All of us are facing tough times, but times like these bring us together. We all have to be more like Chris Tofu.....We have to remain hopeful that music, and all that it carries with it, and the happiness it shares, will find a way through.
So that's that out of the way, lets talk about stuff...
There's been a lot of activity at this end in recent days with regards to TC Lethbridge. Announcements will follow in due course but I cant say anything just yet. But trust me...good things are on the way.
Cosmic Trigger 2 is now complete and updates will follow on that. Work will begin from July 6th on Cosmic Trigger 3 at Framework Studios, Birmingham.
If anyone knows a good drummer or guitar player based in or around Birmingham, do let me know. Just asking for a friend.
Gimpo's M25 Spin will be happening later this year but again...I can't discuss details just yet.
Updates on all things to follow.
I'm also looking into doing some reusable 12oz coffee cups. More on that next, you cant make all this up you know? The work continues.

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Iron Man Records – To The Gig Or To Oblivion (T-Shirt)

Transglobal Underground - Greetings from TGU. We just wanted to tell everyone that we have a special release to mark the last Bandcamp Friday, this July 3rd. Nick Dubulah, head honcho  of Dub Colossus, appears on several tracks of the current TGU release ‘Walls Have Ears’ and has spent some time during the lockdown coming up with a whole bunch of remixes based on four of the album’s tracks. An this Friday we’re putting out 8 of them!…2 dubbed up adventures each of ‘The People Carrier’ ‘Ruma Jhuma’ ‘City in Peril’ and ‘Stand Up (Nifhamou).’ This collection will only be available in this form on Bandcamp and, as Bandcamp are waiving their fees for 24 hours once more this Friday, it’s coming out then. Here’s a preview, a version of ‘The People Carrier’ in a locked down style, hope you enjoy this taste of the whole collection

News from Patrons

Steve Fly
July 4th A New Declaration "On July 4th, Radio Free Amsterdam will host 24 hours of media posts which I’ve programmed, including John Sinclair's Radio Show and my New Declaration shows, introducing very special selections. Intending to lead the way, I purchased music via Bandcamp for my shows and want to thank those who sent me exclusive material. — Steve The Fly #SupportArtists 

Love Records Stores
The music community have launched a high-profile, global initiative on Thursday 26th March 2020, to help independent record stores during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

With many of these stores now experiencing a catastrophic drop-off in footfall or having already closed their doors there are fears that some may not survive if something is not done urgently to stimulate sales.

With that in mind many music companies have already pledged their support for this new campaign which has been named #loverecordstores.

This is our homage to the world’s best record stores.

It will grow as stores come on board to tell their story and to introduce you to their world. We hope that this will become a handy guide for record buyers or music lovers everywhere.

Share your stories, tell us what record stores means to you. All music lovers are invited to participate. All you need to do is share a post on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #LoveRecordStores and say what independent record stores have meant to you. 

The name's Kellie Gator, or just Kellie.
I'm a Swedish crust punk and giant nerd. In terms of creation I am a writer with a soft spot for science fiction, but I have no published works so I use my obscure blog to sort of vent my thoughts. Sure, there's a bit too much shitposting on my blog right now but generally I love writing about art, media and culture, whether it's music (the most common subject), video games, movies or whatever. Sometimes I add a bit of anarchist politics into it but I try not to make it too serious because my blog is supposed to just be me having fun on my free time by being silly.

My blog is called "MANGLED KEYBOARD" which should be self-explanatory if you're familiar with Swedish d-beat/crust/hardcore, along with me, well, writing my blog on a keyboard.

Seth Faergolzia - Multibird
Seth emailed to say "I’d be happy as a clam if you’d mention the new Multibird album. I feel it’s a super solid work of art, but we aren’t able to tour this year, obviously. I feel lucky we got our winter tour in before everything shut down, but we had planned on doing so much more!  Anyway, that album is on all the normal digital outlets, along with being available in cd and vinyl form....The whole album is up here:
Multibird's new self-titled album was released in January 2020, right before the Covid 19 lockdown. The band was lucky enough to have a tour planned through mainland Europe in January and February, but then, like all of us, they've been put on hold. The music in this release was not put on hold though. The lyrics and music ring true through all of this. With songs like "Riot" and "Hand Up It's Butt", Seth Faergolzia (Dufus) sings true through politically minded anthems while maintaining positivity and lightheartedness with tunes like "Rubberband" and "Weirdly Weathered". So the tour (and the revolution) have now moved to the internet.
Formed in 2015, critics have hailed Multibird's sound as “tender and calm” (New York Press) and “twisted and distorted” (Relix). Where Faergolzia's critically-acclaimed avant-rock outfit, Dufus, shook up New York City in the ‘00s with folk-punk gymnastics and Captain Beefheart-esque abrasion, Multibird creates the communal amiability of a warm gathering around the hearth. You can stream the album on Bandcamp or on Spotify.
“They took that saucepan and spoon and wrote a textured and intense opera.” –Vice
“I have never heard anything like this before or since.” –Pop Matters
“Whip-smart pop song writing, intricately clever wordplay.” – KUSF/MTV
"Like Johnny Cash on 5 double-espressos" - Die Rheinpfalz, Germany
In the mid-nineties, Seth Faergolzia began his musical journey as a bright-eyed singer-songwriter with revolution in his heart. After landing in New York City a few years later, Faergolzia’s vision gave way to Dufus, a neo-hippie musical collective that both defined and reinvented anti-folk for the new millennium. Since then, he and his ever-shifting ensembles have performed in over 20 countries, sharing stages with the likes of the Moldy Peaches, Regina Spektor, Dan Deacon, Jeffrey Lewis, Animal Collective, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and many more.
With Multibird, Faergolzia and his entourage deliver a striking yet uplifting blend of fragrant melodies, foot-stompin’ barn burners and vocal acrobatics that will take your breath away. The diverse cast of characters who’ve passed through Multibird’s ranks since 2011 have brought limitless imagination and onstage energy into the mix, dazzling audiences from Brooklyn to Berlin and beyond.
Jonathon Watkiss aka Blind Johnny Smoke
In bands The Mannequin Factory, Flesh Eating Foundation, Men With Mallets, Sideblinder, Melatonal. Also run a micro label Sonic Entrails. Also a film maker and spoken word artist.

I'm a deaf blind creative type who grew up on 80s pop, punk, John Peel and thrash metal. While I started with conventional instruments like guitar and bass, these days I like to use pretty much anything that will make a noise, including many home made instruments. I'm also a keen collaborator always interested in new sound and word adventures. 

Flesh Eating Foundation have just finished up work on a horror film soundtrack and will be working on a new EP soon. The Mannequin Factory are waiting for vinyl test pressings of their second album to land, fulfilling a dream. Men With Mallets are working out how to play gongs together while socially distancing. I might finally get that solo album finished soon too. is a work in progress but all the above projects can be found on social media.
#BlackLivesMatter needs more white voices. 
As a human being I cannot ignore George Floyd's death, or the many before him, or the racism experienced by black people. 
I want to see an end to severe class and racial inequalities.
I stand with those who feel anger, hurt and fear after yet another instance of discriminatory state violence. 
Together we can stand for #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd and in solidarity with his family, friends and community.
I chose to work with music because it brings us together, to share our joy, to be free, to be who we want to be, when others would seek to divide us, or put us down. We need to look after each other and right now, we must raise our voices in whatever way we can.

John Sinclair
The John Sinclair Foundation Presents 
The John Sinclair Radio Show
plus Fly By Night with Steve The Fly
The Blues Show with Bruce Pingree
plus Blues From the Red Rooster Lounge with Cary Wolfson
BluesTime International with Roger White
plus Blues Edition with Leslie Keros
Face The Music with arwulf arwulf
plus The Groove Yard with George Klein
New Orleans Music Show with John Sinclair
plus Sounds of Blue with Bob Putignano
Founding Fathers with DJ Papa Saint Juan (1-4)
Big City Blues Cruise with Martino D’Lorenzo
plus The Soul Lucille Show with Lucille DJ
Jazz at Daybreak with Leslie Keros
plus Jazz Lunatique with David Kunian
Founding Fathers with DJ Papa Saint Juan (5-6)
Halfway through 2020 we’re still cooking at with our daily two hours of blues, jazz & reefer music presented by our dozen veteran deejays. And speaking of reefer music, a listener called Paul sent me a thumb drive with 5000 reefer songs on it, and I’ve started exploiting it this month on my radio show.
Plus we’ve got a special presentation contributed by DJ Papa Saint Juan that starts on July 4th and continues on Saturday mornings through the month, five one-hour programs of Founding Fathers music under the general title The Shot Heard ‘Round The World.
Pushing the 24/7 button on our home page will bring you hour after hour of Radio Free Amsterdam programming—just like a real radio station.
55 Peterboro, Detroit MI 48201 USA 313 231 5764
Nederland & EU +31 63 158 2892

Rachel Mayfield has been loading up a lot of Videos on her YouTube Channel here

Solvos is an international social enterprise which works with global partners to solve planet earth's biggest problems. Iron Man records has signed up as an Earth Ambassador. Solvos will plant a tree for every follow. In fact they have already planted 2533 trees. Take a look

Natacha Atlas – It’s A Man’s World – Music Video – From the album Strange Days (Whirlwind Recordings, 2019) Natacha’s revisit of the much-loved classic “It’s A Man’s World” was prompted by a belief that its message is ever more poignant in the context of today’s world. For all the apparent progress made since this song was penned in 1966, there remains a huge disparity between society’s valuation of women vs men within the current socio-economic structure.

With swaggering reggae beats to modern Maghrebi, the near-original line-up reunites for a new studio album.

‘WALLS HAVE EARS’ is the new album from Transglobal Underground. If you would like a review copy of Walls Have Ears email

What’s the best thing you can do with £100?
"TC Lethbridge’s claims regarding the existence of ancient hill figures on Wandlebury Hill in Cambridgeshire caused significant controversy within the archaeological community, with most archaeologists believing that Lethbridge had erroneously misidentified a natural feature. Lethbridge’s methodology and theories were widely deemed unorthodox, and in turn he became increasingly critical of the archaeological profession."
Thomas Charles Lethbridge was born on 23 March 1901 and passed away around midday on 30th September 1971. I was born around 4pm on 30th September 1971. One day in London, a few years ago, I was with Flinton Chalk and John Higgs, the man who had just written a book called “The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds.” We had returned to my car after a long discussion about releasing the back catalogue of TC Lethbridge on Iron Man Records, and I had a parking ticket. I was mad as hell. Flinton asked me if I wanted to meet up the following weekend to celebrate the passing of TC Lethbridge. Of course I said no. I had other plans, and I had just got a parking ticket. Flinton asked me “What other plans?" I had to admit it was my Birthday. Flinton didn’t see it that way at all. And to this day, I’ve had to tell Flinton many times, “I am not the reincarnation of TC Lethbridge.” Flinton won’t take no for an answer.
There’s work to do, and it’s also the apocalypse. What better time to try and uncover Gog & Magog on Wandlebury Hill?
Iron Man Records is taking on Flinton’s project to “Uncover The Ancient Hill Figures On Wandlebury Hill.” I hope that in the process of working in the ritual landscape of Wandlebury Hill, new material may be brought to light. And in addition some new TC Lethbridge T-shirts and artworks, a Vinyl release of TC Lethbridge – 2000TC and another run of the books: TC Lethbridge – 2000 TC Standing on the verge of getting it on by John Higgs.
Some questions may never be answered, but what we need at a time like this is optimism.
If you share this view, and have the resources to do so, please consider giving your support to Flinton’s project to “Uncover the Ancient hill figures on Wandlebury Hill” in Cambridgeshire by becoming an Iron Man Records Patron. It costs less than £1 a month and your support can help make this project happen faster. All funds generated will go directly into this project.
(Dan is an Iron Man Records Patron)
Tippermuir Books announces the launch of Authentic Democracy: An Ethical Justification of Anarchism by DaN McKee. Out now in eBook format (the paperback edition - delayed due to Covid-19 - can be pre-ordered online), Authentic Democracy is essential reading for anyone concerned with what the post-pandemic world should look like. 
Book Praise:
“Dan McKee offers an engaging and accessible case for anarchism, deeply rooted in ethics and powerfully responding to conventional defences of authority. This book is an original and valuable contribution which deserves a wide audience.” - Uri Gordon, author of Anarchy Alive! 
The coronavirus emergency has exposed the failure of democratic governments to prepare for foreseeable health emergencies. The economic effects of the pandemic have highlighted alarming levels of poverty and insecurity in major centres of world trade and finance, notably the UK, the US, Italy, France, and Spain. In short, the present pandemic has demonstrated that so-called democratic governments are in fact lacking morally and socially – they are not ‘fit for purpose’. 
The questioning of democratic norms is not new. 
Show me what democracy looks like. 
This is what democracy looks like. 
In recent years, such chants - in the main aimed at democratically elected governments by free citizens - have become common in anti-government protests across the world. 
Something is clearly amiss with democracy. There was never a more pressing time to expose this democratic deficit - Authentic Democracy by DaN McKee does just that. 
By unpacking the underlying arguments and assumptions which justify the current political order, Authentic Democracy shows that the existing democracies are in fact highly undemocratic; and that anarchism is what an authentic democracy looks like. 
Price/Availability: Authentic Democracy: An Ethical Justification of Anarchism is out in eBook format (and later paperback - and other online sellers). 
Priced at £2.43 ($3.02 – 2.78€ - 323¥ - R$16,75 – CDN$4.22 – AUS$4.70 - ₮229 – MEX$229). 
Further Information:
ok, that's all for now, if you have any better ideas or want to do a review please get in touch.....

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