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January 2016
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Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland News

IWRC Wildlife Rehabilitation Course
There are still a few spaces left for the next Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Courses. The first one will be held on the 30th & 31st January 2016, in Ashbourne Community School, Ashbourne, Co Meath. Subsequent dates: 20th & 21st Feb, 26th & 27th March.
The Course website also has a detailed programme, report and past participants' reviews.
The two day course has been accredited by the Veterinary Council of Ireland for 22 CVE credits

Wildlife calendar that supports WRI
Didn't get a calendar from anyone this Christmas?.. we can sort you out!
Wildlife photographer Andrew Kelly (www.akellyphoto.com) has a few wildlife calendars left and has very kindly offered to donate 5 Euro from each of the remaining ones sold, to Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland. 
For a calendar preview or to order your 2016 wildlife calendar; click on this link.
General Wildlife News / Info

Scientists make breakthrough to beat deadly amphibian plague 
Thousands of amphibians are facing extinction from a fatal fungus. More than 700 species of amphibian have been severely affected by the pathogen and as many as 100 species may have already been driven to extinction. New research published in November last year reveals the first-ever successful elimination of the fungus. 
To read the full article click here.



Diseases of garden wildlife

In 2005, the Garden Bird Health initiative was set up to investigate causes of mortality in British garden birds. A series of fact sheets and symptom identifiers for some of the most frequently diagnosed conditions is available on their website Garden Wildlife Health.
For factsheets about diseases found in garden wildlife and how to spot the symptoms, click on this link.

 Internships / Externships - International

Walden’s Puddle Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, offers several types of internships, from full time positions to one day a week semester positions.
Interns receive one-on-one, hands on training in the areas of cage cleaning, diet preparation, hand-feeding infants and injured adult animals, dosing and administering medications, as well as species identification and proper animal husbandry.
For more information click on this link.
Wildlife education opportunities
photo from MSc Wildlife Conservation & Management UCD

Wildlife courses & careers
Some people's New Year's resolutions include learning something new.
If you're looking for wildlife courses, you can find a detailed list of classroom and online courses that are either entirely wildlife based or include a wildlife element, on our website wri.ie 
Follow this link to view the options available to you.
Books / Publications

Fascinating bat book
This full colour book is an authoritative guide and reference publication which includes comprehensive accounts of all known Irish species, both residents and possible vagrants, along with scientific literature reviews and discussion. This is essential reading for any enthusiast of Irish wildlife.
'Irish Bats in the 21st Century'
by Niamh Roche, Tina Aughney, Ferdia Marnell and Mathieu Lundy, published by Bat Conservation Ireland Click here to purchase

  © Steve Bexton and David Couper
Handling and veterinary care of British bats

The successful rehabilitation of bats is often time consuming and specialised, and relies on collaborating with local bat groups and those experienced in caring for bats. This article describes the general approach to dealing with bats and outlines the common conditions that might be encountered in these animals.
Click HERE to read the full article by Steve Bexton and David Couper

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