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Winter 2010 Newsletter
This issue features articles that are really collaborations on New Year's resolutions for nonprofits and a recommended 2010 reading list. These articles were written for my blog with contributions from my nonprofit network on LinkedIn and Twitter. You will recognize some of the contributors that include Holly Ross, Ken Berger, John Haydon, Susan Bari, Beth Kanter, Hildy Gottlieb, Maria Semple and more.
I also reveal my favorite blog article of 2009, and a snapshot about what I am doing in the next couple of months. I didn't send a holiday greeting because I thought your mailbox might be like mine and on ultra overload with sale notices and holiday greetings but here's the link to my holiday post Wishing You Joy, Pride and Resilience including pictures of my seven month old grandson.
There is still time to plan volunteer activities for Martin Luther King day and you can see some ideas at my MLK blog post.
Collaborative Articles...Resolutions and Reading List:
Stimulating Ideas for the Times... Resolutions for Nonprofits in 2010  More
Books to Add to Your Reading List in 2010 – The Well Known and a Few Discoveries More    
Nonprofit Books That Make Great Holiday Gifts More
My Favorite Blog Article of 2009
My favorite blog article of 2009 is also one of the most read:
This Holiday Season Is a Good Time to Begin the Path to Philanthropy with your Children  More
This article was featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy Give and Take roundup feature at More
That's really quite a compliment.
It is available for reprint at no charge - Let me know if you'd like to use it.
What's Marion Up To Anyway....
During the next couple of months I will be working with two organizations on Board Development - one very established and one startup organization.  In March, I will again be offering my popular course on Social Networking for Nonprofits sponsored by NJCRI. The Partnership for Philanthropy is also considering sponsoring one of these workshops for a third time!
In April I will be attending the NTEN National Nonprofit Technology Conference in Atlanta.  I can't wait!  My Spring newsletter will feature technology and I'll be sharing what I learn with you.
I am available to work with your nonprofit and here are some ideas of how we may work together:
  • Planning and facilitating a Board Retreat
  • Sponsoring a training workshop
  • Keynote speaking and workshop facilitator
  • Planning and getting started using social networking
  • Presenting Board development training at Board meetings
  • Hiring a new Executive Director or other senior staff 

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