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The Strange Island that was Brenda Reneau




Strange title, yes?   We needed to write a story on the death of former Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Brenda Reneau but as we dug into her background and talked to sources about her life and career the facts became more and more strange until we were reminded of the H.G. Wells book written in 1896.   Six films have been created using the book as the basis for the script but the latest one is The Island of Doctor Moreau which made us think of the similarity to Reneau’s  last name.  Or names…. as turned out to be the case.



The Island of Doctor Moreau is about a shipwrecked passenger being rescued and revived only to be forced to leave the ship which is bound to another island.  The castaway is allowed to stay on an island called Noble’s Island where he realizes that his host has been transforming animals into near human beasts that are prohibited from beastly behavior by doctor Moreau who produced them via vivisection operations.  The doctor is eventually killed by one of his creations and the animals begin to revert to beastly forms and behaviors.



But the striking similarities aren’t that Brenda Reneau was any sort of beast but in that appearances were radically different than how she lived her life and how she died.   I’ve seen Reneau speak at several GOP functions and she was a favorite of the crowd, spoke well, and came off as a well adjusted, stable, and successful individual.   Like most people in the Tea Party I was not paying a lot of attention to politics when she was labor commissioner and I tuned out most of the media stories about her so I had to do some research.



Reneau was elected to the labor commissioner’s office in 1994 and served until her defeat by Lloyd Fields in 2006 by less than 00.15% of the vote.   As the first female ever elected to the labor commissioner’s office she got a lot of press and actually did a lot of good during her terms including knocking down fraudulent federal wage guidelines that had been inflated using fake projects.  But Reneau is also an object lesson for all politicians; once you are out of politics what is left in your life?  Will what made you successful in politics be your down fall in private life?



Reneau had her share of bad press including estrangement and divorce from a husband while in office.  We say “a” husband because Reneau seems to have been married seven or eight times!   Are we picking on a dead person?  No, but we must set out the facts to get to the real problem behind the Reneau death.



So why was the extraordinary number of marriages relevant?   Because when we called the Medical Examiner’s office to check on the details of Brenda’s death they said not only had they had no calls asking for the information on Reneau, but that they had no file on Brenda Reneau.  Several reasons why that  stumped us because Reneau’s death was reported to be an unattended death at her Oklahoma County home and there is a state statutory requirement for all unattended deaths to be investigated by the medical examiner’s office.   And we had two sources that said that the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s office was at the death scene and both reported anomalies that would be inconsistent with a death by natural causes.   We were asked the date of the death and had to call back after researching that and were told that only one person had died that day, a woman named Brenda Houghton……



At the time we were ignorant of the multiple marriages and it wasn’t until one of our sources recognized the last name Houghton that it dawned on us that Renea's  medical examiner’s records were filed under a married name she hasn’t used in three decades.



Born with the name of Brenda Gail Fallen in or near Ft. Hood Texas, Reneau was married multiple times according to several sources including this website.



Here are some of the married names along with what little we could find.



Brenda Waltman


Brenda Ryder



Brenda Houghton .  The marriage produced a daughter named Jennifer Gail Houghton whose childhood nick name was “Jiffy”.  The husband was Danny Harrison Reneau which we hope was the son of the only Danny Harrison Reneau person that we can find because he is 96 years old!


Brenda Reneau, married to Danny Harrison Reneau .  Sources claim that Brenda married this man twice but we haven’t been able t o confirm that.  The story was that she married Reneau before she married Houghton, then divorced Reneau, married Houghton, then divorced him and remarried Reneau.   She had a habit of going to other states to remarry so we couldn’t verify everything other than at some point there was a marriage.



Wendell Karr-Ake,  married on 10/25/1988 in Clark County Nevada or Las Vegas.   There is a domestic abuse cased filed in 1989 with Brenda Reneau listed as the defendant.



Gordon H Wynn, married on 01/01/2000 in Archuleta County Colorado.   We believe that Reneau separated from Wynn during her last term as Labor Commissioner.





So we called back and spoke to our contact at the Medical Examiner’s office, Amy Elliot, and confirmed that the Brenda Houghton case was actually the Brenda Reneau case.  Which brought forth the exclamation of “How did you know?”



Now we are not alleging that Ms. Elliot was aware of a cover-up, indeed she seemed as surprised as we were to find out that a previous last name of Brenda Reneau had been used.   The big question is why someone would reach back three decades to use an obscure name in such a high profile death?



Keep in mind that we are talking about the Medical Examiner’s office, which has been rocked by scandals for several years including losing key personnel, stacking bodies up like cord wood from being behind on their work, something that was solved using millions of dollars in tax money from the last few legislative sessions.  They seemed to have straightened up until this came to light.


And why was this so important?  Because we had two sources claiming that Reneau had been found dead with along with multiple bottles of prescription pharmaceuticals and that the on scene investigators believed that the death was consistent with an overdose death.  So much so that they drew blood and asked for a toxicology report.  But the Preliminary cause of death that the Medical examiner’s office gave was natural causes, particularly atherosclerosis heart disease, a thickening of the heart that leads to death.  They admitted that only an external examination was performed and that no autopsy was done.  One source claimed that this was at the family’s request.



Several reports claimed that Reneau had a chronic health problem and was taking prescription drugs.   Death scene investigators allegedly reported that the parents revealed that their daughter was distraught because of her illness, depressed, and perhaps suicidal.





All of this leads to one question; who altered the name on the medical examiner or police report?   By law the funeral director would fill out the death certificate with the personal information and a doctor would complete the certificate and file it with the   Health Department.  But how did the Medical Examiner’s office wind up with Brenda Houghton on their report instead of the name that Reneau used in politics?  What name did she go under?





Voter registration records showed that she did indeed go under the name Brenda Reneau as well as property records:



Voter ID:








Polling Place




Congressional District:



3030 NW 23RD ST

State Senate District:




State House District:




County Commissioner District:





The Brenda Reneau story has a twist to it at the end; she was known as a difficult boss.  Some sources claimed that she drove subordinate Kevin Morris Able to suicide.    Kevin was an attorney and former DOL General Counsel under Reneau brought in sometimes around middle to end of her first term.  Second term she allegedly does an about face on the guy, humiliates him by deriding him and disgracing him , then  firing him.   Able had quit a promising position in a Tulsa law firm to work for Reneau in the hope of a future judicial appointment.   Disappeared then committed suicide, allegedly left a suicide note blaming Reneau.  Able wrote articles for Tulsa law review in 2000 and 2002 and was listed as general counsel of the Department of Labor as of 0/01/2004 and was  gone by 2006.   He had filed to run for Attorney General of Oklahoma in 2006 but an obituary shows that he was buried on March 25th 2006.



Did Reneau die of natural causes or did she die of the alleged prescription overdose?  Who filed her death report under a name that hadn’t been used in  three decades when she owned property and voted using the name Brenda Reneau?   With voter ID laws we know also that she had a driver’s license or other ID in the name of Brenda Reneau.  Was this an attempt to bury the truth on the cause of death?



No one wishes to speak ill of the dead but we are supposed to be a nation of laws.  If the Medical Examiner’s office will allow deaths to be filed and investigated under false names to prevent embarrassment to a family or to prevent tarnishing the life’s work of a politician then they can  allow monkey business with death reports on inmates or other suspicious deaths.  For once a public official decides that the ends justify the means there is no turning back and it is just a matter of time before that official is compromised and corrupt.

We will keep in touch with the Medical Examiner’s office and publish the final report on the manner and cause of the death of Brenda Reneau.  When the toxicology report becomes available, and it should in short order because certain chemicals degrade rapidly in blood samples, we will share what we find out.



You Either Get It Or You Don’t


A great revelation hit me the other day and I finally get it. It has taken me years of living in Oklahoma and not only the cliché of “you either get it or you don’t,” another one hit me square upside the head. It also “takes what it takes.”



There are times when I anger myself because I’m too literal and in this instance, once again, I have been smacked. I have continued to hear that Oklahoma is one of the reddest states in the nation and taking this literally, I was of that belief because I assumed this encompassed the voting population and didn’t have the sense to access the information. I have done stories stating this conservative farce and now want to apologize for this lie. I can only say “I’m sorry” if I never do this again. This amends comes with a sick heart along with the wind knocked out of my sail.



The truth, at least for me, is always more important, even if the jokes on me. You will never hear it from me that Oklahoma is a conservative state until the majority of registered voters are conservative and have the balls to elect true conservative leaders and fight to have those leaders hold to conservative values.




The facts come from this website It could be said that because there is a majority of what some call elected conservative leaders, that would lead folks to believe Oklahoma is a conservative state. This is far from the truth and explains why there is such a battle between actual conservative thinkers and those elected running under the fake banner of conservative principles.


The current registered voters show that Democrats lead Republicans by a little over 31,000 throughout the state. There is no wonder why there are labels attached to Republicans such as Moderates, RINOS and Chambercrats. A new one for the day is Liberal-Lite. All of this equals more corruption within an ever-growing government, wasted money, and no shortage of lies to taxpayers. Let’s hear it for the voters, a real wiz-bang job for Oklahoma. Our readers don’t fall in with these Liberal-Lites and no doubt I am preaching to the choir. With that said it isn’t quite enough to keep my pie hole shut today.



It makes all the sense in the world why those elected continue down the fluffy path of big government and over spending. The last thing any politician wants to lose is a vote, and when they play both sides it ensures they will stay in power. A perfect example of this maneuver is how Tom Cole, the big fat fake Republican, continues to be re-elected.



The people allow their vote to be used by those in power as a well thought out chess game balancing how far the individual lawmaker can go before they forfeit the game. It is also a good example of why you want to clean your own house before expecting the federal government to follow the Constitution. When Oklahoma sends a fake Republican like Cole to Washington, the problems facing our nation can only have one outcome. We all are living that chaos today.



Is it any wonder why the Chamber of Commerce has so much power? When it comes to the daily routine of buying off politicians for their agenda, the imbedded corruption is within both parties. Whoever has the most money wins and who exactly loses…taxpayers?  



The ebb and flow between those who want the free stuff and those who work for what they have can only be seen as a continuing battle between fake Republicans, liberals and those that believe that freedom is never free. These lazy Republicans get the power they want and the liberals continue with a war on something and the ignorant voters keep giving both parties’ what they want. Doling out the morsels of something for everyone is supposed to give all an understanding of how great we have it. A steady supply of money from the ignorant voting public is all that is needed to complete the circuit. Who knows, the voters may believe that they are actually getting something worthwhile.


Never a truer statement has been said, people do get the government they deserve and Oklahoma is no different. I have been a fool thinking that the majority of Oklahomans believe in hard work and personal responsibility. The stats show differently. If there are Democrats that believe in hard work and personal responsibility they may consider switching parties because today’s Democrats ain’t what they use to be.

 But then neither are Republicans. Maybe a third party is in order…the Wimps of Oklahoma, set up for all of those that are undecided and refuse to pay attention. When majority believes that government intervention is the best way, the sun has no choice but to set in an unfavorable outcome for all the people that live in the state. But…being a tiny piece of the big picture, it is up to each person to come to their own conclusions.



Another circumstance that has me baffled is the attack on Christians from the Democratic Party. It is well beyond comprehension, or at least mine, as to why Christians in Oklahoma fall into the Democratic Party philosophy and roll over to this type of brow beating. It could be something as simple as not paying attention or letting someone else fight the fight knowing full well an attack is in motion. Either way, at least inside my simple brain, it is truly disgusting.



That old saying, “time heals all wounds” is true, but only if you know how to use that time. None of this new found revelation will have an impact on what I will continue to do as far as fighting for freedom and liberty. These revelations sometimes come quickly and sometimes slowly but they will always materialize if I work for them. My only hope is that the citizens of Oklahoma will wake up, and figure out that this fight belongs to any freedom loving person. Taking the easy way out or believing it is someone else’s job to fight for freedom will leave anyone with the smallest pinch of moral character bankrupt and wondering when it’s over, what the hell just happened.

Homeless Dan Newberry’s foreclosed home



Liberal Senator,

But is he worth Saving?


The Watchman


We don’t often see an improvement in the rankings of a Senator during their term in Office. Although we’re not ready to call this Senator a Conservative yet, we are willing to say there is an improvement in his record enough to show he is moving to the right. Senator Newberry is the first we will document as a RINO instead of an undocumented democrat. We will say this with a clarifier though. He missed enough votes that concern us. They leave us wondering if he has really moved towards the right, or has just left that appearance.




The Tulsa Beacon had an article on him,  Liberal or Conservative? Tulsa’s GOP senators rated low on Conservative Index – Tulsa Beacon. They have clearly indicated that the Senator is a Liberal, which we cannot dispute based on his voting record. We can say his voting record this year has been more Conservative than in years past, but there is more work to be done.
We next reviewed this article. The most useful part of this article is that it indicates some of the votes the Senator took during the last legislative session. The figures for campaign contributions are misleading simply because they do not indicate the funds raised between election cycles.
We found this article that indicates that there will be changes to the states Medicaid program. We here need to be alert for another push for Obamacare in our state. We are fully aware that the Governor wants it, the majority of the Senate wants it and so does the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. This is something that the people of Oklahoma do not want though.



The next article we found was this, Homeland Federal Mortgage - Tulsa OK 74135 | 918-445-3535. Now this letter indicates the Senator was a bad landlord. What we have found was that at this time the Senator was filing for bankruptcy of his company.
We next went to  to the Ratings and endorsements page. Here is some of what we found.
2012    Research Institute for Economic Development                                  67%

2011    Oklahoma National Federation of Independent Business                   100%

2010    Research Institute for Economic Development                                  80%

2009    OK Watchdog Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy  60%



What these numbers tell us is that Senator Newberry is pro-small business. He seems to be looking out for the small business interest in Oklahoma. There is room for improvement for patient and consumer advocacy however the latest figures available are several years old and may not reflect his current standings on the issue.
We next went to the campaign finance section to see what was available there. We were confronted with the usual line up of unions, corporations and political action committees. One entry concerned us. That entry is from a campaign donor and bundler to the Barack Obama campaign. He also made a fortune off of tax payers when the firm Solyndra went bankrupt. Donations from this man should be returned by a true Conservative.


George B. Kaiser                     $1,500.00



We next went to to see what they had on file for his campaign finances. To our surprise he has already opened his campaign for the 2016 campaign cycle. He filed his Statement of Organization on August 1, 2012. We verified that there was no campaign donations reported during the days between the two different campaigns. In fact there was no campaign donations recorded for almost a month. We guess he must have felt he had the 2012 election locked up. Here is some of what we found.



Aug. 27, 2012  John F. Draude, Lobbyist             $   500.00

Aug. 27, 2012  Dianne K. Rasmussen, Lobbyist   $   500.00

Sep. 10, 2012  GAP Consulting LLC, Lobbyist      $   200.00


Those are just a few examples of the individual donations that have started his campaign for 2016. There are many actual regular citizens, but there are also many lobbyist and out of state contributions.


We next took a look at the union, corporation and political action committees (PACs) that have donated to his 2016 campaign. Here are a few examples of what we found.


Aug. 27, 2012  Oklahoma Public Employees Assoc. PAC                    $1,000.00

Oct. 10, 2012  Pfizer Inc. PAC               $   500.00

Jan. 15, 2013   Ok. Academy of Ophthalmology   $1,000.00

Sep. 26, 2013  OneOk PAC        $1,500.00


Those are just a few examples. What they tell us is that there are donations running the entire spectrum of the donation arena. We have donations from unions, national pharmaceutical companies, local medical groups and corporations with ties to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. All of them have one thing in common. They’re trying to buy influence with the Senator.

We next took a look at the Senators voting record for the last session. Here is what we found.


HB 1359 Regulating Animal Shelters, Excused

HB 1740 Scrap Metal Dealers Regulations, Did not Vote

SB 854    Union Reform, Voted No, Liberal

HB 1917 Contingency Planning for Loss of Federal Fund, Did not Vote

HB 2180 Creation of New State Agency, Excused

SB 1126 Compete with Canada Film Act, Voted Yea, Liberal

HB 2195 Debt Spending Caps, Did not Vote

SB 76 Raise Candidate Filing Fee Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal

HB 1031 Medicaid Expansion Hospital Tax Extension , Voted Yea, Liberal

HB 2301 Budget Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal


Politicians like this point out a major issue with our RINO Index.  Newberry received only five points for missing a vote but he missed five votes, leaving him with twenty five points.  So the guy received a 25 score after missing half of the key votes!  We might ought to take five points off for missed votes until they hit two or three then take ten points off for each missed vote.


What this voting record indicates is that his constituents need to put a little spine into Senator Newberry. It would appear that he is afraid to cast a vote on subjects that matter to Oklahomans. That’s not the type of leadership his constituents voted for. Senator do you not realize that your vote also affects every citizen of this great State?



It is with regret that we cannot recommend Senator Newberry for reelection at this time. His lack of spinal fortitude is the primary reason. If he is unable to make the tough call on a simple vote, then he is unsuitable to represent his constituents. Senator either start standing up for your people, or step aside for someone that will.


Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble




Nothing better than a quote from Mcbeth to set the scene for the upcoming legislative session.


Legislative filing period is past and time to take a look at what the clowns are trying to pass this year.  Some are left over from last year because they didn’t get a hearing or were pulled from consideration when it was obvious that they weren’t passing to allow them to live on in this second year of the two year legislative session.   Time restraints only allowed us to get down to Senate bill 600 but here is the link if you want to help check out what bills are filed so far.


SB 10 Senator Patrick Anderson

George Nigh Rehabilitation Center pay raise, 5% under $40,000 and 2% over $40,000

Really Patrick?  You want to give a $2,000 pay raise across the board to one organization?  No fiscal impact statement has been filed on this yet but how many of your voters got a $2,000 pay raise last year?



SB 17 Senator Breechan and Rep.  McCall

creates regional water planning areas

Great idea guys.  Let’s grow government with more layers of unneeded  bureaucracy so we can implement  Agenda 21.  We have the money, right?  Oh!  Big short fall this year?



SB 21  Senator Allen new licensing fees on trailers, farm and industrial and personal

            Two words to pick from;   hell no  or tax increase          on everyone.



SB 22  Senator Harry Coates   Guest worker program for illegal aliens

            Good luck with that one Coates.  Let me guess; you are screwing their lobbyists too?



SB 23  Senator Anderson and Representative Moore, anti Agenda 21 bill

            Good one guys.   Let’s see if the Senate wants to fight another legislative war on this issue.



SB 32 Senator Anderson, allowing cities to ban ownership of certain dog breeds

One word Patrick;  stupid   Legislation has to be content neutral to pass constitutional review.    Ban all dogs or ban no dogs.



SB 53 Senator Dahm and Rep. Ritze, anti agenda 21 bill

            Good one guys, hopefully one of these two bills will make it through the Senate this time.


SB 60 Senator Coates, Equal pay act

Let me guess Harry or Horny, whatever you answer to, the tramp lobbyist that you knocked up and married  few years back put you up to this one?



SB  76 SenatorFields, raising candidate filing fees

Mr. Pervert of the week award according to Governor Fallin Chief of Staff Denise Northrup wants to bring back this bill that we killed off last year to protect incumbents.  Jack up the cost of filing fees for public office and weed out the challengers, eh Eddie?



SB 81  Senator Simpson, Severance tax on rock, sand, gravel, gypsum

Homer?  You don’t mind if we call you Homer do you?  Did you ever think that the people already own the land and paid for it with their hard earned, after tax dollars?  If they want to sell parts of it how is that taxable?



SB 88 Senator Barrington and Rep.  Kouplen, National Day of the Cowboy

            One word:  Idiots!   Do you have nothing better to do with your time than sponsor crap like this?

Do your disrespect your peers and the legislative process so much that you will waste  everyone’s time with this idiot idea?



SB 99 Senator Johnson  and Rep. Cockcroft, non partisan county elections

So Sheriff Whetsel’s bill is still alive?    You want to make it easier on Democrats to win public office because the Democratic brand has been damaged?  Or is it that the Republican brand has become meaningless too?



SB 172  Senator Halligan, making higher education language gender neutral  chairman to chair

Our second Idiot award goes to Senator Halligan.  What a total waste of taxpayer money to pursue this kind of politically correct B.S.



SB 178  Senator David and Rep.Osborn  exotic cat regulations

Did it ever occur to you that there are plenty of laws on the books that cover public nuisances?   Do we really need another law on the books?



SB 180 Senator Barrington, adds a $10.00 fee to court cases for courthouse security

Okay, Tax Increase Barrington is his new nickname.   Knucklehead!  Aren’t the local taxpayers already paying property taxes to support the local sheriff office?  Is this not his duty?



SB 203 Dahm and Ritze, outlaw Obama Care, a  10th Amendment test case bill

            Good one guys.   Glad to have decent folks like you in office.



SB 252 Senator Barrington, a massive OSBI pay raise

            Really Senator Barrington?  You want to take a OSBI narcotics directors salary from $96,305 up to $122,310, a 27% increase?  And the deputy director  goes from $94,490 up to $116,194, a 23% increase?   And the Division Directors pay goes up from $86,894 to $110,079, a 27% increase?  And agents pay go up 27% ?  And these guys will be  making between  $44,895 and $106,680?  What, did they catch you or your kids smoking crack and are blackmailing you?



SB 287 Senator Paddack  and Rep. Floyd, criminal background information on candidate form

No Susan, put down the pen and back away from the bill.   Yeah a guy sitting in jail challenged you in your Senate race last time.  Get over it.    It made it easy to win Susan.  We don’t need a law like this clogging up the statutes.




SB 325 Senator Halligan and Rep.Williams florist business misrepresentation, geographic, internet sales           

Really Corey, I didn’t think you were the type to send flowers.  We have all heard about your conquests of the female legislators and that “That is just how roll.” remark that you like to make. When boasting of your conquests.    Do you really think that flower shops deserve special protection from internet competition?  Can you add cabinet shops to that bill?  How about just letting the free market function.  If someone can deliver flowers cheaper just let them.



SB 400 Senator Paddock and Rep.  Jeannie McDaniel, texting and driving prohibition

Ladies, do we need to make putting on makeup while driving the car illegal too?  Oh, right!  We already have a distracted driver law to prosecute people that don’t pay attention when driving.



SB 401  Dahm,  Moore, 2nd amendment automatic licensing

Good one guys!   Makes every law abiding citizen licensed to carry as it should be under the 2nd Amendment


SB 442  Sharp, texting and driving

Ron, Ron, Ron…..  are you polishing your swastika and black boots?   Nothing better to do that pass unnecessary laws that further restrict your freedoms?



SB 482  Loveless, American Indian Cultural Center

Kyle,  this has been defeated for what, three years in  a row?  You remind me of an old joke.  A hunter takes  a shot at a bear with a 22 caliber rifle and misses so the bear beats the crap out of the guy.  Next season rolls around and the same hunter shoots at the same bear with a 38 caliber pistol, misses and the bear decides to up the punishment so he drops the hunters pants and ravishes him if you know what I mean.  Third year comes around and the same hunter fires at the bear with a 44 caliber rifle and misses yet again.  The bear grabs the hunter, looks into his eyes, and says “You aren’t into hunting for the sport, are you?”



SB 511 Senator Treat and Rep. Murphey, make the American Indian Cultural Center part of the  Oklahoma Historical Society.

Murphy answered an email inquiry on this bill and said it was left over from last year and was intended as a potential shot at eliminating the entire American Indian Cultural Center.  He said it never was really discussed and his name was tacked on because he was the consolidation guy  but had it survived the Senate he would have taken the time to fix anything that was wrong before bringing it up in the House.  But guys, you have high rankings on the RINO Index so don’t hurt that by messing with integrating this boondoggle into a state agency.  Just eliminate the dang thing, the money is wasted and long gone.  Or just liquidate it at auction and get what you can.   Put sexual offender barracks all over that ridiculous mound of dirt and let Senator Fields keep an eye on them, I hear that he knows a lot about perverts and it will keep him occupied so he doesn’t try to write legislation.   



SB 523  Senator Sparks, presidential election by popular vote

No…. unless you want to disenfranchise the entire state of Oklahoma and much of the fly over states by making it stupid to campaign in smaller states.  The electorial college is supposed to be like the U.S. Senate, an equalizer between small and large states.  Don’t be an idiot…..



SB 524  Senator Sparks, pay raise for certain state employees

John, do you mind if I call you John?  You are a Democrat John, not a chance in hell that you will get this passed so you are just pandering to state employees.   Some do need a raise John, but so do many Oklahoma voters but most are content to just hang on to their job John.



SB 584 Dahm and Moore, 2nd Amendment preservation act

            Good one again boys!   Let’s build a wall between potential gun grabbers and Oklahoma citizens.



Next week we will have part two of the list of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Session opens on February 3rd.



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