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April 9th 2017 Newsletter
What the Hell are Oklahoma County Voters Thinking?
And a $50,000,000.00 Fix for the Budget Deficit
Tuesday wasn't all bad, Todd Stone beat out liar Richard Morrissette for City Council in OKC, reversing the primary vote percentages that got them into the run off. Yes, STP ran newspapers down into that part of Oklahoma County but an even larger part was Morrissette lying about three or four things that were just so easy to check like if Stone was an Oklahoma County resident or not.
Politicians like Morrissette depend on voters being too stupid or too careless to bother fact checking them but this time he was up against an opponent that had a good mailer budget and had responses printed and mailed out the last Friday before the election.
But Mike Christian losing the sheriff race? To a nearly 80 year old fart that has been part of the problem at the jail for nearly two decades? Did the voters not know that the under sheriff runs the jail in day to day operations and was as responsible as Whetsel the Weasel for the deaths, embezzled funds, stolen or missing property?
Of course the Oklahoman wasn't reporting that a week before the election the nearly 80 year old man was first in the emergency room on Monday and then in surgery on Tuesday, a week before the election and hadn't be at work in over ten days.  Mark our words; we will be having another special election before long.
Mike ran a good race, was working right up till the end, and it was likely the Oklahoman that ruined his chances to win due to the constant attacks for some really silly stuff that others had done about 19 years ago. Now no one believes the Oklahoman is a credible news source, I had people tell me after the election that watching the Oklahoman go after Christian led to them voting for Christian but sadly that wasn't the case in the majority of the precincts. Pretty much everyone understands that the Oklahoman is the pit bull for the liberal and liberal Republican forces and the tall building crowd in OKC.
It wasn't that many years ago that state government went to the Oklahoman and forced them to fire their editor for being too partisan or face their stories being listed as campaign donations for the politicians they were shilling for. Of course the value of a single hit piece going after a politician statewide would be far in excess of the allowed per politician campaign donation meant they would be violating the law. The Oklahoman fired the editor and behaved for a few years.
Then they cut loose again in 2010 when they went after three Christian men that were from Windsor Hills Baptist Church for the crime of running for City Council. The story headlined about the church teaching kids to use automatic weapons at their summer camp but when you got to the very end of the story, buried back on page thirty, you read that a game warden had given a gun safety class and he demonstrated an AR-15 at the end of the demonstration. And a salacious allegation by one crazy former church member.
Then about that same time it became obvious that the Oklahoman knew about the Senator Harry Coats affair in August but withheld the story on the infidelity and corruption peddling of Coats banging the lobbyist and knocking her up. After the November election they wrote about it and the reason that Gov. Henry had to veto that prison contract that the lobbyist had Coats shepard through the Capitol.
The Oklahoman is not a credible news source and doesn't follow journalistic standards on its reporting or on their editorial page. They are a money losing operation that is kept afloat by millionaires to influence the public on politics and as such ought to be held accountable. At the very least their ad sales and paper subscriptions and sales ought to be subject to sales tax so that we can fix the budget hole or come a bit closer to public employee raises. Taxing just the Oklahoman would put around $50,000.000.00 per year into the state tax coffers and it is time that someone take a serious look at revoking their right to attack political opponents while hiding the dirt on their favorite politicians.
  Just cut around the borders and enjoy
Mike McCarville Escapes His Just Reward
Gag me with a spoon... that is how a lot of us felt listening to KTOK the last month or so since uber liberal Republican Mike McCarville died. The radio station drones just wouldn't shut up about how “conservative” that McCarville was while those in the know understood that he was one of the worst of the liberal RINO Republicans and was not shy about attacking the conservative Republicans.
But the old geezer wound up getting the last laugh and avoiding what many conservative Oklahomans would call a justly deserved fate.
Sooner Tea Party made fun of the old geezer for many years and several times wrote about a fitting send off for McCarville would be to have a meeting at a bar for copious quantities of beer followed by a trip out to visit McCarville's grave site to ensure that the grass grew green and thick, if you know what I mean.
So it was with some disappointment to hear on the radio last week that McCarville had requested cremation instead of burial in the ground...with grass... that needed watering... and perhaps even fertilizing for some of the more determined conservative Republicans.
McCarville was an evil man and vicious and without morals when it came to attacking conservatives. He wouldn't stop at anything including telling outright lies about conservatives, easily proven lies. But to hear the KTOK drones bleat about what an honorable man he was and how he was a leader in conservative Republican circles was a bit much.
However, the Tea Party is not to be denied McCarville's just fate, we have included a suitable picture of McCarville that can be printed, cut out, and placed in the appropriate urinal, commode, or taped on the back pant leg of your favorite state senator. Just be safe doing it, there are one or two state senatorsthat wouldn't be disappointed if a man unzipped his trousers while standing behind the good senator.
Another Installment of Hug a Thug Theater
The liberals and libertarians would have you think that we lock up too many criminals here in Oklahoma and that people get sent to prison at the drop of a hat. The reality is that you have to work really, really hard to land in prison by screwing up time and time again and not learning from the slap on the wrist penalties normally dealt out.
Meet David L Gamble
DOB 3/02/1984.
CF-2003-6207 11/12/2003 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. David Leroy Gamble Gamble,
CF-2005-1728 03/30/2005 State of Oklahoma v. Gamble, David Leroy Gamble,
CPC-2010-10029 10/12/2010 State of Oklahoma v. Gamble, David Leroy
CPC-2011-9477 11/07/2011 State of Oklahoma v. GAMBLE, DAVID LEROY
This week's over achiever started his adult criminal career in 2003 when he was nineteen years old with Oklahoma County CF-2003-6207 for possession of controlled dangers substance with intent to distribute, possession of controlled dangerous substance. He was sentenced to 15 years with all time suspended and ordered to attend drug counseling. He repeatedly refuses to show up in court or for drug counseling and has several warrants issued against him, is arrested, and turned loose once again. By 2008 he is sentenced to four years in prison minus time served in jail. By April 2010 Gamble is released from prison and agrees to pay $50.00 per month on his fines and court costs. He pays just $95.00 of the costs as of this year.
In 2005 Gamble earned Oklahoma County case CF-2005-1728 which shows a charge of possession of controlled dangerous substance with a failed attempt to complete the drug court program. He is released once again and put through counseling and drug court but just three months later a warrant is issued because Gamble isn't showing up. He is released again on OR bond and three months later another warrant is issued because he once again isn't showing up to court or treatment. About one year later Gamble is back out on the street and agrees to begin paying every month to pay for his court costs. He pays $30.00 in September of 2007, then another $60.00 in March of 2008, then is returned to jail in July of 2008. He is sentenced to four years in prison but again served concurrently with the previous sentence from the 2003 felony charge. He spends some time in prison because he next pops up in November of 2014 being arrested for not paying his court costs on this case. By November of 2016 Gamble is back out on the street and begins paying $50 per month on his court costs. This lasts for two months and stops until Gamble catches up in March of this year, probably to avoid going back to prison.
Gamble either laid low or was luckier as the next case pops up in 2010, Oklahoma County case CF-2010-7112 which shows another arrest for distribution of controlled dangerous substance and possession of proceeds, after former conviction. On 7/8/2011 Gamble was released from the Oklahoma County Jail on 7/5/2011 on an OR bond, no bondsman involved, no bail bond paid other than a $25.00 fee.
While out of jail on an OR/Conditional Release, Gamble was caught on 11/04/2011 and later charged with offering to engage in an act of lewdness in Oklahoma County case CM-2012-230.
The court record shows a failure to appear in court on 2/3/2012. With no bondsman to chase him down Gamble is on the run for ten months till he is returned to custody and appears in court.
Ever the busy beaver Gamble is next charged with Oklahoma County case CF-2013-6582 which shows a charge filed 9/30/2013, more than a year and a half later, for incurring forfeiture of bail. Keep in mind that this was an OR bond, Own Recognizance bond, so no bail bondsman was responsible for returning him to jail. The criminal justice system will likely never collected the fines, fees, and jail costs for prosecuting Gamble for his criminal acts much less thousands of dollars in the forfeited OR bond.
On 12/2/2013 David Gamble was arrested and jailed for his three warrants.
And while out on OR bond once again Gamble was charged with CF-2014-376 in early January of 2014 charged with eluding an officer, driving without a license, driving without insurance, and misdemeanor traffic offenses. This is the offense that earned Gamble the nine years in prison that wasn't suspended and is the only crime for which he was truly punished.
Finally in June of 2014 Gamble is sentenced to thirty years in prison with all but nine years suspended, the other sentences running concurrently which means he was punished for one crime and served zero time for the earlier felonies. However it was a short nine year as he was out on the streets again in November of 2016, two years after being sentenced to nine years in prison.
Thirteen years of criminal activities and he might have spent four years in prison for his acts instead of the over forty years of prison that the crimes carried.
And people wonder why criminals never stop committing crimes. Because Gamble made a living for thirteen years and every time he was caught the public defender plead his case out as guilty, the drug courts and regular courts kept releasing him, and he didn't pay a dime in bail bond during all those years.
 Tulsa GOP Men's Club welcomes 

"The Oklahomans” as told by John J. Dwyer

Oklahoma Joe's - Tulsa

6175 E 61st St
Tulsa, OK, OK 74136
RSVP:  Billie Bell 918-638-9977 or billiej86@cox.net

This will be an exciting talk - you will be glad you made this meeting!  

The Tulsa County Republican Men's Club proudly brings you another great meeting: April 12th, 11:30open and start 12:00 noon to 1:00 at 6175 East 61st Tulsa, Ok in Oklahoma Joe's BBQ meeting room. I think you know what we are eating for $13 we are at Joe's plus a salad and a drink - you just cant beat it - and that includes a drink and tip!

This month we have with John J. Dwyer, who grew up in Duncan, and is an adjunct professor of History and Ethics at Southern Nazarene University. He is the former history chair at Coram Deo Academy, near Dallas, Texas. He is the author of The Oklahomans: The Story of Oklahoma and Its People, Vol. 1, Ancient to Statehood; The War Between the States: America’s Uncivil War; and ...the upcoming The Oklahomans: The Story of Oklahoma and Its People, Vol. 2, World War I-Present. Also, the historical novels Stonewall and Robert E. Lee; the novel When the Bluebonnets Come; and the upcoming Oklahoma Dust Bowl-World War II-based historical novels Shortgrass and Mustang. He is the former editor and publisher of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Heritage newspaper.

Dwyer’s grandfather, Jay J. Dwyer, arrived in Oklahoma at age twenty-one, two years after statehood in 1909, and twice served as President of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors, after his own father immigrated to America by himself from Ireland at age seventeen. The Dwyers have lived in Oklahoma in the more than one century since. John is a graduate of Duncan High School, the University of Oklahoma, and Dallas Theological Seminary.

Also, we have with us Jon M McGrath from the newly formed Sheriff's Foundation and recently it announced it's official formation and commitment to raise $300,000 for the purchase of body cams for the sheriff patrol deputies. The funds will also go towards the establishment of a citizen advisory board that will go through some of the same training that the officers have to go through. This should be very informative!

We have door prizes for members and they are fantastic - you do not want to miss this so sign up and become a member it is only $20 and you get a shirt or hat!!

You have any questions or would be so kind to RSVP...call Billie at 918-638-9977...for complaints call 1-888-909-7926. Let's Make America Great Again and while we are at it -
How about Tulsa as well! Special congrats to the new officer of the Tulsa Republican Party and we wish you the all best!  We also have Make America Great Again - Shirts and Hats for sale!  Do not forget to sign up to volunteer for upcoming elections!
The Watchman
All of us are aware that it takes a lot of money to run a political campaign. The amounts are staggering at times. What we don’t realize is the extent that politicians will go to in order to raise the funds to get themselves re-elected. Many of us are also aware that a select few companies were allowed to access the browser history of your computers in order to fashion advertisements that would be more directed towards you as an individual. Well hang on to your hats. The advertising game just made a big change and you are about to be flooded with directed ads. Recently President Trump signed into law a bill that authorized all internet providers to access and sell your browser history to firms that would like to direct advertising to you. That bill did come with a price. We will give you an idea of the cost in this report.
The first documented evidence we found of this pay for play scheme came with this report Here's how much Comcast paid members of Congress to sell your browser history . In this report you will find the name of every single member of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate that represents the state of Oklahoma. You’ll also find the amount ComCast paid for their vote. Folks this is just from one company. The number of other companies involved has not been identified but the total amount could be staggering. The Oklahoma Federal delegation sold your privacy to fill their campaign coffers.
Since we consider this as basically accepting a bribe, or selling a vote, we wanted to be absolutely certain that we had our facts correct in this report. We went to the voting records section at www.votesmart.org on each individual and we verified their vote on SJ Res 34. This Resolution was providing for congressional disapproval of the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission relating to the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and other Telecommunications Services.
We began with the House of Representatives in the 1st District Jim Bridenstein. He accepted $1,000.00. He has indicated that he will not seek another term in office so we are really at a loss as to why he accepted any amount at all. He voted Yea on the passage of this resolution. You can see his vote here Jim Bridenstine's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart.
We next went to the 2nd Congressional District and Representative Markwayne Mullins. He cost them a bundle at $47,250.00. You can see the way he voted here Markwayne Mullin's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. That is surreal. He sells your privacy down the drain and still has time to come back to Oklahoma and make commercials for his business.
We next went to the 3rd Congressional District and Frank Lucas. He cost them $14,500.00. Not even close to what Mr. Mullin took in, but never the less a bribe. You can see his voting record here Frank Lucas' Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. He voted yea.
We next went to the 4th Congressional District and Tom Cole. He only cost them $14,000.00. We saved you the hassle of looking up his voting record and posted here Tom Cole's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. He also voted yea on the bill.
We next went to the 5th Congressional District and Steve Russell’s voting record. Here is what we found
Steve Russell's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. It cost ComCast $16,625.00 for his vote. One would almost think he was selling his military experience as well as his vote in the House of Representatives. He too voted yea.
We next went to Senator James Lankford’s voting record. You can see the record at this link James Lankford's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. It cost ComCast $21,000.00 to buy his vote. One would think that an individual that was employed for such a long time at a Religious Camp for our youth would conduct themselves better. This just proves that there is a little larceny in everyone’s heart.
We next went to Senator Inhofe’s voting record. You can see the record at this link Jim Inhofe's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. Out of all seven of the Oklahoma delegation representing us in D.C., Senator Inhofe received the most from ComCast. It cost them $38,000.00 for his vote. Is it any wonder that the corporations run America and not the people?
Then we found this interesting article http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/04/conservative-columnist-gop-lawmakers-cancel-vacations-congress-august/. We found this to be particularly interesting since it comes at a time when Congress is taking a two week Easter vacation yet has failed to repeal Obamacare or pass a budget. This is only further proof that they are way over paid for the amount of work they do.
In closing we can say this is from one company that they have sold their votes to. The amount of cash they have collected from the other internet providers must be staggering. This is further evidence that the career politicians that haunt the corridors of the nation’s capital have made a conscious decision to no longer work for we the people, and are now working for the corporations here in the states. Every single one of them should be fired when they are next up for re-election. Not one single person is worthy of a vote from a citizen of the state of Oklahoma. They too are owned and operated by special interest groups.