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Walking the Original Waterline
Hello, FOOT fans, and welcome to another edition of FOOT!Notes. It's Walk-tober, our favorite time of the year: the weather is just right and most of the tourists have cleared out, making walking in the City a touch easier.
Easier than it was 150 years ago, at least. Back then, the downtown area was a muddy mess of long piers and water lots, and the original shoreline was around Montgomery Street. As the City grew (thanks to a boom in population courtesy of the Gold Rush), it was easier to build Yerba Buena over the bay then move everything over the sand dunes that lined the area. 
So the water lots were sold, developed, and turned into the waterfront, becoming the lifeblood of the City. Learn about the riots, kidnappings, earthquakes, strikes, protests, gang wars, and unbridled drinking along the waterfront, and how San Francisco continually uses its past to reinvent its present for the future, plus the usual trademark fun and frivolity from FOOT! fun walking tours.
We are proud to present Walking on Water as our Tour of the Month for October. Tickets will be automatically discounted all month long, and proceeds will go to Walk San Francisco, a local non-profit that serves as the City's pedestrian advocacy group. Help us help them make San Francisco "a more livable, walkable city" by celebrating their Walk and Roll to School Day on Wednesday, October 4. To learn more about Walk San Francisco, or to donate directly to them, click here.
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